Final Fantasy VII

The Basics

Now we could give you a corner-by-corner breakdown of this monster game, but what fun would that be? Instead, we've decided to give you a basic outline of where to go and what to do, although we're still relying on you to do a lot. With that in mind, here is a list of some of the basic skills that you must master when playing RPGs:

(1) No Stone Can Be Left Unturned - You must go and look everywhere in each new area you enter. Go down every path and talk to everyone. Always.

(2) Items Are King - The most important thing to remember is that in RPGs, items are the way. You must collect each and every item you can find, especially Materia.

(3) If You Can't Beat 'em...Out Experience 'em - Yes, it's sad, but if there is a monster that you can't beat somewhere in this game, you can always head back out and find some that you can. Gain enough experience, and you can beat just about anybody.

(4) Save - There is nothing worse that replaying three hours worth of a game just because you forgot to save. When something major happens - SAVE. Before you fight a boss - SAVE. You'll thank us for it later.

This guide reveals many of the secrets in Final Fantasy VII, and may spoil some of the surprises in this amazing game. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Disc One

  • Mako Industrial Complex
  • Agito - Avalanche's Headquarters
  • Area 5
  • Meeting With Aerith
  • Into the Slums
  • The Underground
  • The Battle for Area 7
  • Inside Shinra
  • Out of Shinra's Grasp
  • Flashback At Kalm
  • Chocobo Madness
  • Mithril Mines
  • The Golden Bird
  • Trouble on the Beachfront
  • Into the Shinra Military
  • A Time to Relax
  • Everybody Likes Surfers
  • Trained to Kill
  • Everyone Hates Barrett
  • Gaming Galore at the Gold Saucer
  • Unlawfully Accused
  • Mobile Power and the Gongaga Gate
  • The Origin of Red XIII
  • The Search For Yuffie
  • Vampires in the Homeland
  • Rocket Man!
  • Is Yuffie a Traitor?
  • That Darn House
  • Quest for the Keystone
  • Searching for the Black Materia
  • Death in the Family
  • Disc Two

  • The Search For Sephiroth Begins
  • Wicked Boarders
  • The Meteor Arrives
  • Shinra Strikes Back
  • Decisions
  • All in the Family
  • Condition Critical
  • I Think I Can
  • The Chase Continues
  • Back to Mideel
  • The Lifestream
  • The Final Search
  • The Rocket's Red Glare
  • An Understanding
  • There is Hope

    Disc Three

  • Bravery and Power
  • Otherwise...


  • Breeding Chocobos
  • Limit Breaks
  • Summon Materia
  • Ultimate Weapons
  • Mako Industrial Complex

    Following the beautiful CG intro you'll instantly be thrust into gameplay. After jumping off the train follow Barrett and his "Avalanche" resistance squadron to the outer gate of the Industrial Complex. At this point Biggs will ask for your name. We'll call all of the characters by their original names for ease in reading this strategy guide.

    The Avalanche crew will open the gate and you'll need to follow them. Before you can, Barrett will stop you and say he doesn't trust you. You'll need to name him.

    From here follow any and every Avalanche team member to the second security gate. You'll need to talk to Biggs to get this door opened. Continue following Jesse to the elevator and head to the next floor. Biggs will stop nearby to tell you how to maneuver around in the Complex. If you need help, talk to him. Otherwise, proceed on.

    Soon enough, and after a few jumps and ladder maneuvers, you'll find yourself at the core level of Mako Complex. At this point, Cloud will place a bomb on the reactor. Before you can escape you'll run into the game's first boss. This scorpion-like mech. is fairly easy to beat, and the only strategy is to not attack when his tail is raised. Use Barrett and Cloud's normal attacks, and avoid using any magic on the boss. You'll need it for the enemies that follow. Battle Hint: Don't just tap on the button. Watch the battle and react accordingly.

    After destroying this mech. monstrosity, the bomb's timer will start counting down, and you'll only have ten minutes to evacuate the Complex. The timer ticks through everything including battle sequences and menu bar operations. Basically, run!

    Make your way back from whence you came, and make sure to talk to everyone you run into, because they have the access codes for the doors you'll need to get through. You should be able to leave the Complex with about three to five minutes remaining, depending on how many random monsters you run into. For more than one enemy, use Cloud's magic (lightning).

    An awesome CG sequence of the Complex blowing up is your reward for leaving. Shortly after in a dank hole, Barrett will tell everyone to meet up at the train station.

    Mako Industrial Complex

    Following the beautiful CG intro you'll instantly be thrust into gameplay. After jumping off the train follow Barrett and his "Avalanche" resistance squadron to the outer gate of the Industrial Complex. At this point Biggs will ask for your name. We'll call all of the characters by their original names for ease in reading this strategy guide.

    The Avalanche crew will open the gate and you'll need to follow them. Before you can, Barrett will stop you and say he doesn't trust you. You'll need to name him.

    From here follow any and every Avalanche team member to the second security gate. You'll need to talk to Biggs to get this door opened. Continue following Jesse to the elevator and head to the next floor. Biggs will stop nearby to tell you how to maneuver around in the Complex. If you need help, talk to him. Otherwise, proceed on.

    Soon enough, and after a few jumps and ladder maneuvers, you'll find yourself at the core level of Mako Complex. At this point, Cloud will place a bomb on the reactor. Before you can escape you'll run into the game's first boss. This scorpion-like mech. is fairly easy to beat, and the only strategy is to not attack when his tail is raised. Use Barrett and Cloud's normal attacks, and avoid using any magic on the boss. You'll need it for the enemies that follow. Battle Hint: Don't just tap on the button. Watch the battle and react accordingly.

    After destroying this mech. monstrosity, the bomb's timer will start counting down, and you'll only have ten minutes to evacuate the Complex. The timer ticks through everything including battle sequences and menu bar operations. Basically, run!

    Make your way back from whence you came, and make sure to talk to everyone you run into, because they have the access codes for the doors you'll need to get through. You should be able to leave the Complex with about three to five minutes remaining, depending on how many random monsters you run into. For more than one enemy, use Cloud's magic (lightning).

    An awesome CG sequence of the Complex blowing up is your reward for leaving. Shortly after in a dank hole, Barrett will tell everyone to meet up at the train station.

    Area 5

    You'll be on the train again, and this time you'll be an uninvited guest. You'll need to run from car to car in a given amount of time, and then leap from the train down into the subway tunnels. In the tunnels there's not much you can do, since every exit is sealed with security lasers. You'll find a small hole leading into Area 5. Go in and prepare for battle.

    This complex is very similar to the first, but this time the enemies are a little stronger. Run through the corridors, battle the demon hordes, and make your way to the reactor. Before you can plant a bomb, a flashback will drop Cloud to his knees. Watch in awe, plant the bomb, and follow Tifa to the control center. She will instruct you to push a button at the same time as her and Barrett. You'll have an unlimited amount of time to do so, so don't get flustered. Doing this correctly will open a gate which you'll need to enter.

    Now, you'll find yourself surrounded by guards on a bridge, and you'll finally meet the president of Shinra. He's not a nice man. Then, you'll be confronted by a boss. Once again, this baddie is fairly easy, and your reward for victory is an awesome FMV sequence. To initiate it, jump up on the railing and swing down to the city below with Barrett and Tifa.

    Meetin With Aerith

    Cloud will awaken in a chapel with Aerith in the Area 5 slums. Talk to her and tell her you remember her when she was selling flowers. Continue talking to her, and you have the chance to name her. At this point a Shinra guard will enter the scene. Aerith will request that you become her bodyguard, and your payment will be a date with her later on. From here head toward the top of the chapel, Aerith will fall, and you will be confronted with a set of barrels. In order to drop the barrels on the heads of the attackers, tell Aerith to hold each time she asks you what to do. The correct order for pushing the barrels is to start with the leftmost barrel in the back, then the far right barrel in the back, then the far right barrel in the front, and finally the remaining barrel.

    Eventually, you'll make your escape with Aerith through the roof of the chapel. From here, head northeast through the Area 5 slum to Aerith's cozy little cottage. Upon returning her home safely, Cloud says he must head to Area 7 to meet up with his friends. Before doing this, head upstairs and rest. Since you think that the next adventure is too dangerous for Aerith you must escape quietly without waking her. To do so, walk (don't run) slowly across the floor, avoiding any cracked floorboards. Once you make it down the stairs you're on your way. Leave the Area 5 slum and you'll find Aerith waiting for you at the entrance to Area 6.

    As you approach Area 7 you'll see a touching sequence between Cloud and Aerith at a nearby playground. Then a caravan with Tifa will interrupt your conversation, and you'll need to follow the fleeing Aerith to the slum town.

    Into the Slums

    Yes, you've just entered the slums of Final Fantasy VII, and what you are about to do defies anything that has ever been done in an RPG. As with any new town, your first task is to explore it thoroughly, buy what you need, and stack your inventory.

    Next, you must head southeast to the women's club in the corner of town. Here you'll need to talk to the manager (the guy in red). You'll want to ask him if he knows where Tifa is. He'll tell you to visit the mansion to the north.

    Head to the mansion and talk to the security guard. You'll find out that only females are allowed to enter the mansion. Now head to the clothing shop located on the strip in the west side of town. The owner's son will tell you to go to the bar (directly across from the weapon shop) and talk to his father. Aerith will convince him to make a dress for you, and you'll have to tell him what kind of dress you want. He can make three different ones depending on what you say. Return to the clothing shop and the owner will have made the dress for you, but first you'll need to obtain a wig so that your disguise will be complete. You'll find the wig at the gymnasium located directly below the weapons shop. Talk to the woman and she will offer you the wig, but only if you will face her brother in a fitness match.

    Press "square" to kneel, press "cross" to stand up, and press "circle" to bend over. You'll basically need to input a consistent pattern of "square", "cross", "circle" over and over again within a thirty second time period. Even if you lose you'll acquire a wig, but it won't be as cool as the one you'll receive if you win or tie.

    Now return to the clothing store for the last time. Enter the dressing room and change your clothes. While in disguise, head to the mansion. The guard will let you in. Head downstairs to the dungeon and you'll encounter Tifa. Tifa will inform you as to what's been going on and she'll urge you to head to Corneo's room. Corneo will line all three of your party members up and choose one to be his woman. He'll choose Tifa if you have the cotton dress, Aerith if you have the blond wig and the silky dress, and he'll choose you if you have all the special items available like the silk dress, lingerie, facial make-up, sexy cologne, and the blond wig.

    After a skit or two and a few battles, you'll all wind up in Corneo's bedroom and he'll reveal Shinra's new plan for disposing of Avalanche. A sequence will follow at Shinra HQ.

    The Underground

    Immediately after dropping down into the sewers you'll confront the boss Apusu. Use magic attacks and any summon spells available to take this character down. Scattered within this first room you'll also find valuable Materia. Continue through the sewers and into the abandoned train station and you'll soon come to your next objective.

    The Battle for Area 7

    As you enter Area 7 you'll notice that Barrett and the rest of Avalanche are already knee-deep in battle. Fight your way to the top of the tower and you'll engage with Reno the Turk. Once again, use your most powerful attacks against this goon to take him down. To remove a barrier from one of your comrades, simply attack them or cast Esuna. Dish out enough damage and Reno will eventually leave. Unfortunately, you will not be able to save Area 7. A CG clip showing the utter destruction of Area 7 will shortly follow. It's a sad sight, but more importantly an awesome visual to witness. After this, Barrett will express his anger over the death of his friends in Avalanche, and the possible loss of his daughter. Head to Aerith's house for the full story.

    Inside Shinra

    After entering the house you'll run into Aerith's foster mother who will explain Aerith's history and her Shinra ties. Once all of the conversations have ended, head upstairs and talk to Barrett. He'll hint toward Aerith's love for you. You'll have to make the decision to accept the fact or not. Now, head to the next room over and rest. Once you've caught enough Zs head downstairs and leave the house.

    From here go to the northern part of the slums where you'll see a group of children running off to the right. Follow them, and then ask them what they're doing. You'll find out that the pipe behind them leads to the upper levels of Midgar, and most importantly, the Shinra Corp. Building. Climb the pipe and go to the battery outlet. It doesn't work. So you'll need to climb back down the pipe and go to the Weapons shop where you can purchase a battery (300 Gil) to operate it. Buy three, you'll need them. Now backtrack, climb the pipe again, and use the batteries on the three battery outlets. You'll need to make some daring jumps here with the "circle" button, but nothing too serious. You'll eventually reach the top of the Corp. Building.

    You'll talk with Barrett here, and he'll explain to you that Aerith is probably trapped on one of the top floors. You'll be given a choice on how to enter the Building. Going through the back door is easier, but going through the front door will allow you to gain some much needed experience points. Either way you'll eventually end up on floor 59. The minute you arrive you'll fight three guards, one of whom holds the key to floor 60. Now, head into the glass elevator and choose floor 60. Be sure to coordinate your walking efforts in order to sneak past the guards. (Move only when the guards are in motion and crossing.) Press the "circle" button to have your party follow.

    Now head to the 61st floor. Talk to everyone on this floor. One of the workers will suspiciously ask what you are doing in the building. If you don't answer him he'll give you the access key to floor 62. Take the stairs up to 62.

    You will notice that this floor has four different colored rooms, each holding a series of bookshelves. Enter the room to the left and Domino will offer to give you the keys up to the 65th floor if you can give her the secret password. The password is hidden within all four of the rooms. We would give you the password, but it's random. You can get hints to the puzzle from the man standing by the door, but they will cost you money. We're not sure if he gives different hints each time, but here's the way we got to the solution. There is one file in each room that doesn't belong in that library. Take the number from the beginning of that file and count that number in on the file starting from the left. Take all the letters and make up the solution to the puzzle. Try it, but if it doesn't work you'll have to pay up. Either way, if you get it right on the first try, he'll give you an extremely powerful Materia. Otherwise, go back to any room after you have made a wrong guess, read a book, and Domino will give you the key. Now, go back to the staircase and head for floor 63. This floor is optional, but if you solve the puzzle you'll receive a new Materia. You'll only be able to open three doors in your quest to obtain three coupons. If you find the shortest route to them, and use them in the computer in the room to the lower right, you'll obtain: Pendant of Stars for Coupon A, Four Slot for Coupon B, and a new Materia for Coupon C. Once you're done with this, climb the staircase to floor 64. On this floor you'll want to heal your characters, equip them with what you want, and then save. Now head to floor 65.

    This level is strange and fairly annoying. All you'll need to do is find the unlocked treasure chest, bring the broken piece you receive to the central mini-Midgar structure, find its proper place, and repeat this process until all the boxes are opened. After this tedious task you'll receive the key to floor 66.

    On the 66th floor head to the bathroom and approach the porcelain god. Flush it, then climb on top of it. Now enter the air vents and observe a secret meeting hosted by President Shinra. After it's over, leave the bathroom and follow the scientist Hojo up the stairs to floor 67. From here sneak over to the elevator and enter it. A sequence will follow, and you'll finally meet up with Aerith in a strange science lab.

    Another sequence will come up, and before you know it the wondrous beast Red XIII will join your party. Choose your party, name Red XIII, and the rest of the party will inform you that they'll be waiting for you on floor 66. Talk to the lab assistant in this room and he'll grant you access to floor 68. From here, take the elevator down to floor 66. Along the way you'll be snagged by the Turks and then thrown in jail.

    From inside your cell, talk to everybody and then get some sleep. When you wake you'll find that your cell door is unlocked and the guard is dead. From here, talk to everyone, enter the elevator, go back to the science lab, and head up to floor 69.

    This floor is President Shinra's office, and soon you'll find out that Sephiroth is responsible for all the killing. Proceed through the door next to the stairs and you'll encounter Rufus - the dead President's son. (Did we mention that Sephiroth killed the Prez also?) After a brief sequence you'll tell Barrett to take everyone to safety. The game will switch over and put Aerith in control. Customize your characters to your liking, enter the elevator and take down the mechanical robo boss.

    After this battle, the control will switch back to Cloud, and you'll have to go head-to-head against Rufus. He's easy if you stick to powerful magic, but take out his dog first. (Also make sure you have a Restore Materia on Cloud.) Once he flees, head down to the main floor and meet up with Tifa. An awesome CG with a hog, Red XIII, and Shinra will follow.

    Out of Shinra's Grasp

    This bike scene is really cool, but extremely easy. All you have to do is keep the bikes away from your fleeing caravan. At the end of this lengthy sequence you'll need to take down a huge transforming robo boss. This guy is strong and can inflict a ton of damage. Keep your characters' health up at all costs, and then go for the kill. You'll now flee Midgar. From here you'll need to choose your characters and head to the town known as Kalm.

    Flashback At Kalm

    Your first priority is to enter the inn. Everyone will be waiting for you here, and for some odd reason you'll flashback to your teen days and your involvement with Sephiroth. Follow Sephiroth to the inn and talk with him. Now, rest and prepare for the adventure in the morning. At the crack of dawn you'll need to cross through a mountain path to a Mako Energy Reactor. This will be the only time you'll ever actually enter combat with Sephiroth as a partner - darn. From here, part of Sephiroth's story will be told, and you'll start to see some of the twists and turns in the plot. This scene is extremely cool and yet a real drag because from here on in, Sephiroth will be an adversary. You'll now flash to the present, and then flashback to a different time.

    From here enter the mansion to the north, and enter the passage leading to the basement. In here you'll find Sephiroth searching for documentation on the truth and origin of his mother (who or what is she?). The flashback now continues in Nibelheim and you'll encounter Tifa sporting a funky hat. Sephiroth will do some horrible things to the town, and the flashback concludes with you vowing to seek revenge against him. This is all you need to do here, aside from obtaining the PHS from Aerith and exploring the town's many shops and taverns. Once you are done with this, head east to the Chocobo Farm.

    Chocobo Madness

    The first thing you should do upon entering the farmyard is talk to the Chocobo in the front. Choose the top option, and after they do their celebration dance, you'll obtain the Chocobo & Mog summon orb. Now enter the stalls and talk to everyone. You'll need to buy a Chocobo Materia from the man in the stalls so that you can find them in the zones marked with footprints on the world map.

    Now head toward the Mithril Mines. You'll notice that a large snake is blocking your path; you'll need to find a Chocobo to ride in order to get past this slithering demon. If you fight it you will surely die, so save before you leave the barn. To catch a Chocobo, simply go to any set of footprints near the barn and fight until a Chocobo appears (make sure you have the Chocobo Materia enabled). Whatever you do, do not attack it. Destroy the other enemies and the Chocobo is yours. Now, ride it past the snake and into the Mines.

    Mithril Mines

    Inside the Mine, you'll run into the Turks who work for Shinra. Continue through the Mine and destroy anyone who crosses your path. Soon enough, you'll find the exit leading to a new land.

    The Golden Bird

    Immediately after exiting the Mine you'll see a large tower with a golden bird on top. If you want, you can head into the tower. This is an optional event, but later in the game you will be required to enter the tower and compete in the strategic military game. This could be great training for your near future, but we advise that you wait until later to play it. The object of the game is easy - kill the troops that are advancing up the mountain. After you sleep and save, head to Shinra's Naval Base.

    Trouble on the Beachfront

    First, take the time to explore this new land. Once you are satisfied with your exploration, enter the Shinra Naval Base on a cliff next to the ocean. Talk to everyone you can, and then head down to the shoreline of the town (path leading into the screen). Before you talk to the little girl and her dolphin friend, prepare yourself for battle. A sea monster will emerge from the water; you'll need to kill it. This is an easy boss, but as always, use magic and summon spells to take it down. Note: Only magic can destroy the bubbles.

    After you strip the monster of its life, you will find the little girl lying on the beach unconscious. You'll need to apply CPR by collecting as much air as your lung gauge will allow, then releasing it. Use the "square" button to breathe in, then press "square" again to exhale. After saving her life you'll return to the town to rest. After waking up, go find the little girl once again. She will give you the Shiva Materia. Now follow her down to the beach and have her summon her dolphin. Ride the dolphin over to the metal structure and make him jump by pressing "square" . If you miss the metal beam, don't worry. You should be placed perfectly, so simply hit the button again and you're on your way. Now climb up to the air base.

    Into the Shinra Military

    Upon arrival you'll find yourself on a massive airstrip. Make your way into the buildings and head to the guard locker room. In here you'll run into a guard who will make you participate in the military parade. Change your clothes and follow the small group. You'll eventually make it to the streets where the parade is being held, and since it's televised, you'll want to blend in without making too many mistakes. All you have to do is locate the empty slot in the rows of soldiers and fill it as quickly as possible. The higher rating you receive, the better your item reward will be. After you finish this task you'll return to the locker room where you will need to learn how to handle a rifle. Quickly press the button that the lead guard calls out and you'll pass this drill easily. Don't try and memorize the button presses you'll need to make, because they are completely random. Again, the better you perform in this procedure, the better your reward will be. After completing a few drills, explore the military base, and then head to the boat.

    A Time to Relax

    Your first tour of duty on the ship is to talk to everyone on board. You'll notice (hopefully) that all of your party members are on board and disguised as Shinra hired hands. Even Red XIII is trying to act like a human. Good boy. When you find Barrett, an alarm will sound off throughout the entire ship. Someone has been spotted. Who could it be? Locate the rest of your party and choose who you want to join you. Head down to the lower deck of the ship, enter the door, watch Sephiroth stumble about and prepare to fight a boss. After defeating it, take the Materia Orb and items in the room before you leave. You will now be at the beach resort of Costa Del Sol.

    Everybody Likes Surfers

    Relax, catch a few rays, talk to the village folk and walk down to the beach. You will recognize someone from the Shinra Building, but don't talk to him just yet. Talk to the girls instead. Here you will learn everything you'll need to know about the mysteriously familiar man in the lawn chair. Leave Costa Del Sol and make way for the Corel Mountain Range.

    Trained to Kill

    Enter the mountain range cave (a path leads up to it) and battle your way across the train tracks. Be wary though, because three sections of the track are loose and you'll fall through if you step on them. When you do (it's inevitable) you can either press "circle" before you fall, or plunge down and grab as many valuable items as you can (you'll find the Pendant of Stars and the Wizard Rod). You won't die from falling, so make sure you grab the items. Now proceed across the tracks, talk to the rest of your party members, and enter the switchboard booth (located on the upper track). Throw the switch and continue to follow the track to the rural town of North Corel.

    Everyone Hates Barrett

    After your trip up to the Saucer, talk to the ticket taker at the front gate. If you have 30,000 Gil, give it to him for a lifetime pass to the Gold Saucer. You'll want to get it eventually. Now choose a character to accompany you, and enter the Wonder Square where you'll encounter Cait Sith. You will have to name him, and he will join your party after you talk to him a few times. From here play as many games as you want, but eventually you must pull yourself free from amusement and enter the Battle Square. You'll notice that a few guards are dead due to severe gun wounds. Could it be Barrett's handiwork? Before long, a brief sequence will take place, and you'll be sentenced to the depths of the Corel Prison since you've been accused of this devious murder.

    Gaming Galore at the Gold Saucer

    You'll notice right away that everyone in the town dislikes Barrett. Explore the town and grab whatever supplies you need. After you've talked to everyone, head to the station located in the lower left-hand side of town. Before you can move to the next screen, Barrett will have a killer flashback (we like it). After this, the station conductor will interrupt you and ask if you want to board the trailer. Do it.

    Unlawfully Accused

    Immediately after entering Corel Prison town you'll run into Barrett, who urges you to stay back and leave him alone. Do it, explore the town, search your thoughts, and head to the house directly below the save point. A short sequence will present an interesting plot turn, and Barrett will join your party once again. Head to the trailer with two guards protecting it and talk to the man in the green suit. Tell him that you want to leave the prison town, and he'll tell you about the Chocobo race. Now leave through the north prison gates, and head for the junkyard to the right of the man walking around (talk to him as well). Don't wander out into the desert or you'll get lost. At the junkyard, load Barrett up with whatever firepower and healing items he'll need for battle. After a brief sequence, Barrett will be thrust into a one-on-one battle against his long lost friend. Beat the pulp out of him and he'll give you a strange pendant. Take the pendant back to the trailer and you'll now have the chance to win the Chocobo race and leave the prison permanently. Win the race and you'll be a free man. The race is easy, but it may take a few tries to memorize the course and learn when to use your turbo dashes. Before leaving, you'll find out that Sephiroth has been spotted at the Gongaga Gate.

    Mobile Power and the Gongaga Gate

    Leave the Saucer and take your mighty all-terrain vehicle across the river back to the Gongaga area. You'll notice a shallow spot in the river that you can cross. In this zone follow the path over to the destroyed Mako sight. A short cut sequence will follow explaining that Shinra Corp. is devising a new weapon. Stay out of sight, and then when you have a chance grab the Summon Materia (Titan) that Scarlet misses. Now take the path that you came in on and go the other way to a small rural town. Here you'll run into even more cut sequences and interesting plot twists, but your first order of business is to talk to Tifa. You'll learn that she is holding something back. Search the town, rest, and head to Cosmo Canyon.

    The Origin of Red XIII

    As you enter the town you'll notice that your little buddy Red XIII goes by the name of Nanaki. Strange. Now talk to the man in front of the entrance, and then Red XIII will come and tell him to let you enter. Once inside, talk to Red XIII and he'll explain the significance of the town and some of his history. From here follow Red XIII wherever he goes, and you'll eventually enter an observatory. A cool FMV sequence will show what is happening to the universe and why it's dying. Leave the room and head over to the bonfire. At this moment you'll find out what your next quest is from Red XIII. After this, choose which characters you want in your party and enter the forbidden cavern with Bugenhagen.

    Make your way through the caverns and open every box you see. You'll have to be extremely thorough to find everything, so keep your eyes peeled. At the end of the cavern you'll run into a boss. Kick his tail, and you'll find out more about Red XIII. Head back to the bonfire, gather what supplies you need, and leave the town.

    The Search for Yuffie

    In any clump of forestry you can find Yuffie. This event can happen only during Disc 2, so make sure you do this before you move on to Disc 3. You'll be required to fight her before she'll join your party. Also, you'll need to answer her questions correctly, otherwise she'll run away and you'll have to start over again. Here's the order of what choices to pick while talking to her: bottom choice, top choice, bottom choice, top choice, bottom choice. This event is completely optional, but it is nice to have everyone possible in your army. (Plus, you need her to get the Leviathan Materia.) From here proceed through the canyons, past the mountains, across the river, and over to Nibelheim - Cloud and Tifa's hometown.

    Vampires in the Homeland

    Something is seriously wrong with this village, but before you investigate, load yourself up with the goods you'll need and talk to the black-caped beings to receive some awesome items. If you want to be a musician, you can play Tifa's piano on the second floor of her home. When you're ready for action, head into the mansion.

    In this creepy run-down house of evil, explore every room and enter as many fights as you can. This is a good area to gain some serious experience points. One of the rooms contains a safe which requires a passcode to open it. You may have found some of the numbers to the combination scattered within the rooms, but to make your life easier here's the passcode: Turn right to 36, left to 10, right to 59, right to 97. Blammo! However, you'll need to fight a deadly boss before you can claim your prize. Kick his butt and you'll obtain a key and the Summon Materia (Odin). Hint: When entering the safe combination you cannot go past the number you are entering.

    Head downstairs and open the door that is locked. In here you'll find Vincent in a coffin. Explain to him what your quest is all about and he'll return to his coffin. Don't leave yet! Talk to him again and ask him about his situation. You'll need to name him, so he'll join your party. While downstairs, proceed into the library (which should look familiar) and you'll run into Sephiroth. Pick up the Materia he throws at your face and leave the mansion. Continue north to the Nibel Mountains.

    Use your cunning combat skills as you battle ogres and demons in the mountain pass, then cross the bridge to enter the cavern. Once inside, you'll run into a boss. It's not very strong so you should have no problem taking it down. Make sure you use the ladder to reach the lower level of the cavern or else you will not have the luxury of exploring the maze of pipes which holds some very powerful items and Materia, unless of course you take the longer route to the left. Once you've obtained what you want and need, head to Rocket Town.

    Rocket Man!

    First explore the town and talk to all the locals (make sure you talk to the old man by the Materia Shop at least three times - he gives you a gift). Then head over to the house in the upper right-hand sector of the town. Enter the house, head out the back door, and a tiny cut sequence will follow. Now mosey on down to the rocket site and you'll run into Cid. You'll now have the luxury of naming him. After introducing himself, Cid will ask why you are here. Ask him about the rocket and Rufus (who will be visiting very shortly). Once you're done, head back to his house (where you just were), and listen to what they have to say. Leave the house, and you'll notice that Rufus has arrived. As you watch the action, Shera will ask you to come back into the house and stop Palmer. Head to the backyard for yet another battle. After winning, you'll escape with Cid on the plane and he will join your cause.

    Is Yuffie a Traitor?

    This segment of the game is completely optional and only available if you've found Yuffie. Anyway, take your newly obtained plane (which operates like a boat), and travel over to the left-most island on the map. No matter how much Yuffie tries to sidetrack you, continue on through the mountain pass and into the town of Utai. Upon entering, check your Materia. Yep, it's all gone. Did Yuffie take it? Yes she did, and now you'll have to hunt her down. The first thing you'll notice once you are into the town is Yuffie running by. Follow her, and explore the town as you try and catch her. No matter what Materia you pick up in the town, Yuffie will always appear and steal it from you. Once you catch up with her, she will finally tell you everything you want to know. She will eventually tell you to pull the left switch to obtain all of your Materia. After pulling it, you'll soon realize (since you are in a cage) that she has tricked you once again. From here, she will tell you her real story. Now leave her house and head toward the large temple at the end of the path on the northwest corner of town.

    In the temple, ring the gong and a secret passage will be revealed. You'll run into Don Corneo (remember him from the slum town?), and he'll claim that Yuffie and Elena the Turk are his. You'll now have to fight some Shinra guards that have entered the scene. From here, leave the temple and head towards the mountains behind the town. You'll need to battle some strange monsters as you proceed up the mountain paths. You'll eventually run into Corneo, his captives, and his new friend - a boss! Use magic and summon spells to take this goon down, and make sure to keep all of your party members' health meters close to full. After you clobber his pet, Corneo will plummet and Yuffie will finally return all of your Materia. Leave the town and head back to your plane.

    That Darn House

    Travel across the rivers back to the continent with the Gold Saucer to enter the tiny house out on the shore's edge. Inside you will find a blacksmith. Talk to him and you will learn about the Keystone and what it does. You'll also find out that Dio, the manager of the Gold Saucer, is holding it in his museum. Now head back to the Gold Saucer.

    Quest for the Keystone

    Once inside, head over to the Battle Square and enter Dio's showroom. The Keystone is located in the center of the room on the rock pillar. As you try to take it, Dio will enter the room and will offer to let you borrow the Keystone if Cloud will enter his battle arena and fight for Dio's amusement. Agree to his terms and enter the arena. You will be by yourself, and at times this match may not seem fair. After each round you'll have to choose a random item from a slot machine device that will either help or destroy your efforts to be victorious. Don't worry though, the handicaps (magic decreases, etc.) are only effective in the arena and they won't destroy your current status. After a long and treacherous battle, you'll finally obtain the Keystone.

    As you try and leave the Gold Saucer, you'll find out the transport is out of order and you'll need to spend the night at the hotel. Cait Sith will accompany you. A brief sequence will commence at the hotel, and you'll find out that Sephiroth is hunting down Black Materia. Now, turn in, and Aerith will enter your room asking you to go on a date. In the main area of the Gold Saucer an announcer will tell you that you are the 100th couple to enter the Event Square, and that you must participate in a play. After this funny scene, Aerith will ask if she can ride the gondola next. Head to the Round Square and prepare to be blown away by an awesome FMV. Aerith will ask if you want to go out with her again. This is up to you. From here, a short sequence will show that Cait has stolen the Keystone. Chase him and you'll learn that Cait works for Shinra, but you have no choice other than to let him join your cause.

    Everyone will gather together in the hotel lobby, and you'll decide to travel to the Ancient Ruins and try to get to the Black Materia first. Choose who you want on your team and head back to your plane.

    Searching for the Black Materia

    Head to the island of the Ancient Ruins; it's located near the bottom of the map and has a pyramid on it. When you arrive, enter the pyramid-shaped Ruins. A short sequence will occur, and one of the Turk goons will give you the Keystone and urge you to hunt down Sephiroth. Use the Keystone to enter and carefully explore every staircase and cavern to obtain some nifty items. (Remember: you can climb on the plant vines.) After you've completed this tiresome expedition you'll enter a room filled with gigantic rolling boulders, and yes, you will need to sneak past them. Before you leave this room, talk to the old dwarf to save your game, and then proceed out to the upper-right exit. In this room you'll encounter a gigantic clock with separate rooms for each of the twelve numbers. Carefully time your presses to stop the hands on the clock, and don't walk out across until the second hand is away from you (unless you want to go down to the bottom and get the weapon for Cloud that is located there). If you get hit by it you'll fall off into a pit. Here's what the rooms hold:

    I: Treasure Chest Trap (Boss)
    II: Blocked Pathway
    III: Treasure Chest Trap (Boss)
    IV: Prince Guard Item
    V: Path and Treasure Chest
    VI: Chase the Dwarf Puzzle
    VII: New Weapon for Cait Sith
    VIII: Elixir Item
    IX: Blocked Pathway
    X: Your Starting Point
    XI: Blocked Pathway
    XII: Boss and Exit

    We recommend hitting every path, but if you are in a hurry make sure you hit VI. There is a short sequence here where Cloud freaks out. You'll also need to fight a fairly easy boss. You'll soon learn that the whole Ruin structure is the Black Materia, and you'll have to entrust Cait to pull you out of the current dilemma. Head back to the clock and hit the XII exit. You'll need to fight a fairly difficult boss here, but if you have some decent summon spells it shouldn't be too difficult to take down. A massive story sequence will follow with some major twists. When all the drama is over, you'll find yourself back in Gongaga.

    Death in the Family

    Leave the Gongaga Area and head over to Bone Village, located towards on the northern continent. As you enter the village go talk to the boss of the camp (near the door), and he'll have his team excavate the land to find the Lunar Harp (for a fee, of course). First, request to search for the Lunar Harp. Be patient, and continue searching until you find it. Once you do, proceed on through the forest and grab the floating Summon Materia before it vanishes (walk up to it to grab it). Eventually, you'll arrive at Shell Village. This is an extremely large town, and you should explore it thoroughly. However, before you head up the center path, go to the shell house on the right-hand side and rest for the night. Another sequence will follow, then leave the house and take the central path. You'll be confronted by yet another sequence, and before you know it something tragic will happen. Insert Disc 2. As a reference point, we finished the Disc 1 in 26 hours and 20 minutes with Cloud at level 40.

    Return to the top.

    The Search for Sephiroth Begins

    Follow Sephiroth through the Shell Village, past the caves and outside (near the glaciers). Head to the Glacier Lodge, which is located near the mountain peaks. First explore the town, and then enter the house on the eastern side of town. In the main room, look at the map on the wall, and then take it. Now, talk to the man at the north end of the village and tell him you want to go down the hill. You will be stopped by Shinra before you can leave, and Elena from the Turks will take a swing at you. Dodge left to avoid her punch, and the result is a hilarious scene where she rolls down the mountain. From here on in the town will be infested with Shinra guards. Go the tiny house in the center of town and talk to the boy. He will offer you his snowboard. Walk over and pick it up. You can now snowboard down the hill.

    Wicked Boarders

    At this point, you'll have to show off your boarding skills. This stage is fairly long, extremely entertaining, and visually very impressive. You can perform tricks by doing certain button presses off of jumps. Try and collect as many items as you can, and above all enjoy the ride. After making it to the bottom of the slopes (it doesn't matter which way you go), pull out your map and head for the red point on it. There are several ways that you can get there, and while advancing to your goal you'll run into a heap of battles. Keep your character's health powered-up. There is a summon Materia in this area, so make sure you touch the water in the steaming lakes while you're here.

    Eventually you'll pass out from the cold as you search this area for goodies. Talk to the old man and he'll tell you how to conquer the cliff face. Get some rest and head up the mountain. As you climb, make sure that you keep your body temperature above 25 degrees. If it dips below, you will be returned to the house and you will have to start over. By pressing the "square" button, Cloud will run in place and generate heat. Try and keep it as high as you can, and replenish it on every cliff. Eventually, you'll enter a cave.

    In the cave push the first boulder you see to open the path to the next area. Now you must follow the passage and break off all four icicles (through combat) to make a bridge in the room below. Head out and fight the boss. Hit his left head with normal attacks and his right head with magic to take him down. Once you reach the peak of the mountain, you will be greeted by an awesome CG sequence. Follow the path down to the crater. If Tifa isn't in your party, she will join. Continue along the path and head north. Time your movements to get through the barriers, and eventually you'll run into Sephiroth.

    The Meteor Arrives

    The first order of business here is to defeat a boss. After beating it, you will receive the Black Materia, and since you fear that you'll lose control, you give it to Red XIII. Now continue forward and pass through the final barrier. At this point, a series of major events occurs and the game takes a twist. A very awesome one, wouldn't ya say?

    Shinra Strikes Back

    In the next scene you are in control of Tifa at the Shinra Air Base in Junon. Talk to Barrett and a sequence with Rufus will explain your current predicament. Follow the guards out of the room, and enter the press conference. Now head over to the gas chamber door. After watching the brilliant CG, run toward the Air Base corridors to look for help. On the upper level you will find Yuffie in disguise. Quickly follow Cait Sith over to the airstrip. The control will now switch over to Tifa, and you'll need to get her free. Use the "triangle" button to move her head, "square" for the right hand, "circle" for the left hand, and 6 to move her legs. Press the buttons in this order: "cross", "triangle", "cross" + "triangle", "triangle" + "circle", "circle". Now turn off the gas and search the door to get out. From here, head towards the edge of the cannon. At the edge of the cannon a sequence between Tifa and Scarlet will follow. Quickly tap the "circle" button to slap her faster. Another fantastic CG will take place. After this you'll be aboard your airship.


    First, head to the main control and talk to everyone. Red XIII will suggest that you steer your heading to the village of Mideel, located on a small island to the southeast. Or, if you've found Yuffie, you can go back to her hometown. This event is optional but will give you the Leviathan Materia.

    All in the Family

    Head back to the town of Utai and enter the temple to the northwest. As Yuffie, you'll now have to battle your way through five floors of the temple, and eventually confront and battle your father. If you can beat all five of the bosses and make peace with your father, then your objective here is done. Now, follow Red XIII's suggestion and head for the village of Mideel.

    Condition Critical

    Explore the town, and you'll find your lost friend soon enough (try talking to the dog). Too bad, he's...different. Tifa will stay with him, and you'll need to head back to the airship. Move to the control room and talk to everyone. Cid will become the leader, and the game will end (just kidding). Fly the airship to the Mako Refinery located to the north of North Corel (by the Gold Saucer).

    I Think I Can

    Now head north across the long bridge and railroad tracks and battle your way through a series of enemies. Soon you will be in hot pursuit of Shinra with only ten minutes to catch up with its train. You'll have a train of your own, and you'll need to press Up and "triangle" in a timely manner to build up enough speed to catch up with the Shinra train. When you catch up with it you'll jump over to their train, fighting everyone you encounter as you make your way toward the engine. But here's the catch - you are still on the clock. If you can make it to the engine in time, you will receive the Huge Materia and a free night in the inn. If you don't...well, you don't get the Huge Materia and you don't get the free Ultima Materia from the little boy, so we advise that you reset and do it again until you save the town. Now, with the Huge Materia in hand, board the airship and head toward the "Condor Fort" (the large tower with the bird on it).

    The Chase Continues

    Talk to the guard standing outside and tell him you'll assist him. Now talk to everyone inside, gathering what information you can. We gave you the chance to practice this battle before, but if you didn't...sorry. Once again, your only objective is to destroy the army advancing up the hill. We suggest that you use more weapons toward the bottom of the hill (catapults, etc.), and more men at the top. After winning the battle you will receive another Huge Materia; make sure you grab the Phoenix summon Materia on your way out. Board your ship and head for Mideel.

    Back to Mideel

    Search all the shops, and buy what you need. Also, if you have the Mimett Greens (the one that costs 1500 Gil at the Chocobo Farm), you can give it to the small white Chocobo that runs around the various shops. Give it the food, then pet its ears, and it will give you a powerful Materia. Then, head over to the weapons shop and examine the locked door. Head outside and search behind the old man, and you will find an old rusted key. Head back to the shop and use the key on the door. It will break, and the store owner will ask you what happened. Eventually, he will give you the Ring of the Cursed.

    Now enter the hospital and talk to Tifa. Head back outside and prepare to battle the Ultima Weapon. This boss is extremely tricky and a serious pain in the kazoo. After you beat it, the whole city will begin to fall apart, and Tifa and Cloud will plummet into the lifestream.

    The Lifestream

    Welcome to Cloud's mind. Work your way through the different sequences representing eras in Cloud's life. Eventually, you'll return to the airship.

    The Final Search

    Head back to Junon and enter the base. Head toward the main street and then follow the gray path underneath the lift. As you work your way down into the underwater base, you'll encounter a bunch of deadly enemies and a boss. Destroy this mech. monstrosity and head towards the submarine. On your way, be sure to open every treasure chest you see, as one of them contains an item you will need later on. In the submarine, head toward the main control room. From here the game will switch over to an underwater shooter/simulation. Very nice!

    Your objective here is to destroy all of the submarines on your radar, avoiding any stray fire or mines in your way. After a stressing victory, you will find out that Shinra has taken the last Huge Materia to the Rocket Village. Before you return to Junon, search the ocean floor for the red sub that you downed. Grab the Materia and head to the airstrip at Junon. After you watch the FMV head back underwater and look for the downed aircraft. Yes, the enemies in here are tough, but there are lots of good items to find. Now search the rest of the ocean because there is an underwater passageway that leads to the Shell Key. Also take note of the passage that leads to a waterfall inside a crater. Hop out of the sub and put Victor in your party. Go underneath the waterfall and Victor will meet someone very special. While you don't get anything now, it's the only way you can get the special items that appear here during Disc 3.

    The Rocket's Red Glare

    Return to the Rocket Village, run to the rocket, and prepare for a battle. These men in blue are a serious pain, but not too difficult if you have a good healer in your party. Run over to the rocket's control room and release the Huge Materia. To release it hit "circle", "square", "cross", "cross" on the control panel. Once you have it, head back to your airship and return to Cosmo Canyon (Red XIII's town).

    An Understanding

    Head up to the observatory and talk to Bugenhagen. He will suggest that you and he go to the Shell Village (make sure that you have the Shell Key). But first, view the Materia floating around. They are called Huge Materia and are needed to make Master Materia. To make Master Materia you must collect all the Materia that are available for each type of Materia. For instance, if you have all the red Summon Materia available in the game, and touch the red Huge Materia, you will get the Summon Master Materia. While you don't need the Master Materia to beat the game, they sure are cool to have. Note: If you have the Neo Bahamut and Bahamut Summon Materia you can touch the blue Huge Materia to receive Bahamut Zero. Now return to the airship and guide a steady course to Shell Village.

    There is Hope

    Once in the village, follow the left path until you come to the blue stream. A sequence will unfold, and Cloud will realize what must be done (we won't ruin it for you). After this awesome sequence Cait Sith will call with information on Shinra. However, there is one slight complication. Actually, it's a big one and you should head to the shores of Midgar to greet him. I'd save now, if I were you. Talk to the big man once he reaches the shore.

    After you have defeated the Weapon, head north to the crater on the northern continent. Yes, it's hard to believe, but another cool scene will follow and you must now fly into Miidgar City to stop Hojo. Follow Cait Sith down into the underground and you will run into the Turks once again. (However, Cait Sith's Ultimate Weapon is in the lockers on the 64th floor of the Shinra Building if you'd like to do that first.) Kick the Turks' butts and head north (there are also some cool items to the south). Battle your way up to the Mako cannon where you'll have to battle Hojo. Beat him, and prepare for the final battle. Insert Disc 3. For your reference, we had a total time of 41 hours and 49 minutes at this point with Cloud at level 59.

    Return to the top.

    Return to the top.

    Bravery and Power

    At this point in the game you have reached the final battle. If you want, head down into the pit and you will come face-to-face with Sephiroth and the ending of the game. We're going to leave this up to you. Simply battle your way down the cliffs and engage Sephiroth. Before you face off with Sephiroth, be sure that you power-up your characters in the swamps (the area where you can pop in and out of the water). All the enemies here are rather easy, and they really dish out the experience and attack points. Also, if you got the Save Crystal from the first treasure chest in the pit, you should put that down here. Sephiroth is extremely tough, but if you spend enough time gaining experience you should have no problems. Good luck, enjoy the new music and the lengthy ending.


    There's plenty left to do before you face Sephiroth. Head to the eastern continent and you'll see that the Ultima Weapon has made a nest out of a mountain just north of Junon where he's holding Cloud's Ultima Sword. To get it, you must fight him a number of times. If you survive the first battle, the Ultima Weapon will fly off. Find him and ram the Highwind into him again and again, until he stops and you can fight him again. Repeat the process until he tumbles down to the earth and you get Cloud's Ultimate Weapon.

    Also, now is a good time to go back to the area underneath the waterfall (remember, we mentioned it earlier) and collect those items.

    By now, you may have noticed that there is an extremely difficult boss (yes, he is harder than the endboss) down here that you can fight. While beating him is no easy task, it's definitely one of the funniest battles in the game. And he'll give you a secret item.

    Still feeling spunky? Why don't you head up to the Gold Saucer and take on the Red Scorpion boss that's moving around in the sand down below. He's tough too. If you beat him he'll give you the Desert Rose.

    Still can't beat them? Now would be a good time to go around and collect everyone's Level 4 Limit breakers. Not only are they cool to watch, but they kick some major boss butt. As a matter of fact, we wouldn't advise anyone to take on either of the two Weapons we mentioned previously until they have at least a couple of these. Trust us, you'll need all the power you can get to kill these guys.

    Finally, you can go raise Chocobos. Of course, you can do this anytime after you get the Highwind, but you can do it now too. If you manage to breed a gold Chocobo, you can use it to get to the island located in the top northeast corner of the map that holds the most powerful summon Materia in the game, The Knights Of the Round Table.

    Well, that's it for now. Kick butt, tell your friends how awesome this game is, and maybe we'll see you again next year when Final Fantasy VIII comes out.

    Return to the top.

    Breeding Chocobos

    At the time we went to press we were unable to get a copy of the game in which the Chocobo breeding worked; however, we can give you some hints. After you get Highwind, the Chocobo stables will be open to you. By now you should already know how to catch them, but the secret to good Chocobo breeding is where you get them from and what you feed them.

    To breed a Green Chocobo you must first go to the Chocobo Sage's house on the northern continent. Outside his house, you will encounter large red creatures. Use the steal command to take a Carob Nut from this creature. If you plan on breeding a Blue or Black Chocobo you should grab a couple of extras.

    Now you must catch two yellow Chocobos to mate. The first one you want to find is a male yellow Chocobo at the footprints just below Gold Saucer (along the shore). After you have stabled that one, head to the island where you recovered Cloud. To the west of the city (or the Lifestream depending on the progress of your quest) there are Chocobo tracks. Capture a female yellow Chocobo and head back to the stable.

    Now you'll want to save your game. Mate the two Chocobos and feed the newborn the Carob Nut. The results are random so you may get a yellow one, a blue one, or a green one. You want the green one. Reset and keep trying until you get it right.

    Now here's where our version had a bug. If you wait awhile you should be able to breed the two yellow Chocobos again, give the Carob Nut, and try to get a blue one. If you get one, make sure that it's the opposite sex of your green Chocobo. Now let them rest. Before you breed them again you must feed them the Sylkis Greens fruit that costs 5000 Gil from the Chocobo Sage. Go feed both the blue and green Chocobos ten of these each. Now you must race them at the Gold Saucer until they become Class A Chocobos. Breed them using the Carob Nut, and if this works, you should be able to create a black one (and yes, it could take a number of tries).

    Now each of these different colored Chocobos have different powers. The green one can climb mountains, the blue one can run over rivers and shallow waters, and the black one can do both. However, there is an ultimate gold Chocobo that can go anywhere. To get him you must breed the black Chocobo with a yellow Chocobo (of the opposite sex) and use the Zeio Nut from the boxing glove-wearing creatures that live in the forest northeast of the stables.

    Limit Breaks

    Limit Breaks are an extremely important and deadly attack - crucial to success. There are four levels of Limit Breaks, but everyone starts the game with a Level 1 Limit Break. Remember, most of the characters have two Breaks per level, but everyone has only one Break for Level 4. You'll need to use your Limit Breaks repeatedly so you can learn more powerful Breaks.

    However, learning the Level 4 Limit Break is more difficult. You must first learn all the Limit Breaks for your character. Then, you must also have the Limit Break item that teaches this attack. Each Character has his/her own special manual. After you find them, you must use the correct manual on each respective character, then set his/her Limit Break Level to 4. Here's where each of the manuals is found.

    Cloud Back at our old friend the Gold Saucer, win 32,000 battle points in a single visit and then buy the item.

    Barret After the train ride in Disc 2, there is a lady with a hat in a building in North Corel. She'll give it to you.

    Tifa You must play the song on Tifa's piano (See Strategy Guide,Vampires in the Homeland)

    Red XIII In Sephiroth's house is a safe. Use the combo to unlock it. (See Strategy Guide, Vampires in the Homeland)

    Yuffie After you complete Yuffie's mini-quest, cruise back to Utai. Go to the Pagoda and defeat Godo. You will then receive the manual.

    Vincent Either the submarine or a Chocobo (Blue, Black, or Gold) is needed. Go and visit the waterfall in the middle of the Western Continent. Vincent must be with you, and you must enter to the left side of the waterfall. (Note: You must visit the waterfall twice; once on Disc 2 and once on Disc 3).

    Cid Use the submarine and search for the plane wreck (the same one where you found the Hades Summon Materia) on the south part of the map. The sunken plane is between the eastern and western continents. Inside the plane is a treasure chest hiding the manual.

    Summon Materia

    Of all the Materia in FF VII, the Red Materia is the most powerful; however, it's also the most elusive. Days of painstaking gameplay are required to unearth every one of these ruby red wonders. But the result is well worth it, because Red Materia (from now on referred to as Summon Materia) enable the deadly and beautiful Summon spells. Summon Materia are one of the coolest things in Final Fantasy VII, and this guide will explain where each and every one is hidden.

    Chocobo and Mog - Disc 1

    To find this Materia, visit the Chocobo Farm and talk to the Chocobo that is fenced-in.

    Shiva - Disc 1

    In-between the Chocobo Farm and Condor Fort, there is a cave that holds this Materia. Look for it when traveling through the Mithril Mines. If you've reached Junon Town, you've gone too far.

    Ifrit - Disc 1

    On the Shinra boat, take down Jenova Birth to garner this awesome Summon Materia.

    Titan - Disc 1

    There is a village located in the woods named Gongaga that is just before Cosmo Canyon. Wait for the Turks to leave and then check the decrepit machinery where Elena was looking.

    Ramuh - Disc 1

    In everyone's favorite fun spot, the Gold Saucer, check the alcove in the Chocobo jockey's room.

    Odin - Disc 1

    Defeat the Boss in the mansion at Nibelheim and when you open the safe...Voila! Another Summon Materia.

    Leviathan - Disc 1

    This one is given to you after you waste the boss on top of the Pagoda in Utai.

    Kujata - Disc 1

    In the endless forest on the continent to the north, you'll find this Materia floating on the second screen as you enter the forest. You must walk up to it to get it.

    Bahamut - Disc 1

    After you meet Sephiroth you'll battle a dragon in a temple. Beat that dragon, wait for the temple to shake, and it's Materia city baby!

    Alexander - Disc 2

    On the north continent there is an old man's shack (at the end of the snowboarding scene). Below that shack is an icy wasteland. Head east through the snow and find a cave. It's in there.

    Neo Bahamut - Disc 2

    This one is fairly obvious, since it's lying on a path that leads to the first barrier on the crater inside the frozen mountain.

    Phoenix - Disc 2

    This one is easy. All you need to do is win the mini-battle at Condor Fort. You'll find the Materia on the floor after the egg hatches. Hooray!

    Hades - Disc 2

    Use the submarine to find the now defunct Shinra airplane. You'll find the Materia next to the broken helicopter inside of the sunken airplane.

    Bahamut Form Zero - Disc 2-3

    Go visit the old man in Cosmo Canyon after you have collected all the Huge Materia and Bahamut and Neo Bahamut. Go up to the blue Huge Materia in the galaxy holodeck and touch it. Sweet - another Materia.

    Chupon - Disc 2-3

    In the third area of the Frog Forest there are three pink vines. Swing across to the branch on the other side and grab the bag.

    Knights of the Round Table - Disc 2-3

    This is extremely difficult to reach, since you'll need to breed a gold Chocobo (see strategy extra - Breeding Chocobos). Once you have the gold Chocobo, use it to visit a strange island towards the northeast corner of the map. Find the cave and you've found the Materia.

    Master Summon - After you have collected all the Summon Materia, go to the galaxy holodeck in Cosmo Canyon and touch the red Huge Materia.

    Ultimate Weapons

    What in the world would you rather have than the Ultimate Weapon? The answer is - nothing, and since this is your final fantasy, any dream can come true. Each character in Final Fantasy VII has an ultimate weapon. But there's more to it than that. First you have to find the weapon. Each and every one is scattered throughout the entire Final Fantasy VII planet. Then, once you find each weapon, you must power it up in a specific way. For those whose lives cannot be wholly and entirely consumed by the beautiful and beneficent Final Fantasy VII, Game Informer's here to help. Right here, before your very eyes, are the locations and power-up methods for every Ultimate Weapon.


    Ultima Weapon

    Location: Just after you start the final assualt on Sephiroth in Disc 3, head back out to the world map and kill the wandering dragon whose name also happens to be Ultima Weapon.

    Power-up: This weapon's damage is contingent upon Cloud's current HP status. The more HPs he has, the more damage it inflicts.


    Missing Score

    Location: During your quest to stop the Mako overload at Midgar at the end of Disc 2 there is a chest holding the Missing Score on the staircase just before you reach Hojo. Note: Barrett must be a member of your party to find this weapon.

    Power-up: Attach Materia to this weapon. Damage is dictated by the AP of the Materia.


    Premium Heart

    Location: In Disc 2 or 3 go to Midgar City, head to the Wall Market, and examine the computer in a room marked 'Item.'

    Power-up: Every time Tifa executes a Limit Break, but misses with at least one spinning wheel, the Premium Heart powers-up.


    Princess Guard

    Location: While engaged in the moving clock mini-game, you can obtain the Princess Guard from the Ancient's Temple.

    Power-up: This weapon is only available for a short period of time, so we did not discover how to power it up.

    Red XIII

    Limited Moon

    Location: In Disc 2, after the monster attacks Midgar City, visit Bugenhagen and he will give it to Red XIII.

    Power-up: Similar to Cloud's Ultimate Weapon, Red XIII's MPs determine damage. The higher the MPs, the better the damage.



    Location: In Disc 2 or 3, just check around in the wrecked plane.

    Power-up: Damage depends upon the experience points of an enemy. If an enemy's experience points are higher, the Conformer automatically powers-up.

    Cait Sith

    Marvelous Cheer

    Location: In Disc 2, during the raid on Midgar City, search the lockers on the 64th floor of Shinra HQ.

    Power-up: The method is identical to the Limited Moon of Red XIII.


    Death Penalty

    Location: When you obtain Vincent's Limit Break Manual, you'll also get the Death Penalty. Where are we...Texas?

    Power-up: The number of death blows Vincent has delivered determines this weapon's damage. Note: Death blows prior to Vincent's acquisition of the weapon are also counted.


    Venus Gospel

    Location: In Disc 1 or 2, the man who gave Cloud a sword in Disc 1 will be standing just outside a house near the rocket pad. Talk to him three times. Note: This can only be done after the rocket has been destroyed.

    Power-up: The method is identical to the Limited Moon of Red XIII.

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