Maximum Force

The Secret Areas

    Maximum Force has several secret areas, basically bonus target games, where you can earn extra points. You open the secret areas by shooting specific objects during the course of the game. The PlayStation version has the areas from the original arcade game as well as some new ones. You can open the PlayStation secret areas during normal gameplay. To open the secret areas from the the arcade version, you must first enter a code- at the Main Menu press SELECT, START, SELECT, SELECT, START, SELECT, SELECT, SELECT, START, SELECT, SELECT, SELECT, SELECT, START. Arcade mode will flash on the screen when you have entered it correctly. Now, here are the objects you must shoot in order to enter all the secret areas: MISSION 1, REGULAR MODE Bachelor Pad: Shoot the 10 silver gas cans. Spin Room: Shoot the six faces on the boxes at the back of the boat. Shark Room: Shoot the one mine on your right after going underwater. MISSION 1, ARCADE VERSION Sub Room: Shoot three underwater barrels. Pool Party: Shoot everything in the decompression tank (lights, hatches, vents-eight objects). Head Room: Shoot two water towers and one satelite tower. Car Race: Shoot eight lights on both sides of the tunnel going underground. Star Room: Shoot six nuclear missiles underground as you encounter them. Chicken Fry: Shoot five extinguishers. Ledge Room: Shoot all yellow lights on the miniature forklifts and tractors underground. Carnival: Shoot two lights behind handkerchief guy. Rock Room : Shoot eight radioactive cases as you come across them. Star Room: Shoot 15 wall lights. MISSION 2, REGULAR MODE Carnival: Shoot six signs on the gazebo. Bachelor Pad: Shoot three lights on the bank (on the right side). Car Race: Take out all shootables on the left car, (progressively fom beginning of level). Chicken Fry: Shoot four random street lamps. MISSION 2, ARCADE VERSION Compubrick: Shoot six large pictures in the bank. Pain In The Glass: Shoot nine potted plants in the tellers window. Lollibot: Shoot nine cylindrical ashtrays (Progressively throughout the level). Vault Room: Shoot all of the elevator buttons except for the red one. Star Room: Destroy the chopper on the roof. Head Room: Shoot the Peeker in the AC units on the roof. Duck Lake: Shoot nine spinning vents on the roof. MISSION 3, REGULAR MODE Carnival: Shoot six hidden barrels in the jungle (in the first scene). Bachelor Pad: Shoot six papers on the bulletin board in the hut. Pain In The Glass: Shoot five bottles on top of the port-o-potties. MISSION 3, ARCADE MODE Rock Room: Shoot all the tires in front of the crashed plane. Lollobot: Shoot the two smiley face fog light covers of the crashing jeep. Clown Room: Shoot four dishes on the communication tower. Star Room: Shoot three wheels on the truck going the same way as your ATV. Board Room: Shoot the light above the door to the laboratory. Clown Room: Shoot eight boxes on the conveyor belt (progressively through the level). Mesa Logic: Shoot five blue barrels in the lab. Head Room: Shoot four beakers on the first table. Carnival: Shoot two headlights on the big truck. Horse Race Shoot eight mushroom vents found in the last tunnel. Bachelor Pad: Shoot one rat on the left bend heading same way as you (in the middle of wall).