Throws & Reversals
Flying Sky Kick lp+lk
Neck Wringer rp+rk
Trip f,f+lp+rp
Trip & Elbow uf+lp+rp
Crescent Punishment (ss right) lp+lk
Side Throw (ss left) lp+lk
Oop Back Punch (from behind) lp+lk - Alley
Low Combo Break db+lp+lk
Low Combo Break db+rp+rk
Special Techniques
Headbutt b+lp+rp
Spinning Forward Kick f,n,rk
Spinning Rush Kick f,n,lk
High Roundhouse rk
Foot Sweep d+rk
Hopping Kick (Juggles) uf+rk
Rave Spin db+rk,rk
Rave Sweep-> Snake Stance db+rk~D
Elbow Drop (hits floored opponent> Play Dead uf+rp)
Turning Punch-> Back Turned Position lp+rp~B
Turning Punches-> Back Turned Position lp+rp
Turning Punches-> Uppercut lp+rp~lp+rp
Rolling Kicks -> Face Down Position rk~rk,lk,lk
Guard Melting Punches f,n,rp,lp,rp,lp
Rush Punch f,n,lp
Snake Stance ~D
Two Rush Punches f,n,lp,rp
Dragon Stance ~D
Three Rush Punches f,n,lp,rp,lp
Panther Stance ~D
Rush Punch Combo f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp
Tiger Stance ~D
4x Punches, Mid Kick f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,rk
4x Punches, Low Kick f,n,lp,rp,lp,rp,lk
Crane Stance ~D
Crescent Kick -> 2x Punches-> Low Kick f+rk,lp,rp,lk
Crescent Kick -> 2x Punches-> Mid Kick f+rk,lp,rp,rk
Crescent Kick -> 3x Punches -> Low Kick f+rk,lp,rp,lp,lk
Crescent Kick -> 3x Punches > Mid Kick f+rk,lp,rp,lp,rk
Six Legged Fury db+rk,(WS)rk,rk,rk,lk,lk
Back Turned Position b+lk+rk
High Backfist -> Back Turned Position lp
Low Backfist -> Back Turned Position d+lp
Backwards Uppercut (Juggles) rp
Rave Spin d+rk,rk
Backwards Mid Kick rk
Triple Backflip lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk
Slide Position d+lp+rp
Slide rk,lk
Kick lk - Rising Low
Kick rk - Rising Low
Roll to Play Dead Position lp
Play Dead Position d+lk+rk
Kangaroo Thrust (Juggles) lk+rk
Sweep lk
Rave Spin lk~rk
Rising Mid Kick rk
Roll to Slide Position d+lp
Low Cartwheel -> Face Down Position rk~lk
Low Cartwheel -> Face Down Position rk~lk
Sweep -> Play Dead Position lk~rk
Rave Spin lk~rk,rk
Rising Low Kick lk
Rising Mid Kick rk
Drunken Stance (Reversal on counter) f+lk+rk
Snake Stance f+rp+lk
Phoenix Stance b+lp+rk
Tenstring lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,rk,lp,rk,rk
Tenstring lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lp,rp,rk,lp,rp,lk
Ninestring lp,rp,lp,lk+rk,lk+rk,lk+rk,lp,lp,rp
Phoenix Stance
Crescent Smash (Unblockable) rk
Hawk's Claw Kicks lk,lk,lk,lk
Drunken Stance
Drunken Punch lp
Double Back-Kick -> Face Down Position lk+rk
Snake Stance
Hopping Punches lp,lp,lp,lp,lp
Three Punch Combo rp,rp,rp
Hopping Punches -> Snake Stance lp,lp,lp,lp,lp,F
Snake Jab -> Dragon Stance rp~F
Double Snake Jab -> Dragon Stance rp,rp~F
Triple Snake Jab -> Panther Stance rp,rp,rp~F
Hopping Kick -> Snake Stance rk
Cannon Kick -> Face Down Position lk
Dragon Stance -> Neck Shake Throw lp+lk
Dragon Stance u
Panther Stance d
Dragon Stance
Double Arm Strike (Juggles) rp
Double Arm Strike -> Tiger Stance rp~F
Spinning Forward Kick rk
Neck Shake Throw lp
Drink -> Drunken Stance lp+rp
High Crescent Kick lk
Low Sweep lk
Rushing Dragon Combo rk,lp,rp,lk,rk
Rushing Dragon Combo rk,lp,rp,lk,d+rk
Throw rp+rk
Double Arm Strike Tiger Stance rp,d~d
Tiger Stance u
Snake Stance d
Tiger Stance
Overhead Swipe lp
Spinning Rush Kick lk
Overhead Swipe rp
Fast Sweep rk
Snake Stance u
Dragon Stance d
Panther Stance
Two Handed Low Punch lp
Double Low Punch Combo lp,rp
Guard Melting Punches rp,lp,rp
Low Sweep lk
Low Sweep -> Phoenix Stance B+lk
Uppercut (Juggles) rp
Right Kick same as F+rk from normal stance rk
Lunging Panther Combo rk,lp,rp,lk
Lunging Panther Combo rk,lp,rp,rk
Stalking Panther Combo lk,rp,lp,rp,lk
Stalking Panther Combo lk,rp,lp,rp,rk
Snake Stance u
Crane Stance d
Crane Stance
Backfist rp
Rush Punch lp
Hop Forward -> Low Kick rk
Hop Forward -> Mid Kick lk
4 Hit Combo (Last Hit Juggles) lk,rk,rp,lk
Snake Stance d
Panther Stance u
Moves Guide

f Tap forward
b Tap back
u Tap up
d Tap down

F Hold Forward
B Hold back
U Hold up
D Hold down

WC While crouching
WS While getting up from a crouch
N Neutral joystick position
~ Immediately following
+ At the same time

lp Left punch
rp Right punch
lk Left kick
rk Right kick
ss Sidestep