Think of it as Mortal Kombat with really big lizards

Publisher:Time Warner Interactive
Developer:Probe Entertainment

It was inevitable. Jurassic Park was such a hit at the theaters, there just had to be a dinosaur fighter. Primal Rage was popular at the arcades, sporting some of the smoothest motion-captured fighting this side of Mortal Kombat. The PlayStation version does live up to its coin-op predecessor.

All seven dinosaurs and big apes are all here, from Diablo to Vortex, and their special moves are all here as well. That s every arcade move and fatality, plus a Tug-of-War mode and an endurance mode. In short, it s pretty much arcade perfect. However, Time warner could ve added some new characters or moves, but as it stands, it s a faithful reproduction.

For all its motion-captured goodness, Primal Rage is still just a 2D fighter, and pales in comparison to most of the 3D fighters now available. I mean, even Mortal Kombat has gone 3D in the arcades with War Gods. But if you liked the coin-op Primal Rage, chances are you ll like the PSX version too.