Twisted Metal

Face Five Enemies

    To face five enemies in the Arena Stage, enter Square, Triangle, O, Square, Square.

Helicopter View

    At the password screen, enter O, O, Triangle, X, Space. Pusg START+Up to select the helicopter view. This view will only work on the arena stage and the rooftop stage.


    Enter Square, Triangle, X, Space, O.

Level Codes

    Freeway - X, Square, square, O, Triangle
    River Park Rumble - X, Triangle, Square, O, Square
    Assault On Cyburbia - X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, triangle
    Rooftop - Square, Triangle, X, O, X

Surviving Enemies List

    To bring up a list of surviving enemies, press START+X anytime during gameplay. Press START+X again to make the list disappear.

Unlimited Weapons

    Enter Triangle, Space, Square, O, O.