If nothing else, Tomb Raider is a game defined by its enormous size. The levels are massive, and it can often take up to ten minutes to run from one end to the other. Crucial mistakes can result in an endless and meaningless search through past territories. In order to help you conquer these levels, consult the following level walk-throughs.

Level 1 - Caves (Incan)

This is a relatively easy level meant to get you into the rhythm of the game. After finding your way to the bridge room, move along the outcropping and across the bridges, stopping to kill the wolves from above. Inside the next room, jump the pit, and before you go downstairs, look for a med-kit to your left. You'll then come to a room with a switch. You must pull the switch, jump to the center block, then jump up to the door before it closes.

Level 2 - City of Vilcabamba (Incan)

This level is a little more involved, with many switches and two keys. A good strategy is to first circle the perimeter acquiring med packs and ammo. Then jump into the water and at the bottom turn right. As you reach the submerged room, find the corner with the light and pull the lever, opening a trap door above you. Then jump back into the water and go to the SW corner of the room to find the other lever, opening a secret door in another room. Go back up the trapdoor and proceed on your way. Eventually you'll come to an area with a push block. Move this block into the next room and obtain the gold and silver keys. Use these keys to gain access to the great hall. Open each door of the great hall (watch out for knives in the middle passageway). This will bring you to a water room with a bear. Find all the switches and use the gold key to finish the level.

LEVEL 3 - Lost Valley (Incan)

In order to find the lost valley, fall into the water and go over the waterfall. Proceed through the opening, and to your left will be a cliff. Scale this cliff and enter the lost valley. Your job here will be to locate three machine parts (cogs). The first cog is inside the structure at the far end of the valley. After exiting the structure, be sure to turn left and scale the cliff, there'll be a healthy host of items on the roof. Then, if you're facing the large structure, there is a tunnel to the left, here you'll find the second cog. For the third cog, jump beneath a waterfall, emerge from the water and jump the bridge, the cog is on the other side. Then, bring all three cogs back to where you started the level. Work upstream along the banks and repair the machine. A door will move and flood a passageway. Take this to the end, and the exit will appear where the waterfall once flowed.

Level 4 - Tomb of Qualopec (Incan)

When entering this level, be aware of raptors and the rolling ball. As you exit the tunnel into the first room there is a switch to your right. Follow the open door to a room with four tunnels. The three new tunnels each contain a task. We suggest leaving the western tunnel for last. Through the west tunnel, the first switch will control the location of towers in the main room. Throw the switch, enter the room, and follow the logical progression of actions. Remember to look up and right when on top of the towers. The key to jumping over the spikes into the last room is to rearrange the towers so that one is in the middle of the room. The last switch will unlock a passage at the beginning of the level, where you will obtain an important artifact.

Level 5 - St. Francis' Folly (Greek)

This is the first of five Greek levels, and perhaps the most difficult. Proceed with caution, as one fall will mean certain death. In the first room, move the block onto one of the omega signs, opening a first floor door. After visiting this room, move the block again, opening the second story door. Jump from the block to the tower, then to the bonus room where you'll have to execute three successive jumps off of angled platforms. Then use the towers to jump to the roof and move around to the open door. Go down the slide face first and jump at the end for a bonus room. After you drain the water and kill the alligator, you'll emerge into the heart of the level, an immense room with a center structure. Four switches are located on this center structure, found by first descending, then ascending in order to visit four rooms. The order of switches are Thor, Damocles, Neptune, and Atlas. We recommend visiting rooms in the following order: Damocles, Thor, Atlas, then Neptune. Each room houses a dangerous task as well as a key. Collect all four keys and use them to finish the level.

Level 6 - Colosseum (Greek)

A visually stunning level, but straightforward in terms of tasks and puzzles. In order to find the colosseum, go to the second level of the large structure and jump to the cliffs. Kill both alligators and go hand over hand across the pit. Halfway across the pit is a room with ammo. When you find the switch, activate it and then move upstairs to view the colosseum. It's easy to kill things below by standing at the edge of the colosseum. If you look around, you'll notice three corner rooms, each containing a door. First, drop into the colosseum and go through the opening in the east wall, activate both switches. In between the rock structures, a door has opened. Complete the next set of puzzles and you'll emerge onto a cliff. Walk forward and jump to the rock structure below, and then jump to the great hall. In order to find the silver key, you'll move a block to reveal a switch. Move that block again to reveal a secret room. The rest of the level is a walk in the park.

Level 7 - Palace Midas (Greek)

One of the more enjoyable levels, you must first explore the area just west of the pool. This takes you to the temple and a switch. Next, go back to the pool and find your way upstairs (north) to the room with towers throughout and a series of gray doors. Each door has a code that corresponds to five switches above. Open each door and complete the appointed tasks. You'll be collecting lead bars. Next, find your way to the garden room. Kill the apes and locate the secret switch hidden among the trees. Then climb to the roof of the structure and enter the Palace Midas room. Stand in front of the hand and turn the lead bars to gold. Use them to end the level.

Level 8 - The Cistern (Greek)

Start by entering the main room (you'll know it when you get there) and turning right. Jump and then cliffhang your way around the main room to the first rusty key. Head east out of the main room, raise the water level, and then find Gold key through pool in main room. Then return to where you raised the water level and fall in, this will lead to the second rusty key. Make sure water is lowered before entering rusty key room to left (this room contains the second silver key). The rusty key room on the right requires the water level to be raised in order to bypass the spikes. The rest of the level is cake.

Level 9 - Tomb of Tihocan (Greek)

As you make your way along, beware of the bounty hunter. Eventually you'll get to a room with writing tablets on the floor. Push the block onto them and visit all the rooms. After you use the keys and save the game, don't go down the slide. Jump towards the right side of the slope and keep jumping forward along the rocks. You'll come to rest on a platform below, next to a secret room. Line up so your right side is facing the room, then jump right, forward, right, right, back, right to get the goods. When you get to the water, be sure to throw the switch on the cliff, then look for the door underwater below the temple. Be careful of the statues and the bounty hunter as you near the end.

Level 10 - City of Khamoon (Egyptian)

When you get to the sphinx, the sapphire key is found in a passage around back of its head. Open the door between the Sphinx's legs. When you enter the main room, drop down and beware of rolling boulders. Run up the hill and look for a dark passage to find a secret. Next, go into the water. Once in the new room, exit quickly and kill the crocodile. Work your way up by moving the blocks into position. The final switch will open a trap door by the cat statue. When you slide into a dark room with panthers, be sure to look in the dark for a hard to find ledge (see picture). Once up on the bridge, walk to the middle ledge and a door will open. You're almost to the end.

Level 11 - Obelisk of Khamoon (Egyptian)

This level is awesome (but confusing). When you go up through the gold trap door, throw a switch and collect the Eye of Horus. After ascending, throw a switch by the main room, then drop through a hole in floor, slide down a long slide, kill the panther and throw a switch in the first alcove. Then climb the stairs halfway and go through the door, jump to a viney ledge and collect the Ankh. Then go back along viney ledge and throw another switch by the large medpack, return to the original set of stairs and climb them to a newly created chamber. This new switch makes steps out of a ramp immediately outside the room, and a door will open leading to a familiar area. Then walk around the pillars, jump to the center structure, then to the gong (secrets 1 and 2). Hop down and run through a door by the viney ledge, work over to the save game beacon and throw the switch in the corridor. Next, return to the ground and kill some mummies. Get the Scarab and the Seal of Anubis then drop into the water. Find your way through (make sure you have full air, there's pick-ups along the way in alcoves) and pretty soon you'll return to the beginning of the City of Khamoon, where you'll use your four objects!

Level 12 - Sanctuary of the Scion (Egyptian)

You can do this level any number of ways, it's all up to you. There's two places to climb the cliff. One is a set of stone pillars, the other is between the paws of the sphinx. Climb both and obtain your items (watch for flying enemies). When you enter the tall door at ground level, go backwards down the slide and hang at end. After you obtain the other Ankh, return to the top of the sphinx and use your items (both key holes are atop the head). After using both Ankhs, look forward into empty space and you'll see a floating set of Magnum clips and the Uzis. Jump to them in a leap of faith. Then do a running jump to the cliff edge and enter the door into the sphinx. Jump into the water and find a tunnel between the feet of the right statue. Solve the next few riddles and you'll come upon the scarab. Beware as you pick it up, there's enemies about.

Level 13 - Natla Mines (Atlantean)

Start by finding the passage behind the waterfall. When you move the block by the tunnel machine, be sure to look above for a hard to see passage. After you collect the three fuses, use them to drop the cabin. Retrieve your pistols from inside. Hop on top of the cabin, jump to the tunnel, and look up for a secret passage. Next, go back to the boats, through the tunnel machine passage, and kill the bounty hunter. You'll see a switch high atop one wall. With full health, do a running jump towards the switch and hold the Action button. You'll fall, but you'll grab onto a ledge below. Halfway through one of the lava rooms, jump to the tunnel and you'll see a block. Push that block before the boulder gets you and collect the goodies. When you kill the skate punk, be sure to look in all the pits, one of them has water instead of fire. Jump in for a secret. When you find the pyramid, climb to the top then jump against the wall. You'll slide to a switch. This unlocks the end of the level.

Level 14 - Atlantis (Atlantean)

In the room with six pods, find the stairs to the second level and throw all the switches that will allow you to exit. When you exit that room to a new lava room, be sure to hang off the ledge and drop below for a secret stash. In the next room, jump against the cliff and drop and hang in order to find a switch. Then you'll come to a large room with water. Beware of boulders, and use the flat surface of the incline to make your way across it. There's a secret along the top of the incline against the far wall. After throwing one switch, use the switch under water to activate to red door (it's timed, so hurry). When you make your way to a brown room with a boulder, move the block towards the boulder, exit via the red corridor, then return and the boulder will be stopped short of a tunnel. When you find your way to the large room with a red and yellow bridge in the middle, the key is to look before you leap. Landing on the yellow will be safe. When you eventually come across a long tunnel with three mummy demons, straight ahead as you enter the room will be a pressure plate that opens a door at the top of the corridor. Blast the mummies and hurry to the timed door. Then open the red door through the next tunnel and look for an opening just above it. Eventually you'll find yourself face to face with an alien who does everything you do. Make her fall into a pit by running the course...simple!!!

Level 15 - The Great Pyramid (Atlantean)

After a short intro, you'll come face to face with a monster boss. He takes a lot of hits to kill, and the best way to waste him is to keep running circles while pelting him with your Uzis. After you kill him, proceed through the number of block and boulder challenges until you come to a room with brown slanted angles at both ends. Turn right and jump three times across one side only, turn around after the third jump and you'll see a bridge has dropped. Go back and into the secret room, throw the switch twice, leaving it in the up position. Return through the room and continue climbing the pyramid. Most puzzles demand a little study, just take your time and figure them out. After you destroy the Scion, run back out and fall off the bridge to find the hole. At the end of the cliff, fall and execute a back jump. After more boulder puzzles, you'll come to a room with a small pool of water way below. Jump and hang from the collapsing floor then jump into the passage for some booty. To get back, square up to the edge, take a slow step back and dive into the water below. Next you'll battle Jacqueline Natla herself. The end is near, just climb the massive pyramid and slide to safety. Hooray!!

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