With over 30 separate "regions" to explore, one might think that a significant amount of time would be taken up with travel alone in Square's SaGa Frontier. But getting familiar with the environment will be a must, since SaGa Frontier takes place in an entirely new universe with its own rules. For example, instead of the character classes found in standard RPGs (wizard, warrior, thief), abilities in Saga Frontier are based on a character's species. Humans, for example, can use weapons, spells, and tricks in battle, while monsters can use few weapons and no spells and battle primarily by absorbing the ability of the enemy and using it against him. The battle system itself is unique; the options available to most characters far exceed the standard "attack, defend, use item" formula most RPGs employ.

In the following guide, you'll find:

A detailed walk-through for each main character
Tips on building the perfect party
Spell, skill, and supporting cast info, and more

The Basics || Battle Tactics || Spells || Skills || Supporting Cast
The Basics

Fighting and Swords
To improve these skills quickly, attack with your basic attack form and stick with it through the entire fight. If you attack with advanced skills, or switch skills during the fight, you will not advance as quickly.

Guns and Magic
Unlike fighting and swords, these skills advance more quickly if you use more advanced skills, instead of sticking to the basics. Unlike the physical skills, which advance during combat, these two skill types advance after combat.

Human Skill Advancement
In addition to improving stats, you gain new abilities through combat. Your skills will advance most quickly if you fight tougher monsters, but each of the different ability types advances in a different way.

Advancing Mystics
Mystics advance by using their Mystic abilities of Sword, Gloves, and Boots. Each time you hit a monster with one of these abilities there is a chance that you will absorb the monster into your Mystical weapon. This will grant you additional special abilities, and may unlock additional Mystic abilities for you. You will notice new abilities after fighting.

Advancing Mechs
Mechs advance by "downloading" the abilities of enemy Mechs. It's a good idea to move your Mechs into a different fighting group specifically for facing other Mechs. Unless there are enemy Mechs in the opposing group, there is not much point in including Mechs on your combat team, as they can gain nothing from the fight. Mechs can equip almost any mundane item including multiple weapons and armor, so you can jack them up very quickly between battles.

Advancing Monsters
Monsters advance by absorbing the abilities of other monsters. They have only eight "slots" to fill with abilities, and each time you defeat an enemy monster, the ability in the last slot can be exchanged for a new ability. It is extremely important to move your best abilities to the top of the list and choose your worst ability for the eighth slot after every fight. Don't get attached to it - it must remain temporary because absorbing new monsters is the only way to get more skills.

Battle Tactics

The basic offensive strategy is very simple: Always attack the weakest enemy first. An enemy with one HP left can still deal full damage to your characters, so it is best to pile all of your characters on a single target and stick with it until it is dead. If the target dies, any characters who have not acted yet will automatically switch to another target. Next round, continue on in this way.

Defend your adventure party with sword fighters. Deflect is a very basic skill they will learn early, and although you can't control when it will go off, it completely negates any attack. This even works to defend other characters, not just the swordsmen. The more human swordsmen per group, the better.

The idea behind combos is to link one character's attack with another. Two characters acting together form a Level Two combination, three characters form a Level Three, etc. Use your Level Two combos and then try different attacks with the remaining players and look for additional links.


Below is a list of the spells, skills, and allies you can acquire throughout the game. Because of the random nature of skill advancement and the complexity of the storyline, there may be more out there waiting to be discovered!

SunRay1Effective against undead
StarlightHeal2Restores one ally's HP
FlashFire4Attacks all enemies: blind effect
FlashFlood5Drives all enemies out
Light Sword7Creates protective light sword
MegaWindblast9Attacks all enemies
PowerGrab1Steals enemy's HP
HideBehind1Attack enemy from behind
ShadowNet3Paralyze all enemies
DarkSphere4Attack with large bomb
ShadowServant9Create a shadow of yourself
Saber1Attacks enemy with magic swords
Gold3Distract enemies with gold
Shield3Increases DEF
Grail3Removes all status problems
Death4Takes away enemy's LP
FoolLower attack values
WizardAttack enemy with your twin
TowerALLConvert magic power to damage
Victory1Raises weapon attack power
Vitality2Gives allies regenerative ability
Hide2Hide an ally
Wall8Protect ally from Projectiles
Dwarf8Lowers enemy strength
StasisALLPlaces caster and target in stasis
Soul7Temporarily raise all abilities
VaporBlast1Attack enemy with air spears
LightShift1Brings sunlight
DarkShift1Brings death
Vanish3Makes enemies vanish
Vortex3Cancels all magic attacks
Reverse Gravity6Attack all enemies
Delay Order1Lower enemy's quickness
Time Leap3Ends enemy's turn
TimeTwister5Gives ally an extra turn
ChaosStream9Attacks all enemies
OverDrive10Gain seven actions this turn
PainDoubler1Doubles damage inflicted
RavaShot1Stun effect
SharpPain1Stuns all enemies
Deathcurse4Defeats enemy by gambling your LP
Evaporate2Lets you hide from enemies
Lifewave2Attacks enemy with life-force spear
MindHeal2Restores one's HP completely
MirrorShade7Tricks enemy by creating a phantom
PhantasmShot3Summons phantom beasts
GlassShield5Protects with a glass shield
MirrorShade7Creates an illusion of caster
Gate0Opens doors to different dimensions
EnergyChain1Attacks enemy with chain of energy
PsychoArmor2Protects one with magic armor
Implosion3Makes enemy implode
Psychic Prison7Seals enemies' magic in a cage
VermillionSand8Attacks all enemies: blind effect
Sacrifice2Restores allies
Reviva9Protects an ally from death


StunSlash0Stun effect
Deflect1Protects allies from attack
CrossSlash2Attack with two swords
SwallowSwing2Antiair attack
Thrust2Move that uses both hands
ThunderThrust2Move that uses both hands
Heaven/Hell3Stun effect
MoonlightCut4Sword technique
ShadowCounter4Sword technique
Kasumi5Dodge and counterattack
Blizzard6Sword technique
DeadEnd6Faint effect
KaiserWing1Alkaiser only
QuickDraw0Draws your gun quickly
TwoGun0Uses two guns: 2x damage
StunShot1Stuns all enemies in range
SharpShot2Critical hits on some enemies
TrickShot2Performs an unexpected move
ReactionShot3Counterattacks enemy's move
CrossShot4100 percent accuracy shot
TotalShot4Attacks all enemies
BrightFist0Alkaiser only
Air Throw1Throw move that stuns enemy
SwayBack1Cancels enemy attack
KO Throw2Counter enemy's punch
Rolling Cradle2Throw move that stuns enemy
Sliding2Ground attack: stun effect
Final Crusade2Alkaiser only; heal entire party
Fist3Excellent combo linker
Rotation Kick3-
Suplex4Throw move that stuns enemy
Locomotion5Throw move that stuns enemy
OgreRun5Ground attack: stun effect
GiantSwing6Faint effect
CombatMastery0Raises attack power with sword
EnergySupply0Restores Mech's WP in battle
Evasion Bullet0-
Evasion Laser0-
Evasion Rocket0Evades rocket attack
HypnoFlash2Puts all enemies to sleep
InterceptSystem0Intercepts enemies with missiles
Jammer1Stuns all enemy Mechs
LogicBomb4Makes enemy Mechs malfunction
MaxwellProgram0Restores WP automatically

Supporting Cast

AnnieHUMAN(Swords expert)Find her in Koorong for Freedom rune
CottonMONSTER Found in the bio research lab in Shrike
DollHUMAN(Undercover officer)May join Red at Shingrow
Engineer CarMECH(Repair ability)Found in Nakajima Robotics
Fei-OnHUMAN(Fighting expert)Found in Tanzer during Vitality rune event.
FuseHUMAN(Quick learner)Will join at IRPO during Shield arcane
GenHUMAN(Swords expert)Will join up in Scrap for Swords arcane
HamiltonHUMAN(Guns expert)Will join Lute on way to Nelson
LeonardMECH(Recharge WP ability)Will eventually join T260 in Manhattan
LizaHUMAN(Fighting expert)Will join Emelia in Koorong
Mei LingHUMAN(Guns/Magic dabbler)Found in Scrap; will join almost anyone
MesarthimMYSTIC(Mermaid)Will join in Owmi if other Mystics present
NasukanMYSTIC(Dark magics)Will join some characters in Koorong
RabbitMECH(Anti-Mech model)Sometimes found in Kyo gardens
RoufusHUMAN(Quick learner)Will join at Shrike for Victory Rune event
RougeHUMAN(Magic user)Will join some parties from Luminous
SeiMONSTER(Mighty Undead King)Will join anyone who can defeat him
SilenceMYSTIC(Dark magics)Will join after Shadow magic event
SlimeMONSTER Sometimes sneaks in after Vitality rune
ThunderMONSTER(Powers up fast)Will join if Lute is in party
White RoseMYSTIC Will join Emelia in Trinity Base
ZEKEMECH Will join T260 at Nakajima Robotics
ZozmaMYSTIC Will join Emelia or Asellus