Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha

Hidden Taunts

    We've uncovered a couple of hidden taunts for those of you who are complete SFEX Plus Alpha freaks. Simply enter the following button combinations during gameplay when you're playing as one of the following characters: Skull Taunt: Left, down, right, up + Punch Dhalsim Taunt: right, up, left + Kick

Let CPU Control a ROund in Team Batlle

    If you want to let the computer control your character during one of the rounds in a Team Battle, press and hold L2 and SELECT during the loading screen before the round begins.

See Total Hits

    When you have been defeated by an opponent in Survival Mode, you can press SELECT in the summary screen to see the total hits for the survival rounds.

Bonus Barrel Game

    Highlight the Practice option in the Main menu and press the START button once. Next, press UP, UP, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, UP, then press START. A message should appear. Go in the Practice Mode and you should see a Bonus option.

Play As Akuma

    At the Player Select screen, press Up, R1, Down, L2, Right, L1, Left, R2. The code must be entered quickly for it to work. If it doesn't work, go to Guile and try again. When it works, choose Guile to play as Akuma.