NBA In The Zone 2

NBA In the Zone 2 is the best basketball game available for console owners, PlayStation or not


Konami has done the impossible. They have combined fast paced in-your-face arcade action with some cool simulation options. A combination like this hasn t been created since Julius Erving and the finger-role or Magic Johnson and the no-look-pass. This game sounds good, looks good, and most importantly, plays good. A big improvement from last year s In the Zone.

There are two major things that separate In the Zone 2 from other basketball games: graphics and game play. The polygon-based players are so realistic, it s like watching a real game. Player animation is exceptionally fluent, almost flawless. For example, you can utilize the "action" button to execute some ankle-breaking cross-overs or retreat to the pump fake when your dunk is about to be stuffed. Not only do they play like real players, but they look like them as well. From Dennis Rodman s crazy colored hair to Cliff Robinson s fatty head band, you d almost want to ask them for an autograph.

In addition to its superb graphics, the gameplay is phenomenal. If you remember last year s version, ways of scoring were really limited. You could either dunk, take an outside shot, or shoot a three. Even with the cool dunks, the game got old really fast. However, In the Zone 2 provides a lot more than just open shots and dunks. In the first In The Zone, there was nothing more annoying than trying to land a vicious dunk with Shawn Kemp and have it ruined by Steve Kerr! Well not only can you dunk, but you can defy the defensive swat and literally cram it on someone. Basically, you "let him know" who's boss. Now match-ups are a must and since some players are so good, you can now pump up the defense by calling the double-team on someone. On the other hand, if the defense is caught slipping you can call for "the pick" and bolt towards the hoop for some rim-hangin action.

Even though this game doesn't have all the cool sim options and may possess a couple of minor flaws, it still has the best on-court action available for any home system. In the Zone 2 is a positive enhancement to your sports game library.