The most impressive Saturn game i've seen that wasn't an arcade port.

Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Genre: Adventure/ Platform

The group that set Genesis on its road to success with Sonic the Hedgehog has produced a title that is nothing less than an artistic and technical tour de force on Saturn. Not only does Nights silence critics who said a real 3D world couldn't be done on Saturn, but the gameplay, plot, and art are all new high points in home gaming.

Someplace between a racing game, a platformer, and a flight-sim lies Nights. You play either Elliot or Claris, two kids in the same town who, never having met, are having the same dream. When playing either character (each has totally different levels) you must become the flying Nights character, collect gems, do tricks and defeat bosses in order to help realize your own dreams.

The flight sequences take place along a track, but you have full movement along the flight plane, and with the included analog joypad, your control is at a similar level to Mario 64 (who isn't on a track, sure, but who also cannot go up and down, as Nights can).

The only downside is that the game is quite short. You'll probably see each level within the first two days you have it, but it should take at least two weeks of solid playing before you master the game with an A ranking on each level.

Overall, Nights is simply the most impressive Saturn game i've seen that wasn't an arcade port. Another must-have title for the system.

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