Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain
Table of Contents Introduction The Plot The Players Items and Spells Common Locations More to come! -------------------------------------------------- Introduction This file originated as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List about Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. We quickly realized that you, the player, wanted to know much more than a quick Q&A page could provide. Therefore, we bring you the complete guide to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. In here, you'll find out about the Weapons, the Armour, the Spells, the Objects, the Blood Fountains, and much more. But you'll also get a detailed rundown of the plot, and the main characters that bring Kain to life. The information has been broken down into broad categories such as "Plot" and "Players", which will contain all the juicy tidbits, in the order that they occur in the game. By giving you the facts in game- order, players who don't wish to find out about areas they haven't visited, can stop reading when they find the information they're looking for, without fear of giving away future levels. We will also be including a Behind-the-Scenes look at how Legacy of Kain was created, and quick look at our company, Silicon Knights. We hope you enjoy The Complete Guide to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. If you have any questions that aren't already answered, feel free to mail Kain at , and we'll consider including it in future versions of this guide. Enjoy the Game! --- Everyone at Silicon Knights. -------------------------------------------------- Legacy of Kain: The Plot The Intro A young nobleman stops at a bar to sate his thirst. To his dismay the barkeep is quite reluctant to serve him, noting the time and the looming danger the night brings. Disheartened, the young nobleman, Kain, resumes his journey. On the streets of the small town of Ziegturl our unfortunate Kain is attacked and slain. He awakens in the underworld where the Necromancer, Mortanius, offers Kain the chance to kill his assassins. Kain accepts the offer without considering the cost, which was the loss of his mortality in trade for an existence as a vampire. The Cemetery Kain will begin his odyssey in a crypt. This will introduce you to the things to look out for. Kain's first spell, his first artifact, and the other powerups to watch for. Each item will give a description of what it is the first time you pick them up. The only exception to this is the magic orb. These will replenish Kain's magic level. The most difficult puzzle is figuring out how to open the doors. Look for the lights on the wall. They will point out buttons that will open the doors. Once Kain has left his mausoleum, he will be in the cemetery. Kain should not discount this place. It holds many secrets that can be exploited throughout the game. To exit the cemetery Kain must proceed through the next mausoleum. Make note of places you couldn't go. With added abilities these no longer remain barriers. The Brigand Encounter Once Kain leaves the cemetery he will want to seek vengeance from those who killed him. After killing the brigands Mortanius will give you the first indication as to the complexity of your quest. The Pillars Kain will encounter the Pillars of Nosgoth on his Journey. There, Ariel, the representative of the pillar of balance will inform Kain that the salvation of Nosgoth will would be in his best interest. After leaving the pillars Kain will come upon a bat beacon. These will allow him to fly around Nosgoth. To progress on to Nupraptor's Retreat, Kain must get the Wolf form which is in a cave to the west of the Pillars. There is also a mausoleum along the path which contains the light spell. This spell is very useful in dark areas to reveal hidden enemies and powerups. Nupraptor Nupraptor represents the pillar of the mind. His madness was caused by the murder of his beloved Ariel. To negotiate Nupraptors retreat Kain will require several items. To actually gain entrance to the retreat, Kain will require the Disguise form which can be found in the Gypsy camp to the south of Wasserbund. Kain will also require the energy bolt spell to trigger buttons that are out of his reach. The spell can be found in a mausoleum to the south of Nactholm. When confronting Nupraptor, look for the purple orbs that fade in and out and allow Kain passage. After defeating Nupraptor Kain will receive the mace, an excellent weapon against humans but fairly ineffectual against the undead. Coorhagen After the head of Nupraptor has been returned to the Pillars, Kain must go home to the city of Coorhagen. The city has been infested with the plague since his departure. Kain must navigate the narrow alleys of the city to reach Malek. In the city Kain will find the Bone Armour and The Repel Shield. If Kain is observant he will also find the Hate spell before he leaves the city. Malek's Bastion Before Kain can kill the remaining members of the circle of nine he must defeat their protector. Malek was cursed to be the protector of the circle of nine for all eternity as well as the representative of the pillar of conflict. The Repel Shield is very useful here since the supply of blood is almost non-existent. Kain should budget his magic and step lightly to avoid depleting his blood supply. When fighting Malek Kain must hit him with a full combination swing. If Kain is successful, Malek will fall apart. Repeat this until Malek rushes to the north end of his battle room. He will cast a wall of magical force at Kain, which means Kain should run to the teleporter at the south of the room. Once out of harms way Kain will find Havoc and Malice. When used properly these axes can be very powerful weapons. The Oracle of Nosgoth From all across Nosgoth, people seek audience with the Oracle of Nosgoth. He is said to have knowledge of past and future, and many seek to find answers to their questions from him. Indeed, he is a wise and benevolent man, proficient in the arts of divination and prophecy. He will answer many of Kain's questions about the key players are, and introduce Kain to future encounters. Along the path to the Oracle Kain can find the Stun spell. Inside the crystal caves of the Oracle, Kain will encounter odd creatures. Use your mace to break through some of the barriers. They will reveal powerups. Also, keep the Energy Bolt equipped to pursuade your enemies to let you pass. The crystal caves are a labyrinth. Just proceed forward and try not to go backward. Kains' path will cross over itself. If he constantly proceeds forward the path will lead him to the Oracle. Vorador Vorador is a proud, arrogant, and long lived vampire. He has lived since ancient times, and seen the world grow from being young and vibrant to sour and corrupt. He has feasted upon the teeming human cattle of Nosgoth and learned everything there is to know about the world, reading his victims thoughts as he preyed upon their blood. The great vampire purges, brought to the world by the Sarafan, caused much suffering to Vorador. The Sarafan murdered his friends, lovers, and his vampire children and gave him a valid reason to hate the living. He fought back once, destroying part of the Circle who supported the Sarafan, but it was not enough. The purges eventually drove him into hiding, and so he became lost to the world of Nosgoth. To navigate the mansion Kain will require several items. He will require mist form which is hidden in a keep in the north near the caves of the Oracle. He will need the Control Mind spell, the Flame Sword and the Blood Gout spell all of which are in the swamp to the west of the mansion. There are also two Spirit Forges in the swamp that could prove useful. The swamp and mansion are infested with the lower forms of undead. The Bone Armour will keep those enemies at bay. Kain should stay alert because there are plenty of hidden areas in the mansion. Also, keep in mind that Vorador is a vampire and his mansion is built to exploit the powers at a vampires disposal. Use the mind control spell on the few humans inside - their bodies will help you progress through the mansion. Uschtenhiem East of Vorador's Mansion is the small town of Uschtenhiem. It is rumored that eons ago a powerful vampire known as Janos Audron once lived here. It may require going to a place of the dead to reveal the secrets of the dead. The Dark Eden At the northern end of Nosgoth, there are three wizards who plan to reshape Nosgoth. Anacrothe, Bane and Dejoule preside over the Dark Eden. Along the road from Uschtenhiem there is a blood fountain that Kain will need to visit. Once inside the Dark Eden Cathedral, Kain should keep his antitoxin artifacts handy. Remember that poison blood is very useful if cured. Also there are several doors that may seem impenetrable but can be passed through using the Mist form. Kain will also find the Spirit Death spell and the Flesh Amour. Use the Flesh Armour and the Axes to fill your blood vile before you proceed to meet the wizards. Anacrothe will flee and call Malek. Kain will in turn call Vorador (with Vorador's ring) to deal with Malek and give chase to the remaining wizards. Use the Flame Sword against Bane but make sure Kain has his Repel Shield on. Once Bane is dead, Kain should turn his attention to Dejoule. Fire the Energy Bolt her way to penetrate her shields. Keep those Energy Bank artifacts handy. Avernus Azimuth is an explorer of alien realms. Her magic opens portals and doorways to other dimensions. After the insanity struck, her magic was left intact, but her mind was blasted into obscurity. She is now a raving lunatic that revels in the pain and misfortune of others. The magic she indiscriminately conjures has left the city of Avernus at the mercy of inhuman demons and creatures that delight in spreading pain. Along the path from the Dark Eden Kain may be fortunate enough to find the Lightning spell. Once inside the gates of Avernus, there will be a house to the east of the main gate. There will be a save point in that house. Kain's goal is to get to the Cathedral and destroy Azimuth. The Spirit Wrack spell is quite useful against the demons and if Kain has enough Antitoxins, the Flesh Armour and the Axes will keep Kain's blood vile full. The cathedral exists in two planes of existence. Kain must travel back and forth between these planes to navigate to the altar. Once at the altar, Kain must rise to heaven to obtain the Soul Reaver and then descend to Hell to obtain the Wraith Armour. When facing off against Azimuth try to get behind her. One blow with the Soul Reaver should eliminate her. Willendorf King Ottmar, the ruler of Willendorf, resides in this sombre area. For his daughter's birthday he held a contest to find the greatest toy in the land. The contest was won by Elzevir the Dollmaker. Elzevir asked only for a lock of the princess' hair which, unbeknownst to the king, would be used to imprison the princess' soul. Kain needs to retrieve the princess' soul so that Ottmar will mobilise his army against the approaching army of the Nemesis. The path will lead Kain to the Provincial mines which will give him the ability to beguile the guards of Willendorf and gain access to the city. Also, the last of the Blood Fountains and a Spirit Forge are south of the city and will prove quite useful later on. To pass on to the land of the Nemesis, where Elzevir resides, Kain must use the underground passage in Willendorf castle. In the foyer of the castle, there is a door on the west wall. In that room Kain will find the passage. Elzevir the Dollmaker Elzevir imprisoned the soul of the daughter of King Ottmar. His reasons are unknown and open for speculation. The Spirit Wrack spell is necessary to gain entrance to the Dollmaker's house. The spell can be found to the North of Willendorf . There is a bat beacon next to a group of tents, the spell is in a cave near there. Kain will exit the underground passage next to a Nemesis keep. Use this area to practice with the Spirit Wrack spell but be warned the Nemesis soldiers are not as easily fooled as the armies of King Ottmar. Inside the Dollmaker's house there are several areas where the Spirit Wrack spell comes in handy, specifically, it can be used to control dolls that will flip levers for Kain. The Chaos Armour can be useful here as the dolls will fall apart when they hit Kain. The dolls will reconstitute if not completely destroyed so the Energy Bolt spell and the Flame Sword are quite handy. A warning for Kain, be careful with the Spirit Wrack spell, it does not destroy the dolls' bodies. As well, Kain's enemies are not fooled by the spell , they will attack the character that Kain is controlling. When fighting Elzevir, bring out the big guns. Providing you have enough magic, the Soul Reaver is best. When leaving the Dollmaker's, you may want to visit the Nemesis stronghold. The last Spirit Forge lies to the north as well. The Battle of the Last Stand Once the Kain returns to Willendorf with the princess' soul, King Ottmar will prepare for war with the Army of the Nemesis. During the Last Battle, it is in Kain's best interest to try to constantly proceed north. As far as what is the best weapon armour combination, you have to remember that the nemesis army is human. The Flesh Armour and the Axes will keep Kain well stocked with blood if used properly. However, if spells are more to your taste use the Chaos Armour and the Mace in conjunction with Blood shower is quite a powerful combination. If you tend to keep spells as a last resort and prefer to go mano a mano with the Nemesis army then use the Wraith armour and the Mace keep the Stun spell handy for those tight squeezes. The Past Nosgoth After the Battle of the Last Stand, Kain will use the Time Streaming Device. The device transports Kain to the past. After killing a brigand, Kain receives a vision. Soon Kain will realise where in time he is. He also realises that he can save Nosgoth by eliminating King William the Just who would, in time, become the Nemesis of Nosgoth. The Stronghold of William the Just lies to the North. Save points are scarce in this area so it's best to know exactly where they are. There is one in the keep where Kain arrives in the past. There is a door on the North wall of the keep just to the west of the main gate. In the city of Stahlberg, there is a second save point. On the west side of the city there is a gate. There is a house directly to the east of the gate with an open door. In that house Kain will find another save point. The best guards protect the stronghold so use similar tactics as with the Last Battle. Be warned, the castle is not as wide open as a battle field and Kain can get backed into a corner. Do not begin feeling omnipotent. Take each attacker on as the come and do not rush into anything. The mace is a very powerful weapon here. Also save up those Energy Bank artifacts, Kain will need them when squaring off against King William. The New Nosgoth After defeating King William, Kain will once again be transported in time. He has changed the progression of time and so things are no longer the way they were when he left. With the death of their beloved King the people have sworn to eliminate the land of vampires. A groups of vampire hunters has been formed to accomplish this task. Kain should backtrack to reach his ultimate goal. He should treat the vampire hunters with the same care as the Nemesis army. Once out of the stronghold Kain should continue to head south keeping in mind that the people have changed but the places have not. Once Kain reaches the keep where Moebius is executing Vorador he will have to face off against enemies from the past the present and the future. The Repel Shield is your best bet here. The last enemy Kain will encounter is the future version of himself. He will continually attempt to attack you from behind so stay in the middle and try to anticipated his next move. The Final Encounter with Mortanius When Moebius is killed, Kain will be called back to the pillars. There he will witness the death of Anacrothe at the hands of Mortanius, thus confirming that Mortanius is not as friendly as he had originally presented himself to be. With the rest of the pillars restored, Mortanius is the only enemy left. The Flame Sword and the Repel Shield will aid Kain in killing Mortanius. After defeating Mortanius, the Dark Entity (Hash'ak'gik) rises from his body. When Kain faces the Dark Entity he should use his Mist form for protection. When the Entity dives below ground, change to mist to avoid being hit when the Entity pops back up. When the Entity surfaces change back to Kain and attack the Entity with either the Soul Reaver or the Flame sword. After Defeating the Dark Entity the balance pillar is left to restore. Kain has two choices, he must decide to either sacrifice himself to restore balance to the world and save Nosgoth, or sacrifice Nosgoth to maintain his afterlife as the (new) most powerful entity in the land. -------------------------------------------------- Legacy of Kain: Character Biographies Kain An ambitious young noble whose lust for vengeance overrides his sense of judgment. Kain is resurrected from the dead by the Necromancer Mortanius, for whom he must perform a task of great importance, although what and why it is not revealed to him. Kain's quest leads him on a torturous journey of self- discovery as his curse of vampirism takes irrevocable hold on his soul. The once righteous Kain must slaughter the innocent to survive. As all vampires know - the blood is the life... The Circle of Nine - The Protectors and "Destroyers" of Hope Anacrothe Anarcrothe the Alchemist is a tinkerer. He fools around with chemicals, alien substances and strange machinery. He concocts, explores, experiments, and dabbles with forces he only partially understands. Long ago, he became scarred in an accident resulting in one of his more ambitious experiments. The left side of his face was burned away by acidic energies, melding skin and bone in an unsightly writhing tangle. This mutilation he keeps hidden beneath the hood of his robes, so that only the unscarred side of his face is visible. He wears robes of dark, imperial purple, embroidered with the arcane symbology of his craft. Ariel Ariel was the last incarnation of "Balance". Her magic influenced the regulation of the other magic in Nosgoth. Her prowess in magic and enchantment rivaled that of her beauty, and it was these factors which Nupraptor the Mentalist loved her for. Unfortunately, their love was short lived. The Dark Entity exercised its power and had Ariel murdered at the hands of Mortanius. Now, Ariel is a disembodied spirit "tied" to the Pillars, which she haunts, trying to find someone who will carry out her duties. Azimuth - The Planer Azimuth is an explorer of alien realms. Her magic opens portals and doorways to other dimensions, allowing the creatures within to escape... After the insanity struck, her magic was left intact, but her mind was blasted into obscurity. She is now a raving lunatic that revels in the pain and misfortune of others. The magic she indiscriminately conjures has left numerous cities at the mercy of inhuman demons and creatures that delight in spreading pain. In many ways, Azimuth is an analogy to Nero, who played a fiddle while Rome burned... She revels in the destruction she has wrought with sadistic glee, a trait that was present even before she was driven insane by Nupraptor's magic. Bane Bane is a wizard of Nature. He manipulates the behavior of life and the elements. Through his magic he can change the nature of life itself, animating plants and influencing animals, creating new and weird life forms for his own purposes. The weather itself is at his behest. Bane is dressed in the trappings of a priest of nature - somewhat druidic in essence. Animal skins and hides clothe his body, a deer skull functions as a hat. Dejoule Dejoule is a woman of duplicity. Her field of magical specialty is the harnessing and manipulation of energy. This practice has, over the years, altered her physical makeup somewhat. Her body glows with an intense blue light, constantly caressed by tongues of flickering energy. This magical aura has an insidious effect on anybody standing nearby - sapping their energy and blistering their skin, sterilizing cells, etc. Because of this, Dejoule wears a heavy robe lined with insulating fabric which contains her magic. When forced to fight, she'll rip her robe off and let the energy shine through... In this form, she is nothing more than a glowing humanoid female shape, with sparks and arcs of energy whipping around her. Malek Malek, fanatical warrior-priest of the Sarafan, is Ward of the Circle. He is the defender and paladin to the Circle of Nine, and as so, has vowed allegiance to their protection. Long ago, his inaction allowed several members of the Circle to be murdered by a vicious vampire; and for his crime his soul was fused to the metal of his own armor, which he has inhabited ever since, and will do for eternity. In "life"(picture left), Malek was known as a ruthless and cold blooded murderer by enemy generals and, particularly, by the vampires who he and his Sarafan cohorts hunted relentlessly. Vampire purges continues under Malek's direction for hundreds of years. In "unlife", Malek stands defiant in battered rune covered armor, his helmet's plume braided from the bloodied scalps of his many victims. Purged of his humanity by the Circle's sorcery, Malek's hate has been entirely focused on exacting revenge upon the vampire that caused him to be damned for eternity. Moebius Moebius is an intensely devious and conniving sorceror. Not many of the Circle trust him, despite the fact that he has maintained his post for many years. His power stems from his control over time travel, and its use in forecasting history. He constantly abuses this power to further his own plans and situation. In the Nosgoth before the Decline, Moebius passed himself off as a wise hermit called "The Oracle" giving benevolent and kind advice to anyone who sought it. Now, after his mind has been tainted by Nupraptor's magic, he causes trouble and torment by predicting omens and horrific events, exploiting them to his own ends. Mortanius Mortanius is an ancient sorcerer skilled in the arts of manipulating death. His power has accumulated over the centuries, arguably making him the most potent wizard in all of Nosgoth. His power is tempered with mercy and judgment, however, since he is one of the Circle of Nine ("the Protectors of Hope") - the magicians whose magic preserve the order of magical power in the world. The toils of his magical practices with the dead have made Mortanius little more than a skin and bone husk whose fragility belies his ultimate power. Nupraptor A magician of phenomenal mental and psychic ability, Nupraptor is hypersensitive to peoples' emotions and thoughts. This constant exposure has made him extremely unstable - prone to rash action and sometimes unpredictable and illogical decision making. He is a passionate man, however, and very loyal to those who are special to him. And so it was with Ariel, the original Balance wizard. When Nupraptor discovers that Mortanius, under the malevolent control of the Dark Entity, Hash'ak'gik, has murdered Ariel, he goes over the edge. He vows vengeance upon Mortanius and the fates that have caused this event, and turns his powerful magic to bear on the other members of the Circle of Nine. All across Nosgoth, the minds of the sensitive and intellectual are blasted by relentless waves of hatred. There is no stopping the assault. When the enchantment ends, the entire Circle is quite insane, some raving like madmen, others maliciously in control of their actions... And now, Nosgoth is at their mercy. Other Characters Elzevir - The Dollmaker The "Dollmaker" is a magician of little note and unknown origin. His sphere of power, if you will, is the soul of mankind. He is a collector of souls, and in particular he covets King Ottmar's daughter. His mode of magic involves making an effigy of his target person, and then attaching a personal item to it - in the case of the king's daughter, it is a lock of hair. This enabled him to target his enchantments on her, and draw her soul into the effigy. With the effigies he is able to exert power of the person in whose likeness it is carved... Over the years, the Dollmaker has collected many and varied souls for his own twisted reasons. The Oracle of Nosgoth From all across Nosgoth, people seek audience with the Oracle of Nosgoth. He is said to have knowledge of past and future, and many seek tofind answers to their questions from him. Indeed, he is a wise and benevolent man, proficient in the arts of divination and prophecy. Pilgrims must first find him in his mountain home, and conquer the pitfalls of the labyrinths behind which he hides, and even then, he might not be there. The Oracle is a wise and mysterious man - and works in devious ways... King Ottmar, the Lion of Willendorf King Ottmar is a valiant warrior and wise ruler. His armies have united most of Nosgoth and is the only thing which is halfway capable of stopping the advancing Legions of the Nemesis. Unfortunately, Ottmar is melancholic. His faith in his ability to lead and fight has been undermined by the abduction of his daughter's soul. Until his daughter's soul is returned to her body, the future of Nosgoth is grim indeed. Ottmar's court is open to everybody - anyone of his domain is free to enter and converse with the king. He is willing to allow anyone to attempt to retrieve his daughter's soul. Vorador Vorador is a proud, arrogant and long lived vampire. He has lived since ancient times, and seen the world grow from being young and vibrant to sour and corrupt. He has feasted upon the teeming human cattle of Nosgoth and learned everything there is to know about the world, reading his victims thoughts as he preyed upon their blood. The great vampire purges, brought to the world by the Sarafan, caused much suffering to Vorador. The Sarafan murdered his friends, lovers, and his vampire children and gave him a valid reason to hate the living. He fought back once, destroying part of the Circle who supported the Sarafan, but it was not enough. The purges eventually drove him into hiding, and so he became lost to the world of Nosgoth. William the Just / The Nemesis In a previous timeline, William the Just was exactly as his title suggested. A kind, fair and just ruler. Through the insidious designs of Moebius, the Time Streamer, William has become a sadistic despot and tyrant, vying for global domination and the slavery of right thinking folk. For forty years, William conspires with Moebius, creating a fanatically loyal and ruthless army that crushes all in its path, including the Last Hope of Nosgoth, the Lion of Willendorf himself - King Ottmar. William, now known as the Nemesis, tortures and executes those who oppose him. Beheading, disembowelling, impaling peasants and warriors alike in their very own villages. The Nemesis brings with him death and strife, pain and misery, and it will never end... The Legions of the Nemesis An ancient seer once prophesied the march of an enormous army that would lay waste to the last havens of peace in Nosgoth and bring about the end of civilization. The seer said little of its origin, but noted that it would gather in the wastes of northern Nosgoth, and crush all who opposes its expansion, and that the people would name it the Legion of the Nemesis. The prophesy foretold rape and torture, death and destruction on cataclysmic levels, and that it cannot be stopped. The peaceful pastoral land of Nosgoth WILL be massacred. -------------------------------------------------- Items, Spells, and Forms Weapons All weapons have trade offs between their effects, and the consequences of using them, in increasing order of strength. The Iron Sword: Powerful sword, lets you bloodsuck if you don't get too carried away. The Spiked Mace: Excellent against humans and some mutants in that it will stun them every time (wielded proprely), but useless against most more powerful creatures. The Axes: Particularly useful in combination with the Flesh Armour, but beware of tainted blood. The Flame Sword: Incinerates opponents, but leaves you without the option of drinking their blood. The Soul Reaver: The most powerful sword while you have magic available, but little more than a club after your magic is exhausted. The two handed weapons (Axes,SoulR), while equipped, prevent Kain from using his magic/objects. Armour In increasing order of magical strength. Iron Armour: Good all-around protection. No disadvantages. Flesh Armour: Sucks up any blood that sprays from Kain's victims. Will also suck Poison(green) and Black blood. Bone Armour: Lower undead ignore you unless attacked. Offers less protection than Iron Armour. Chaos Armour: Inflicts the same amount of damage to an attacker as has been inflicted on Kain. Player should always be aware of Kain's blood level, because it's easy to get in (to battle) over your head. Wraith Armour: Kain only receives half damage, as long as you have magic. Useless if you run out of magic. Spells Sanctuary: When hurt, use this to get out of trouble and return home. When your health is restored fly back to where you were. Light: Illuminates map for limited time. Energy Bolt: Direct fire magic missile, good for keeping your distance. Reconnaissance by fire, and triggering distant switches are two uses of this most helpful spell. Repel: Shields from physical, and repels magical attacks for limited time. Spend magic instead of taking damage. Hate (Secret): Sets enemies against each other, leaving you with the lone survivor to deal with. Try it on (regenerating) zombies. Stun: Homing magic missile stuns human opponents so that you may feed. Tough humans fall just as easy as townsfolk. Incapacitate: Homing magic missile that stops an enemy for a limited time. Stationary enemies that don't fight back are easy targets. Control Mind: Direct fire magic missile that takes control of a human subject. Why fight when your enemy can do the work for you? Blood Gout: Direct fire magic missile that will draw blood from an opponent. When you need a drink but you can't reach the fountain... Blood Shower: Will draw blood from multiple opponents. Overrun by humans? Surprise them! Spirit Death: Direct fire magic missile with excellent power. Like Energy Bolt only much, much stronger. Lightning (Secret): Death from above attacks multiple opponents. Makes those overland treks more entertaining. Spirit Wrack: Take control of any subject. Let them run the gauntlet in your place. Objects Heart of Darkness: Restores unlife, or pulls you back from the brink of oblivion. The more the merrier. Flay: Homing magic missile distributes a grizzly death. Press the panic button and let them fly. Implode: Direct fire magic missile with area effect. Great for crowd control. Energy Bank: Gives near-unlimited magical power for limited time. Be wary, it will leave you drained of magic. Slow Time: Time slows for everyone but yourself. Need some time to think? Putrescence: Homing magic projectile that leaves a nasty residue. Enemy in pursuit? Hit and run. Anti-Toxin: Turns green blood red; cures poisoning. Green is just as good as red, if used quickly. The Pentalich Tarot: ("The deck of five deaths") Kills five opponents in different ways. Variety is the spice of life. Forms Kain is a Vampire who can transform himself into four forms. Kain must expend magic to maintain each form, if he runs out of magic, his form reverts to his normal state. Werewolf: Half Man, Half Wolf. The wolf form is very fast, able to leap over streams, pits, and onto small ledges. Kain's attack while in wolf form is exceptionally powerful during a full moon. Mist: In mist form Kain can travel through cracks in walls, over water, and avoid non-magical attacks. Very useful for getting out of (and into!) those tight places. Disguise: In disguise form Kain appears as a common villager, and is able to pass by guards, and talk to "fellow" villagers. Kain cannot attack while in Disguise form. Beguile: Beguile is a magic that makes others see Kain not as a vampire, but as a young noble. Unlike Disguise, Kain's form has not changed, but merely alters other's perception of him. If Kain attacks while in this state, the spell is broken, and others will see him for what he is. -------------------------------------------------- Common Locations The Blood Fountains The Blood Fountains are places where Kain can gain more strength, faster magic regeneration, the Beguile Form, resistance to rain, and resistance to snow. Each Blood Fountain can be used once, and woe to the vampire who becomes greedy, and tries drinking a second time. The locations of the Blood Fountains can be found along Kain's path, generally in caves located just off the beaten path. Check out The Plot for descriptions of their locations. Tip: If you're walking along, and you notice a path breaking away from the main path, try Zooming out, if you see a cave entrance, it's possibly a Blood Fountain. (or a dungeon, or a bandit hideout, or...) The Spirit Forges The Spirit Forges let you sacrifice blood for objects. Yes, there is indeed one Spirit Forge for each object. The Spirit Forges are often hidden behind stone doors that only open during full moons. Some of the Spirit Forges, especially ones that give Kain more powerful objects, are more concealed, and require a bit of searching to find. Check out The Plot for descriptions of their locations. Each of the Spirit Forges also has a secret back door which lets Kain gain access to it from a distant location. This is particularly useful when Kain gains the Mind Control spell. (Nothings says that is must be Kain's blood that is sacrificed!) --------------------------------------------------