Tobal No. 1

Winning Poses

    Press high, medium, low, or guard for different winning poses.

Alternate Costumes

    At the Character Selection Screen, press and hold UP and press any.

Elevate The Camera

    In the Tournament and VS Mode, at the Character Select Screen, hold down L2 + R2 before selecting a character then release after selecting the character.

Fight In Hyper Mode

    Just go to the Sudden Death Mode.

Play As Mufu

    Finish Quest Mode #2 to play as Mufu.

Play As Snork

    Finish Quest Mode #1 to play as Snork.

Play As Udan

    Finish Quest Mode #4 to play as Tori Robo.

Hom Suicide

    When playing Hom, press Down+R1+L1 during a match. Hom will reach behind his back and turn himself off!