The Basics

Blasto is structured as a series of episodes, and within each episode is a certain amount of Babes. The Babes are difficult to find, but well worth it. Not only do they restore your health, but each Babe grants you extra lives as well. Find all of the Blasto Babes and you'll be the most popular guy in the universe.

As for Blasto's moves, they're typical 3D fare. Blasto can jump, backflip, strafe, walk slowly, hang from ledges, and look around. Plus, he has two weapons: 1) The standard blaster (which can be both charged-up and powered-up), and 2) special weapons which are accumulated throughout the game. Little lightning bolt icons will make Blasto's blaster more powerful, while the yellow and black triangles house the special weapons. Special weapons don't last very long, so the rule is always, "use it when ya' got it." Plus, if you die, you lose all your power-ups and special weapons.

But it doesn't stop there. The list of power-ups continues with:

Pills - These refill Blasto's lifebar. Red pills are the best and will fill your bar to the max. There is even one pill that makes Blasto invincible.

Invisibility Crystals - These white crystals turn Blasto invisible. They can be very key in tight situations. Just remember, as soon as you start firing, the enemy can see where the shot originated from. They're pretty accurate guessers.

Jetpack - This is the coolest power-up because you get to fly around. Many secrets can only be found with the jetpack.

Fuel Cans and Crystals - Fuel Cans help refuel Blasto's jetpack, Blue Crystals fill it all the way.

Do Not Press Switches - Do you dare press it? You just have to, don't you? Well, the best we can say is to experiment. Some will be beneficial, others will kill you in an instant. The worst one of all rearranges your controller, making it difficult even to find the "Quit Game" option.

Babes: Babes will refill your lifebar and jetpack fuel, and grant you two free lives. If you find all the Babes in the game, you will be able to access the largest harem in the universe, located near the end of the game. If you miss any Babes along the way, the game will give you a chance to return for them (see page 59, Final Return to Episode 9).

Learn the Backflip: Throughout these later episodes, enemies appear simultaneously in front and behind you. Be sure to take care of the enemies in front of you first, then jump while hitting down on the d-pad to do a quick backflip. This will help you deal with the onslaught.

Carry a Charge Shot: While exploring, always hold down the fire button so you're carrying around a charge shot. This is crucial since it gets you an early double-hit on stubborn enemies.

Walk Slowly Into a New Area: Enemies appear depending upon your position. Creep slowly into new areas to avoid getting surrounded.

Be Careful When Acquiring Power-Ups: Power-ups almost always trigger enemies. Don't pick one up needlessly.

Kill All The Enemies (If You Want): If you kill all the enemies in an episode, you'll be rewarded with an extra continue.

Continually Check Your Map: The map is of the utmost importance. You should continually check it, making sure you're heading in the right direction.

Do Not Use Auto Save: Nothing is worse than accidentally saving.


  • Episode 1 - Uranian Spaceport
  • Episode 2 - Uranian Spaceport
  • Episode 3 - Uranian Spaceport
  • Episode 4 - Uranian Dunes
  • Episode 6 - Depths of Uranus
  • Return to Episode 4
  • Episode 5 - Uranian Caves
  • Final Return to Episode 4
  • Episode 7 - Alienville - 4 Babes
  • Episode 8 - Spire Maze
  • Episode 9 - Bosc's Fortress
  • Episode 10 - Alien Ruins 1
  • Episode 11 - The Sewers
  • Return to Episode 9
  • Episode 12 - Alien Ruins 2
  • Final Return to Episode 9
  • Final Return to Episode 9

    Episode 1 - Uranian Spaceport - 2 Babes

    This episode is like a training mission. It's all straightforward, and before you know it, you'll be at the end.

    Follow the path until you find a babe locked in a cage. Next to her is a moving platform. Take it to the left and hit the switch. Say hello to Babe #1. After you rescue her move up the three platforms and throw the #2 switch. Head back towards the beginning and then descend via teleporter #2.

    To get the jetpack, find the level exit but don't go in. Instead, kill all the enemies that appear around the rock. A power-up will appear. Pick it up and go back to the green block that you moved. On top of the rock you'll find the jetpack.

    With the jetpack, head back to the first tier (next to the transporter) and use the jetpack to pick up Babe #2. If you want, head back towards your spaceship, and on the roof (where you started the level) you'll find some 1-ups.

    Episode 2 - Uranian Spaceport - 3 Babes

    This episode is like a training mission. It's all straightforward, and before you know it, you'll be at the end.

    This episode is a little more difficult, and it's your first encounter with a rotating cylinder. Take your time and it's no problem at all.

    You can only go one way, so start moving. When you get up top, head through the revolving cylinder and throw the switch. This opens Area 1. Also note: the level exit is right here as well. Now, descend back down.

    After you enter the #1 Transporter you'll be inside Area 1. First, throw the switch to unlock Babe #1. After you rescue her, throw the #2 Switch. Explore and you'll find a moving platform with a 1-up. Now, enter the teleporter and return to the beginning of the level.

    As you enter Area 2, head straight across the moving platforms. You'll come to a Save Point. Look next to the Save Point and you'll see some floating stars that mark an invisible staircase. Move along it, press the switch, and enjoy some power-ups. Then, head back towards the transporter. When you find it, move across the flame-throwers (be careful, they can kill you instantly) and you'll find the #3 switch. Throw it and head back up to the beginning of the level.

    As you enter Area 3, first throw the #4 switch, then enter the unmarked teleporter. Down here you'll find a Save Point and the Level Exit Switch.

    After you activate the Exit Switch, go back to the exit sign on the first path. Go through and to the right to exit the level.

    Episode 2 - Uranian Spaceport - 2 Babes

    This episode consists of four different colored areas: Green, Blue, Orange, and Red. Look for shortcuts between areas. For instance, instead of heading all the way back to the beginning of the level in order to start climbing the red blocks, simply jump from a high spot in blue to reach the red area. Also, many secrets can only be grabbed by drop-hanging off platforms. Keep a good lookout.

    Head up the blue blocks and throw the switch. This opens up the green area. For a secret, be sure to hang off the blue block for an invisibility.

    Inside the green area, throw the #2 Switch. This opens a new area in blue.

    Once you get back to the blue area you'll see the pounding blocks have slowed. Move through the pounding blocks, carefully descend, and look for the numerous power-ups hidden off the sides of platforms. Soon you'll come to Babe #1. After you save her, be prepared for a firefight. Be sure to "take out the towers" and head onto the platform which brings you up.

    Hop off the platform, clean up the enemies, throw the switch to unlock the saucer, and say hello to BABE #2. After you rescue her, search for the #3 Switch. Activate the switch and head back towards the orange area.

    Inside the orange area hit the #4 switch to unlock Area #4 (red).

    Head up the red area and you'll find a switch that opens a new area in orange.

    Return to the orange area and once inside, press the "Do Not Press" Switch for invisibility and use the springboard to start heading up. As you scale the blocks, be sure to look over to the right. You'll see a "Do Not Press" Switch with a jumping pad. Use the pad to reach all the way to the top of the blocks. Up here is a switch. Use it to start the cylinder in motion.

    Now, head across the cylinder. At the other side, climb all the way to the top block and jump back on top of the cylinder for some power-ups. After this, head through the cylinder once again and hop on the elevator platform. When you get off you'll see a portal. Collect the power-ups, head inside, and prepare for a boss. This guy is simple, just concentrate your fire on the pink spots and it's toast.

    After you defeat the boss, find and activate the #6 Exit Switch. Behind this switch, take a leap of faith and you'll discover a Save Spot. To find the level exit, head back towards the UFO (where you saved Babe #2 in the blue area). Head through the exit and when you find the spaceship, jump inside.

    Episode 4 - Uranian Dunes - 6 Babes

    This Episode gets very complicated. Plus, Episodes 4, 5, and 6 all meld together into one. Just follow the guide, check your map frequently (yes, frequently) and you'll make it out all right.

    To start, fall over the waterfall. You'll plunge into a water pool. Hit the map at the bottom of the pool and exit the water. Head across the rocks, go up the rock cliffs, then hang and circle to the left around the round rock. When you get to the other side, make the final jump and consult the map. Where you're standing will from now on be referred to as the Central Plateau. From here, head to the right (east) and scale the cliffs. Continue moving up and around until you find a stone bridge. Go past the bridge and explore until you find Babe #1. Then, fall down to collect some power-ups and head back up across the stone bridge.

    Now, head back from where you came and you'll see a power-up near a large boulder. Shoot the boulder off the cliff and drop down. You'll see a brown rock in the black tar. Jump to the rock, then head left for a nest of 1-ups. Now return to the rock and head straight into unexplored territory. Throw the #1 Switch and remember this area because it eventually becomes the exit. Now, head back towards the Central Plateau.

    On your way, you'll discover a moving rock platform (with a #1 etched on it). Hop on, get off at the top, and head left. Ascend the cliff and find the switch (it will have a little man on it). After you throw the switch, head back down to the bottom and circle the rim for a host of power-ups. Now, return from where you came and drop down to the Save Point. After you save, drop down further and you'll be on the Central Plateau.

    From the Central Plateau, head northeast across the rock pillars to the moving #1 rock. Hop on the rock and when you reach the top, head right. Stick close to the cliff and move southwest. When you see a map space below you, jump down, take out the tower, and head straight west for Babe #2. Now, return to the map space and this time head northeast until you find the bird.

    When you find the bird, turn around and use the Bird to jump out to the map, then find your way over the disappearing platforms to Babe #3. Return to where you found the bird.

    Now, use the cliffs to reach the geyser platforms.

    The geyser platforms are tough, but once you're across it's all uncharted territory.

    First, go straight across the marsh and turn right to find Switch #2. Next, continue on your way and soon you'll find Babe #4.

    Now, return back across the marsh and head up the cliffs. Here you'll find a switch next to a pool of water. Throw this switch then jump into the water. Consult Episode 6 of the strategy guide for this section.

    Episode 6 - Depths of Uranus - 2 Babes

    Start swimming and in the first big room you find, exit the water for Babe #1. Now, keep swimming forward and whenever you can, head right. Soon you'll find a switch marked #4. Activate the switch and get out of the water. Scale the cliff and head to the right and you'll find Babe #2.

    Dive in the water and return to the cliff above where the Babe was. Don't jump in, just keep on the orange rock and move forward. Head into the water at the dead end. This takes you back to the beginning of Episode 4.

    Return to Episode 4

    Now that you're back to Episode 4, start as you did in the past and head towards the Central Plateau, but at the first split, take a right and climb up the cliffs. Work your way around and down to where the big boulder fell. Jump across the single floating block, look to your right and jump to the cave. This is the entrance to Episode 5. Consult the Episode 5 section of the guide.

    Episode 5 - Uranian Caves - 1 Babe

    Work your way through the caves until you find Babe #1. She's guarded by ants, so take them down first and say hello to Ms. Wonderful. Next, you'll happen upon the Ant Wizard Boss. He's not too tough if you have some decent firepower.

    In case you get killed, just use your charge shot to wear him down. Try to let your shot off just after he fires at you, then strafe out of the way. Beat the Ant Wizard and then head up the cliff to the right. After a little while there is a #3 Switch to the left. Hit the switch, then continue on. You will eventually return to Episode 4.

    Final Return to Episode 4

    You will return to Episode 4 on a platform with a map spot. From here, jump down safely and return to where you knocked the big boulder off the cliff.

    When you reach the boulder, jump across to the brown rock in the tar and continue forward. You'll reach a set of stairs where you threw the #1 Switch (remember?). Climb all the way up, head straight across the thin bridge and search around for Babe #5. Rescue her, return towards the stairs, and continue on your way.

    Eventually, you'll have to jump down two rock formations to a lower level. Look around on this level for Babe #6.

    After this, head due east on the map to find a boss. Once again, this guy's easy. Heavy firepower will make your life easier, but if not, just use charge shots to whoop 'im. After he's dead, it's on to Episode 7!

    Episode 7 - Alienville - 4 Babes

    You're back for another tangle with the jetpack. But this episode holds a few surprises as well. Watch out for the Snarf, be careful of the spinning saws, and be especially careful around the spinning fans. Remember, they create wind and can blow you right off of platforms.

    Head into Tunnel #1 and you'll find your way to a difficult area, marked by the appearance of flying-saucer enemies. They can only be taken down by your power charge. Keep circling the structure until you've killed all the saucers. Throw the switch on the center island and head back to the beginning. Note: you'll be returning to this area very soon, so it's a good idea to leave some quality power-ups behind.

    When you're back at the beginning, head down the tunnel marked 2, and when you reach the Snarf be careful. Avoid the Snarf at all costs. He'll chase you, and if he touches you, you're dead. We couldn't find a way to kill him, so our advice is to just run, run, run around the central building. Find your way inside the building to get the jetpack.

    Exit the building and jetpack straight up for Babe #1. After you save her, return to the beginning.

    Now, head back down Tunnel 1 and when you reach the end, grab a few power-ups and jetpack straight up. You'll find an Eye Boss. With good power-ups he's easy to beat. Once he's dead, throw the #3 switch, then rocket up further to find Babe #2. Return to the beginning.

    Head downTunnel 3 and Babe #3 is on top of the central structure. Also up here you'll find the #4 Switch. Activate it, descend back down, and proceed through Door #4. Inside you'll find Babe #4 and the Exit Switch. Return to the beginning of the level and head through the exit.

    Episode 8 - Spire Maze - 8 Babes

    This level can be extremely long and frustrating. If you take our advice, there are parts of the level you won't see, but you will get all the Babes, which is the most important thing. Also, a few rock formations can be shot, causing them to rotate. If you can't reach a ledge, experiment. Finally, this level is home to waves and waves of difficult enemies. They appear out of nowhere, so expect to die frequently. Just don't give up in frustration.

    The first order of business is to head straight for Babe #1. After you rescue her, consult the map. Head away from her towards the bottom of the map and the route will take you directly to Babe #2. Next, simply rescue the Babes in the order they appear on our map.

    Note: There is a difficult Boss marked on the map. It materializes after you rescue Babe #5. The best way to kill him is to rescue Babe #5 and stay put. He'll appear in the distance. Use any power-ups you have or charge shots to take him down. After he's toast, continue on your way.

    After you defeat the boss, keep going and you'll find Babe #6. Keep moving forward and you'll find a Save Point. Babe #7 is right above the Save Point. Right above Babe #7 is Babe #8. Yeeha!!! Keep going and you'll enter Level 9.

    Episode 9 - Bosc's Fortress - 1 Babe

    This episode acts as a gateway to the rest of the episodes in the game. When you arrive, head into the large room with four exits. First circle the room and kill all the enemies that appear (there's a lot so keep circling). Next, pick up the Alien Generator and head to the west exit. Here you'll find a lava pit that cannot be crossed. Power up the Alien Generator (by holding down the button) and launch a shot across the lava to the switch. The alien will throw the switch and you can cross. Next, head down the opening in the floor. This takes you to Episode 10.

    Episode 10 - Alien Ruins 1 - 3 Babes

    This level is massive. Once you enter, head straight towards Babe #1. After you rescue her, start heading down towards Switch #1. Watch the slopes on the floor because the "circle" on the map is a spire. When you reach it, you'll start moving down the spire. As soon as you find a split, take the path to the right. Soon you'll arrive at Switch #1. Activate the switch and head up and rescue Babe #2.

    After you rescue the Babe, return to the spire and start going up. At the top, take the left path (you'll be heading northwest on the map). Take your very first left. Then, to your right you'll see Switch #2. Activate the switch and cross the platforms to get to Babe #3. Now, go back to where you took the left (you will have five choices in where to go). Take the small entrance that goes northwest (it looks like you're in an old amphitheater). Keep moving forward and you'll find Switch #3. When you activate the switch you will unlock a new area at the bottom of the map.

    To get to this new area head back to the spire. Descend all the way to the bottom of the spire and keep going forward. Soon, you'll enter "Area 3." This takes you to a pool of water. Grab some power-ups, jump in, and you're on your way to Episode 11.

    Episode 11 - The Sewers - 0 Babes

    There are no Babes to save on this level, so the objective is to get through as quickly as possible. There are four levels of tubes (G1, G2, G3, G4) so it gets confusing, but if you keep heading forward you should be all right.

    When you start, just keep swimming. At the first choice, go horizontally to the east (level G1). Soon you'll be in a room with five exits. Grab some air and head through the north exit. Hurry, there's not any air this way, but it's the fastest route. You'll quickly be given a choice. At the choice, head vertically up and you'll find an exit from the water and Switch #4. Activate the switch, save, and jump back into the water.

    Swim all the way to the bottom and you should see a series of crooked pipes. In the crooked pipes take the first opportunity you have to go down. Head down and then east. You're now on G3. You'll soon get to a huge room. There's really no choice but to head straight to the top. Follow the tubes (you're now on level G4). Keep grabbing air whenever you can and you'll find the exit. Hooray! You're back to Episode 9.

    Return to Episode 9

    You're now in familiar territory, so get back to the main room with the large alien statue, grab an Alien Generator power-up, and proceed down the east exit which is now open. Use the Alien Generator to activate the switch, grab a better power-up, move across, and it's time for Episode 12.

    Episode 12 - Alien Ruins 2 - 3 Babes

    This is a long and challenging episode, and patience will be needed. Proceed with caution, enemies seem to come out of nowhere. Also note: if you want to save all the Babes, you will have to return to this level later with a huge gun, so it's a good idea to completely clear a path from the entrance to where the Snarf is located (see map).

    Your first order of business is to head towards Babe #1. After you rescue her, go across and head all the way to the bottom left-hand corner of the map where you'll find Switch #5. Activate the switch and start heading to the east. Stick to the bottom wall of the map and work your way across until you find Babe #2. After you rescue her, head for the level exit. However, if you want to save all the Babes, this is where you'll want to start clearing a path between the entrance and the Snarf (consult map for suggested route). When clearing the path, be sure to get all the weapon power-ups out of the way (it's okay to leave the lightning bolts, but be sure to pick up all the triangles).

    When you get to the open door before the level exit, look up and to the side and you'll see raised platforms. Shoot the platforms so they fall into the lava. Jump across the platforms and into the level exit. You're now back at Episode 9.

    Final Return to Episode 9 - 1 Babe

    This is very important. You will re-enter Episode 9 on an upper-level tier. DO NOT FALL DOWN! First, push the green block off the edge and down to the lower level, then go save (to your left). After you save, keep heading left and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, go through the door and head right. After some tricky jumps, head straight north to find Babe #1 (the only Babe on this level). Return across the conveyor belts and turn right (west) at the first opportunity. You'll be in a room with the Harem sign. Push the green block off the stack and move it against the Harem wall. Climb the blocks and you'll find the Big Gun. Now be very careful. If you die, you won't get the gun back. If you pick up a triangular power-up, you won't get the gun back either. Now the good news, you have to return to Episode 12, kill the Snarf with the gun, rescue the last Babe, and activate Switch #6.

    Heading back to kill the Snarf isn't that difficult, just make sure you don't lose the gun. After grabbing the gun, save as soon as you can and head back to Episode 12 (the east exit out of the alien statue room). Find your way to the Snarf, get his attention, and from a safe distance pop him with the Big Gun. One direct hit with the gun kills the Snarf. After he's toast, grab the last Babe and return to Episode 9. Since you've rescued all the Babes, the Harem door is now open. Enjoy the show.

    Now, exit the Harem, drop down into the main Alien Statue room, and grab an Alien Generator. Go back up and head through Door #6 (it was locked before). Traverse the conveyor belts, enter the next room, and go into the room on your right. Use the Alien Generator to place an alien on each outer platform. This lowers the bridge. Go across the bridge and your dueling skills will be put to the test against a mini-boss. Defeat the mini-boss (it's identity is a cool surprise) and you'll be in a warp room. In case you missed any Babes, you can use this room to go back and search for them.

    Exit the room, go back across the bridge, take a right, get across the conveyor belts, and you'll find a room with four spinning platforms. Jump on a platform and look down. You'll see an opening to the north. Jump down to it and you'll find a Save Point. After saving, climb the blocks and exit the room. Press the "Do Not Press" Switch for a cool weapon and find your way back to the four spinning blocks. As you progress, you'll have to perform a series of jumps that increase in difficulty, but if you are strong in the ways of The Force, very soon you'll arrive at the final showdown with the evil Bosc.

    Defeating Bosc

    This robot is tough. As soon as he emerges, start running and find the jetpack. Charge shots will do a little damage, but try to keep moving and picking up the power-ups. When you get a power-up, strafe one way while holding the opposite direction on the d-pad, and you'll work in a circle while firing power-ups. As soon as you defeat him, his head separates and begins to attack.

    The head portion is a real pain in the neck (lame joke huh?). If you're good, you can find an invincibility in the center of a lava pool near the back door and run around and grab all the good power-ups and start blasting. Since there's lava, the stick and move strategy works the best. You can stay in one place until he turns towards you. When he does, get out of the way quickly. Take him down and it's game over!!! The universe is now safe.