Resident Evil

Resident Evil is clearly two adventures in one game. This guide will concentrate on the more difficult mission of Chris Redfield. His journey is filled with more monsters, less weapons, and, most importantly, two less inventory slots than his counterpart Jill Valentine's journey. Although there are differences in the sequence of events that surround Jill's and Chris's adventures and the characters that are involved, the key items are located in the same places and the puzzles are identical. If you can master the game as Chris, the adventure with Jill will seem unbelievably easy.

The Basics The key to both of the Resident Evil adventures is to conserve ammo, ration the Ink Ribbons, and to manage your inventory through the use of Storage Boxes. There is nothing worse in this game than being ready to pick up a crucial item and then having no room to carry it. This walk-through guide will provide some references to what items you should be carrying when, and how many inventory slots you should leave available to complete the events that follow.

* A note on Rebecca - like Barry in Jill's adventure, Rebecca assists Chris during his mission. Rebecca's role in the game is determined by how you interact with her. When you first met Rebecca she will ask to go with you. If you say 'No' you will trigger a sequence of events that this guide has outlined. If you say 'Yes'. She plays a larger role in the mission. First, when Chris takes on the Snake and becomes poisoned, you will be required to control Rebecca as she retrieves the Serum. Second, you will again take control of Rebecca when facing off with Plant 42. Rebecca must get into the Chemical Storeroom (78) and mix the V-Jolt to put on the plant's roots (loots).

Welcome to the World of Survival Horror!

The Mansion - Your main objective is to collect the four Crests that are hidden throughout the confines of the mansion. To obtain the last crest you have to conquer a nasty and giant snake. Courtyard & Guard House - The main objective is to destroy Plant 42 and to acquire the Helmet Key. Return to the Mansion - Here you must acquire the powerful Colt Python gun and finish off the pesky snake. Beneath the Mansion and to the Secret Library - Here you must acquire a couple of items that are key in solving the mysteries surrounding this evil abode. Below the Courtyard - The plot thickens as some of the story unfolds. The Hex Crank and Doom Book 2 are to be found, but only if you can avoid some nasty Hunters and an enormous Spider. The Umbrella Lab - This is where it all comes together. You must access the secret Umbrella Lab, disable electronic locks through a computer, and acquire the key that may put an end to the mystery. The Power Maze and The Final Conflict? - The objective here is to navigate the twisting Lab Power Center to activate the circuit that power the main elevator. This also the time where you locate Jill and finally discover the truth about Umbrella's deadly plans. Is There No End! - The place is going to blow so you'll have to be quick. You must get Jill out of her cell and move out of the Lab and to the Heliport. Your ride awaits. A special friend will also make an appearance!

Endings and Secrets

A number of ending sequences can be viewed in Resident Evil. The best ending would be to get Chris, Rebecca and Jill to be shuttled away in the helicopter. (Jill, Chris, and Barry in Jill's quest) Another ending would involve leaving Jill (or Chris) in the cell to blow up with the rest of the mansion. You can also get an ending where just one player escapes.