NBA Jam Tournament Edition

It may not be realistic, but it sure is fun

Developer:Iguana Entertainment

Thereís no denying the appeal of wackiness. And NBA Jam TE has it in spades. This arcade perfect translation of the popular title has chosen wackiness over your usual sports sims. That means itís fun, even for non-sports fans.

The advanced graphic capabilities of the PlayStation have enabled Iguana Entertainment to make a faithful port from the arcade, something the 16-bit machines would never allow. This is good news for the gameís legions of fans, who desire that perfect version.

The action is fast paced and intense, and by keeping the court limited to four players, the ball moves around quite a bit. Perhaps the titleís best aspect is its simplicity in game design - just grab that ball and sink it! And shhoting hoops has never been so much fun. The outlandish ways to dunk - flips, smoke, etc. - only add to the wackiness. Excellent.