Destruction Derby 2

In Destruction Derby there is no solid strategy plan other than carnage. Here's some hints!

*The Scoring System*

Beating the pulp out of the competition is extremely important when victory is concerned. Here's the point breakdown. Note: All points are doubled against the first place car.


*Air Bags Not Included*
Don't worry about getting hit hard on these tracks, because it's not real. It may appear to be so, but the sad truth is that it is just a game. Don't let the realism take over your conscience or the only impact you'll feel is your head against your 32 inch screen. You must stay focused to race properly. You can compete on these tracks in two ways, wrecking and skillful driving. You don't want to wreck and race on the on the skills course since you won't accumulate any points. Otherwise, pull out those Ridge Racer skills and break and turn. Try to avoid the competition as much as possible on the Time Trials and Stock Car Championship runs. You will also need to pit on these tracks.

Pine Hills Raceway

If you can successfully break away from the pack and find an opening then this track shouldn't be a problem. The only troublesome spots are right at the beginning. Stick to your right on the first turn to avoid the large field to the left (this will slow you down and make steering difficult). Also, right after this turn, make sure that your car is straight (12 o'clock) when hitting the jump. Hitting it at any other angle will send you flying! Key wrecking zones are on the first turn and the first straightaway. Driving in reverse will increase the odds of some amazing crashes.

Chalk Canyon

This level is filled with moguls and tight squeezes. Avoid sticking to the left of the screen on the first stretch of this level. You'll miss the moguls and be aligned perfectly to enter the first narrow track. A turn or two down from this is the valley jump. Once again, make sure your car is pointed straight ahead, otherwise you'll lose some valuable time. After this feat, stick to the left to avoid a nastily placed mogul on top of the last stretch. Plus, right below this hill is an excellent spot to gather points. The cars coming down it are the fastest at this point in the track, so be wise and place your bumper in their chin.

SCA Motorplex

This is the home of stock car racing and you'll need professional skills to attain first-place. This track will require great breaking and turning skills. Break going into the turn, not before or, of course, not after. Stay away from the car swarms, grass fields, and you should have all the right stuff for a gold medal.

Caprio County Raceway

This is the most realistic stock car racing track. The skills you acquired from SCA Motorplex will be put through the sander on this one. There are no jumps, rough terrain, or pits on this track. All you need to do is make successful turns, avoid all the cars, and hit top speeds. The only advice we can give is on turn number two. Stay on the road at all costs, because halfway through this turn is a spot of grass. Hit the turn late and you'll fly into it and lose control. It could mean the race. You'll find key wrecking zones on all turns. The computer controlled cars are more concerned with making the turn than dealing with you. Which means instant kill.

Black Sail Valley (Reach Division 3 to Unlock)

This track is full of cross-overs, and the correct path depends on what mode you are in. If in Stock or Time Trial, simply go the opposite way the pack does. For Wrecking Racing follow and smash or go backwards and wait for them at a crossing. This is the only place you'll have a shot at all of them. Plus, taking a left on the second crossing will avoid an extremely difficult turn heading back into the stretch. Other than this, if you race with determination, your troubles should be minimal.

Liberty City (Reach Division 2 to Unlock)

This track is wide, short, and fairly easy. Toward the end of the track you'll encounter a series of turns alternating in direction (in an 'S' form). If timed properly you should be able to squeeze through without a scratch. Plus, 3/4 of the way through the gravel make sure you slow down considerably or else you'll loose control and hit the wall. This unfinished road strip is the key spot for accumulating points. Cars that are out of control can't really defend themselves against your assault.

The SCA Ultimate Destruction Speedway (Reach Division 1 to Unlock)

This track is a real pain in the groin, and that's probably why it has the 'ultimate' in its name. You have to be a madman if you want to win. The first tunnel stretch is difficult and can only be conquered through practice. If you get stuck in here, throw in the towel because you're through. The majority of this race is tough and only the practice factor will help. If you stick to the right on the last stretch of the race you'll encounter a turn-free path that will culminate in a jump across the starting line. A must see! Wrecking points can be obtained from anywhere except the first tunnel.


*The Hunting Grounds*
Survival is not your main concern in the Destruction Derby tournament or the Wrecking Racing season finale bowl. The main focus here is gaining points through beating the tar out of the opposing vehicles. Accumulating enough points will either boost you to a higher position in the standings or ensure that you maintain your number one position. Anything can happen in these free-for-alls since some of the arenas feature pits and instant death cliffs. To stay alive the longest, try to race backwards as much as possible. You may lose your back axle, but at least you won't blow your radiator. Good hunting to all.

Red Pike Arena

This is the first bowl you will encounter. Don't be frustrated with yourself if you have a slow start because there's a bundle of points just waiting to be unlocked. Avoid the mound of dirt at all costs. This hunk of disaster will only send your car out of control. Stick to the rails and hunt down the cars that fall out of the pack. You shouldn't have any trouble getting 25 point kills.

The Coliseum (Reach Division 3 to Unlock)

This bowl is almost identical to those found in the first Destruction Derby. Don't be intimidated by the crowd of sprites. Keep a solid mind and use the backwards driving tactic to sweep through gridlocked cars. Victory should be a cinch if played correctly.

The Pit (Reach Division 2 to Unlock)

Now here's a problem. The pit in the center of this stage will either aid you or destroy your chances of winning. At the start of combat, veer to the left or right and avoid falling into the pit. Circle and peek into the pit every once and a while (use your first-person view to see better). Wait until the computer-controlled cars are piled in the pit before you go for the kill. Get a running start and smash as many cars as you can on each pass (once again use your back side). If this is too daring, don't fear because there's a lot of points on the loop up top as well.

Death Bowl (Reach Division 1 to Unlock)

Simple enough, don't go past the orange and white striped median. Fall in this hole and your race will be over instantly. Stay on solid gaming ground and use the reverse driving technique to accumulate points and knock other cars over the cliff. Watch your back though, all the computer played cars have the same strategy as well.