Street Fighter

Ryu and Ken are the only playable characters. You can only choose between them by using either the 1P or 2P side. Their moves are just like in SF2.


The only difference in the way Ryu looks from SF1 to SF2 is the color of his hair. It is red in part one.

Fireball:D,DF,F + P
Hurricane Kick:D,DB,B + K
Dragon Punch:F,D,DF + P


Ken also looks pretty much the same.

Fireball:D,DF,F + P
Hurricane Kick:D,DB,B + K
Dragon Punch:F,D,DF + P


Retsu is a bald guy that attacks with jump kicks and mostly regular punches. I don't really remember any special moves that he had. His stage is in Japan in front of an old red Japanese shrine.


Geki is dressed in a blue ninja type outfit with his face covered. He attacks with throwing stars and is equiped with a claw. He uses his teleport alot to disappear and show up behind you. The fights take place in front of a huge mountain in Japan at dawn.


Joe is an American fighter with blonde hair that is dressed in only red pants. He fights with regular punches and kicks. The special move he has is a jumping in spin kick where he yells "Power!" every time he does it. The stage is in a train yard that has a big train in the back with graffiti all over it. It looks somewhat like Sodom and Bison's stages in SFA.


Mike is a boxer that wears a red shirt and blue jeans. He doesn't wear gloves like Balrog instead he has his hands rapped with tape like Sagat. Lunging punches that lauch you across the screen are his special moves. Mike's stage is in front of Mt. Rushmore in the US.


Lee has a blue outfit and he wears a cap. His special attacks are hopping kicks and punches. He fights on the Great Wall a China.


He is an old man with a white beard, white hair, and a purple robe. He has some slap attacks and a double jumping kick special. His stage is in the middle of the street in a Chinese city.


He isn't as detailed SF as his is in SFA. His skin is lighter and he stands up more than in Alpha where he has a hunched look. He attacks with jumping double fisted hammers and Lunging headbutts. His stage is in England in front of a bar.


Eagle wears a button down shirt and black pants with a bow tie. His weapons of choice are two bars about a foot long in each hand. His special is a spin attack where he puts his arms out and wacks you with his bars. I think, but don't really remember, that he fights in front of a lighthouse in England.


Adon is a Muay Thai kickboxer that wears red shorts. His special move is the Jaguar Kick where he does a forward flip and kicks on the way down. I'm not sure about his stage but I think it is by a bunch of pillers and some kind of shirne in Thailand.


Sagat is the Champion Street Fighter. He is also the final boss. He looks like he does in Alpha (but not as buff) with the same color shorts on. I think he has the Tiger Knee but I don't remember. He does have the Tiger Shots but no Uppercut. His stage is also in front of a temple in Thailand.

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