Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Import Things to Know

  • This game should take about 8-10 hours on your first time through.
  • The Combo attack is useless. Use all one-hit attacks.
  • Wait for the camera to get behind you before attempting a difficult jump.
  • If you do not know what to do next, you can always use the Plasma Fortune Teller. For ten ryo, you can get a glimpse of the future.
  • People will give you hints, easily identified by yellow text.
  • Return to areas after defeating the main boss of the area; there are usually some goodies waiting for you.
  • Visit every place, especially coffee shops. They give you a point to fly to when using the flute.

    Saving the Game

  • The biggest problem with playing this game is that you can only save in one space on a Controller Pak, and cannot make another file on the same Pak. However, you can get around this by saving and then copying the Goemon information onto another Pak. Although it is a time-consuming process, it's better than missing something important.


  • Oedo Town & Mt. Fuji and Boss 1
  • Impact
  • Zazen Town and The Dragon & Boss 2
  • Dogo Springs and Boss 3
  • Revive Sasuke and Boss 4
  • Meet the Muscle Man
  • Festival Village & Mr. Fear and Boss 5
  • The Fourth Miracle Item and Final Boss

    Oedo Town & Mt. Fuji

    You begin the game in Oedo Town. The first thing to do is head to Mt. Fuji to get the Chain Pipe. Proceed left and follow the path to the door on the left. Go towards the huge bell, then follow the path to the right and take the door at the end. On the next screen, there is a Strength Doll on the second bridge to the right. Climb the large steps and enter the door. In front of you is Mt. Fuji. Climb it by using the ladders and jumping over the gaps. Talk to the man in the hut at the top and he will give you the Chain Pipe. Then head back to Oedo Town. Once in Oedo, turn left at the bell and head to the building on the left side near the man who tries to steal your money. This is Oedo Castle.

    Once through the gates, pass by the guards and into the door. There are small boxes that have stars on them. Goemon can cross gaps by hitting these with the Chain Pipe. First cross on the left side and get the Strength Doll located over the water. Then retrace your steps and stay next to the wall around to the other side. Enter the castle and work your way to the first boss.

    The first boss is a large stone head, connected to a body below. Kill it by hitting the jewel on its chin. The head will alternate attacks between fire and small green lasers on the ground. Jump to avoid the lasers. You cannot jump or duck to avoid the fire. Run around the head in circles to evade the attack. Leave to meet the Wise Old Man and Impact.


    When you leave Oedo Castle, do not backtrack. Instead, jump into the water and swim through the tunnel. On the next screen, take the tunnel in front of you. Go around the corner, and there will be a Strength Doll on the platform. Swim to the bridge, jump up, talk to the guards, and then leave the city. Cross the bridge and go right. Head through the door and the cave. Leave the cave, climb the hill, and a scene will begin.

    This part begins with you inside the robot Impact, destroying a few villages and enemies to earn some power. The more stuff you destroy, the more power you have, so try to destroy as much as possible. Watch out for bridges and rivers; they can slow you down, preventing larger scores. Robot bosses are very simple: learn the patterns of each one, use the hook (the Right button) and tap A to drag him in for a combo. Hit projectiles away by punching them. (Note: you cannot pause during robot battle, so do not be distracted or it may cost you lives.) After this battle, your party moves to Zazen Town.

    Zazen Town

    When you enter, you will meet Yae, who will join you after a short discussion. First you must find out how to get past Benkei, the guard blocking the way to Ohan Nibashi Bridge. Go down the ladder on the right side of the bridge into the stream and turn left, going to the next screen. Go up the ramp and talk to the fisherman. He will instruct you to find and catch fish. When you complete the task, he will tell you the secret to getting past Benkei. Go back to Benkei, and a minigame will start. Hit Benkei with three logs and he will let you pass, rewarding you with the body of future party member, Sasuke.

    The next section is optional, but it gives you the opportunity to get a few Strength Dolls as well as some cash. On the screen after battling Benkei, there are two paths: the left path leads to the next area, the right path leads to the Golden Temple and Turtle Rock. By pushing the Rock different ways, you will acquire: (1) a batch of coins, (2) a Strength Doll, (3) a teleporter that will take you to an island with another Strength Doll, and (4) a teleporter that will take you to the inside of the Golden Temple, where you can acquire a Survival Pack (1-Up) and a Strength Doll. Now, head back to the previous area and down the left path to Awaji Visitor's center to meet the Dragon.

    The Dragon & Boss 2

    When you get past the forest area you will see a house. Go around the side for another Survival Pack. Go across the bridge and enter the Awaji Visitor's Center. (Under the bridge there is a ledge with a Strength Doll.)

    When you arrive, you find that the Dragon has been taken control of. It is your job to fix this situation. When you are on the Dragon, stay to the middle (you can fall off) on your way to the Dragon's head. There will be a boss that looks like a UFO. He will spin after being hit, so be careful. About five or six whacks should do the trick. When you finish him off, you receive the flute from the Dragon Prince, which you can use to summon the Dragon to go to any previously visited town or coffee shop.

    After the Dragon leaves, go to the Yamato Shrine, located in front of you. Talk to the man in the shrine. Go to the altar at the top of the stairs in front of the shrine and have Goemon throw five coins at the altar. Goemon will receive a power-up that allows him to throw Fire Coins. These coins can be used to light torches found in later boss levels. Next, go to Dogo Springs.

    Dogo Springs

    Go down the hill to the city below, around the corner and through the doors. Take the door to the right, then go through the next door, over the bridge, and up the hill to another set of doors. You will see an old bridge. Navigate the bridge by running and jumping as the pieces fall (you can drop through in the middle of the bridge to land on a ledge with a Strength Doll). After crossing the bridge, follow the path to the Spa. Read the sign telling you that it is closed.

    Return to Zazen Town, via the Flute, and visit the Fisherman (who will be small). He will tell you about the power of shrinking. Go to the Church, where the priest will allow Ebisumaru to participate in a test. This minigame involves grabbing candy while destroying the enemies and hiding from the giant that opens the cupboard. Win and you will receive the magical power called Mini-Ebisu. Return to Dogo Springs and the Spa. Use the Mini-Ebisu magic to enter the Spa through the small hole to the left of the door. Prepare for Boss 3 and his Dungeon.

    This boss is easy. Take a picture using the camera and the boss's heart will be exposed. Dodge his attacks and hit him when you can see the heart. Now, you must revive Sasuke.

    Revive Sasuke

    Return to Zazen Town and go through the passage (located at the end of the row of shops) to the other part of the city. It is time to find the batteries that will power-up Sasuke. Head for the Chugoku Region (the door on the east wall in the second part of the town), past the kid on the bridge, and to the top of the next screen. Go all the way to the end of the room and go through the door at the end of the path. You will be in the desert. Use the map to get to the pond. There is a Strength Doll and a Battery in the pond. Exit the room on the other side, cross the hill, and you should see a large tree. Go to the top of the tree and take a picture using the camera. Another battery will appear and Sasuke will come to life. Sasuke can destroy cracked walls by using his bomb weapon.

    Head back down the hill and go to the third door on your right. This should be a town, but with enemies. Sasuke can blast some of the walls to get Strength Dolls. Go to the top left door according to the onscreen map and then go left and around the hills, following the path to the top. Enter the cave and use Sasuke's bomb to open the path. This is the entrance for the next dungeon. Prepare for Boss 4.

    The solution to this boss is obvious. She throws dinner plates off of sticks. Dodge the red plates and hit the blue plates, bouncing them back at her. Once finished, leave the cave and head for the left door on the onscreen map. Follow the path to the bridge and a scene with Omitsu will take place. After this you must meet the Muscle Man.

    Meet The Muscle Man

    Return to Oedo (using the flute) and go to the house that was previously abandoned (the second door on your right). It is now inhabited by a Muscle Man who runs a Gym. Talk to him and he will put you in a minigame where the prize is Super Strength for Goemon. When you succeed, leave the house, go back to the start, and leave through the doors. Cross the bridge and turn left. Go up the ramp with the metal block and use Goemon's Super Strength power to move the block. Be sure and get the Strength Doll next to the block, then exit through the door.

    In this cave go right, then up the ladder. Hit the red switch on the ledge and platforms will appear to get to the next door. There is a Strength Doll below the ledge. Now go to Festival Village.

    Festival Village & Mt. Fear

    When you get to Festival Village, you need to go to the Fortune Teller. Head into the door on the right and the Fortune Teller is the first door on your left. He will tell you about getting your weapons powered-up so you can get to the top of Mt. Fear. Use the flute to go back to Mt. Fuji, and the man on the top will power-up everyone's weapons. Return to Festival Village and go through the door at the top of the room. Turn right and follow the path to the next door. This leads to Mt. Fear.

    The Witch's house is at the top of the mountain. Circle around the side and hit the rock blocking the path. Go up to the top and speak to the witch. For 300 ryo she will let you see the Wise Man. After this, return to the beginning of Festival Village, go outside and follow the path to the next set of doors. You will see a waterfall with a sign. Read the sign and a minigame to get Yae's mermaid skill will take place. Now you can get into the next level. Go back to Mt. Fear and take the door to the left. Here there is a large lake. Jump in and get the Strength Doll to the left, then head toward the middle to enter the submarine and prepare to meet Boss 5.

    Boss 5

    This guy is easy to beat. Drag him in and wail away. Now you must find the fourth miracle item.

    The Fourth Miracle Item

    Return to Zazen Town and talk to Benkei. Then go back to the middle of the town and go to the passageway with the pond. At the pond, hit the waterspout a few times for a Strength Doll. Stand on the platform centered with the pond and meet Kihachi. He will tell you to get cucumbers for him. To get the cucumbers, you will need to find the priest's son. You have to give him 800 ryo and have Sasuke's Super Jump to get to him. To get the Super Jump, talk to the priest and he will give you a key. Leave the room and enter the door to your right. Go through the next door and enter the room with a lock. He will test you and then reward you with the Super Jump for passing.

    Go back to Zazen Town and go to the second door to your left. Proceed down the long passage to the end and into a room with a flaming wall. Talk to the man on the ledge by using the Super Jump and crossing the platform. He will charge you 800 ryo for the cucumbers. Take the cucumbers back to Kihachi and he will give you the fourth Miracle Item.

    You can now finish the game. Go back to where the submarine was, but continue past to the other door. There will be a Stone Circle. Stand in the middle pedestal and a cut-scene will take place. Prepare for the Final Boss.

    Final Boss

    This boss is fought with Impact. It is not easy. We suggest taking out the cannons first, then the wings, and finally the middle jewel. After that, just defend yourself using punches until the robot opens up and then fire away with the chain hook. When you defeat the robot, the boss changes forms and becomes quicker. Counterattacking is essential. Aim the hook well and drag him in as often as possible to give him a good combo. Repeat. Now, sit back and enjoy the ending.