Throws & Reversals
Flying 69 Slam lp+lk
Trip rp+rk
Skydiver d,db,b+lp+rp
Clonimitsu (ss right) rp+rk
Bouncing Cartwheel Slam (ss left) lp+lk
Spinning Rainbow Drop (from behind) lp+lk
Sword Reversal b+lp+rk
Special Techniques
Backfist f+rp
Elbow Smash (Sword Slice on counterhit) f,f+rp
Flash Attack Combo rp~lk
Flash Punch -> Low Kick rp~d+lk
Kangaroo Kick rk~lk
Zigzag lk,rk
Triple Roundhouse Combo rk,rk,rk
Spinning Fists B+lp,lp,lp,lp,lp
Low Spinning Fists DB+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp
Topspinner Attack B+lp,lp,lp, DB+lk,lk,F+rk
Spinning Sweeps -> Front Kick db+lk,lk,lk, lk,lk,F+rk
Full Sweep D,df+lk
Shark Attack f,f+lk+rk,lp+rp,lk+rk
Reverse Cartwheel -> Back Turned f,f+lp+rp
Backfist rp
Low Spinning Fists db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp
Life Siphon lp+rk
Downward Spiral Attack df+lp,f+rp,db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp
Downward Spiral Attack f+rp,db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rp
Downward Spiral Attack df+rp,db+rp,rp,rp,rp,rk
Spinning Sword Flip d,df,f+lp
Bad Breath Stance -> Bad Breath B+lp+rp,lp
Poison Wind uf+lk+rk
Poison Wind Combo uf+lk+rk,b+lp,b+lp,b+rk
Poison Wind Combo -> Sword Slice uf+lk+rk,b+lp, b+lp,b+rk,db+lp
Quick Elbows df+lp,lp,lp,lp,lp
Elbow -> Backhand -> Low Spinning Fists df+lp,b+rp,db+rp,rp,rp
Sit Down d+lk+rk
Kangaroo Kick rk
Low Spinning Hands rp,rp,rp,rp
Front Kick -> Sword Slice f,f+lk,lp
Knee Hop f,f+rk
Sword Debate Position ss,lk+rk
Rejuvenation F
Life Siphon lp+rk
Life Siphon rp+lk
Backwards Teleport b+lk+rk
Suicide d+lp+rk
Suicide Top B+lp,lp,lp,lp
Dashing Suicide f,F+lp+rk
Second Stab (Kills Yoshimitsu) f,f
Sword Slice (Unblockable) db+lp
Sword Slice Power Up (Release DB to Strike) db+lp,DB,DB,DB
Sweeping Slice (Unblockable) D,db+lp
Sword Stab (Unblockable) b,b+lp
Sword Spin (Unblockable) b,b+lp~lp
Pogo Stick -> Slide Forward (Unblockable) u+lp+rp,f,f
Pogo Stick -> Hop Up (Unblockable) u+lp+rp,u
Pogo Stick -> Kangaroo Kick u+lp+rp,rk~lk
Copter Blade (Unblockable) uf+lp+rp
Extended Copter Blade (Unblockable) uf+lp+rp,B
Tenstring lp,rp,lp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lp,lp,lp
Tenstring lp,rp,lp,rk,rp,rp,rp,rk,lp,lp
Tenstring rk,rk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,lp,lp,lp
Eightstring lp,rp,lp,rk,rk,rk,lp,lk+rk
Eightstring rk,rk,rp,rp,rk,rk,lp,lk+rk
Fivestring rk,rk,rp,rp,lp
Uppercut df+rp
Moves Guide

f Tap forward
b Tap back
u Tap up
d Tap down

F Hold Forward
B Hold back
U Hold up
D Hold down

WC While crouching
WS While getting up from a crouch
N Neutral joystick position
~ Immediately following
+ At the same time

lp Left punch
rp Right punch
lk Left kick
rk Right kick
ss Sidestep