Moves Key

Moves Key

This is a list of the abbreviations used in the codes.

Joystick Movements

F - forward
DF - down-forward
D - down
DB - down-back
B - back
UB - up-back
U - up
UF - up-forward



P - any punch
2P - any two punches
3P - all three punches
K - Kick
2K - any two kicks
3K - all three kicks
Jab - first and weakest punch
Strong - second and medium punch
Fierce - third and strongest punch
Short - first and weakest kick
Forward - second and medium kick
Roundhouse - third and strongest kick
Start - the start button
a - Vertical Attack
b - Horizontal Attack
G - Guard

Other Types

Dir - press in any direction
Jump - press up, up-back, or up-forward
Charge - hold in that direction for 2 seconds
360 - rotate the joystick in a 360 degree motion
720 - rotate the joystick in a 720 degree motion
Hold - hold the button down
Release - release the button
Tap - press the button rapidly
(air) - move can also be done in the air
+ - do at the same time
, - do one right after another
or - do one or the other
Moves in CAPITALS - can only be done when the Super, Special, X, or Infinity bar at the buttom of the screen is full.