Nintendo 64 Technical Specifications:


64-bit MIPS R4300 RISC CPU running at 93.75 Mhz (125 MIPs) with true 64-bit data path and registers

64-bit RISC "Reality Immersion" graphics co-processor running at 62.5 Mhz (100+ MFLOPS) with onboard rendering processor to handle textures, anti-aliasing, z-buffering

Geometry engine provides support for hardware based shading, z-buffering, perspective correct texture mapping, tri-linear mip-mapping, anti-aliasing, 256-level alpha channel, LOD Management. Sprite effects include rotation, scaling, anti-aliasing, 256-level alpha channel effects.

Overall, the Nintendo 64 is capable of rendering about 160,000 polygons with all hardware features enabled.


256 x 224 pixel resolution (low-res); 640 x 480 pixel resolution (high-res) 32-bit RGBA pixel color frame buffer (21-bit color output)


4 MB RAM (128K memory data path); Rambus DRAM memory subsystem allows theoretical transfers up to 563 MB/second


CD quality 16-bit stereo sound at 44.1 Khz maximum 100 PCM channels


Memory Capacity: Approximately 64MB
Sustained Data Transfer Rate: Approximately 81 seconds for 64MB Compared to 437 seconds/64MB for normal speed CD-ROM)
Seek Time: About 75 ms (typical)
Motor Driving Time: Less than 1.9 seconds
Size: Drive260mm (w) x 190mm (d) x 78.7mm (h) Combined with 65.5mm height of N64, both units are 144.2mm high) disk: 101mm (w)x103mm (d) x 10.2mm (h)
Weight: Drive: 1.6 kg Disk: 43g

Data error correction feature is included.
The disk is high density, double-sided magnetic media. 64MB read/writeable disk drive tentatively called the 64DD or "Bulky" Drive. The drive will use disks similar to Iomega's ZIP disks (the drive will be manufactured by ALPS), and will come with a 2MB RAM expansion pack. The drive offers 150 ms seek time and a maximum 1MB/sec data transfer rate. 44MB of each disk will be read-only, with 20MB writable by the disk drive. The Nintendo 64's decompression hardware will work with data from the 64DD.

Rumble Pak

Nintendo's new Rumble Pak is a peripheral that attaches to the underside of the game controller and provides a vibrating buzz for an arcade-type experience in the home environment. It slips into the underside (where Controller Packs go), protruding about 2-3 inches max. The Rumble Pak is a vibrating mechanism programmed to "buzz" (similar to a Pager) at certain times in a game. For example, in Star Fox 64, the Rumble Pak buzzes when enemy projectiles hit Fox McCloud's ship. Debuting at Shoshinkai in November 1996, the Rumble Pak was only announced for the Japanese market, but has been bundled with StarFox 64 which arrived in the West on Tuesday, July 1. The Rumble Pak is also available alone, through Nintendo of America or through traditional retailers for $19.99