Windmill Neck Kick lp+lk
Reverse Neck Kick rp+rk
Run Up Back f+lp+lk
Jawbreaker f,F+rp
Boot to the Head d,db,b+lk
Trip Takedown d,DB+lp+lk
5 Strike Combo ss left+lp+lk
Foot in Face ss right+lp+lk
Low Combo Break d+lp+lk
Low Combo Break d+rp+rk
Special Techniques
Switch Face Away/Face Towards lp+rp
Switch Left/Right Foot Forward lk+rk
Crouch Dash f,n,d,df
Lifting Uppercut (Juggles) f,n,d,df,rp
Left Flamingo Stance f,n,d,df,lk
Stabbing Sidekick f,n,d,df,lk~lk
Sky Blast Kick (Juggles) f,n,d,df,rk
Shin Kick d+lk
Bird Hunter (Juggles) d+rk,rk
Body Blow df+lp+rp
Double Sidekicks df+lk,rk
Toe Kick df+rk
Trip Kick db+rk
Crushing Axe Kick db+rk,rk
Hopping Sidekick -> Left Flamingo Stance u+lk
Hunting Hawk uf+lk,rk,lk
Rising Crescent (WS)lk
Toe Kick (WS)rk
Crushing Axe Kick -> Right Foot Forward (WS)rk~rk
Heel Explosion (Unblockable) db+lk+rk
> Left Flamingo Stance B - Cancel
(left flamingo)
(right flamingo)
Left Leg Forward
Two Punches lp,rp - One
Backfist -> Right Foot Forward f+rp
Backfist b+rp
Backfist f+rp~F
Left Flamingo Stance f+lk
Stabbing Sidekick f+lk~lk
Crescent Kick -> Right Foot Forward f,f+lk
Face Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance f+rk
Face Kick Combo -> Right Foot Forward f+rk,rk
High Kick ->
Right Foot Forward
Machine Gun Kicks lk,lk,lk,lk
Assailant Combo -> Right Flamingo Stance lk,lk,d+lk,rk
Insane Assailant Combo lk,lk,d+lk,rk,rk
Butterfly Attack -> Right Flamingo Stance lk,lk,lk,rk
Butterfly Combo lk,lk,lk,rk,rk
Knife Foot Combo -> Right Flamingo Stance lk,lk,rk
Changeup Combo ->
Right Foot Forward
Wind Kick Combo lk,lk,rk,rk,B+rk
Hot Feet rk,rk,rk,rk
Fourfooter rk,rk,rk,lk
Triple Right Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance rk,rk,rk
Triple Right Kick rk,rk,rk~B
Right Hook Kicks -> Right Foot Forward rk,rk~F
Double High Kick Combo rk,lk
Sky Reacher Combo u+lk,lk,lk,lk
Right Sky Kick u+rk
2x Punches -> 2x Kicks Combo lp,lp,lk,lk
2x Punches -> Kick Combo lp,rp,lk
2x Punches -> Kick Combo lp,rp,rk
Flying Eagle lk~rk
Reverse Roundhouse (WS)+rk
Right Leg Forward
Triple Punch rp,lp,lp
Right Flamingo Stance f+rk
High Kick -> Left Foot Forward b+lk
Sidestepping Roundhouse b+rk
Lifting Leg (Juggles) f+rk~rk
High Roundhouse -> Right Foot Forward rk~lk
Chainsaw Kick rk,lk
Hook Kick -> Left Flamingo Stance f+lk
Hook Kick -> Axe Kick-> Left Foot Forward f+lk,lk
Hook Kick -> Machine Gun Kicks -> Left Foot Forward f+lk,n,lk,lk,lk
Hook Kick -> Triple Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance f+lk,n,lk,lk,rk
Hook Kick -> Changeup Combo- > Right Foot Forward f+lk,n,lk,lk,rk,rk
Hook Kick -> Sidestepping Roundhouse -> Left Foot Forward f+lk,b+lk
Hook Kick -> Shin Kick -> Left Foot Forward f+lk,d+lk
Bad Dancer f+lk,rk
Screw Kick f,f+rk,lk
Teaser Combo lk,lk
Double Hook Kicks rk,rk
Left Flamingo Stance
Left Jab lp
Spin Kick -> Right Flamingo Stance rk
Axe Kick -> Right Foot Forward f+lk
Left Sidestep Roundhouse b+lk
Shin Kick d+lk
Right Leg Sweep d+rk
Spinfist -> Right Jab rp,rp
Machine Gun Kicks lk,lk,lk
Left Kicks -> Spin Kick-> Right Flamingo Stance lk,lk,rk
Changeup Combo -> Right Foot Forward lk,lk,rk,rk
Power Blast (Unblockable) -> Left Foot Forward lp+rk
Cancel -> Left Foot Forward b,b
Tenstring rp,rp,lk,rk,lk,rk,rk,rk,rk,lk
Right Flamingo Stance
Left Spinfist -> Left Foot Forward lp
Jab -> Right Foot Forward rp
Spin Kick -> Left Flamingo Stance lk
Side Kick -> Right Foot Forward rk
Axe Kick -> Right Foot Forward f+rk
Left Leg Sweep -> Left Foot Forward d+lk
Low Kick d+rk
Bird Hunter d+rk,rk
Sky Blast Kick f,n,d,df+rk
  lk~rk, db+lk+rk
  lk~rk, db+lk+rk
Moves Guide

f Tap forward
b Tap back
u Tap up
d Tap down

F Hold Forward
B Hold back
U Hold up
D Hold down

WC While crouching
WS While getting up from a crouch
N Neutral joystick position
~ Immediately following
+ At the same time

lp Left punch
rp Right punch
lk Left kick
rk Right kick
ss Sidestep

Eddy Gordo/Tiger