A wide variety of characters, rings and options
guarantee that the game will take a long time to get old

Publisher: Sega
Developer: AM2
Genre: Fighting

Can't get enough of your favorite Sega fighters? How about all of them in one game? Taking the idea that "more is better" Sega's key development house AM2 produces the ultimate smorgasboard of fighting games, Fighter's Megamix.

Although it's basically Fighting Vipers vs. Virtua Fighter, this is more than a cross-over. Characters have been refined and given new moves. You Virtua Fighter 3 fans will love the fact that the VF characters now have most, if not all the newer moves at their disposal. Fighters Megamix utilizes a tweaked Fighting Vipers engine, so the feel of this game should be very familiar to those who've played either game on the Saturn. With this engine, however, the VF2 characters have to make do with the lower character resolution and lack of raised platforms (which pretty much eliminates any form of a technical ringout). In place is the faster action and lightsourcing that was highlighted in Vipers. And hey, you can finally slam Jacky through a slate wall.

Not only did they jam many of the characters from their popular (and not-so-popular) fighting games, but it also looks like those wacky developers had a little fun playing "spot the reference." Cameos include appearances by Janet from Virtua Cop 2, Bean and Bark from Sonic the Fighters, and yes, even the Daytona Hornet makes its way into the battle ring. Heck, you'll even find soundbites and soundtrack clips from Sega arcade games from way-back-when. The disk is so packed with secrets and goodies, it's ready to explode. The sheer variety of characters, rings and options guarantee that the game will take a hell of a lot to get old.

If there's a downside, it's that Fighter's Megamix sets AM2's standards and expectations really, really high. It's going to be tough to top this one, that's for sure.