Twisted Metal 2

God Mode

    This code will give you God Mode, plus infinite ammo and an infinite special bar.

    Hold down L1, L2, R1, and R2. Then enter UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP. If entered correctly, the words 'God Mode' will appear at the top of the screen.

    Code submitted by Aaron Robison

Homing Napalm Advanced Attack

    During the game, fire a napalm with atleast one in reserve. Keep the button pressed and enter the following button sequence: UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT. You'll still need to aim it, but the napalm will find its original target.

Restore Your Life At The Expense Of Others

    If you run over ten pedestrians you get your life restored.

    Code submitted by strasser

Sell Your Soul

    Sell your soul by pressing: DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN. Then sell all of your weapons for life.

    NOTE: The more weapons you have the more life you get.

    Code submitted by strasser

Level Codes

    Enter these codes at the Password Screen and press START to access the level indicated for the character.

    Moscow: X, Triangle, X, X, Space, Space
    Paris: O, Triangle, Square, Space, Triangle, Space
    Amazonia: Triangle, Triangle, Square, O, O, Space
    New York: Space, Triangle, Square, Square, X, Space
    Antarctica: X, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, O
    Holland: O, X, O, Triangle, O, O
    Hong Kong: Triangle, X, O, X, X, O
    Dark Tooth: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Space, Square

    Moscow: Triangle, X, O, Space, Space, Space
    Paris: X, Triangle, O, Square, Square, O
    Amazonia: Space, X, O, O, Triangle, O
    New York: O, Triangle, X, O, Space, Square
    Antarctica: X, Square, Square, O, Space, Triangle
    Holland: Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, O, Triangle
    Hong Kong: O, Square, Square, O, X, Triangle
    Dark Tooth: X, Space, X, Square, Square, Space

    Moscow: Space, Triangle, X, X, X, Space
    Paris: Space, X, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle
    Amazonia: Triangle, Space, Space, Space, X, O
    New York: Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, X
    Antarctica: Triangle, X, Triangle, O, X, Square
    Holland: Triangle, Square, Square, X, Square, Space
    Hong Kong: O, Triangle, O, Square, Square, Triangle
    Dark Tooth: O, O, O, Space, Triangle, X

    Moscow: Triangle, Triangle, X, X, O, Space
    Paris: O, X, Triangle, O, Triangle, X
    Amazonia: X, O, O, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
    New York: Triangle, Space, Space, O, X, O
    Antarctica: O, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Space
    Holland: X, X, Triangle, Space, O, X
    Hong Kong: Space, X, O, triangle, Square, Square
    Dark Tooth: Space, Square, Triangle, O, O, Triangle

    Moscow: X, X, Triangle, Square, X, Space
    Paris: X, Space, Space, O, X, Square
    Amazonia: O, Triangle, Square, Space, Square, X
    New York: Triangle, X, O, Square, Space, O
    Antarctica: Triangle, Space, Triangle, O, Triangle, Triangle
    Holland: Space, O, Space, Space, O, Space
    Hong Kong: Square, Space, Space, Triangle, Space, Triangle
    Dark Tooth: Square, Space, Square, Triangle, O, X

    OUTLAW 2
    Moscow: Space, X, O, Space, Triangle, Space
    Paris: Triangle, Triangle, X, O, Triangle, Space
    Amazonia: Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Space
    New York: O, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Space
    Antarctica: X, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, Space
    Holland: X, Square, Square, Space, Triangle
    Hong Kong: Space, Triangle, X, Square, X, X
    Dark Tooth: Space, O, X, Space, Triangle, Space

    Moscow: O, X, Triangle, Square, Square, Space
    Paris: Triangle, Space, Triangle, Space, Space, O
    Amazonia: X, X, Triangle, O, Square, Triangle
    New York: O, Space, Space, X, Space, X
    Antarctica: Space, Triangle, Square, X, O, Space
    Holland: X, Space, Space, Triangle, Space, Square
    Hong Kong: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle
    Dark Tooth: Triangle, O, X, Triangle, Square, X

    Moscow: Square, Space, Space, Triangle, Triangle, Space
    Paris: X, Triangle, X, Square, O, Triangle
    Amazonia: X, X, O, Space, Triangle, X
    New York: X, Space, Space, X, O, Square
    Antarctica: O, X, O, O, X, O
    Holland: O, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Space
    Hong Kong: O, Space, Triangle, Space, Square, X
    Dark Tooth: O, Triangle, Space, Triangle, O, Space

    Moscow: O, Triangle, X, X, Triangle, Space
    Paris: Space, Triangle, Square, O, O, X
    Amazonia: O, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X
    New York: Space, X, O, X, X, Triangle
    Antarctica: X, Space, Space, Space, O, Triangle
    Holland: Triangle, Space, Space, Square, X, Square
    Hong Kong: X, Triangle, X, Triangle, O, Square
    Dark Tooth: X, O, O, O, Space, Triangle

    Moscow: O, Space, Space, Triangle, X, Space
    Paris: X, Square, Square, O, O, Triangle
    Amazonia: Triangle, X, O, Space, Square, Space
    New York: X, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
    Antarctica: Triangle, Triangle, Square, Space, Space, Space
    Holland: X, Triangle, X, Space, Square, Triangle
    Hong Kong: Triangle, Space, Space, Square, Triangle, Space
    Dark Tooth: Triangle, Space, Square, Square, X, O

    Moscow: X, Space, Space, Triangle, O, Space
    Paris: Triangle, X, O, O, X, Triangle
    Amazonia: Space, Triangle, Square, X, Square, O
    New York: X, Triangle, X, O, X, Space
    Antarctica: O, Space, Space, X, Square, Triangle
    Holland: Space, X, X, Space, Space, O
    Hong Kong: X, X, Triangle, X, Square, Space
    Dark Tooth: X, Square, Space, Square, Triangle, O

    Moscow: Triangle, Space, Space, Triangle, Square, Space
    Paris: Triangle, Square, Square, Square, X, Square
    Amazonia: O, Square, Square, O, X, X
    New York: X, Square, Square, Space, X, O
    Antarctica: Space, X, O, Triangle, Space, Square
    Holland: Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, Space, X
    Hong Kong: O, X, Triangle, O, Space, O
    Dark Tooth: O, Square, Space, O, O, Square

Minion's Special Attack


    Code submitted by Strasser

Advanced Attacks

    At any time during play, perform these combos for special advanced attacks:

    Cloaking: Right, Down, Left, Up
    Freeze Blast: Left, Right, Up
    Jump: Up, Up, Left
    Mine Attack: Right, Left, Down
    Napalm: Right, Left, Up
    Rear Attack: Left, Right, Down
    Rear Freeze: Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up
    Rear Napalm: Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Up
    Shield: Up, Up, Right

Play As Minion

    At the car select screen, press L1, Up, Down, Left

Play As Sweet Tooth

    At the car select screen, press Up, L1, Triangle, Right

Random Car Select

    Press and hold R1 at the vehicle selection screen to randomly choose your vehicle. Press X while the vehicles are scrolling to select.

Secret Levels

    Secret levles can only be accessed in Two-Player Challenge Mode. Enter the codes at the Level Select Screen.

    Jet Moto Level: Up, Down, Right, R1
    Original Rooftop: Down, Left, R1, Down
    Cyburbia: Down, Up, L1, R1