Street Fighter 2 Collection

Super Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.


Street Fighter 2 Collection comes with three games: Super Street Fighter 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, and Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. And for those who aren t familiar with the all the Street Fighters, Super Street Fighter 2 is the SF sequel that introduced new characters like Fei Long, Tee Hawk, Dee-Jay, and Akuma.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold stars Cammy and Evil Ryu, and is pretty much Alpha 2 with a few tweaks. Capcom has adjusted some of the timing with the characters in this game to make them more balanced. Honestly, though, it s still Alpha 2.

The games look and move identically to their arcade counterparts. However, the one and only complaint I have is the load time. I hate to refer to a Saturn game, but if you ve played any of the Street Fighters on the Saturn, you probably noticed that the nasty load time doesn t exist. It s OK for RPGs to have it, maybe a little in racing games, but in fighting games? No.

What s really cool about this collection is that it includes the best of the Street Fighter games. It has your traditional, almost archaic, Street Fighter 2 gameplay that basically consisted of two fighters throwing projectiles at each other. But it also includes the Alpha game that adds a lot more to the mere jumping over projectiles and tap-tap throws by adding new elements such as Alpha Counters, which can counter an opponent s offensive attack more easier.

If you re a long-time Street Fighter lover, or you re just yearning for some classic 2D fighting action, I suggest picking up Street Fighter 2 Collection. It's three arcade classics in one.