Street Fighter Alpha 2

Alternate Taunt

    After defeating your opponent, but before the KO symbol appears, press and hold SELECT, then one of the Punch or Kick buttons.

Fight Shin (True) Akuma

    Have Player One select their character with a punch, and Player Two select their character with a kick. You cannot lose a round or continue, and must finish with more than 3 Perfects. These do not have to be Super or Custom Combo finishes). Shin Akuma will appear before the eighth match as the final boss. If you lose to him, he will consider you inferior and will nor re-appear!

Hidden Characters

    Win more than five rounds with Super Combo or Custom Combo finishes (it doesn't matter which). After the fifth win, a new character will appear. You can't lose any rounds for this to work.

Play As Orginal Chun Li

    Put the cursor on Chun Li, hold SELECT for more than 3 seconds, then press any of the buttons to choose Chun Li. Her outfit will change to the classic Chun Li costume, and her Kikoken move changes to: charge back, then press Forward and Punch.

Play As Shin Akuma

    First, turn off Shortcut, then put the cursor on Akuma, and press and release SELECT. Now, move the cursor over these characters in the following order: Adon, Chun Li, Guy, Rolento, Sakura, Rose, Birdie, Akuma, Bison, Dan, Akuma (note: this should make a big "Z" for "Zero"). Keep your cursor on Akuma and press and hold SELECT again, then press a button. After doing this code once, you can select Shin Akuma by holding down SELECT for 3 seconds on Akuma. This code will save to your memory once it is backed up.

Zangief Cape Animation

    Hold SELECT before Zangief appears, and he will enter the fight with the special Cape Animation.