Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Konfigure Kode

    First, you must get to the Secret Options Screen. To do this, go into Options and highlight any of the four boxes. Then hold Up + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 until you hear a "Boom." The screen will also shake. Then the "?" is selectable. one of the options in the "?" screen is for One Button Fatalities. Here are the button configurations to perform these fatalities:

    HP: Brutality
    HK: Fatality 1
    LP: Pit
    LK: Fatality 2
    R1: Friendship
    R2: Animality
    L2: Babality

Play As Classic Characters

    At the Character Select Screen, highlight Rayden, Jax, Kano, or Kung Lao, and press SELECT. The selected character will explode and change into the classic version.

Play As Chameleon

    Go to Human Smoke and press and hold Left+R1+R2+Triangle+Square. When the round starts he will turn into Chameleon.

Stage Select

    Move to Sonya Blade at the character select screen and press Up and START. You will hear the Continue "boom" sound. After picking your character, you should be able to pick the stage.