Command & Conquer

Japanese Mode

    Go to the Password Screen and enter in GODZILLA

Reveal The Whole Map

    While the game is loading hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 +O + Square. This should show the whole battlefield. Hold the buttons down while entering a password or starting a new game let go when the mission briefing appears.

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Covert Operation Missions

    This code works for both disks:

    At the Password Screen, enter in COVERTOPS for the Covert Operation Missions.

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GDI Level Passwords

    Go to the Password Screen and enter the following:

    2. B9DTX02D0
    3. 25U1E2L4D
    4. KED688DGU
    5. OXL3NYNNO
    6. DU5R21DG7
    7. OX3CS3D4G
    8. 9QGZLZDF8
    9. IU75TQK8H
    11. CR5EQME0S
    12. 3NUL6OFQI
    13. 4N8AN1A0H
    14. 3NWD3MQFT
    15. 457ED7G0U

Nod Levels

    Here are the codes for each NOD level:

    Level Password
    2 C99FAXKW8
    4 W1954XWLF
    5 W15DASRS8
    6 8PH1MR53W
    8 YKK424K3D
    9 874LCPUT4
    10 A8SHPAHXW
    11 OX3UKOP94
    12 QGDUMSK2J
    13 SZP09VDSB

    -Howard Hurst