WCW vs. NWO World Tour

Basic Strategies || Hidden Characters

General Strategies

  • Every match should start off with a good brawl. This is the fastest way to wear down your opponent so you can fire off the really cool moves.
  • Lead off with a charging attack as soon as the bell rings. Once you knock your opponent down with a strong attack, stand him up and knock him down again.
  • A word of warning: Some wrestlers seem resistant to brawling attacks (Rick Steiner, for example). If your opponent blocks a lot of your attacks, switch to grappling right away before he counters your attack and goes on the offense.
  • Grapples are the most varied and interesting attacks. Each wrestler has a unique move list and different button combos for performing moves. However, the button combinations stay consistent no matter what wrestler you choose, so any of the basic button combos will do something interesting.
  • At the beginning of the match use Weak Grapples, which can be executed quickly. When the opponent is groggy, go with Strong Grapples and/or Rear Grapples. Turn him around, get a Strong Grapple, and tap A or B. Rear attacks do the most damage.
  • Once you've figured out how to take your opponent to the mat, throw some punishment on your helpless victim. Most of these moves are submission holds and can end the match very quickly.
  • Remember: Special moves do more damage and are usually pinfall submission moves as well.
  • Want a cheap way to win? Here goes: When the bell rings, move to the ropes behind you and press up on the C controls to exit the ring. Then, press A to drag your opponent out of the ring. Now, run around the ring using the down button on the C controls. Move so that you're on one side of the ring and your opponent is on the other. It will not work at the top or bottom of the ring, only on the sides. Then, climb to the apron and wait until your opponent is counted out.

    Hidden Characters

    There are six hidden bosses in the game. To open them for play, win the championship of their league. A single loss on your way to the title will put you back at the beginning. Normally this is not a problem; however, the secret W3 Super Heavy League will require you to beat every other heavyweight in the game, so a loss along the way can undo a lot of work.

    None of the special characters have any inherent advantage over the normal wrestlers. Depending on the kind of match you prefer to play, some of them are actually worse. Joe Bruiser has no grappling or aerial moves at all - punches and kicks only - but he is extremely effective in a TKO match.

    DDP - Must win WCW league
    Wrath - Must win DOA league
    Black Widow - Must win W3 cruiser
    Randy Savage - Must win NWO league
    Glacier - Must win IUGP league
    Joe Bruiser - Must win W3 heavy