Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is Nintendo's premiere N64 title this fall, and by no means is it an easy task to conquer all the tracks and challenges in this 128 Megabit racer. This is a cut-to-the-chase strategy guide to help you defeat that vile hog, WizPig. Since the standard race strategy for each track is the same - hit as many Zippers as possible, collect lots of bananas for speed, and use turbos and missiles whenever possible - we'll leave that up to you. This guide will focus on the harder tasks of Defeating the Silver Coin Challenges, finding the Keys, and defeating the bosses.


When hitting this track-mounted turbo booster be sure to let off the gas for a split second to gain an extra boost. Always try to hit as many of these as you can.

Turbo Start

By pressing the accelerator as the "Ready" logo fades off the screen you can get a turbo start, just like a Zipper. The green flame is good, but the blue is better.


After the title of each section we have listed the number of Balloons needed to enter that area. Balloons can be found on the Overworld, and won by defeating the different challenges.


You can collect up to 15 on each race. Each banana collected will raise your average speed. When you take on enemy fire you will lose a few bananas, so keep an eye on your meter to see how many bananas you have. The more the better.

Trophy Challenges

This race configuration is identical to Mario Kart 64. Each circuit in each Lobby is composed of the four main tracks. You will not be able to restart your races, and you must place well on each of these tracks to gain points in the standings. The competition is much more difficult than in the original races, and having a general idea of the track layout is a bonus. Don't forget about the Trophy Challenge. Complete these when you finish the other segments of a Lobby. When you collect all four Trophies you'll open up the Space Lobby. This is located at the lighthouse. It will turn into a rocket.

The Overworld

Genie Challenge 1 (Kart)

This three lap oval race is easy. Follow the N64 flags that appear in front of you and the Balloon is yours.

Genie Challenge 2 (Hovercraft)

This Challenge will be unlocked after you enter the Snowland Lobby. This one is a tad more difficult than the previous one. Follow the track and the flags throughout the land and the Balloon will be yours.

Genie Challenge 3 (Plane)

Plain and simple, this genie shouldn't be a racer. Again, follow the course, and you'll have no problem beating him. At the lighthouse take the turn wide, then slow down to enter the small wall-mounted opening. Win and you'll receive a Balloon.

Hidden Balloons

Balloon 1

This Balloon is needed to enter the Mountain Cave. To get it, simply drive up the path and grab it. It's as easy as that.

Balloon 2

Talk to the Genie and change your vehicle into the plane. Fly up to the leftmost rainbow and grab the Balloon sitting on the topmost ledge.

Balloon 3

Head to the northeast corner of the Overworld where there is a log across the top of a waterfall. Maneuver yourself over to the north side of the log (right side if it is pointing at you), and run into the two trees. Behind them is a hidden Balloon.

Balloon 4

This Balloon is to the left of the lighthouse. It's located near the water, just south of where you found the third Balloon.

Dino Domain Lobby (1 balloon)

Snowflake Mountain Lobby (2 balloons)

Sherbert Island Lobby(10 Balloons)

Dragon Forest Lobby (16 Balloons)

Final Battle With WizPig (Requires Complete Amulet)

Key 1

    The Key is located on Ancient Lake immediately after the first turn on a brown ramp. From the start line you can drive straight, and you'll basically run right into it. After you grab the key you can leave the race, or try to win.

Ancient Lake Silver Coin Challenge

    The eight coins you desire are fairly easy to hit on this track, since they are all lined up in a row and in the middle of the road. After you grab them, remember - you must also finish the race in first place.

Fossil Canyon Silver Coin Challenge

    Seven of the coins are easy to pick up, but the eighth isn't. To grab this one, you'll need to hit the Zipper in the sand located just after the first turn. Hit it and you'll launch across the water to the coin on the other side. Also, on the split, there is one coin located on the high road, and one on the bottom. Both are easy to get, and can be grabbed in one fell swoop from the high road, but we recommend grabbing them on individual laps.

Jungle Falls Silver Coin Challenge

    The majority of these coins are hard to get. Using the powerslide to obtain the coins located in the corners works best. Use this strategy on the two coins located directly before and after the bridge as well. Or if you think you're really good, try this! Hit the Zipper directly before the bridge, and angle yourself so you bounce off the palm tree to the left. This will give you the coin, and will either A) stop you so you can turn around and head back to the bridge, or B) bounce you right back to the bridge. If you hit it right you won't fall in the water. The coin after the bridge will also require the powerslide technique. Remember - slide early!!!

Hot Top Volcano Silver Coin Challenge

    At the very beginning of the race the first coin is hidden on the right side of the pillar. The rest of the coins are easy to find. They're either in the middle of the track or centered in the middle of a Zipper.

Triceratops Challenge 1

    If you don't get in front of this guy right away, you may want to restart the race. He's hard to pass (especially on the smaller paths). You can shoot him with missiles but this won't get him out of your way. You can try using the shortcut right after the first arc (surrounded by bushes), or turbos might help, but we recommend staying ahead of him from the get go. Beat him and you'll obtain a Balloon.

Triceratops Challenge 2

    The same technique used to beat him in Challenge 1 should also be applied here. When you get to the top of the mountain, don't use the shortcut (the Zipper's gone), and use the powerslide and two-wheel turn to stay on the path. When you win, you'll obtain the first piece of the Amulet and access to the Trophy Race.

Fire Mountain (Requires Key)

    The first player to collect and hatch three eggs is the winner. To do so, swoop down to the lava pit below, and touch an egg to grab it. Next, fly the egg up to your nest and drop it by hitting the Z Button. Be careful though, the other competitors can steal your eggs if they get to them before they hatch. You can do the same. We recommend sitting in the lava until an egg appears and then running it back. Don't worry, your vehicle is lava-proof. Just in case one of those egg-snatchers decides to take one of your eggs, continue grabbing more even if you already have three. Remember, they have to hatch before they are recorded. Your reward will be a piece of the T.T. Amulet.

Key 2

    On the Snowball Valley track, simply spin hard to the left from the start line and enter the hidden valley.

Everfrost Peak Silver Coin Challenge

    To get the second coin you will need to sacrifice your chance of hitting a crucial Zipper. Doing this on the first lap seems to be the best strategy for staying with the pack. The rest of the coins are easy to grab, but you won't be able to grab them all in one lap since one coin is located above another. Having the ten missiles is helpful when it's a close race. Blow `em up!

Walrus Cove Silver Coin Challenge

    The first two coins are easy to grab. The third coin is located right after the bridge. You'll need to two-wheel slide from right to left to grab it. Another tricky coin is located after the two coins in the cave and the one in the clearing. Its exact location is next to the large body of ice. Keep your eyes peeled for it on the right. You'll need to use the powerslide to grab it. Lastly, there is one coin on the left split, and one just before the right split hidden behind a tree. This is a tough course that will require numerous tries before perfection is even an option.

Snowball Valley Silver Coin Challenge

    If you are a master of the powerslide, all of these coins are fairly easy to pick up. In the clearings keep your eyes peeled for coins on the far left and right and be sure to take both routes (go left first). Then, in the snowball area, split the two coins on the left and right into two runs. You'll lose serious time if you go for both at once. Otherwise, good luck, and may the slide be with you!

Frosty Village Silver Coin Challenge

    This track is very wide and the coins are located in every little nook and cranny. The hardest one is hidden between the two leftmost houses. Take the left tunnel when approaching and stay as far left as you can. Powerslide to grab it. Next, stay to the left through the cave and into the next tunnel. Doing this will reward you with three coins. Lastly, go through the right tunnel (avoiding the tree) to snatch up the last coin. If you miss the Zippers and bananas, then you might as well start over. The competition is unforgiving on this track.

Walrus Challenge 1

    This guy stirs up quite a bit of debris, so getting in front of him will help immensely. All the huge jumps make this course a fun one to play, but don't underestimate this tusked wonder because he's always one step behind you. Avoiding all of the obstacles and putting the pedal to the metal will ensure a victory - if you're good.

Walrus Challenge 2

    He's a little faster, but not much more difficult. Beat him and you'll receive the second piece of the Amulet.

Icicle Pyramid (Requires Key)

    The last player alive wins. Everyone starts with ten bananas, and the only strategy is to be a good hunter. Oh yeah, a little luck always helps. Your reward here is the second piece of the T.T. Amulet.

Whale Bay Silver Coin Challenge

    All you need to do is make sure you grab both coins located on the outside of the ship on the right side of the screen on the first run. After this, if you approach the ship, a whale will appear and create a shortcut. Use this to your advantage.

Key 3

    The key is also hidden just past the start line on Crescent Island. Take the outside path and drive into the water and you'll find it behind the large column.

Crescent Island Silver Coin Challenge

    The first route you should take is to the left. You will find a coin in the cave and three bananas. Plus, immediately after this, another coin and two bananas await on the far right. Then before the boat, use a powerslide to grab the coin sitting dangerously close to the water on the left. On the boat itself, take the upper route to the left (you'll see bananas), and grab the coin centered in the opening. On the next lap take the split to the left and grab the two coins.

Pirate Lagoon Silver Coin Challenge

    All the coins on this track are, for the most part, in the open. The hardest coin to find is located in front of the castle entrance. Look in the sand to the right to find it. Otherwise, race well and grab as many bananas as you can. Getting all of these coins early is necessary for a first place finish. Hit the jumps and Zippers, and blast the enemies whenever possible.

Treasure Caves Silver Coin Challenge

    On the opening straight-away nail the coin on the left, snatch the three bananas, then quickly veer to the right and nab the next one. Then after the cave, duck out to the right and powerslide into the third coin and go behind it onto a hidden path. This will shoot you right over to the fourth coin. Finally, split the path in the second cave into two tracks. Zigzag it so that you hit the first right coin and the second left coin. This strategy is flawless.

Octopus Challenge 1

    Use the jump button to launch over the logs and steer around the mines that Octo dispenses. A turbo start, missiles, and turbo power-ups will keep you close. This track is three laps long, so don't fret if you fall a few strides behind. The rest is up to you and your instincts.

Octopus Challenge 2

    This time he's actually difficult. Instead of dropping mines, he drops bubbles. These new obstacles move about the course and are a serious pain in the tentacles. If you can manage to get in front of him, then you really shouldn't have a problem. If you don't, use the ten missile trick to slow him down enough for you to pass. Stick this Octo-pussy where it counts - down and out. He'll give you the third piece of the Amulet.

Darkwater Beach (Requires Key)

    This is another battle stage. Power-ups are located on almost every island and beachfront. Obtaining the homing shot (two red Balloons) works best. After a quick victory, Genie will give you the third piece of the T.T. Amulet.

Key 4

    On the Boulder Canyon level, drive up to the bell in the castle and then turn around. Punch it, making sure to ring the bell, and then blast off the rising drawbridge to reach the balcony. Viola! The Lobby Key.

Windmill Plains Silver Coin Challenge

    Forget the coin in the first windmill and go for as many bananas as possible while getting all the obvious coins. The next three are easy, and after you grab the fifth from beneath a windmill, steer towards the waterfall to the left. The sixth coin is hidden just behind the falls. The rest are no problem. You should be able to find all eight coins in one lap. Now, just race for the finish line.

Greenwood Village Silver Coin Challenge

    The coins on this track are hidden well, and it will take every ounce of your skills to obtain them. First, make sure you have an awesome start and grab the central banana and the three on the right. Then, cut over to the left and grab the first coin. From here continue on straight and grab the second coin. Immediately after this use the two-wheel slide to grab the coin in the left corner. Proceed straight, grabbing the two in the forest, and then in the next tunnel miss the Zipper and cut to the left. Grab the coin here and cut back onto the main course. In the second town, grab the coin and use the two-wheel turn to cut through the `S.' On the second and third laps use the well shortcut (located in the village), grab the missing coins, and go for first. You'll need to have ten bananas and drastic Zipper action to win.

Boulder Canyon Silver Coin Challenge

    The first three coins are obvious. Grab them. Then at the fog springs, stick left, grab the coin and hit the Zipper. Next, take the left path at the split. Down here you will find two coins. After you grab them use the right course for the remaining laps. The rest of the coins are easy to locate. On the other hand, winning may not be so easy. Hunt down bananas like they are going out of season. You'll need them!

Dragon Challenge 1

    First of all, fly low and use the Right Shoulder Button to cut the turns. Obtaining the heat-seeking or the ten shot power-ups are a bonus, but he can be beaten with good flying tactics.

Dragon Challenge 2

    Be cautious. Some spots in the level have been beefed up with more obstacles and certain power-ups have been removed. You may want to change your focus from weapons to power-ups. If you're a good shot then grab the missiles. Otherwise, go for the extra speed boost. Being the best is the only way to obtain victory on this boss track. Your reward - the last Amulet, access to this Lobby's Trophy Challenge, and access to the WizPig level.

Smokey Castle (Requires Key)

    The first player to get ten bananas into their treasure chest wins. You can only carry two bananas at a time, so you better hurry. You can easily find a pattern to picking up bananas, making this bonus stage fairly easy. Plus, the outcome is magnificent. You'll unlock a secret character. Congratulations! The T.T. Amulet is now yours. But where's the door?

Haunted Woods Silver Coin Challenge

    This track is easy to finish. Simply do whatever it takes to stay in first and powerslide to get the out of reach coins. Victory is right around the corner. Now, it's on to the Dragon Challenge.

Future Fun Land Lobby (39 Balloons)

    To get here you must first defeat all four Trophy Challenges and WizPig. Then head over to the billboard by the lighthouse and prepare for liftoff.

Spaceport Alpha Silver Coin Challenge

    Star Wars fans may notice the familiar trench scene, but don't stare too long, because unless you hang to the right, those turbo lasers will blast you out of the sky. Also, the best way to get through the dip is to come in high and pull up quickly. This should lead you to all the coins since none are hidden.

Spacedust Alley Silver Coin Challenge

    As always, use the Zippers to keep your speed up, but look for the passage beneath the winding bridge - it's a short cut. Use it. Otherwise, all these coins are fairly easy to get.

Darkmoon Cavern Silver Coin Challenge

    At the beginning, ignore the Zippers and go for the first two coins. Look for one coin hidden in the electricity above the winding bridge.

Star City Silver Coin Challenge

    The racing on this level is pretty straightforward as is the location of the coins, but you'll need to be a master of the two-wheel turn. Stick the turns and the coins will be yours.

T.T. Door (47 Balloons)

    Ha! Fooled you...this door actually leads to the final showdown with WizPig. This is a tough challenge and will need to be raced perfectly. The tactic we used was to start with a blue flame and get the early lead. Next, pick up the two red Balloons and then blast WizPig with the homing missile as you grab the blue Balloon off his nose. Use your turbos on the straightaways and fly high in the throne room. You should be having pork for dinner in no time.

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