This guide reveals many of Mission: Impossible's secrets and may spoil your enjoyment of the game. Use at Your Own Risk!

The Basics

One-Hit Deaths - Taking out an enemy with one shot is very effective, especially on the later levels. To pull these off, all you have to do is target the enemy's head. Easier yet, sneak up behind them and plug them through the back of the head. This technique will also save you tons of ammo.

Possible/Impossible - This guide was compiled on the Possible difficulty. Impossible is basically the same, but features more Objectives on each level. Impossible also has a different ending.

Operation Ice Hit
  • Lundkwist Base (Mission 1)
  • Subpen (Mission 2)
  • Embassy Function (Mission 3)

    Recover NOC List

  • Embassy Warehouse (Mission 4)
  • K.G.B. HQ (Mission 5)
  • Security Hallway (Mission 6)
  • Sewage Control (Mission 7)
  • Escape (Mission 8)
  • Escape From CIA
  • Fire Alarm (Mission 9)
  • Interrogation Room (Mission 10)
  • CIA Rooftop (Mission 11)
  • Terminal Room (Mission 12)
  • Rooftop Escape (Mission 13)

    Mole Hunt

  • Station (Mission 14)
  • Train Car (Mission 15)
  • Train Roof (Mission 16)
  • Ice Storm
  • Subpen (Mission 17)
  • Tunnel (Mission 18)
  • Mainland (Mission 19)
  • Gunboat (Final Mission)
  • Operation Ice Hit

    Lundkwist Base (Mission 1)

  • Get to Subpen With Clutter
  • Change Identity
  • Find Excuse for Errand

    To Change Identity jump off the pontoon boat and hop over the fence. Walk along the fence to the shack (highlighted with white and red dots on the Field Scanner). Talk to the guard and then shoot him. Drag him into the house and use your Face Maker to morph into the enemy. From here, search the cabinet to Find Excuse for Errand. Now that you are masked, locate the transport vehicle and talk to the driver. Hand him the Excuse and walk over to the buildings off to the left. Talk to Clutter and Get to Subpen With Clutter by catching a ride on the back of the transport.

    Subpen (Mission 2)

  • Find Magnetic Bomb
  • Give Bomb to Clutter
  • Sabotage the Gunboat
  • Join Dowey for Getaway

    Follow the red dot on the Field Scanner to Find Magnetic Bomb. Now, Give Bomb to Clutter by locating the green dot on your Scanner. To Sabotage the Gunboat, follow the white dot on the Scanner and place a Magnetic Bomb on the boat. Lastly, locate the green dot again and climb down the ladder to the pontoon boat and Join Dowey for a Grand Getaway.

    Recover NOC List

    Embassy Function (Mission 3)

  • Find Facemaker
  • Find Score
  • Find Nausea Powder
  • Find Drink
  • Place Smoke Generators
  • Assume Ambassador Aide's I.D.
  • Access Restricted Area

    Place the first Smoke Generator in the hallway to the right, then plant another in the vent nearest to the couple in the entryway. Now, walk to the left and place the third Smoke Generator in the vent next to the chairs. From here, head to the piano player. To his right is a vent. Drop a Generator into it. At this point go to the bar and you will Find the Drink and Nausea Powder. To the right of the bar is another vent. Place a Generator in it and return to the hallways. Talk to the people next to the painting, then talk to them again when they sit down. From here head toward the bathroom, and get the Blow Pipe ready. You'll know what to do. All right, it's time to mingle. Walk around and talk to everyone a few times. The couple who were looking at the painting will stand up from their seats when talked to again. Just after this act takes place reach down and grab the Score from the man's seat. To Find the Facemaker return to the lobby and talk to the woman until the man leaves. She is actually an ally who will give you the tool you seek. All of the chit chat is now out of the way. Head to the pianist and hand him the score. The Ambassador's Aide will walk down to listen to the great music. Hand him the poisoned drink and have a toast. Follow the Ambassador's Aide to the bathroom and use the Facemaker. You'll now have access to the second level. Walk past the guard and Place the Last Smoke Generator in the vent to the left. To finish the level, simply head to the other end of the hall and talk to the guard to Access the Restricted Area.

    Embassy Warehouse (Mission 4)

  • Find Protection Suit
  • Find Exit Key
  • Access the Embassy HQ

    The first objective on this level is to Find a Protection Suit. Follow the red dot on the radar and shoot out the lower rightmost box to get this life-saving item. As you run through this hazardous level, keep your eye out for strange-colored crates. There are five in total that must be destroyed. You'll also run into an enemy holding the Exit Key near one of the crates. Now, just locate the exit (which happens to be right next to one of the crates) and Access the Embassy HQ.

    K.G.B. HQ (Mission 5) Objectives

  • Talk To Barnes
  • Find Video Freezer
  • Find Facemaker Cartridge
  • Find Dartgun
  • Sabotage Video Link
  • Get Transfer Order
  • Escape With Candice

    After stepping out of the elevator take an immediate left and enter the room at the end of the hall. Talk to Barnes and head back out into the hall and go to the left again. Enter the door with the security camera over it and grab the Facemaker. Now, head back toward the elevator and enter the head of security's quarters. Talk to the old man, then punch him and drag his body behind the desk. Use your Facemaker to change forms and grab the Dartgun off of the desk. Now, press the two switches on the bookcase to gain access to a secret security room. Kill the watchmen and grab the Exit Passcard. From here, head to the central hallway and enter the room holding Candice's cell. Grab the Video Freeze and leave. Reenter the video room (via these secret switches) and use the Video Freeze to Sabotage the Video Link. To Get the Transfer Order, enter the room with the white door and talk to the man. With it in hand, return to Candice's room and free her. To finish this mission WALK over to the large security doors and use the Exit Passcard to Escape With Candice.

    Security Hallway (Mission 6)

  • Secure Passage for Candice
  • Activate Master Switch

    Jump across all of the electrical tile floors and kill all of the enemies so that Candice has a Secure Passage. At the end of your jaunt Activate the Master Switch and escape.

    Sewage Control (Mission 7)

  • Find Super-Computer
  • Protect Candice
  • Get NOC List
  • Escape

    From the start, head to the right and cross over the sewage to the activation terminal. Pound some keys then return to Candice and bring her across the newly formed bridge. Now go to the left and pound some more keys to make a second bridge appear. Take this bridge to another terminal that will open a door. You'll have to be quick on this one because the door is set on a 3-minute timer. Through this door you will Find the Super-Computer and the NOC List. Now, Escape through the entrance.

    Escape (Mission 8)

  • Secure Passage for Candice
  • Find the Mask of Golytsine
  • Take Back the NOC List

    Objectives 2

  • Unfreeze Video Cameras
  • Assume Golytsine's Identity
  • Find Exit Key
  • Exit into Smoke with Candice

    Bring it on!!! The action really starts to heat up here. To Secure a Passage for Candice simply blow away all the ceiling-based turrets and don't activate the switch at the end until she is next to you. Enter the next room and grab the Mask of Golytsine from the cabinet. Destroy the peculiar panel and run out. Make sure you kill all of the enemies, and Take Back the NOC List from one of the fallen. Now, enter the room with Candice's body and head to the double doors to the right of the activation board.

    Before you even take a step, Assume Golytsine's Identity. Now, quickly run back to the secret room and Unfreeze the Video Cameras. Even quicker now, run into the room with the white door and kill the guard. Grab the Exit Key and enter the door with smoke streaming out of it to Escape With Candice.

    Escape From CIA

    Fire Alarm (Mission 9)

  • Secure Access to the Lift
  • Find Jack
  • Dress as Fireman
  • Give Candice Fireman Outfit
  • Escape the Embassy

    First, follow Candice to the elevator to Secure the Lift. At the bottom of the stairs you will run into Jack disguised as a fireman. Follow him to the bathroom and assume the role of a brave Fireman. Head back to the elevator and Give Candice a Fireman Outfit. Now, run downstairs and Escape the Embassy with the other firemen.

    Interrogation Room (Mission 10) Objectives

  • Escape From Interrogation
  • Pick Up the Equipment
  • Get Into Hallway


  • Get Out of the Interrogation Sector
  • Take Free Access Print
  • Find Sergeant for SAS Access


  • Find the Antidote
  • Distract Attention
  • Find Way to Roof

    After Interrogation 101, walk over to the door and the CIA coffee mug and press the action button. Now, walk over to the flashing receiver and listen carefully. You'll receive instructions on how to Escape From Interrogation. Grab the gum, but don't set it on the door; instead, search the padded walls and press the somewhat invisible switch. Place the gum on the window and crawl out once it is safe. In the next room, Pick up Your Equipment and exit Into the Hallway.

    Here we go. You have 10 minutes to get out of this joint. Run out of the cell and plug the guard. Use the Fingers Scanner to get the guard's fingerprint. Use his print on the wall and enter the newly opened door to Get Out of the Interrogation Sector. Now, run behind the crates and grab the spray paint. Use this paint on the security cameras. Next, trek around the corner and stun the guards and Take a Free Access Print. Use this print on the large revolving door twice and snatch up the empty gun from behind. At the next revolving door have the Electro Stunner ready and blast the little twerp behind the desk. Now, enter the normal door with the empty gun armed to accomplish Find Sergeant SAS Access. Follow the fat man to the door and then kill him. Exit to the right to Reach the Infirmary Elevator.

    Walk into the infirmary UNARMED and talk to the nurse to Find the Antidote. Now this may seem silly, but hit the button on the sick man's bed to Distract Attention. From here sneak away and jump out the window.

    CIA Rooftop (Mission 11)

  • Sabotage Heliport Lights
  • Find Bag of Equipment
  • Find Zone Digitcards
  • Fix Lights
  • Install EMS Near Heliport
  • Enter Security Level
  • Find Security Level Code
  • Meet Candice

    Kill the first guard to obtain the Security Card. Use this Card to open the doors that block your path, and search each guard post carefully for hidden goodies. Once you reach the other side of the fence, pull yourself up on to the crate next to the house and jump up to the next platform. Here you will Find the Bag of Equipment. Use the Bag to transform into a normal repairman, then take the stairs to the rooftop and drop down to the power source located near the fence. Turn the crank and you will Sabotage the Heliport Lights. Venture back up to the rooftop and cross the bridge joining the two buildings. Talk to the guard to get in, then take the stairs to the left to Fix the Lights. Kill the guard down here to get your hands on the second Security Card.

    Now, go back upstairs and Install the EMS into the wall-mounted box next to the heliport. Walk down the stairs to the right, enter the door, kill another guard, and you guessed it, pick up his Card to complete the Find Zone Digitcards task. Walk around this lower platform and pull yourself up the series of crates. Put on the Infrared Glasses, use the Deflector on the lasers, and Enter the Security Level. Climb up the next set of crates and position the Camera on top. Run around for a while then return to the camera to get the Security Level Code. Use this to open the guard door and access the roof. Enter the building and you will Meet Candice.

    Terminal Room (Mission 12) Objectives

  • Switch On the Computer
  • Get the NOC List
  • Escape

    Press Up on the analog to get into the dive-bomb position. Tap the Down C button so that the camera is to the side of Ethan (see pic). Maneuver down so that your head almost touches the yellow lasers. This will make them move out of the way. Plummet down and swing over to the door switch, and then over to the Computer to Get the NOC List. The game will do the rest for you. All you need to do is pull yourself back up to the top to Escape.

    Rooftop Escape (Mission 13)

  • Join Heliport
  • Deactivate EMS
  • Escape With Helicopter

    Work your way off of the rooftop and plant an explosive on the piping. Run away from the guards and Join the Heliport. Deactivate the EMS and destroy it. Now, simply Escape With the Helicopter.

    Mole Hunt

    Station (Mission 14)

  • Protect Ethan
  • Take the Train

    Snipe the two guards walking with Ethan and then pop anyone who is suspicious (meaning with a gun). Sooner or later this hunt will come to an end. If you Protect Ethan, he will Take the Train, which in turn finishes the first part of this scenario.

    Train Car (Mission 15)

  • Neutralize Max's Henchmen
  • Meet Candice
  • Block the Exits

    Objectives 2

  • Neutralize Max's Henchmen
  • Find NOC List
  • Avoid Bomb Explosion

    The second half of this stage has you playing as Ethan again. Take out your gun and shoot the five goons hiding behind and walls of this fancy train. Sniping their heads is the easiest way to Neutralize Max's Henchmens' threat. In the second living quarters car you will Meet Candice again. Now, go into the next car and Block the Exits by placing the item Candice handed you onto the switch in the next car.

    At the end of the next car, you will find a train employee. Punch him and use the Facemaker to take on a different identity. Walk down to the bar car and destroy the enemies that take you by surprise. After this enter the baggage car and kill a few more baddies. Search the armored case at the end, then check the other cases to find the items you will need to open the bomb case. First, use the Blowtorch to turn both beams on the case red. Then, use the Liquid Nitrogen to blow them off. Go back to the car you passed with all of the enemies and kill the well dressed woman to Find the NOC List. Kill the remaining goons to Neutralize Max's Henchmen. Bring the Detonator back to the bomb and defuse it to Avoid a Nasty Bomb Explosion.

    Train Roof (Mission 16)

  • Catch ????

    Shoot out the hitmen and use the rockets on the helicopters. Ultimately, make it to the end of the train and blow away the last heli with a rocket to stop the "mysterious" villain.

    Ice Storm

    Subpen (Mission 17)

  • Get the A.F. Scrambler
  • Get the Mine
  • Bring Clutter A.F.S. and Mine
  • Get the Gas Injector
  • Get the R.C. Detonator
  • Get the Explosives
  • Find Wirecutters
  • Sabotage the Pump House
  • Regroup on Com. Building
  • Find Night-View Glasses

    After leaving your party, walk around the dock over to a stack of crates. Jump up on top to Get the A.F. Scrambler. Follow the red dot on your Scanner to the Mine and Explosives. Now, Bring the A.F.S. and Mine to Clutter and head back out into the tundra. Use your Scanner to locate the Gas Injector and enter the pump house to Find the Wirecutters. From here, walk around the house and hand Clutter the cutters. Again, follow the red dot to a guard house and grab the R.C. Detonator. Head back to the pump house and set the Explosives. Hit the Detonator to Sabotage the Pump House, then Regroup on Com. Building. Look on your Scanner for the whereabouts of the Night-View Glasses and head for the tunnel. Lastly, ascend the rooftop again and jump onto the next truck you see.

    Tunnel (Mission 18)

  • Find Explosives
  • Sabotage Anchor Bolts

    Jump over the first beam then hop over onto the walkway to the right. Enter the door and grab the Explosives. Place two sets of Explosives on the Anchor Bolts next to the doors, then hop on another truck and repeat this process at the next three stops to Sabotage the Anchor Bolts.

    Mainland (Mission 19)

  • Find Explosives and Plastique
  • Sabotage Power Plant
  • Cut Off Camera Power
  • Take on Accountant's ID
  • Get Briefcase from Bunker
  • Sabotage Briefcase
  • Bring Briefcase to Deal
  • Blow Away Helicopter
  • Escape on Gunboat with Clutter

    Follow the white dot on your Scanner to the cut fence and you'll receive a message from Clutter saying that he has found the Explosives. Cross over the river and the next building and exit through the fence. Talk to Clutter and he will hand you the Explosives and Plastique. Cross back over the river and place the Plastique on the circuit breaker. Next, place the Explosives next to the electrical equipment to Sabotage the Power Plant. Shoot the Plastique to Cut Off the Camera Power and head to the only building with a video surveillance room. Enter this room and shoot the man behind the desk to Take on the Accountant's ID. Grab the Security Card from his desk and head across the river again. Enter the building you just crossed over and use the Security Card on the circular metal doors to Get the Briefcase. Next, talk to Clutter to Sabotage the Briefcase, then enter the factory and Bring the Briefcase to Deal. Switch to the Sniper Rifle and take out the troops next to the Gunboat. Wait in the factory for your partner, then Escape on the Gunboat with Clutter.

    Gunboat (Final Mission)

  • Escape Enemy Base
  • Destroy Gas Factory.

    Just shoot and kill!!!

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