SaGa Frontier: FAQ 2

Please note: This FAQ is not a compendium of lists, techs, etc.  Rather, it's a sort of "BEST 
OF" FAQ - to help you weed out all those myriad useless things which were strongly 
suggested in Azure Fong's FAQ, which incidentally includes lists of all the items, techs, etc. 
as well as brief walkthrough flow charts for all 7 characters and a complete Asellus 
walkthrough.  It's all for the Japanese edition, but you shouldn't have too much trouble 
changing back and forth.  Azure Fong can be reached at, and the FAQ 
can be found at .



        Mastering Spells And Techniques
        The Magic Gift
        System Data
        Sword Techniques

        Selecting This Game (Don't!)
        Gold Trick
        Item Trick
        Ability Trick
        Keeping With Your Main Party
        Assigning Roles
        Enemy Difficulty
        Building Levels
        Watch Out For The Magic Glitch!






1. You do NOT have to complete all the side quests for every single character!  More about 
that later.

2. Getting Suzaku: The FAQ is a bit obscure about this.  In the Mosperiburg Mountains, look 
closely in the very first screen you come to.  See that little blue-haired fairy?  Fight it.  
Now keep going up and take a left at the fork.  Go into the little cleariing and you'll see a 
snowman who will give you a real run for your money - he's extremely hard to beat.  Once you
do, however, go back to the fork and take the right path: you'll see Suzaku flying around, 
freed from the ice.  (PS - if anyone at all remembers the first Final Fantasy Legend for Game 
Boy, they'll recognize Suzaku's namesake as the Red Bird, the third of the four main level 

3. Getting Princess Rei ("Zero Princess"): I still have no idea how to do this.

4.  When the FAQ says "Trinity" it's not talking about any place in Manhattan.  Don't bother 
yourself with it.

5. DSC: This tech is apparently done by equipping four Fighting techs (look at the very end of 
the FAQ).  The techs required are Sliding, Suplex, BabelCrumble, and GiantSwing. 

6. TimeLord and Kylin: Having a Mystic who has all 3 "gifts" isn't enough.  (e.g. Mesarthim 
originally has "the gift" for Rune and Mystic magic.  Going through the Luminous Labyrinth 
won't give you access to TimeLord or Kylin.)  You must have a Mystic, Blue or Rouge in your 
party when you do the Shadow/Light gift AND the Rune/Arcane gift.

7. Mesarthim: If you get Silence in your party, you still won't be able to enlist Mesarthim.  
Because he's mute, he scares her off.  Get another Mystic.

8. Blue's Special Tech: I found this extremely un-useful.  Not only is Blue completely frozen, 
making the next 7 or so rounds really boring, if you're fighting against the final Boss, he'll 
unfreeze while you'll stay frozen, making practically sure that all your buddies will die by 
the time you get up. (Also, Tower doesn't do a lot of damage against him anyway.)

II.  Clearups

The manual is very vague about a few things, such as:


All "mastering" means is that you have at least six physical techniques and no magical 
techniques equipped, or vice versa.  All it does is decrease all physical (or magical) 
techniques by 1 cost point.  Besides for one or two techs/spells like EnergyChain (which will
eventually cast Stun on the enemy), techs and spells CANNOT gain levels.  You may notice a 
few status inflictions here and there, but not much difference can be seen.


You do not, repeat, do not need "the gift" for a magic type in order to use that magic type.  All
"the gift" does is lets you learn higher level magic spells, of which there are 1 to 4 for every
spell type.  (You also need "the gift" to get ahold of TimeLord and Kylin.)  Anyone can learn 
the basic spells of any type; however, if you've bought Rune magic and want to get the Arcane
magic gift, forget it.  Ditto for Shadow buyers and the Light gift, etc.  Other than Blue, no one
can use conflicting types of magic at the same time, and no one can get the "gift" for 
conflicting types of magic.


I believe that it works like this.  When you start a new game, it asks for your system data.  
It then stores in the memory card for that game, whenever you save, how many games are 
already done.  For example, if you've completed Blue's chapter and started Red's chapter, 
whenever you save Red's game it will record a tick that Blue was already done. When you 
finish Red's chapter, it adds a tick for Red.  Therefore, if you start a different chapter while 
still in another one, you won't be able to see the "2nd Divison".

Humans can learn techniques with swords.  However, there are two types of swords and two 
types of sword techniques.  Regular swords learn regular techs, but katanas like 
SamuraiSword and CometBlade learn special techs, which the game confusingly calls "Sword 
techniques"!  (Exactly what are the regular techs, then?)  "Sword techniques" are usually 
flashier and less useful than regular sword techs.


Tip 1: DON'T BUY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVE A LIFE.  The game is frequently tedious, boring, 
pointless battles, bad battle graphics, annoying music, and lots of stupid level building.  If 
you're really that masochistic, I suggest buying FF Tactics, which has a kick-ass intro, and 
the strategic battles actually make you think and are 4-D, as well as having a deep and 
twisting storyline.  But, you bought it, so let's get some of that playing time whittled down:

When you start any chapter, DON'T BUY ANYTHING.  The exception is Riki's chapter, where you 
might want to indulge in the Item Trick from Tip 3.  Wait until you have 12,500 credits.  (It's
not as hard as you think; the western Shingrow Ruins have two items which are worth a total
of 5500 credits in Scrap: The DuelGun and the HyperScale, and you can buy items which are better 
than both of them.  If you're really stuck, activate the Rune event and complete the 
Koorong Natural Cave for another Hyperscale.)  Make sure you don't have more than 13,000 
credits.  Now go to Nelson and buy 25 GoldIngots.  Go to the Koorong gold exchange and do the 
following: move the cursor all the way down, then all the way up, then down until you have 
13 GoldIngots and 9000 credits.  Go back to Nelson and buy up - you should have 31 
GoldIngots.  Now do the same cursor schtick in Koorong - end up with 13 GoldIngots and about
16,000 credits.  Go back to Nelson and buy - you should have 46 Ingots.  Cursor schtick in 
Koorong - selling the whole kit and kaboodle will net you about 43,000 credits!  Buy stuff 
until you're down to 25,500 credits, then go back to Nelson and buy 51 Ingots.  Back in 
Koorong, the cursor schtick selling them all should get you about 53,000 credits.  Complete 
this as much as you like (buy until 25,500 and you can get back to 53,000 with one visit).  
Here are my recommended buys (only buy for your active group):
PoweredSuits and HyperWears for all Humans, Mesarthim, and Nusakan
2 PoweredSuits and MirrorGlass for Mecs (Koorong upper level)
at least 1 HyperBlaster for Mecs (shop near entrance to Natural Cave railroad)
ZeroSword for sword-users (don't bother buying 2 of them - buy a lesser-strength Katana
instead.) (ladder to basement in upper Koorong)
2 LethalGuns for gun users (ladder to basement in upper Koorong)
at least a ShellShield for humans and Mystics (Nelson)
Do the Item trick in Scrap
Any and all magic and cures
PurpleEyes (Manahttan)
FangAmulets for physical fighters (Kyo)

TIP 3: Item Trick
In the Scrap Junk shop, buy the items and then go back to the dinosaur dude.  Select "Sell" and
put the cursor on "HyperionBazooka".  Press "O" a few times.  You'll find that you have 7 free 
items to gouge on!  Look for ExcelShields in the upper right - that's the best thing you'll find 
here.  For most characters the Junkshop will have items contingent on how much you paid - 
300 credits will get you crappy items.  The exception is Riki - keep trying and you'll get 
awesome stuff like WarLordArmor and OscSwords.

TIP 4: Ability Trick
If you want, you can learn some great techs early on in the game.  You must have activated 
the Arcane event.  Now go to IRPO and then to Mosperiburg.  (Do not try to fight the dragons in
the first cave, or the snowman!)  Quicksave before picking up the flower, then pick it up.  Use
regular attacks against the Suzaku.  You'll die pretty quickly, but if you're lucky you'll have 
picked up a few good attacks.  What's more, after you die you'll be reinstated in IRPO with all
abilities intact!   If you accidentally kill him, you can always restart.  Make sure to be on a 
high enough level to beat the dragons and collect the loot before defeating Suzaku for good.

TIP 5: Don't bother with anyone not in your main party.  Keep 5 guys and stick with 'em.  (The 
exceptions are Mei-Ling in Riki's chapter and White Rose in Asellus' chapter, whom you 
should get rid of ASAP, since they can't fight the final battle.)  Whenever possible, get all 
other characters in your party to be Humans - they're the strongest and easiest to raise 
levels.  The only non-Humans I took into my party are Mesarthim (her LifeRain is 
astronomically useful, especially to Emelia and Riki.  Give her Light magic and keep her using
Fascination in battle, but make sure she has at least 24 WP for the final battle.) and Leonard 
in T260's chapter.

TIP 6: Assign roles early on.  Most humans can eventually be used for any role, but don't 
stagger them.  Assign one magic user, gun user, fighting, and swords.  The main character 
should always use swords as well.  Blue should use swords and magic, and Red should use 
swords and fighting.  In the specific walkthroughs I included my personal party - you'll 
notice a recurring theme because most humans already have a specialty when they join.

TIP 6: The enemies gain levels with you.  This includes the final boss!  The only boss I ever 
lost to once was Riki's, because I took Mesarthim in too late in the chapter.  If you've done 
the Gold Trick, and every character has at least one To-Die-For strong tech (later about 
those), you should be all set.  Save your game before entering the final level, and Quicksave 
inside the final level.  If you can't beat it, for some reason, just load from the memory card 
and keep building levels.

TIP 8: Building Levels.  The only places you really need to go are the western Shingrow Ruins 
and the four Arcane card places.  Make sure to do IRPO last - you want to be able to beat 
those dragons and get the loot inside the cave.  After doing those, the specific events, and 
the final level, you should be all set - the exception is maybe Riki.  A good place to build up 
after that is the Bio Research Lab in Shrike.  Give the enemies your worst attacks - you can 
always rest for free nearby.  Remember than Human fighting and sword abilities can be 
better learned if you're fighting against stronger enemies.

TIP 9: SantcuaryStones.  Unlike Tents in FF games, there are very few SanctuaryStones 
in SaGa Frontier.  Use them extremely sparingly, and make sure you have at least 1 (Blue 
should have at least 2) for use in the final level.  Here are where you can get free 
SanctuaryStones: Lord Manor in Owmi, eastern Shingrow Ruins, cave in Mosperiburg (from 
IRPO), Luminous Labyrinth (you must be a human), Crater (T260G only), Trinity Base (Emelia 

TIP 10: Magic Snag.  If you've activated both Rune and Arcane events, make sure you don't get 
tripped up!  It's possible to have already collected one or more Arcane Tarots and then screw 
yourself up by collecting a Rune!  The Koorong Natural Cave contains a Rune at the end if 
you've activated the Rune Stone.  Once you leave Koorong, you'll get shuttled into Tanzer.  
However, once you get out, you'll find that you can't complete either the Rune or Arcane 
magics!  If you're really aching for the HyperScale you get after beating the QuakeSpider, 
finish the Arcane event first.  (By this time, you probably won't need it... Oh, well!)


There are a lot of superfluous techs out there.  You really only need one good attack - the 
later it is on my list, the better.  Here are the ones you want to have:

WheelSlash (4) (medium-strength, hits in a pie-shaped area)
GaleSlash (5) ("Total" attack) (if you get 2GaleSlash (5), get rid of GaleSlash.  You can 
learn 2GaleSlash by equipping two swords on your fighter.)
HeadWind (5)
DeadEnd (6) (can cause death)
TurbidCurrent (7)
TripleThrust (7)
RosarioImpale (8) (supposedly good against undead)
LifeSprinkler (10)
Deflect (1)
Kasumi (4)
(Godless (5)) (if selected, will automatically counterattack strongly any regular attack, but 
you can't use your own attack for use in combos. Not always smart to have around.)

You can learn TurbidCurrent by using HeadWind, learn LifeSprinkler by using TurbidCurrent, 
and learn RosarioImpale by using DeadEnd.  Always have Deflect and Kasumi equipped.

FIGHTING (Physical): LocomotionG (5) (causes "Stun") (can't be countered or blocked)
CrushBeat (4)
TriangleKick (7)
BabelCrumble (5) (causes "Stun") (can't be countered or blocked)
Sky Twister (10)

You can learn SkyTwister by using BabelCrumble.

TotalShot (4) 
BoundShot (5)
Twogun (0) (needs two guns equipped)
Quickdraw (0)

You should have all 4 of these equipped at all times!  The exception is Twogun, which 
should be de-equipped unless fighting a boss or in the last level, in order to give other
fighters chances to learn new techs.

Also, any and all 0- or 1-WP techs (DoubleSlash, Air Throw, etc.) should be equipped.  If 
you're a Master, you can get a free medium-strength attack at no cost!


The magics I felt were the most useful are Realm, Light, and Arcane.  Others are OK, but 
nowhere near necessary for your magic user.

Implosion (3) (causes death)
VermilionSand (8) (hits all enemies)

StarlightHeal (2)
MegaWindBlast (9) (hits all enemies) (de-equip VermilionSand when you learn this.)

Shield (3) (always have equipped and use at the start of every big fight at least once.)
Grail (3) 
Tower () (only use as a last-ditch attempt)

Overdrive (Time) (10) (only use as a last-ditch attempt, as all WP and JP will fall to 0)
ReverseGravity (Space) (6)
LightShift (Space) (1) (useful against King Sei and other undead)
PhantasmShot (Mystic) (3)

Also, any 1-JP spells should be equipped in order to build up your levels.  Use extremely low-
level spells to do this in order to let your other fighters learn new techs.  If you're Rouge, 
use EnergyChain until you have enough spells to become a Master; then use PsychoArmor, 
Shield, or StarlightHeal depending on which magic you want to learn.  If you're a Mystic, just 
keep using Fascination if you've learned all other spells.


1. General Advice
Overall, most chapters consist of building up levels until you are strong enough to fight the 
last boss.  As I said before, try doing it with only completing the Arcane and western 
Shingrow Ruins, do the Gold Trick, make sure everyone knows one To-Die-For single attack 
(or if you're Riki, make sure they also know a good "Total" attack), save onto Memory Card 
before going and Quicksave while you're there.  Your time should usually be around 8 hours, 
give or take 2.  You might find it easier to do it in ths order, because it offsets the more 
boring ones with semi-interesting ones.

2. Blue
My Party: Blue (Sword/Magic), Lute (Fighting), Roufas (Swords), Mei-Ling (guns), Nusakan 
(Healing) (you might find it easier to choose another human instead of Nusakan.)
--Blue can go to any region he's already visited by selecting RegionMap from the Item screen.
Not only does this make the Gold Trick faster, it serves as a great Escape spell!
--Blue can do the entire Rune event after completing the Arcane event, or preferably vice-
versa.  I suggest doing this because he'll have to fight a harder-than-usual boss.
--I suggest doing TimeLord instead of Kylin - TimeLord's "Total" spell isn't anywhere near as
devastating as Kylin's.
--Make sure Blue knows all possible spells before fighting TimeLord and Rouge.  
--Have Blue learn Mind Magic after defeating Rouge (or not) and equip MindHeal.

3. Red
My Party: Red (Sword/Fighting), Rabbit (Mec), Mei-Ling (Guns), Fuse (Fighting), Rouge (Magic)
--When you turn into Alkaiser, you can't raise levels.  Try not to do this too often.  However, 
once you've got FinalCrusade, you can just kill off your party during a big fight (have them 
keep Red alive), morph,  and use FinalCrusade to revive them.
--On the Cygnus, you'll have a cool takeover sequence.  In order to get access to the first 3 
doors without fighting all the enemies, walk towards them against the wall.  Fuse will 
separate and you should now run around to the other side and ambush them.  To get into the 
bridge, walk don't run and fight the enemies individually.  Open all the doors to find a few 
--Once off the Cygnus for good, you have 4 places to go.  I suggest the following order: 
Shingrow (Eastern Ruins), CTC Building in Manhattan (pick up Fuse in the Shopping Center 
restaurant), Syoin in Kyo (make sure to stop off at the Garden first), and talk to Annie in 
--In CTC Building, you WILL have to kill most of those plants on the staircase!  You'll be able 
to avoid some of the enemies on other floors, though.
--In the Black Ray, you'll eventually have to find 9 consecutive rooms to enter without 
returning to the same room twice.  Test it out with your suit on and do not walk into the 
room with MBlack. Quicksave, then go straight up to discover which room MBlack is in.  Now 
restart so you've got your suit on, and go to the room just under MBlack's.  OK.  Go to the 
lower right (treasure chest room).  Use the lower right exit again.  You'll now be in a 
crossover room.  One of the exits leads into a curving tunnel with no doors - write down 
which one it is.  Follow the curving tunnel until it exits into a circular room with 6 exits. (I 
don't remember this too well, so experiment around if you find something wrong!)  Now use 
the exit which goes into the opposite room from the first one you entered (treasure chest.  If
the 1st room had WarLordArmor, this one has IronClogs and vice versa.)  Now take the other 
exit (don't climb the steps).  You should be in a second crossover room.  One of the doors 
leads to another curving tunnel, this one with a door in the middle.  Enter the door, pick up 
the OctopusBoard or SprigganSuit, then exit the opposite way.  Now keep going and you'll be 
at the end.  Once you've tested it out and written it down, go back to MBlack's room and do it 
for real.  (I don't recall which direction gives you SprigganSuit and which one gives you 
OctopusBoard, but go for the Board.)

4. Riki
My Party: Riki (Monster), Mesarthim (Mystic), Fei-on (Fighting), Gen (Swords), Lute (Swords).
--Make sure to do the Item Trick - it's especially useful because you get awesome stuff.
--Take Mei-Ling and T260G out of your party as soon as you can!
--Do the Yorkland Ring ASAP.  Use your strongest attacks against the monster (Quicksave 
first!) then go to Koorong Backstreet and get Nusakan.  Now go to Lord Manor in Owmi and get 
Mesarthim (if you're having problems with the DevilSquid, buy a PearlHeart in Manhattan and 
give it to Nusakan so he can heal the party.  Exchange him for Mesarthim on the way back and 
give the PearlHeart to someone else.)
--Make sure Mesarthim will learn MegaWindBlast.  Keep her using magic.  A good tech for Riki
to have is Siren, which I think you can learn from the Harpy, or maybe the Siren.  Look around.
Riki's form in my final fight was Chimera, which is one of the best.  I think you need a Fang 
attack and GasFlame.

5. Emelia
My Party: Emelia (Swords), Annie (Swords), Liza (Fighting), Mesarthim (Mystic), Rouge 
(Magic) (you might want Roufas's guns instead of Rouge).
--For Roufas to give you your next mission (always Quicksave first), leave Koorong and fight 
around a bit, then go back.
--If you can beat all enemies in your first mission, you're set.  If not, keep building levels.  
Once you complete the first mission, quickly do the next 2, then go get Mesarthim.
--Unequip all good weapons and armor before trying to do your third mission.  Don't forget to 
search around for the EMES Tag downstairs.  Have the Mystics use their MysticSwords etc. 
on the LivingArmor.
--If you talk to the guy in the first room in Gradius HQ after completing at least 1 mission, 
you can change your clothes! 8-)

6. Lute
My Party: Lute (Swords), Capt.Hamilton (Guns), Rouge (Magic), Gen (Swords), Fei-on (Fighting)
--First thing, go to the Owmi bar and talk to the captain, then to Nelson and pick him up.
--You might actually want to screw yourself over with the Rune/Arcane snag (see General 
Timesaving Tip Number 10).  Collect everyone listed above besides Fei-on, do the Ability 
Trick once or twice, then complete the Koorong Natural Cave.

7. T260G
My Party: T260G (Mec), Leonard (Mec/Healing), Gen (Swords), Lute (Fighting), Mei-Ling (Guns)
T260's Equipment: Lordstar, PoweredSuit, PoweredSuit, MirrorGlass, OctopusBoard
Leonard's Equipment: HyperBlaster, HyperBlaster, PoweredSuit, PoweredSuit, MemoryBoard
--This chapter is very confusing.  The final level is called "RB3" or "DoomsdayMachine", not 
Tartaros or HQ.  The final boss is not MecGod or the Viruses.
--Don't bother doing the Arcane event (besides IRPO).  There are enough places to build up 
your levels which are required to complete the chapter.
--In Tartaros, make sure not to touch the Hermes lookalikes - they're BigDiggers which are 
basically impossible to beat as of now.
--Make sure to pick up the Omega body in HQ after finishing the Viruses!  It's completely 
necessary to finish the game.  In fact, change right there.
--I have no idea how I did the weird square-lighting thing.  I just ran around pressing "O" and 
it eventually lined up.  Sorry!
--After fighting MecGod, just walk around a bit on the blue platform to get teleported.
--Inside RB3, your goal is to clear every screen of enemies.  They will come back, but don't 
worry about it, just fight through them all and eventually the screen will change to a jungle 
setting and then a desert setting.  The final boss looks like a tree; select "No", use a 
SanctuaryStone, then run around a bit on the desert to get transported back to the tree.

8. Asellus
My Party: Asellus (Swords), Rouge (Magic), Gen (Swords), Lute (Fighting), Emelia (Guns)
--You can wander around for hours at the beginning, so here's what to do: First climb the 
upper left winding tower and touch the water.  After the sequence, go back through, then 
head down to the lowest middle entrance.  Enter the massive doors.  Now go down through the
gate into Rootville.  Now head right at the crossings (between the doors and the gate) and 
build up your levels until your HP is at least 125.  Now go back out to the main screen.  
Notice the three protrusion/islands, 2 at the bottom and 1 at the upper right?  Head upper 
right and touch the inner coffin.  Visit the other two coffin rooms while you're at it, then go 
back to the crossroads and talk to the mystic there.  Now go back to the room where you 
started.  Go back to the upper right coffin, talk to PWR, then go back to your room.  Go to 
Rootville and talk to Gina, then go back to the crossroads.  Go back to Rootville, enter the bar
(the stairs start right near the locked door) and talk to the man, then go back to PWR.  Now 
enter the locked door and leave.
--Activate the Rune event and get the folks listed above as soon as you leave Owmi.  It's 
possible to eventually get Mesarthim into your party, but I'm not sure how late it is so don't 
--Build up all your levels before entering your house in Shrike.
--In order to advance the game, you must do a bit of fighting and a bit of exploring each time.
There are several recurring "hot spots" where events (mostly fights) may happen: Right past 
the first door in Luminous, the lower Backstreet in Koorong, in Sei's Tomb in Shrike (past the
room where you can place the 3 items), the Swamp in Yorkland, the Garden in Kyo, the 
eastern Shingrow Ruins, the shrine in Devin, a spot in Wakatu (you can see the vine-covered 
entrance to a door in the foreground), and Azure Fong's FAQ mentions Mu's Tomb as well.  Try 
re-entering the "hot spots" more than once.
--After completing the Dark Labyrinth, your next stop is picking up you buds and then heading
to Owmi.
--Don't worry about your SanctuaryStones - not only can Asellus leave her final level at any 
time before she actually talks to Orlouge, she can also refill her energy in a room near the 


Most bosses are the same: Use most powerful techniques, make sure magic users have 
StarlightHeal, try to get as many combos as possible.  But some use certain attacks and 
others have "schticks".


--DeathLord (King Sei)
You might find LightShift useful here.  The skeletons have more HP than usual, so have at 
least 2 or 3 people use "Total" attacks.

--Quakespider/Wormbroods (Natural Cave)
JetBoots and AngelArmor will come in handy here!  Use "Total" attacks and concentrate on 
the Wormbroods first.

--HugeSlime/BigSlimes (Tanzer, eastern Shingrow Ruins)
Use "Total" attacks and equip water-retardant items.  In Tanzer, if you've already killed all 
the Slimes so only one regenerates, have all the Humans and Mystics Touch the Rune and 
ignore the Slime.

--Firedrake (Mu's Tomb)
Equip fire-retardant items.  (You should do this Rune last.)  Don't use any big attacks first 
round because it's only to wake him up.  After that just go all out with massive attacks.

--Suzaku (Mosperiburg)
Equip fire-retardant items.  If possible, don't use straight-out physical attacks.  This one's 
all luck - if he uses Windblast you're gone.

--Kraken (Yorkland Swamp)
You'll have to fight at least 4 of these (unless you're Blue), 2 when drunk.  Don't go straight 
through the swamp; turn right to find a sort of path.  When drunk, equip Sonic-retardant 
items and up your Charm.  Either way, equip water-retardant items.  Kraken is susceptible to
"Faint" attacks like DeadEnd, Implosion, Death, etc., as well as Mystic equipment.  Try not to 
use Mystic stuff, however, because you have a possiblity of getting a SeaStone from him if 
you beat him without it (Other "Faint" attacks still work!)

--Purze (Magic Kingdom)
Completely pointless to fight, and you can't use Rouge.  Don't bother.

--EarthDragon (Bio Research Center)
The hardest boss in the game, IMO.  You'll get a DragonShield and 500 credits if you beat him, 
but it's not all that worth it.  If you really want to fight him, equip JetBoots and 
WarlordArmor.  Make sure if you know Godless or ReactionShot that it's equipped.  If you see 
him opening and closing his mouth, don't use the two abovementioned techs.  You'll find 
Mesarthim (or Blue/Red) very useful.  He has something like 75,000 HP!  Again, it's mostly 

--DevilSquid (Lord Manor, Owmi)
Equip water-retardant items.  Also susceptible to "Faint" attacks.  Not hard at all.



It's all luck, and a bit of level building.  Depending on how many times he uses Overdrive and 
what attacks he uses, he could be very easy or very hard.  Usually he's very hard. 8-)  Equip 
Petrify-retardant items and make sure your Charm and Psychic points are high.  Go for the 
massive combos!

Don't bother.  Do TimeLord.

Unfortunately way too hyped.  If you've done the Gold Trick, any decent sword technique will 
knock him flat.  Even if by some weird quirk of fate you happen to lose, you'll continue 
playing as Rouge!

Have Blue equip Reviva, Sacrifice, Shield, MindHeal, Implosion, and other magic techs.  Have 
him use Shield and Reviva for most of the fight while his buddies let loose on the Lord.  Do 
most of your fighting when he's in the animal mode - he can't use his very bad "Sabers" 
attack then.  He has about 100,000 HP, but his defense is low.  Make sure to keep Blue alive 
so he can use his Sacrifice spell on him!


If possible, don't use straight sword or fighting attacks because he'll either dodge or 
counterattack.  Throw moves like BableCrumble and LocomotionG, gun techs, and magic spells
work fine, as well as GaleSlash.  Keep your HP high and you shouldn't have too many problems.

--Campbell (forgot her monster name)
Just let loose with high-powered attacks.


Be careful of his claw attack, but there isn't much you can do.  Keep Alkaiser's HP high and 
have him use FinalCrusade if necessary.

He hasn't gotten much harder.  Make sure Rabbit is in your party so he can learn 

Don't waste your time.  He's a fake.

--Three Bosses
Let loose; your HP will be refilled automatically after the fight.  Even if a boss leaves the 
screen, he doesn't regain any HP, so it doesn't matter which one you're fighting.

Again, your HP will be automatically refilled after the fight.  Watch out; he's got a little 
trickier.  Equip Gaze-retardent abilities and items (like PurpleEye) for the next fight - you 
won't get a chance before then.

He'll use Gaze a lot.  Keep going at him with strong attacks and use FinalCrusade if 
necessary.  Keep Alkaiser's HP high.  That's it.


A bit harder than usual, equip water-retardant items if at all possible, keep going at him.

--Nightmare (forgot its name too)
Once Nusakan's in your party, just use strong regular attacks (no special techs at all!)  Even 
if it runs away, the HP inflicted will remain.

By far the most annoying boss.  The object is to get combos to hit him.  (Get the IronClogs 
from Wakatu first - they're invaluable for the first combo.)  A 3-hit combo is worth 2 points,
a 4-hit is worth 3 points, and a 5-hit is worth 5 points.  The object is to get 10 points.  Make
sure you get at least a 3-hit every turn or he'll start getting angry and begin messing up your
combos!  Implosion is a great combo getter, so buy and equip it even if your guys aren't magic
users.  Remember, it doesn't matter how much damage it does.  Keep trying and 
experimenting, and use common sense - usually combos work realistically so try to visualize
a sequential attack and implement it.

Probably the hardest boss fight, you must also fight 9 other enemies, 4 of which will appear 
at any given time.  MasterRing has about 25,000 HP and the enemies each have about 6000 or 
7000.  There are two ways of doing this: 1. Destroy all enemies with "Total" attacks and 
concentrate on MasterRing.  The downside is that he'll use Revolution9, a very strong "Total" 
attack, after every round, as well as attacking twice besides.  I suggest option 2: Using 
"Total" attacks to destroy most of the monsters, then try to leave over 1 or 2.  Finish them 
off until it's just MasterRing and 1 other monster (preferably the Tidi or Goblin).  Now 
concentrate all your single attacks on the MasterRing.  Mesarthim will be invaluable in this 


Nothing to talk about.

--Shingrow Bosses
Just use single attacks.  No problems.

Another transformer.  It'll also use Gaze, as well as innumerous element-based attacks.  It'll
use all the elements, so equipping JetBoots is a gamble - it protects completely from the 
single-hit, powerful GroundHit, but it makes GaleAttack much worse.  I'd suggest equipping 
PurpleEye and BloodChalice along with the PoweredSuit and Hyperwear.  Just use the most 
powerful attacks available and make sure Mesarthim is strong enough to withstand some 
attacks.  If luck is with you, you should do OK.


WonderBangles would be helpful.  Just keep going at him - he'll go through a total of 5 forms.
He's one of the easier final Bosses.


--Caballero's Buds
Use Total attacks and single attacks together.  Not too hard at all.

Losers.  However, the final viruses not only have much more HP, they're also a bit stronger.  2
can replicate after each round, so use "Total" attacks and when the coast is close to clear, 
have T260 use "Contact" on the jelly-like core.

Straight-out attacks.  Have T260 absorb his powers.

He'll morph quite a few times.  For T260, equip TigerProgram, SelfRepair, CombatMastery, 
and PluralSlash.  Leonard should have EnergySupply, ShootingMastery, and (if possible) 
SelfRepair.  I *think* EvasionLaser would help, but I'm not sure as I hadn't got it by then.  In 
its first form (it'll return to it another 3 times) it uses Carnage, a "Total" laser attack 
which depletes at least half the energy from your party.  Use strong attacks so it'll morph.  
In the fake backgrounds it's a lot weaker, so use the time to heal yourself.  Have T260 use V-
MAX and try to get the Comet attack to be in a combo whenever possible.  Make sure you have 
PluralSlash to use when V-MAX wears off.  The 3rd time it returns to the computer 
background the screens will be blank.  That mean's he almost dead!


I repeat, build up your levels BEFORE trying to take on the bosses.

Equip Fire-retardant items.

Equip Water-retardant items.

A bit harder because he has a Fear Counterattack and can attack twice in a round.  Use 
distant attacks (no straight sword attacks or straight fighting attacks) and polish him off.

Has some strong attacks and will block a bit, but again no problem.

--SpiritSage (? Ciato, anyway)
He'll block some attacks, but won't be a problem.

Don't bother with the bats - they'll just come back anyway.  Keep going at the main guy.


--DarkSage (? Rastaban)
No biggie.

HERE we go.  Equip Petrify-retardant items and make sure your Charm is high.  Keep at him 
with combo attacks.  When all three of his buddies get together and do their "3Mistresses" 
Total tech, he's almost dead.  Keep going and it'll take only one or two more rounds.  He's 
pretty strong, so try hard!

Can't think of anything else... Please e-mail me with comments or corrections at , and please visit my website at 


--Dan Orner