Yoshi's Story

The Basics

Secret of the Heart - You will hear a bell ringing when you are near a Heart.

Favorite Fruit - All of the Yoshi have a lucky fruit (determined by color coating), but they all like melons the most. If you collect 30 melons on a level you will receive a higher score and a new level completion screen.

Smelling - Use your Sniff-Sniff power on trees, signs, rocks, and platforms to unlock more secrets (e.g. coins, melons).

Quick Reset - If a Yoshi dies on a level and you aren't happy with what just happened, quickly restart the game. You will start back on the page with all of the Yoshi you have brought along.

Moves and Items - Consult your manual for descriptions of Ground Pound, Flutter Jump, Mystical Tulip, Poochy, and so on.

Fruit Challenge - Usually, each level is home to a fruit game. When attempting these, we strongly recommend bringing three to four melons with you, just in case you don't get all seven as a reward. Doing this almost guarantees you access to a Tiny Heart, and more importantly, the hidden letter.

The Letters - There is one letter hidden on each level. If you collect them all, a hidden message and different ending await.


  • Beginning
  • Cavern
  • Summit
  • Jungle
  • Ocean
  • Finale
  • Page 1 - Beginning

    Level 1 -Treasure Hunt (1 heart)

    Heart #1 - On the second gameplay screen (page), free Poochy by Ground Pounding the log attached to his chain. He will run forward and lead you to the first Heart.

    Heart #2 - Again, follow Poochy across the splitting paths to find the next Heart. To get this one you will need to Flutter Jump up to it, or use the Sniff-Sniff and Ground Pound to unlock a platform that leads up to it.

    Heart #3 - You know what to do. Follow Poochy through the winding roads, and use Sniff-Sniff whenever he hints at something hidden. Doing this in the right spot will unlock another platform. On this ledge, use an egg to destroy the rock holding the final Heart.

    Letter Y - Right after the Chomp Chomp race, grab the heart in the bubble, and the "Y" made out of coins will appear to the right.

    Level 2 - Surprise!! (2 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Shortly after this level starts you will run into a bubble holding a switch. Jump on the switch and jump across the clouds that appear. At the end of this path the Heart awaits.

    Heart #2 - After Miss Warp #1 run to the right until you come across a yellow tube surrounded by spiders. Sniff the tube and then Ground Pound it; Heart #2 is yours.

    Heart #3 - After Miss Warp #2 you will run across several "?" Blocks and a Balloon with a "?" Ball. Destroy the balloon and a strange ghostlike creature will appear, giving you access to the skies. Ride him to the Heart.

    Letter O - On the first segment, right after Miss Warp #1, destroy the two rocks and shoot the balloon with an egg. Your reward will be a pot. Jump in, complete the fruit challenge, and a Tiny Heart will float down. Eat it, and the coin "O" will appear to your right.

    Level 3 - Rail Lift (3 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Mosey along and keep your eyes glued to the top of the screen. Here, you will find a balloon with a "?" Ball inside. Shoot it with an egg and a switch will fall out. Jump on the switch and a series of "!" Balls will appear. Follow these to Heart #1.

    Heart #2 - This one is easy. Just after Miss Warp #3, a "?" Ball is trapped in a balloon. Free it and Heart #2 will emerge.

    Heart #3 - This one is located right after the second cloud ride section.

    Letter U - On the screen after the cloud rides, complete the fruit challenge and a Tiny Heart will fall through the sky. Grab it, and the "U" coins are there for your taking.

    Level 4 - Tower Climb (4 hearts)

    Heart #1 - In the second "!" Ball room ascend the leftmost series of balls. The first Heart is at the top of this climb.

    Heart #2 - In the cloud segment where you need to use The Mysterious Tulip power, launch up to the right. On the top and rightmost cloud awaits Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - In the wind room, launch up to the right. Hitting Heart #3 is inevitable.

    Letter A - Go up from Miss Warp #2 and tongue across the "!" Balls to the left. Break the "?" Box and a pot will appear. Inside is a fruit game. Complete this and a Tiny Heart and the "A" coins will appear.

    Page 2 - Cavern

    Level 5 - Bone Dragon Pit (1 heart)

    Heart #1 - Right now, it seems good ol' Poochy can do no wrong. When you run into your canine friend, use Sniff-Sniff to unearth the first Heart.

    Heart #2 - After warping through the pot, go down, break the rocks, and head right. Drop down to the bottom at the floating platform section, and go to your left. Jump up to the Help Icon and shoot the bubble next to it. Doing this will present a switch. Jump on it, and you'll see the Heart appear. Be quick when retrieving the Heart, because the switch you just hit is on a timer. Go down and use the "!" Ball to launch you to the Heart.

    Heart #3 & Letter R - After picking up Heart #2, go up past the floating platforms, and drop down the long hole to the right. While falling, stick to the left and you'll enter a cavern with Miss Warp #3 and a pot. Use the pot to get to a special bonus fruit game and the letter "R". Now, proceed on to the next section. Drop down, go to the left, and ascend the "!" Balls. Ground Pound the "?" Block. Before entering, make sure you have six Eggs with you. Blast the rocks, and use your remaining Eggs on one of the skeleton beasts. You'll need to use the Ground Pound on the remaining two enemies. If your health gets low there is a Flower on the platform above. Once these guys are defeated, the Heart is yours.

    White Shy Guy - After warping through the pot, go down and break the rocks to the right. The White Shy Guy is located in the lower and leftmost rock.

    Black Yoshi - At Miss Warp #4, use The Mysterious Tulip on the left to launch up to a hard-to-reach bubble. Shoot it down and the Black Yoshi egg will bounce out.

    Level 6 - Blargg's Boiler (2 hearts)

    Heart #1 - If you can't get this one, then you might as well give up. The Heart is right out in the open just a few clicks from the beginning. Jump on the bone above it, and ride it down to the Heart.

    Heart #2 - After Miss Warp #3, head to the right, and Heart #2 will be out in the open again. Jump down and get it. Use your Flutter Jump to get back.

    Heart #3 - Just keep going to the right and you'll find this one as well. Use the same technique for Heart #1 and you'll have all the Hearts on this stage.

    White Shy Guy & Letter E - Shortly after the second wooden lava ball, jump in the blue tube. After completing the fruit bonus and unlocking the Letter "E", go back a few steps, and look up in the sky for a balloon with a "?" Ball. Inside is a White Shy Guy.

    Level 7 - Jelly Pipe (3 hearts)

    Heart #1 - This level is confusing so read carefully. On the first segment go all the way to the right and fall down. Use your Flutter Jump power to get you into a cubby hole on the left (as you are falling). From here, fall again, and enter the green door on the right. Poochy is in this section. If you find him, he will show you where to use your Sniff-Sniff power. Use it and three platforms will appear. Make sure you have a few eggs with you when you get up to the top. Break the rocks and Heart #1 is nothing but history.

    Heart #2 - From the first heart, head back into the green door and fall to the bottom. Thoroughly exploring this cavern will reveal another door. Do not take it. Rather, go past it and also pass by Miss Warp #2. At the end of your jaunt you will find a pot. Jump inside, and defeat the slug mini-boss. Your reward is Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - Now, go back through the door you've been avoiding. This will bring you back to the beginning. From here, go down, pass by the goo and spikes, and at the fork in the road, go down and push the "?" Box over to the right. Jump up on it, and use your Flutter Jump to launch up to the level above holding the last Heart.

    Letter Y - Go to the screen holding Miss Warp #3. Now, this is the tricky part. You'll need to eat enough melons so that a Tiny Heart will appear. Eat the Heart then run to the lower right-hand corner. The letter "Y" is waiting.

    Level 8 - Torrential Maze (4 hearts)

    Heart #1 - From the start, head all of the way to the right, and ascend the tower by using the heli-pad transports. When you come across the ghost vapors jump into the small opening to the right to find Heart #1.

    Heart #2 - Enter the door to the right of Miss Warp #3. From here go down through the waterfall segment. Use the "!" Balls in the balloons to get you up to the cavern holding Heart #2. Note: Bring six eggs for this event.

    Heart #3 - From Miss Warp #4, jump up the ghost vapors to the final Heart. Black Yoshi - From Miss Warp #3 go across the vines and into the small cavern to find this valuable Yoshi.

    White Shy Guy - From the beginning go up and to the left until you can no longer do so. You should start your ascent next to Miss Warp #1. Now, go to the right, and jump up to the right (during the waterfall segment). Run straight to the right and you'll exit the page. Here, you will find a bubble holding a White Shy Guy.

    Letter O - From Miss Warp #4 jump over to the secluded area containing Poochy. Now, shoot an egg up the desired shaft. This action will result in the growth of a Mystical Tulip at your feet. From here - enter the door. Finally, shoot down all of the balloons and the well hidden "O" will appear within seconds.

    Page 3 - Summit

    Level 9 - Cloud Cruising (1 heart)

    Heart #1 - Ascend the winding snakes and you'll come across a series of clouds. Floating above these clouds is a bubble. Shoot it down with an egg, and the first Heart will be revealed.

    Heart #2 - Before jumping on the dragon, ascend the cloud stairs and enter the red tube (next to Miss Warp #2). Jump on all of the clouds, avoid the bees, and use your Sniff-Sniff power. The Heart is hidden in the first cloud to the left. The other clouds hold coins.

    Heart #3 & Letter S - At the dragon segment make sure you have six eggs. Jump on the dragon and keep an eye out for a floating "?" Box Sign. Shoot it with an egg, and a series of cloud stairs will appear. Ascend them and jump in the pot. From here, continue shooting down the "?" Box Signs, and at the top of the clouds you will find the Letter "S" and the final Heart.

    Boss 1 - Cloud N. Candy

    Strategy - Just eat this guy. Use your tongue to suck his life away.

    Level 10 - The Tall Tower(2 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Halfway up the first spring climb, look to the right for Heart #1.

    Letter H & Heart #2 - In the second segment, go past the first two leaf gliders and pop the balloon holding a "?" Ball. Inside you will find a pot and a race that will reward you with a Tiny Heart and Letter "H". After this, enter the exiting pot and go to the right. On this leaf glider aim upward and you'll hit Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - Enter the spinning yarn ball section, and go up. When you see the deformed bat, jump over to the right. Drop down and you'll land on the Heart.

    Boss 2 - Inviso

    Strategy - This guy is a chameleon. He disappears, and you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for any signs of him. When he reappears, shoot eggs to take him down. If your egg supply runs low, eat the birds for more. Staying in one spot works best.

    Level 11 - Poochy & Nippy(3 hearts)

    Heart #1 - On the first set of moving beams jump up onto the "!" Ball for Heart #1.

    Heart #2 - On the second set of moving beams, shoot the rocks to unveil Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - From the second section, follow Poochy's advice as to which pot to enter. Then, at the third bird segment, ride on a feathered friend to Heart #3.

    Letter I - Right at the beginning you will need to complete a fruit game to win the Letter "I".

    White Yoshi - From the beginning take all of the top pot exits. Then, in one section you will see Poochy at the bottom of the screen. Go into the next red tube you see and you will be rewarded with the White Yoshi.

    Boss 3 - Cloudjin

    Strategy - Shoot the hot air out of this boss by hitting him three times with egg blasts. Watch your step though.

    Page 4 - Jungle

    Level 13 - Jungle Hut(1 heart)

    Heart #1 - Go all the way to the top of the level. To the far left the Heart awaits. Jump off the ledge above the Heart and use your Flutter Jump ability to veer over to the Heart.

    Heart #2 - Now, head down and to the right. Eventually, you will run into The Mysterious Tulip. Grab its power, then angle to the right. If you aim in the perfect direction, you will ricochet off the wall and hit Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - After grabbing Heart #2 go down even further. Destroy the four rocks and take the pipe into a different zone. Here, you can either go across the roof or pass by the danger below. In the returning tube you will find Heart #3.

    White Shy Guy - At the very bottom of the stage there are four rocks blocking your way. Destroy the top left block and you will find a White Shy Guy.

    Letter G - Trek down to the bottom and go to the right (onto the next page). Here, you should find tons of spiders, Miss Warp #4, and a "!" Switch up top. Hit the Switch and fall to the bottom. The "G" is waiting.

    Level 14 - Jungle Puddle(2 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Walk to the right and you will run into a "?" Ball trapped within a bubble. Use an egg to pop it and Heart #1 is yours.

    Heart #2 - Just before Miss Warp #2, jump into the water and you should have no problem finding Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - From Miss Warp #4 go back a few steps and you'll find the final Heart on one of the topmost platforms.

    Letter R - The segment containing the red fish also holds a pipe in the water. Find it and enter. Complete the fruit challenge and the letter "R" will appear.

    Level 15 - Piranha Grove(3 hearts)

    Heart #1 - On the second page kill the first flying plant, then jump up to the cloud and Heart.

    Heart #2 - At the end of page 2 (the long ascent) shoot the bubble to unlock Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - From Heart #2, follow the coin path down to a hidden pot. Pass by the wooden balls and thorns and Heart #3 awaits.

    Letter E - On the page with Miss Warp #3, look in the sky while riding the third wooden ball. You should see a pot sooner or later. Jump to it, complete the fruit challenge and you know the rest.

    Level 16 - Neuron Jungle(4 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Stomp the head of the first red slug creature to open a passage to Heart #1.

    Heart #2 - From Heart #1 descend this section further and you will eventually run right into Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - On the second page jump along the platforms, and shoot the second bubble to access the final Heart.

    Letter A & White Shy Guy - From the first section, locate the tube (near the bottom) and beat the fruit challenge to get your greedy paws on the letter "A". The White Shy Guy is hidden in a balloon at the end of the challenge.

    Page 5 - Ocean

    Level 17 - Lots O' Jelly Fish(1 heart)

    Heart #1 - Once you've gotten your Yoshi wet, go to the right and enter the first cavern you run across. Dodge the jelly fish, and the Heart is in the lower right-hand corner.

    Heart #2 - This Heart is easy to find just like the first. In the same water segment, stay along the bottom. Sooner or later there will be a gap that will take you down to the Heart. Avoid the fish and jellies, and you should have no problem getting it.

    Heart #3 - In the next swimming segment use the same technique you used for Heart #2 and you'll find Heart #3.

    Letter T & White Shy Guy - In the second segment stick along the surface and you will eventually run into a yellow tube. Enter it, and complete the fruit challenge. The letter "T" and a bubble with a White Shy Guy are waiting at the end.

    Level 18 - Lots O' Fish(2 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Enter the first yellow tube you see on the seabed. Eat all of the fish and Heart #1 is just a backstroke away.

    Heart #2 - At the green tube on the seabed go to the immediate left to find the Heart.

    Heart #3 - At the end of the level look in the sky for a bubble containing the final Heart.

    Letter P - Beat the fruit challenge at the end of the level and the "P" is yours.

    White Shy Guy - Enter the first red tube on the top. Sneak past the bees and destroy the bubble to unlock a White Shy Guy.

    Level 19 - Shy Guy Limbo(3 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Shortly after the second Koopa cloud rider appears, continue right and after passing by two Yellow Shy Guys (holding limbo sticks), jump up onto the cliff on the right and turn around. Behind you a "?" Box Sign will float down. Hit it with an egg and Heart #1 will magically appear.

    Heart #2 - On the second segment the road will get a little choppy. Jump across the platforms and use your Sniff-Sniff power to unlock Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - On the second segment, four flying Red Shy Guys will cross your path. Go past them (eat them if you like), then jump up onto the next cloud. Continue on the cloud path to the right and you'll find Heart #3.

    Letter A - When you come to a pit guarded by two tear jerking goons, jump on the furthest one and launch up to the cloud. Or shoot down the Koopa and steal his cloud cart. Now, enter the tube and complete the fruit challenge to unlock the letter "A".

    White Shy Guy - On the second segment, pass by the Egg Block and shoot the balloon. A White Shy Guy is inside.

    Level 20 - Shy Guy's Ship(4 hearts)

    Heart #1 - Hit the third rock in the first structure you see to unlock Heart #1.

    Heart #2 - On the bird segment shoot the rocks to get at Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - To the right of Miss Warp #4, shoot the second rock under a cannon to reveal the final Heart.

    White Shy Guy - Next to the first yellow pipe in the rock segment you will find a White Shy Guy buried within the topmost rock to the left.

    Letter R - On the second page, enter the first blue tube (without a cannon) to access a fruit game and the letter "R".

    Page 6 - Finale

    Level 21 - Mecha Castle(1 heart)

    Heart #1 - After you pass by the first two swords and arrive at a platform with a banana above it, jump out to the left and grab the "!" Ball. Run past the next sword and grab Heart #1.

    Heart #2 - Just past the first gears you will find a "!" Switch to the left. Run to the left, shoot the "!" Icon and jump up the "!" Balls that appear. Enter the pot and run past the Black Shy Guys to Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - In segment two, fall down through the third wooden spinner. Jump over to the right and the Heart is yours.

    Letter T - From Heart #3's position, enter the next pot you see. Now, go up past the spikes and when you see an opening to the left - take it. Use the Mysterious Tulip power to launch up to another pot. In here you will be challenged to a fruit game. Beat it and the "T" will be added to your stash.

    Level 22 - Lift Castle(2 hearts)

    Heart #1 - From the start go to the left, and at the top of your climb go into the tube. Now, use the umbrella to glide over to the left. You should run right into the heart.

    Heart #2 & Key - From Heart #1, head back to the start, over to the left again, and enter the door next to the yellow tube you accessed before. Kill the bat, and you will receive the Key. Now, use the Key on the door. Go through the next segment. Then at Miss Warp #3, bounce straight up off the ball to reach the Heart.

    Heart #3 - On the last page shoot the bubble next to Miss Warp #4, and the final Heart is yours.

    Letter N - Beat the fruit challenge on the last page and this valuable letter is all yours, baby!

    Level 23 - Ghost Castle(3 hearts)

    Note: To complete this level you will need to follow all of the strategies in order.

    Key 1 - Go to the right and enter the door. Now, go left and jump into the yellow tube. The Key is waiting on the ledge.

    Heart #1 - From the first key, re-enter the tube you came from and go up to the first locked door on the left. The Heart is in the third rock from the left.

    Key 2 & Heart #2 - Now, go back to the room where you first used Key 1. Enter the top door on the left, ascend the flying ghosts, and go to the left for Key 2, and to the right for Heart #2.

    Heart #3 - Finally, go back to the room where you first used a Key, and use your new Key on the door to the right. Hunt down the block that is identical to the one Poochy is standing on. Use the Ground Pound on the block to unearth the Heart.

    Letter E - From the beginning, enter the door to the right. Jump up one platform and shoot the bubble. Hit the "!" Switch and tongue grab across the bubbles and up into the tube. Complete the fruit challenge and the "E" will appear.

    Level 24 - Magma Castle

    Heart #1 - From Miss Warp #2 go to the right and ascend the lava platforms. You should have no problem finding this Heart.

    Heart #2 - At the pipe that takes you to the last segment go right (don't go up the pipe though). Crawl under the spikes and avoid the nasty yarn ball to win your prize. You'll also find Miss Warp #3 trapped in this room.

    Key & Heart #3 - A little ways past Miss Warp #2 you will stumble upon a door. Enter it and annihilate the slugs. Your reward is the Key. Now, work your way up to Miss Warp #3 or Miss Warp #2 and use her power to travel back to Miss Warp #1. Open the door and kill the four evil creatures. The last Heart will appear after this event.

    Letter R - From Miss Warp # 3 go down to the ball room. Collect enough melons and the letter "R" will appear on one of the many platforms. Hey, you collected all the letters! Check to see what it spells. Yippee!

    Boss 5 - Baby Bowser

    Strategy - Grab the Bombs and launch them at the spikes on the ceiling, then shoot a bomb at Bowser when he's down. It's a piece of cake!