Eddy Gordo/Tiger
Paul Phoenix
Nina Williams
Forest Law
Ling Xiaoyu
Jin Kazama
Lei Wulong
Gun Jack

Anna Williams
Heihachi Mishima
Bryan Fury
Julia Chang
Doctor Boskonovich
True Ogre


Play as Brian Fury, True Ogre, and others:
Every time you beat arcade mode you will receive a new character, until only Doctor B and Gon are left.

Play as Doctor Boskonovich:
To play as Doctor B, simply play through force mode four times. At the end of force mode the fourth time, you will play against Doctor B, and if you defeat him, he will be yours to play as.

Play as Gon:
Once you have unlocked ball mode, beat the little dinosaur at it, and he will be yours to play as.

Alternate Gon Selection:
An easy way to play as the little dinosaur is to play survival or force mode well enough so that it asks you for your initials after you lose. Put in the letters GON, and the next time you check the roster Gon will be selectable.

Tekken theater mode and ball mode exposed!:
Beat arcade mode with all of the regular characters to unlock theater mode and ball mode.

School Clothes for Jin and Xiaoyu:
Play as Jin or Xiaoyu 50 times, then press START on them to get school outfits.

Alternate Outfits for Law and Gun Jack:
Law and Gun Jack also have alternate outfits. Press start to select them.

Play as Tiger:
Eddy has an alter ego by the name of Tiger. Press start to select him.

Infinite Life:
Use this with the Game Shark Accessory
Infinite Life for Player 1 800AAAB6 00C8