Banjo-Kazooie Strategy Guide
The Basics

Camera Is Your Friend - Mastering the camera controls will greatly aid in searching for many of the secrets. The biggest help is the first-person cam (Up C). With this you can easily search a great distance around you. Also note that the remaining C buttons will allow you to pan your view. Don't be afraid to use the camera, it will save your life and help you find valuables on a timely basis.

Treasure Hunt - If you see yourself as an Indiana Jones type of hardcore explorer, then you probably won't want to leave a level until it is completed in full. All of the levels contain 100 Music Notes, 10 Jigsaw Pieces, 5 Jinjo Birds, 2 Honeycombs, and a plethora of Mumbo Tokens. All of these items can be recovered in one swoop, unless of course, the level requires a new power that is obtained later in the game. More times than not, though, the only thing you'll miss is a Jigsaw Piece or two.

Jigsaw Pieces - These are the most sought-after treasures in the game. The Jigsaw Pieces are used to open later levels in the game. Each level contains ten, but there are also ten hidden in the Witch's Lair. To unlock these gems you will need to hit the Witch Switch that is hidden on each level.

Music Notes - Like Mario 64, you will need to collect these in one run. If you die or leave a level then you will have to start over. This is a cruel reality on some of the levels, but don't fear, the game doesn't have any level exits, so if you die, but managed to collect 80 Music Notes, then the game will record this. The Music Notes are needed to open the Music Note Doors in the Witch's Lair.

Cool Little Jinjo - When you are near a Jinjo it will whistle. Follow the voices and you should find it.

The Overworld - Don't fear the evil witch Gruntilda. Her Lair is large in size, but tame when it comes to perils. Carefully explore each cavern in this massive structure to find Cauldron Warps, Mumbo Tokens, and power-ups. You can even talk to Brentilda, Gruntilda's kind sister, for some naughty secrets.

Easier Exploration - Before diving headfirst into your search, destroy all of the enemies on the level. There's nothing worse than using the first-person cam, then being whacked off a cliff by a hungry little critter.


  • Level 0 - Honeycomb's for Kids
  • Level 1 - Mumbos Mountain
  • Level 2 - Treasure Trove Cove
  • Level 3 - Clanker's Cavern
  • Level 4 - Bubble Gloop Swamp
  • Level 5 - Freezezy Peak
  • Level 6 - Gobis Valley
  • Level 7 - Mad Monster Mansion
  • Level 8 - Rusty Bucket Bay
  • Level 9 - Click Clock Wood
  • Level 10 - The Final Showdown
  • Secrets - Bottles' Codes

    Level 0 - Honeycomb's for Kids

    Your abilities are still infantile, yet deep within that fur and feather shield you possess great powers indeed. Talk to your friend Bottles, the happy mole, and he'll teach you the skill required to pull off some of the basic moves in the game, but don't forget to grab the Honeycombs in this segment for a boost in health. Here's where they are located.

    Honeycomb 1 - You'll find this one just to the left as you exit the house. Use the Kicking Bird Flip to grab it.

    Honeycomb 2 - Get wet and swim under the bridge. Look to the central tower for your prize.

    Honeycomb 3 - This one is above the tower and on top of the tree to the left of the bridge.

    Honeycomb 4 - The fourth bee-made prize is unlocked when you break the four boulders to the right of your house.

    Honeycomb 5 - On a plateau to the right of your house destroy the veggie demons.

    Honeycomb 6 - Go to the waterfall and complete the jumps to find the last piece. Also, jump into the waterfall for an extra life. This concludes the training. Now, talk to Bottles and get ready to start the game

    Level 1 - Mumbos Mountain

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 1 - To enter this level you will first need to place a Puzzle Piece into the mural for Level 1. You will find the Puzzle Piece up and to the left and the picture up and to the right. Place the Piece in the mural to open the door. Now enter the level. Inside there are three mole hills to discover as well as....[insert climactic music here]

    Pink Jinjo + Mumbo Token 1 - The Pink Jinjo is just to the right as you enter the level. Use the Kicking Bird Flip (backflip) to get him. Right behind that block is the first Mumbo Token as well.

    Blue Jinjo - The Blue Jinjo is located on a platform to the right of the bridge.

    Jigsaw Piece 1 - Pass by the charging bull and challenge Congo's Orange Tossing by standing on the block and running off it at the last second to have him smash his priceless orange thingies. The reward for this feat is the first Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 - Don't leave the ape alone just yet. Climb his tree and grab an orange. Bring it around to the familiar monkey for the second Puzzle Piece.

    Mole Hill 1 + Mumbo Token 2 - The monkey will also jump off of a platform that will allow you access up to a new level. On top you will find a mole hill with Bottles. He will teach you the power of Egg Shooting. Next, head to the left to find the second Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 3 - Go the opposite way across the platforms from where you found Bottles and Congo will challenge you to a shoot out. Blast him with eggs and he'll cough up the third Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 + Orange Jinjo + Mole Hill 2 + Mumbo Token 3 - After goofing around with the monkey and ape, head to the stone hinge structure. In the center you will find the fourth Puzzle Piece. On top is the Orange Jinjo and around the side you will run into the third Mumbo Token and Bottles. This time your mole friend will teach you the Talon Trot.

    Yellow Jinjo - Head left down the hill and use the Talon Trot to find the Yellow Jinjo.

    Honeycomb1 + Jigsaw Piece 5- Shoot eggs into the mouths of the Juju statue, but don't destroy the last one. Rather, use it as a platform to find the first Honeycomb piece. Now, destroy the last one to find a puzzle piece.

    Mumbo Token 4 - - Enter Ticker's Tower and ascend the platforms until you run across the fourth Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 + Green Jinjo(Jigsaw Piece 7) + Mole Hill 3 - First, go up to the hut area and look for the third Mole Hill. Talk to Bottles and break all the huts surrounding Dr. Mumbo's hut with the Beak Buster attack. One of the huts holds the sixth Puzzle Piece. You'll also find the Green Jinjo through this. This last Jinjo will grant you the seventh Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 8 + Mumbo Token 5 - Jump into the right eye of the witch doctor's hut to obtain this well hidden Piece. Also, look under the stairs for the fifth Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 9 - Climb the mountain surface at the beginning of the level to find this Piece.

    Honeycomb 2 - Jump off the cliff hovering over the water pool and land in the tiny cavern for the last Honeycomb on this level.

    Witch Switch 1 - From the monkey, ascend the platforms to the right and use your Beak Buster to hit the Witch Switch that opens up a puzzle piece in Witch's Lair.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 - Go to Dr. Mumbo with five Tokens and he will turn you into a termite. Climb the inside of Ticker's Tower and you will find an extra life and the final Puzzle Piece. Before exiting this level grab all of the Music Notes and exit with the termite power.

    Level 2 - Treasure Trove Cove

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 2 - With the termite power ascend the hill containing the Level 1 door. Grab the Lair Puzzle Piece 2 and head back to where you found the first Lair Piece. Use the Talon Trot to make it up the steep incline just in front of you and enter the 50 Note Door. In here, put two Puzzle Pieces into the picture to open the treasure chest to Treasure Trove Cove. You will find the chest located through the spooky eye door in the far left corner. Inside this level, exploration is necessary before anything else is tackled.

    Blue Jinjo - Right off the bat, jump into the water and grab the blue Jinjo who is hiding out under the dock.

    Jigsaw Piece 1 + Mumbo Token 1 + Pink Jinjo + Mole Hill 1 - Go straight from the beginning and climb the boxes to the right. Talk to Bottles and he will give you the Shock Jump skill. Use it on the first pad to capture the first Mumbo Token. Now, use the Shock Jump power on the series of platforms to your left to get your hands on the Purple Jinjo. Continue on and scale the cliff on the right side. Here you will find the first Puzzle Piece.

    Honeycomb 1 - From the Shock Jumps hop up onto the tall platform and jump into the water. Swim out to the box and grab the Honeycomb.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 + Mumbo Token 2 - At the pirate ship enter the only open backside window (in the water). Bring the gold bar to the pirate on top of the ship. Now, use your Beak Buster power to break the hole on the deck. Grab the Mumbo Token and bring the second gold bar to the pirate for the second Puzzle Piece.

    Mumbo Token 3 + Green Jinjo + Mole Hill 2 - Ascend the ropes leading up to the crow's nest and talk to Bottles to learn the Flying Power. Before taking your first step into airness, climb the pole and grab the Green Jinjo and third Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 3 + Mumbo Token 4 + Yellow Jinjo + Witch Switch - From the crow's nest use the Flying Power to elevate up to the lighthouse. On top you will find the third Puzzle Piece. Walk through the door and you will be rewarded with the fourth Mumbo Token when exiting. Explore this area and you will also find the Yellow Jinjo on top of a tree and the Witch Switch behind the lighthouse.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 + Mumbo Token 5 - Head back to the beginning and make your way to the left. Be ready to challenge the crab boss. Use Kazooie's beak to poke him in the eyes. Once defeated, go behind the shell and grab the fifth Mumbo Token. Now, enter his shell. Inside you will find the fourth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 5 + Orange Jinjo(Jigsaw Piece6) + Honeycomb 2 + Mumbo Token 6-8 - From the Shock Jumps head to the right and you'll run across a mine in a water pit with the sixth Mumbo Token. Continue working your way along this path and you will run into the fifth Puzzle Piece and the Orange Jinjo. This, being your last Jinjo, will give you the sixth Puzzle Piece. Also, keep an eye on the water to find the second Honeycomb. After picking up these priceless treasures walk down the stairs and jump into the treasure chest to get your paws on the seventh and eighth Mumbo Tokens.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 + Mumbo Token 9 - From the last Mumbo Token you picked up, go down the wooden stairs, go across the narrow path, jump on top of the wooden crates, and continue along the platforms to reach the seventh Puzzle Piece. Now, head back toward the beginning. You should run into two treasure chests. Keep going in the direction of the beginning and you will see a Mumbo Token in shallow water next to a large rock tower.

    Jigsaw Piece 8 & 9 - Use the Flying Power to enter a small alcove in the pirate's cove. Jump in the treasure chest to find the eighth Puzzle Piece. From here head back to the green tower and jump on the red X. Fly through the air and Beak Bust all of the X's you run across. When the question mark appears, look to the ocean and leap down to the isle with the last X. Beak Bust it and the ninth Puzzle Piece is yours.

    Mumbo Token 10 - Drop down into pirate's cove and grab the Mumbo Token in the far corner.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 - Go to Leaky the pail and shoot eggs from your bottom so that they land in the pail. Enter the now drained structure and spell out Banjo-Kazooie on the tiles to get the Piece. From here grab all of the Music Notes (if you haven't already) and exit to the Witch's Lair.

    Level 3 - Clanker's Cavern

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 3 - After exiting Level 2, jump up on the pirate ship to grab the third Lair Puzzle Piece. Next, head back to the room with Gruntilda's picture on the floor. Use the Shock Pad to jump up to the Level 3 mural. Place the Puzzle Pieces then go up the walkway and into the next room. Jump on the pipe and you're on your way to Level 3.

    Mumbo Token 1 + Yellow Jinjo - Go to the left and ascend the ladder. To the left you will find a Mumbo Token, and to the right you will find the Yellow Jinjo hiding behind a Honey Hive.

    Jigsaw Piece 1 - Jump into the deep pool and then swim to the green colored hole just below Clanker's tail. In here you will fight Snippets. Defeat them and you will receive your prize.

    Blue Jinjo - Take the green passage to the right of Clanker to find the Blue Jinjo.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 -Take the yellow passage to the left of Clanker to find the second Puzzle Piece.

    Green Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 3 Take the passage below Clanker and there you will find the Green Jinjo, as well as the key that unlocks Clanker. Simply swim into the key to turn it. Once you do so, the third Puzzle Piece will be waiting on Clanker's back.

    Honeycomb 1 - The second Honeycomb is in the pipe to the left of Clanker's left fin. It can only be reached underwater.

    Mumbo Token 2 - Jump off Clanker's left fin and launch off the Shock Pad to reach the platform on the right. Jump out to the pipe and shimmy up. Now, jump out to the right and grab the Token. Beware, the platforms do fall!

    Orange Jinjo + Honeycomb 2 + Mumbo Token 3 From the Shock Pad you just used, launch over to the left. Use the platform to reach the pole on the left. Head up and then break the gate with the Beak Buster attack to uncover the Orange Jinjo and a passage to an extra life. Get back on top of the pipe and follow the passage to another breakable gate that will give you the second Honeycomb. Head back up the pipe again and follow the passage to the third Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 - Run up Clanker's Tail and then use the Rat-Ta-Tat move to break open the gate. Inside you will run into the fifth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 5 - Hop on the screw that shoots out of Clanker's blowhole and it will lead to the fourth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 - Wait for the screw to shoot out of Clanker's Blowhole and then drop inside of him. Pound the switch and then head down the passage to the sixth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 - In the next passage go through the hoops in order to win the seventh Puzzle Piece. Hint: Follow the green tint to know which hoop to hit next.

    Jigsaw Piece 8 + Mole Hill 1 In the next passage talk to Bottles to get the Invulnerability skill. Become Invulnerable and run down the passage to the eighth Puzzle Piece.

    Pink Jinjo(Jigsaw Piece 9) + Mumbo Token 4 - Now, exit Clanker and reenter his body through the left gill. Inside here you will bump into the Pink Jinjo (which will unlock the ninth Puzzle Piece) and the fourth Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 + Witch Switch - From the platforms on the side of Clanker, shoot eggs at his teeth. Then head into his mouth to get the final Puzzle Piece. Now that you have everything don't forget to grab the Music Notes and hit the Witch Switch located right out in the open.

    Level 4 - Bubble Gloop Swamp

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 4 - In the Witch's Lair enter the room with Gruntilda's picture on the floor. Her eyes will be raised for you to Beak Bust. Do this and the Lair Piece will appear. Grab it! Now, press the switch to the left of Level 3 and then climb across the newly formed bridge to the grate switch. Press it and then enter the grate. Place the Puzzle Pieces into the picture and then head to the 180 Note Door. Inside this room head through the swamp and enter the Hut. Beware the piranhas!

    Mole Hill 1 - Go to your immediate left and talk to Bottles. He will tell you how to use the Wading Boots.

    Yellow Jinjo + Mumbo Token 1 - Go across the bridge to the right and grab the first Mumbo Token and the Yellow Jinjo.

    Jigsaw Piece 1 + Mumbo Token 2 + Green Jinjo - After crossing the bridge smash the Green Puzzle Tile and use Kazooie to ascend the bridge right in front of you. Go to the right and grab the second Mumbo Token and Green Jinjo. Before the timer runs out dash for the first Puzzle Piece. Don't fret if you miss it, you can hit the switch as much as you like.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 + Mumbo Token 3 - Now go back to the Green Puzzle Tile and go to the left. Use the Wading Boots to get to the giant egg. Now the fun part - destroying the egg. To do so locate the colored spot and use your techniques to break it open. Inside is the second Puzzle Piece. Jump on the match stick to obtain the third Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 3 - Again, return to the Green Puzzle Tile and this time trek to the right. Kill six Flibbets and they'll give you a Puzzle Piece reward.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 + Orange Jinjo - From the Flibbets head toward the large turtle known as Tanktup. Jump on his feet and he'll give you the fourth Puzzle Piece. From here jump on his shell and grab the wading boots. Hop in the swamp (unharmed he he!) and save the Orange Jinjo.

    Jigsaw Piece 5 + Honeycomb 1 + Mumbo Token 4 - Don't leave Tanktup just yet. Now that you've relaxed him, enter his mouth and walk around the outer edge to get a Mumbo Token. Then, from the orchestra stand do a Kicking Bird Flip and you'll hit the first Honeycomb. Talk to the instructor and complete his lessons to get the fifth Puzzle Piece. And never once question the fact that Tanktup has an orchestra inside of his gut.

    Honeycomb 2 + Mole Hill 2 + Mumbo Token 5 - Now go back to the Flibbets locale and head toward the alligator statue. In this new area take the left-hand path. At the top of the trail grab the boots and go through the maze. Avoid the green Puzzle Piece and continue onward. Go behind Dr. Mumbo's hut and grab the Mumbo Token. Now enter the hut and jump up on the ledge and grab the second Honeycomb. Finally, talk to Mumbo and transform into the alligator.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 + Mumbo Token 6 - As the alligator, enter the alligator statue via a nostril. Grab the exposed Mumbo Token and play the game. Beat Mr. Vile in all three games and the sixth Puzzle Piece is all yours. This part is tricky. Don't get too flustered!

    Pink Jinjo + Mumbo Token 7 & 8 - Continue on in alligator form and strut your stuff underneath the trees. Make sure you grab all of the items listed above then head back to Mumbo for another painless transformation back to bear and bird - the ultimate crime fighting duo.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 + Blue Jinjo(Jigsaw Piece8) - From Mumbo's hut backtrack to the Green Puzzle Tile. Now, run across the tiny platform and grab the seventh Puzzle Piece. After you get this Piece drop down and grab the Blue Jinjo on the match stick. Doing this will also give you the eighth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 9 - After completing all of these cruel tests of courage go back to the beginning of the level and shoot an egg in the golden alligator's mouth. In total you will have to locate and shoot up 5 alligators. With completion you will receive the ninth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 + Mumbo Token 8 + Witch Switch - In the tree segment break the third hut to unveil the Witch Switch. [News Break - Hitting this switch will make Gruntilda's hat explode in the Witch's Lair]. Continue breaking huts and you will eventually unearth the eighth Mumbo Token and tenth and final Puzzle Piece.

    Spell Book 1 - Leave this level as the Alligator and walk through the swamp over to the snow area. From here ascend the hill and go in the ultra slim and tight tunnel. Talk to the Spell Book and take its clue back to Level 2.

    Level 5 - Freezezy Peak

    After dinking around with the book and Level 2, go back to the Level 4 entrance. You will see that there is a tunnel behind the hut. To get there you must go back across the swamp bridge and enter the log tube on the right. Grab the boots and run around the hut and into the swamp tunnel. The Level 5 picture awaits. Fill it with your nifty stash of Pieces and head back to the towering witch statue (its hat blew up earlier).

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 5 - At the blown-up witch statue head up the steps on the far side, and enter the 260 Note Door. Immediately to your left is a brick wall. Use the keen Charge move to break the wall. Hit the switch and jump into the pot in the center of the room. This little warp will drop you down to the Lair Piece. After this exciting feat go back up through the Note Door again and walk up the stairs on the left. In the next chamber cut to the right (toward the ice) and enter the door.

    Mumbo Token 1 - Head straight for the igloo and don't bother knocking. Run inside and steal the Mumbo Token from the crying children. Excellent!

    Mumbo Token 2 + Pink Jinjo + Mole Hill 1 - On the broom side of the snowman there is a collection of presents. Inside of these gifts you will find the Pink Jinjo, a Mumbo Token, and Bottles (who will teach you the Beak Bomb Attack).

    Jigsaw Piece 1 + Honeycomb 1 + Mumbo Token 3 & 4 + Witch Switch - Kill all five of the Killer Frosty Ballthrowers (with the Beak Bomb Attack) and you will be rewarded with a Puzzle Piece that will appear on the top of the snowman. Two of the Killer Frosty guys will give you a Mumbo Token. Another will whip out the first Honeycomb as he dies in agony, and the last Frosty will move out of the way so that you can hit the Witch Switch.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 - Simply jump into the snowman's pipe.

    Jigsaw Piece 3 - From the top of the snowman, jump on the sled and you'll land on a new Piece of the puzzle.

    Blue Jinjo - This guy is protecting the snowman's broom. Jump on top of it and take him away.

    Mumbo Token 5 & 6 - There are two Mumbo Tokens around the snowman's feet.

    Green Jinjo - Behind the snowman (his non-broom hand) you'll find the Green Jinjo behind the second little people house.

    Yellow Jinjo - This guy is keeping warm in Mumbo's ultra-warm Hut.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 - Dive Bomb the three buttons on the Snowman's chest to get this bad boy.

    Jigsaw Piece 5 + Mumbo Token 7 - Just in front of the snowman you will find a big present. What could it be? Of course, it's nothing cool, but another grueling challenge. Get ten Twinklies to the tree and the light switch will be open to you. Jump inside the plant and grab the Mumbo Token, and then shoot the switch with eggs. Hurry to the Flying Pad (using the Talon Trot) and fly through the star on top of the tree three times. After doing this, climb up the base of the tree and grab the fifth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 - Remember the crying kids? Well, now it's time to give them a happy Christmas. To get the first present, fly to the top of the snowman and then drop though the top hole directly above his nose. The second present is on an island right behind the snowman. The third present is inside the lighted tree to the Broom side of the Snowman. When all three are collected head back up to the igloo and give them to the kids. Then the kids will give a present back, and guess what, it's something you already have dozens of. Lame!

    Mumbo Token 8 - On the far right side of this level enter Dr. Mumbo's hut and transform into the walrus. Walk through the water and you'll run into a Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 - Go up the hill located near the left-hand side of the snowman and join the race in progress (note: you must be the walrus). Win the race and you'll receive a Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 8 - Head down the path from the finish line (still as the walrus) and the big walrus will give you a Piece just for being so cool. I am the eggman! I am the eggman! I am the walrus! Koo koo kachoo!

    Honeycomb 2 - Head into the big walrus' cave (his name is Wozza) and then jump into the pool of water. In the next corridor you will find the second Honeycomb.

    Jigsaw Piece 9 + Orange Jinjo - The Orange Jinjo is located inside Wozza cave. You must be the bear, however, to jump up to the Jinjo.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 - Race the obnoxious walrus again. This time around, though, you will need the Speed Shoes. Complete the next level then come back for this Puzzle Piece.

    Level 6 - Gobis Valley

    Go through the 350 Note Door and you'll see the place to put your Pieces. Not feces, pieces. Head back out into the room with the large vase and take the stairs on the far side to get to the pyramid and the entrance to Gobis Valley.

    Yellow Jinjo - Watch out! He's right behind you.

    Mumbo Token 1 - Out on the end of Jinxy the Sphinx's nose.

    Jigsaw Piece 1 + Mumbo Token 2 + Orange Jinjo - Shoot an egg into each of Jinxy's nostrils and then enter the door that opens after this event. Inside you'll see a Mumbo Token. Grab it then climb on the carpet and shoot an egg into the mouth of the mini-Jinxy to get your ride moving. After the first one, the Orange Jinjo will be right behind you. Continue up the carpets to the first Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 + Green Jinjo - Scale the pyramid on the far right. Grab the Green Jinjo on the backside, then climb to the top and Beak Bust the tile so that the door will open. Use your Invincibility to kill the mummy, then butt slam the tiles and match pairs. Just like good ol' Concentration. The reward is another Puzzle Piece.

    Mumbo Token 3 - Go to the Aztec temple and walk around the side (where the race begins). Here you will find a Mumbo Token.

    Mole Hill 1 - Go behind the left-hand pyramid and talk to Bottles. He will give you the last move in the game, which happens to be the Running Shoes [insert Chariots of Fire music here].

    Jigsaw Piece 3 + Mumbo Token 4 & 5 + Blue Jinjo - Head back to the Aztec pyramid and grab the shoes behind it. Now beat the clock to the top and inside you will find the fifth Mumbo Token and the third Puzzle Piece. Completing this will also add more water to the landscape. Jump down in the new water hole and grab the Blue Jinjo and sixth Mumbo Token.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 + Pink Jinjo(Jigsaw Piece5) + Witch Switch + Mumbo Token 6 & 7 - This is a long one. Go up to the tower within the water and shoot the Sphinx head with eggs. Repeat this two more times and a new temple will emerge from the land. Like a curious beaver, examine this new structure. On the peak a Mumbo Token awaits. Now, go inside and complete the maze. While cutting through the Labyrinth keep your eyes peeled for the Pink Jinjo (which gives a Puzzle Piece) and Witch Switch. After beating it, grab the Puzzle Piece and don't forget the eighth Mumbo Token which is hidden in one of the many jars.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 - Go back and grab the Running Shoes and drop into a pit left of the target pyramid. Here you will need to snatch the Puzzle Piece out of a mummy's hand. Careful! This guy is sneaky!

    Honeycomb 1 - Locate the Flying Pad and glide through the cactus for the first Honeycomb (make sure you've hit the switch first!). Now, Dive Bomb the target to open the pyramid.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 + Mumbo Token 8 - Enter the pyramid and grab the ninth Mumbo Token. Talk to Rubbee and shoot eggs into the nice pottery. After doing so jump on the snake's head and grab the seventh Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 8 - It's back to the skies with you kid! Yes, fly like the dickens and make like a stupid dog trick. Go through all of the rings that appear. For this tedious act you will receive a Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 9 - Drop down to the ground again and go behind the rightmost pyramid and free Gobi to get a Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 - Follow Gobi to the tree at the beginning of the level and stomp his back to give the tree the water it craves. The last Puzzle Piece is yours.

    Honeycomb 2 - Fly or ride the magic carpet over to the door that will not open (on the outer ring). Then, jump on Gobi's back and he will give you the 2nd Honeycomb.

    Level 7 - Mad Monster Mansion

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 6 & 7 - In the Witch's Lair, go to the cobweb room and shoot eggs at the webs. Now, backtrack to the Freezeezy Peek's level entrance and use the shoes to hit the Flying Pad that appears. Fly up through the openings and grab the Puzzle Piece. Then, enter the pot room and grab the seventh Piece from the sarcophagus. Enter the 450 Note Door and follow the underwater passages to the Mad Monster Mansion puzzle board. Place your pieces, then walk back to the 350 Note Door. Carefully navigate the tiny path and hop into the cave.

    Pink Jinjo + Mumbo Token + Jigsaw Piece 1 - First off, trek behind the house and enter the basement by way of breaking the green door. Use your charge move to break the kegs and you'll find your prizes.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 + Mumbo Token - Travel even further behind the house and enter the tiny shack that is being guarded by skeleton goons. Inside you'll have to move the shot glass around the board to spell Banjo-Kazooie. Complete the task and a Puzzle Piece is yours. You'll find a Mumbo Token on top of the house located near the stairs.

    Jigsaw Piece 3 + Mumbo Token - Follow the path behind the shack to the well. In the bucket you'll find the Puzzle Piece. There is also a Mumbo Token here.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 - Behind the house there is a church surrounded by numerous vases. Shoot an egg out your arse into every one to get the fourth Puzzle Piece.

    Blue Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 5 + Mumbo Token + Honeycomb 1 + Witch Switch - To the left of the house there are stairs that lead down to a green pool. Go there and use the Shock Pad to reach the Blue Jinjo. To the right of the pool there is a switch that opens a door to the church. Hit it and run to the opened door before time expires. Inside the church you'll need to match playing skills with a ghostly pianist. Complete his musical task and a Puzzle Piece is your reward. Now, take the Flying Pad (on a pedestal) up to the rafters. You'll know what to do from here.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 - Go to the roof of the Church and then climb around the edge of the steeple until you find a platform leading up. Once on top, climb up the pole to reach the sixth Puzzle Piece.

    Orange Jinjo - Enter the maze and you'll find the Orange Jinjo in the far left corner.

    Green Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 7 - Jump up onto the roof of the house and walk around the gutter until you come to a Shock Pad. Use its mystical power to launch you up to the Green Jinjo. Now, go down the chimney, but don't step on the wood (otherwise you'll wake Napper). Use the cushioned seats to keep quiet. Jump on the table and grab the seventh Puzzle Piece out of his butt.

    Yellow Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 8 - As Banjo (and Kazooie), go to the second story of the house and break the large glass window located on the front of the house. Inside you will find the Yellow Jinjo and Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 9 + Mumbo Token + Honey Comb 2 - Go to Mumbo Jumbo and let him change you into the fun lovin' pumpkin. Now, travel to the Church entrance. To the right of this entrance is a passage that leads to the top of the house. At the top you can enter a window (which you should already have broken with Banjo). Inside you will find the first Honeycomb. Around the other side of the house is another window that leads to a toilet. Flush yourself down the hole and head out the drainpipe to a Puzzle Piece. There is a Mumbo Token in this room as well.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 - As the pumpkin, make way for the house's roof and carefully navigate yourself to the largest drainpipe hole. Drop down and the Puzzle Piece is yours.

    Level 8 - Rusty Bucket Bay

    Spell Book - Take the Pumpkin out of Mad Monster Mansion and ascend the small path on the right. Go through the tiny hole and talk to the Spell Book. Follow its clue to paradise. After completing this task, go into the graveyard and enter the house you couldn't before. In this house have Mumbo change you into Banjo (and the bird). Use the Beak Buster attack to break the sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Jump on the switch and the water in the next area will rise.

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 8 - Go back and use the same technique you used for Lair Piece 6. But this time fly over to the Witch Statue with the glass eyes. Beak Bomb her right eye and grab the Piece. Now, onto the next stage. Go through the 450 Note Door and enter the water caverns. Locate the Rare box and destroy it. Raise the water to level 2 and head through the newly reachable entrance (on the right). In this room destroy the gate and fill in the picture. Enter the previous room and get ready for a real challenge.

    Jigsaw Piece 1 - To the left there is a hole with a 2 Egg Toll. Pay the fine then climb the building. On the far side break the glass and grab the first Puzzle Piece.

    Yellow Jinjo - After getting the first Puzzle Piece, enter the pool of water to the right and swim over to the Yellow Jinjo.

    Honeycomb1 - In the same pool of water that holds the Yellow Jinjo, swim down to the opening on the building. Jump on the Honeycomb Switch and fly to your prize.

    Jigsaw Piece 2 +Mumbo Token 1 - Climb all the way up the rightmost smokestack and you'll find a Mumbo Token. On the leftmost stack, you will find the second Puzzle Piece.

    Mumbo Token 2 + Blue Jinjo - On the far side of the level your blue little friend is hidden within one of the three blue crates. Jump through the opening in the middle crate to get to him. There is also a Mumbo Token in one of the crates.

    Mumbo Token 3 + Green Jinjo - In the far left corner carefully navigate across the acid pool and grab the Green Jinjo and Mumbo Token.

    Witch Switch - This is a tough jump, but you can make it. Go up on top of the crane that holds the TNT box and fly over to the visible Witch Switch.

    Orange Jinjo - Go back to the crane and pay both tolls. Walk across the small path on the right to receive the Orange Jinjo.

    Jigsaw Piece 3 - Backtrack to the crane and hit the switch to drop the TNT box, which in turn destroys the floor gate. Enter the newly exposed hole on the ship and destroy the boss to receive the third Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 4 - Go to the other crane and press the button to bring up the cage. From here, run as fast as you can and grab the Puzzle Piece.

    Pink Jinjo(Jigsaw Piece 5) - Jump down into the polluted water and look on the far side for a broken grate. Enter this little area and grab the Pink Jinjo. Completing this task will also give you the fifth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 6 - Make your way to the front of the ship and hit the three horn switches in this order: 3, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1. For this easy task you will receive the much coveted sixth Puzzle Piece. - Enter the air vents located all about the ship to find a steady helping of Mumbo Tokens.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 & 8 + Honeycomb 2 - On the right-hand side of the ship enter the nearest air vent and hit the Fan Switch. Now, go to the ship's chimney stack and use your charge power to destroy the door. As you drop down, angle yourself into the opening just above the door. Here you will find the well-hidden second Honeycomb. From here, dodge the gears and fans and grab the seventh Puzzle Piece. Also, hit the two Motor Switches in the corners and run like heck to the fans that stopped (on the back of the ship). Jump in the water and grab the eighth Puzzle Piece.

    Jigsaw Piece 9 - From the last Piece collected, swim down to the dolphin trapped under an anchor. Follow the anchor chain up into the ship. Hit the Anchor Switch and grab your prize that the dolphin leaves behind.

    Jigsaw Piece 10 - Break the window leading to the Captain's quarters and the Puzzle Piece is waiting in the closet.

    Level 9 - Click Clock Wood

    Spell Book- After completing Rusty Bucket Bay head over to the section where you broke the grate and jump on the third water switch. Now, haul tail over to the next room and enter the highest alcove. In here you will find a spell book with the last code. Note: After entering this code you can also enter BGRLOUELDFEGAGTS followed by HERS on the sand floor to refill Eggs, and Feathers.

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 9 - After leaving Rusty Bucket Bay head to the previous room and the ninth Lair Piece is just a dog paddle away. Now, go through the 640 Note Door and jump up the leaves on the right. Pass by the 765 Note Door and the next entrance and hit the Green Switch which opens the mural for the next level. This is a pain, but you'll have to do it. Backtrack all the way to the Pirate's Trove Cove entrance and jump into the water. Place the Puzzle Pieces and head all the way back through the 640 Note Door. Ascend the hill and walk into the level entrance. Be Advised: This level has four entrances, and in order to find everything, you will have to enter each one and figure out the secrets to the clues given. Pay close attention and we'll do all the work for you.

    Spring Entrance

    Mumbo Token 1-4 - From the start, grab the Mumbo Token from the mouth of the Venus's-flytrap and jump up the leaves in front of you. Kill the bird and head to the left up the tiny path connected to the tree. Here you will ascend a cut-out path on the tree. Now, look out toward the wilderness and pass by the Venus's-flytrap to find another Mumbo Token. From here, continue on the path (to the left) and make a stop at the beehive. On top you will find the third Token. Again, stay on the path, jump across the tiny alcoves, and at the house structure walk out and grab the fourth Token.

    Summer Switch + Mumbo Token 5 - From the stripped house drop down and cross the broken bridge. Shortly after, you will run into the Sun Switch. After this, walk into the squirrels' house and grab the fifth Mumbo Token.

    Mumbo Token 6 - Remain on your path to the top of the tree and take a detour at the large egg. Just in front of you awaits a Token. Grab it and go smash the egg. The baby will now sleep. (Aww, isn't that cute!)

    Green Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 1 - At the top of the tree you will see a Green Jinjo trapped in a Venus's-flytrap. Free him by using the invincibility shield and enter the door on the tree. Dodge the roots and the first Puzzle Piece is absolute history baby!

    Pink Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 2 - Drop into the water and talk to the angry beaver. Don't worry about the boulder though, you will take care of it later. From here, head to the dirt and plop three eggs into the hole. Now, move along through the water, snag the Mumbo Token from the trap, and make way to Mumbo's Hut. As the bee, fly up to the hive. Here, you will find the Pink Jinjo. From here, fly out as high as you can and circle the tree. Now, carefully remove the second Puzzle Piece from the iron grip of the trap.

    Summer Entrance

    From here you won't need to find any more Mumbo Tokens. The bee was the last transformation in the game.

    Yellow Jinjo - Head to your immediate left and you'll see his head sticking out of the tall grass.

    Caterpillar 1 - This guy is right out in front by the two leaves on the tree. Caterpillar 2 - Enter the water section and go behind the large structure to find this second soon-to-be butterfly. Also, move the rock for the poor beaver. Caterpillar 3 - Climb up the tree and head to the left. Look out on the branch and you'll see this little guy on a leaf. Caterpillar 4 + Jigsaw Piece 3 - Maneuver up the tree just like you did in the previous season. At the house, locate the Caterpillar out in the open and enter the now almost complete house structure. Jump across the pit and the third Piece is yours. Caterpillar 5 - Head back to the Squirrels' house and the fourth worm awaits just outside. Now, take the worms to the bird and he will grow right before your eyes. Jigsaw Piece 4 - Backtrack to the bridge and look down to your left. You should see the fourth Puzzle Piece. Judge it perfectly and you can flap your way over to it. Jigsaw Piece 5 - Now go up to the beehive and use your invincibility power to take out the swarm. A cheap but worthy victory.

    Fall Entrance
    Caterpillar 1-4 - Start this level just like all the others by going up the tree. At the first stop (branches), look out to the left and grab the first Caterpillar. The next two 'Pillars are located at the beehive. For Caterpillar number 4, drop down below the house and grab this confused yet fuzzy baby butterfly. Caterpillar 5 + Acorns + Jigsaw Piece 6 - Inside the Squirrels' house you will find the first Acorn and the fifth Caterpillar. From here, look straight out and cross the bridge structures to find the remaining Acorns. Now, go up to the squirrel and he will reward you with the fifth Puzzle Piece.

    Caterpillar 6 & 7 - Drop down to where you began your ascent up the tree and go straight instead of up. Eventually, you will run into 'Pillar number 6. Then, run over to Mumbo's hut and carefully cross over the thorns to find the seventh Caterpillar.

    Caterpillar 8 + Orange Jinjo - At the bull, climb one of the many leaf stacks to find the Orange Jinjo. Climb another stack and you will find the eighth Caterpillar.

    Caterpillar 9 - Stay on the outside of the level and search hastily. Sooner or later, you will find the ninth Caterpillar near a bird hole.

    Winter Switch + Caterpillar 10 - Go up to the bird and the Winter Switch awaits. Directly behind him is the last Caterpillar. Feed the bird and drop down to the ground again.

    Jigsaw Piece 7 - Enter the beaver's hole and the seventh Puzzle Piece will be waiting for you.

    Jigsaw Piece 8 - Go to the dirt hole and a flower will grant you the eighth Piece.

    Winter Entrance

    Jigsaw Piece 9 - The first thing you want to do here is fly. Locate one of the two ground-based Flying Pads and soar up to the bird's nest. He'll poop out a Puzzle Piece for you.

    Honeycomb 1 - Enter the water (via a hole in the ice) and reenter the beaver hut. Here you will find the first Honeycomb.

    Honeycomb 2 - Get the flying power again and break the window above the Squirrels' home to unlock this priceless gem.

    Witch Switch - Hit the nearest Flying Pad and fly around the tree. On a ledge you will see a killer snowman next to the Witch's Switch. Kill him and press the Switch. Use the bee to get the piece.

    Blue Jinjo + Jigsaw Piece 10 - He's sitting on top of Mumbo's Hut. Easy enough. Now try and get all 100 Notes on this stage. Good luck!

    Level 10 - The Final Showdown

    Jigsaw Piece Lair 10 - Exit the winter season and go get the Bee power again. Fly with it out of the level and grab the final Lair piece. Now that you have everything (or maybe not), enter the 765 Note Door and jump on the flashing platform. From here, you will need to play a boardgame. Get as many Joker pieces as possible and avoid the Timer and Death pieces. Good luck! Hint: Throughout the entire game, Gruntilda's sister was giving out the answers to the Witch questions. If you avoided the good Witch like we did, then you'll probably struggle with these questions.

    The Final Showdown Part Deux: The Witch Strikes Back

    Go across the gameboard and ascend the stairs on the right. Now, unlock the Note Doors and kick her butt. The Jinjos will get their revenge!!! This ending is awesome!!!! This concludes the adventures of Banjo and his annoying friend Kazooie!!!

    Here's what all of the Note Doors in this final section unlock.

    810 Note Door - Unlocks a Pot Warp

    828 Note Door - Unlocks 100 Eggs

    846 Note Door - Unlocks 50 Red Feathers

    864 Note Door - Unlocks 10 Gold Feathers

    882 Note Door - Doubles Your Lifebar

    Secrets - Treasure Trove Cove

    Cheat Codes: - Complete the "Treasure Trove Cove" section and return to Banjo's house. Approach the picture of Bottles the mole hanging above the fireplace and press C-Up to look at it. Make sure you are standing on the carpet. A hidden mini-game with a moving puzzle will begin. Complete the puzzle, then return to Treasure Trove Cove. Enter the castle after lowering the water. Enter one of the following codes on the letter floor to activate the corresponding effect.

    BLUEEGGS -- 200 Blue Eggs
    READFEATHERS -- 100 Red Feathers
    BOTTLESBONUSFOUR -- Weiner Banjo
    BOTTLESBONUSFIVE -- Big feet, Weiner Body
    BIGBOTTLESBONUS -- Big everything
    WISHYWASHYBANJO -- Play as washing machine
    NOBONUS -- Disable codes