Triple Play 98

Triple Play '98 is the best baseball game for the PlayStation

Publisher:Electronic Arts
Developer:EA Sports

Although both Virgin s Grand Slam and VR Baseball by VR Sports look and play well, Triple Play' 98 simply surpasses these two titles.

This game comes complete with all 30 MLB stadiums, stats and logos. MLBPA license offers over 700 big league players to use at your disposal as well. Another great feature is the dual commentary. Multiple camera angles and play modes have also been added to spruce up the option selection.

Graphically, this game is just beautiful. The polygon players move exceptionally well and possess life-like baseball animations. Fielders can dive for the ball, climb the wall to snag homers, and they can even run into each other. Players' physical attributes, like height, weight, skin tone, hair color and facial hair, have been added as well to give the players a more realistic look. Even if you just sit and ponder a strategy, the players will kick dirt around or slap their gloves.

In addition to the improved graphics, the gameplay is absolutely flawless. For example, rather than throwing from field to base, you can throw to the cut-off man. This saves a lot of hangtime from an outfield throw. Pop flies often pose a problem when defensive fielding comes into play. Now, a big ball shadow appears on the field to help pump up the defensive game. Even the AI has been modified to a level that provides worthy competition.

Overall, this game looks great and plays exceptionally well. These qualities are rarely found in the same game. This is definitely the best baseball game for the PlayStation.