In the following guide, you'll find:
• A descriptive walk-though of the game, complete with accompanying screenshots.
• Tips for learning from the masters, combining dragon genes, and fishing.
• A map of the known BOF3 world, and more.

The Basics || Duana Mine || Mt. Glaus
McNeil's Mansion || Mt. Myrneg || Mt. Buomore || Crypt of Wyndia
Tower || Rocket Crash Site || Plant and Dump || The Arena
Maekyss Gorge || Wyndia Castle || Rhapala || Lighthouse
Angel Tower || Faerie World || Mt. Zublo || Duana Mine Part 2
Reuniting || Ogre Road || Plant, Part 2 || Tidal Caves and Gaist
Parch and Outer Ocean || Steel Beach || Black Ship || Colony
Dragnier || Desert of Death || Caer Xhan

General Tips
Here is a number of tips that should help you along your way.
• Always check every nook and cranny when you are going through a new area. New items in chests are usually much better than store-bought items.
• Don't be afraid to kick back and do some fishing. The world will wait for you, and that bass may save your... butt.
• Don't sell rare items anywhere except in the antique shop in the Faerie World. They will give you close to nothing for your items.
• Save and save often. You never know when that next baddie will come and whack you.
• The end is never near, so take time to build your characters.

The Examine Command
During the course of the game you will come across many monsters that have some pretty lethal abilities. Some of these skills can be learned by a character using the Examine command on the attacking monster. This doesn't always work and may take a couple of tries. Most of the skills you may get are not that useful. Some of them, though, are almost invaluable. Skills such as Charge and Rest may be very helpful to you in the beginning when you don't have much to fall back on. However, later in the game, the command loses a bit of its appeal because you are mostly trying to just stay alive.

Camping can be a great help any time you are stuck or are getting ready to go into an area that could be dangerous. While camped you can talk to any party members you have, and they will give you some kind of direction to go. You can also view the list of known skills and masters. Resting in camp can save you a few zenny if you don't want to go to an inn, but it cannot recover the HPs that you temporarily lose by using mandrake. Only an inn or a bed can recover those lost HPs. The main asset camping has is the save feature.

Many of the monsters you will fight in the game will have inherent weaknesses to them. Discovering these weaknesses can be very difficult though. Some of the things to try to use to find the weakness are the name of the monster (for example, Eye Goo is weak toward blindness attacks), the area where you fight the monster (for example, monsters fought in the volcano are weak toward ice attacks), and sometimes the look of the monster (for example, if it looks like a water creature, try lightning).

Dragon Gene System
Here is a list of the different dragon genes you can find in the game, where you can find them, and how much AP they cost to use.

Behemoth Electric + Miracle
Warrior Force + Eldritch
Tiamat Trance + Shadow + Gross
Mammoth ??? + Miracle + Force
Trygon Fire + Ice + Thunder

You may be tempted to rush into every battle with one of the huge dragons when confronting a boss. Although this can give you an advantage since you will be the only target and will have a huge amount of HPs, remember that if you are paralyzed or otherwise incapacitated it will either be game over or you will be forced to watch the enemy pound you while your magic is whittled away.

Name of Gene



Where Found


Adds fire property


Start with


Adds frost property


Maekyss Gorge


Adds electric property


Building west of Rhapala


Adds shadow property


Duana Mine, 2nd time


Adds holy property


Container Yard


Adds powerful form


The Plant


Adds defensive form


Gained after Mt. Buomore


Adds a magical form


Rhapala Lighthouse


Adds a large form


Mt. Zublo


Enhances abilities


Tidal Caves


Enhances special abilities


Rocket Crash Site


Reverses abilities and properties


Road near Mt. Buomore


Causes random change


Steel Beach


Mystery Effect


South of Steel Beach


Mystery Effect


Yggdrasil, west Kombinato






Combines power with allies


Duana Mine, 2nd time


Unleashes full power of the brood



Fishing is something that you can do to pass time or to get some special items. Many of the fish can be used as healing items in the rest of the game, the rest of them can be used to damage or incapacitate the enemy.

Wooden Rod: Breaks easily - Low Range
Bamboo Rod: Long Range + Breaks easily
Spanner: Strongest rod
Worm: Good for deep-water fish
Coin: Use to catch Manillo
Sinker: Sinks and floats
Heavy Caro: Large, weighted lure
Toad: Looks like a frog, swims
Baby Frog: This has a lead sinker
Float: Sinks when moved
Old Popper: Tends to sink
Fat Frog: Sinks when moved
Top: Sinks when moved
Frog: Good balanced lure
Deep Diver: Good for deep-water fish
Popper: Stays on surface, low range
Caro: Fast lead sinker with worm
Hanger: Good balanced lure
Spirit: Lure with a lead sinker

The technique you use while your lure is in the water can determine whether or not you will catch a fish. The higher the technique the more likely a fish will be attracted to the lure.

Level 1 technique: Tug, Skip, Tug
Level 2 technique: Tug, Tug
Level 3 technique: Tug, Tug, Skip, Tug
Level 4 technique: Tug, Tug, Skip, Skip, Tug, Skip, Tug

Name of FishProperties
Jellyfish ?
Piranha Restores 20 HP
Puffer Flame attack against one target
Trout Restores 40 HP
Rainbow Trout Restores AP
? ?
Bass Restores 80 HP
Martian Squid Induces blindness in all targets
Black Bass Restores HP
? ?
Man-o'-War Restores one HP
Flying Fish Restores HP
Blowfish Cures poison in the party
Sea Bream Restores five AP
Sea Bass Restores 80 HP
Black Porgy Restores 20 AP
Octopus Induces blindness in all targets
Angler Earthquake vs. all targets
Devilfish Electric vs. one target
Spearfish ?
? ?
Mackerel Used to make shisu
Manillo Catch him to enter his trading shop

Something that may be overlooked in the game can be a most powerful tool. When you start the game, you will only have three forms to play with; more can be received from the four children in Wyndia after you find them. These children will teach you the last three formations. You must become apprenticed to them and raise at least three levels. Then come back and they will teach you a new formation. One of them will give you a Cupid Lyre instead of teaching you a new formation.

Normal: This is the basic starting formation. It gives no bonuses and has no penalties on it.
Defense: This formation gives improved defense for all, but takes away from your power.
Attack: This formation gives the person at the point of it a power boost, but makes him more of a target.
Chain: This formation gives all people in the party the agility of the point person.
Magic: This formation gives the party member in the back a bonus to their magic.
Refuge: This formation lets the party recover a couple of HP at the end of every turn.

The Masters
Masters are spread throughout the world. When apprenticed to them, they will give attribute bonuses and after a few level-ups will give new skills. Certain masters require certain items before they will allow apprentices in. Masters like Yggdrasil want items like a Wisdom fruit, while masters like Emitai just want some money. Some will want nothing at all. After you raise eight to ten levels being apprenticed to any master, you should be able to get all the skills the master offers. A star will appear next to a master who has nothing left to offer.

Name Where Bonuses Penalties
Bunyan Cedar Woods HP+2, Pwr+2, Def+1 AP-2, Int-3
Mygas Yrall Region AP+1, Int+2 Pwr-1, Def-1
Yggdrasil East of Wyndia AP+1, Def+1, Int+2 HP-1, Pwr-2, weak vs. flame
D'Lonzo Coffee Shop Pwr+1, Agl+1, Accuracy HP-1, AP-2
Fahl Genmel HP+4, Pwr+1, Def+3 Agl-3, Int-3
Durandal Wyndia ? ?
Giotto South of Rhapala HP+4, AP+3 Pwr-1, Def-1, Agl-1, Int-1
Emitai Duana Hills AP+4, Int+4 Pwr-2, Def-2
Deis Mt. Zublo AP+3, Pwr+1, Agl+1, Int+3 HP-3, Def-3
Hachio Wyndia HP+2, Pwr+2, Def-1 AP+2, Agl-1, Int-1
Bais Wyndia Pwr+1
Lang Wyndia Def+1
Lee Wyndia Int+1
Wynn Wyndia HP+1
Ladon Dragnier Pwr+2, Def+2, Agl+1, Int+2 HP-6, AP-6
Meryleep Eastern Wyndia Agl+2 HP-1, Pwr-1, Def-1
Hondara Urkan Tapa AP+1, Int+1 Pwr-2

Map of the Known World


Key Locations
A - Cedar Woods
B - McNeil Village
C - Wyndia
D - Arena (Genmel)
E - Plant & Dump
F - Rhapala
G - Mt. Zublo
  H - Angel Tower
I - Duana Mine
J - Sin City
K - Tidal Caves
L - Steel Beach
M - Junk Town
N - Parch
  O - Urkan Tapa
P - Inner Sea
Q - Outer Sea
R - Kombinato
S - Desert of Death
T - Oasis City
U - Caer Khan

Duana Mine
This is where you'll start your adventure.
1) When you are forced into the battle with the miners at the start, use your Whelp Breath to take them out in one hit. From there take the north path and head east.

2) Continue to head east to reach the end. You can explore a little more, but you will find nothing except a couple more scared miners.

3) When you reach this point, head south and then east. As soon as you attack, a cinema will take over.

4) To escape from your cage, press all the direction buttons to shake the cage and force it off of the train.

Mt. Glaus
1) After a botched attempt to rob some people on the Yrall road, you will get caught by Bunyan. He will send Rei off to Glaus Mt., and you will follow him shortly. The key to cutting the logs at Bunyan's is to wait for the log to start to drop from Teepo's hand.

2) The road to Mt. Glaus is really just an area to get some experience. You can find a secret area by using Teepo to kick out the rock from under this boulder, then follow the dry path to some loot.

3) When you reach the sliding cliff, use the spots of vegetation as a reference on where to slide.

4) The Nue is very easy the first time you face it. Simple attacks will kill the beast eventually, and it doesn't dish out too much damage.

5) After beating off the Nue, you can use the dragon statue to save your progress.

6) Follow the blood stains to see where the monster jumped in the water. Take the north tunnel and jump off the ledge to reach the monster.

McNeil's Mansion
1) After meeting with a particularly shady guy named Loki, you will be off to the mansion. 1) To get into the mansion grounds, examine the discolored wall directly north of the hut by the entrance.

2) As you go through this area you will need to avoid the guys with the lanterns and bribe a couple of the guards. You can get an easy 50 zenny from a thief south and west of where you enter. To get past the guard who lost his wallet, head back west along the upper walkway and look in the corner of the first turn you come to. You will find the wallet there. That will open up the way for you to go even farther on the grounds. 2) At the bell tower, use your sword on the bell to sound it and clear the path to one more guard. Take that path up and talk to the guard who is sitting down to fight the guard dog.

3) After you beat the dog, head north and east. Check around until you see a couple of people - talk to them. Then go back and talk to the guard in front of the chicken coop. 3) The rooster is not that tough to beat and gives a magic shard if stolen from it. Once you beat him, backtrack and head toward the main door.

4) On the roof you will want to head to the west side to find the grappling hook. Be sure to check the roof area for special items - there are a couple. 5) Inside the other building you will face yet another ghost. Even though he is five ghosts combined, he is still not tough. Normal attacks with one guy healing will beat him easily.

Mt. Myrneg
1) Through this mountain is the city of Wyndia, where you hope Rei and Teepo are. There are several chests around this area, but there are also some dangerous monsters. Avoid the tar men if possible, they are very tough to beat without a Freezing spell of some kind. 1) When you reach the top you will confront the two hoodlums who torched your home.

2) They will stab you again and then take you as a prize to Wyndia.

Mt. Buomore
1) After escaping from Balio and Sunder again in Genmel, you will need to go through here. There is not much treasure around, but there are some pretty tough monsters. 1) When you reach the top, don't talk to the guy in front of the door yet. Instead, go past and hop down the ledge to get a treasure chest.

2) Once you get off the mountain, head south and check out the narrow road to pick up the reverse dragon gene.

Crypt of Wyndia
1) After a scene in front of the king, you and the criminals are thrown into the dungeon. Nina comes to visit you and releases the baddies. To get out of your cell, try to ram it down twice.

2) Follow the stairway down and chase after the princess. You will have to lose another battle against the pair. After you are defeated, you will be revived and will have to race into the crypts.

3) Read this plaque to learn you must remember the words spoken. In order to be able to click the tombstones without falling you will have to click the green text, but be sure to remember the red text. That's the important text.

4) To get through this saying, you must select all of the red text that was on the previous tombstones. Here is the correct order to enter: red, climbing, I, is, look, beneath, and this. From now on you will gain Nina in your party. She will be your strongest magic user.

This is the first area you will stumble across after you leave Mt. Buomore.

1) When you first get here you will want to solve this puzzle. To open the outside crystals to magical energy you will need to first go inside.

2) Inside there is a large crystal. Hit this with Nina's magic to give you 30 seconds to power the other four. Head to the west stairs and go up and out the south exit. Be sure to run!

3) Once you finish that, follow the open path to meet Momo performing one of her experiments. After a short dialogue she will join you on your journey. 4) This puzzle is similar to a sliding block puzzle. Try to work the puzzle from one end to the other to get it done quickly.

5) Click the upper right-most cube and the upper right one from the bottom. Then you should be able to walk right through. At the end you'll need to open the escape rocket. The button is behind the desk.

Rocket Crash Site
Before you leave this area you will want to search the surrounding forest. You should be able to find the Thorn dragon gene here. This gene will prove to be invaluable in the upcoming battles.

Plant and Dump
After talking to the doctor at the coffee shop, you will head to the plant.

1) There find and talk to the director of the plant and find out where to go next.

2) While you are still in the plant you may want to pick up some Mandrake. It will recover all your HP but lower your Max HP temporarily.

3) In the dump you will want to use this control to slide the boxes a couple times and get access to some treasures.

4) At these controls you can move the boxes back and forth. The treasure that you can claim from this one is an Artemis Cap. Be sure to line it up so that you can go across from the far side of the raised parts.

5) The boss is a little tough. Use flame attacks to make him feel pain and eventually remove his regeneration powers. From now on you will gain Peco in your party. He's a pretty good fighter once you build him up, with the power to heal himself every round.

The Arena
After being caught in the failed attempt to sneak past the roadblock, you will arrive here again. This time you must fight in a tournament to get out.

1) Your first battle is in the Hall of Fire. You will face three opponents but will have three "lives." If your character is defeated, the next in the battle order will come in. Avoid attacking the Dodai that are holding up the platforms; instead, concentrate on attacking the character on the platform. Avoid using Dragon Breath if you change forms or you will harm your own platform.

2) The second battle pits your team against another team. You must kill all of the opponents to win the battle. The leader will fall easier than the others, so concentrated attacks on him would help.

3) The last battle is rigged, so you can't win it. Try to fight the battle if you want, but the story will go on when you lose. Follow him to Balio's office to get your other companion. Shortly after this area you will gain Garr as a companion. He can become your strongest fighter.

Maekyss Gorge
On your way home you will be attacked here. Balio and Sunder will combine and go after you. If you team up with strong fighters you should be able to take him out. Don't attack him with magic users as he will immediately set up barriers and resist spells to counter any magic effect.

Wyndia Castle
After the gorge you should be able to make your way back to Wyndia. From here you will need to control Nina for a while.

1) After hearing a dish drop and talking to the servant, you will see Honey run away. Follow her down past the kitchen and into the cellar.

2) In the cellar you will need to shift the camera to see Honey hidden next to one of the bottom barrels. You will also need to find a mouse that is hidden behind a barrel to get some cheese.

3) After scaring off Honey from the cellar, make your way back up to Nina's bedroom. Go out to the balcony and you will see Honey. Talk to her in order to effect your escape.

The ship here is missing. To help Beyd get together with Shadis you will need to train him. One way to help him out is to equip some of your weakest weapons on yourself. Also be sure to heal him when he's extremely hurt. Remember though that the only way he will build defense is when he blocks. He will only block when his health is low, so let it stay low sometimes.

After helping Beyd, he will give you badges to get to the lighthouse. Be sure to have some crysm on you before you try to activate the main generator.

1) To activate the main generator you will need to first put some crysm into the machine. Then you will need to flip the switch when the curve reaches the top of the middle and flashes.

2) Once power is regained you will want to find these two switches and flip them to divert power to the lighthouse. There is one north from the main generator and one west of it.

3) On your way up to the light you will have to fight Gazer. He is heavy on the magic and can shoot a beam weapon that does massive damage to one party member. Quake and normal attacks do good damage against him.

4) On top flip the switch to activate the lighthouse and to meet the faeries. Save, then go to a flower ring and use the tiara.

Angel Tower
1) When outside of the tower be sure to check all the ledges. You should be able to find two chests that contain items. You will need to hop down them from upper levels.

2) The east underground area is not necessary for anything yet. But don't forget about it.

3) This is the only real puzzle in the tower. You will need Garr in your party to push the blocks around. Head to the top side first, push that block down. Then come around to the other side and slide that block against the wall. Push the next two blocks out together to make a bridge to the center island. Then follow that across and downstairs.

4) When you head to the lower level you will be in for a surprise. Garr decides to attack you! He is not as strong against you as he was in the arena, but he can still cause some damage. One way to keep yourself alive is to have any flame-resistant options equipped. Normal attacks will take him down without too much trouble.

Faerie World
After you finish with Angel Tower and are grown up, head to the Faerie World. Once there you will find out that they need your help to build their village. You must choose which jobs they perform and which ones they are best suited to do.
With the ship still not back, you'll have some time. Use the faerie tiara to go into the Faerie World.

1) Once there talk to the leader to find out why they wanted to turn the lighthouse off so bad.

2) After talking to the leader, head down to the beach and get ready to fight a boss. After a pretty funny dialogue, you will be attacked by a dolphin. He is weak toward electric attacks but can dish out some strong party-affecting magic. Once you defeat him the Faerie World will be free.

Be sure to keep at least a third of your total faeries hunting for food, or they will starve and die off. Try to keep the faerie with the strongest attribute in her job.
Hunt  Provides food for the village
Clear  Clears the land for building
Builder  Builds the village
Scholar  Studies new technologies
Jobs  Researches new jobs
Culture  Raises the culture level
Merchant  Sells various things
Weapon  Sells strong weapons
Items  Sells various items
Handyman  Puts together various speed or agility items
Inn  Runs a cheap inn
Gift  Passes out free items
Fortune  Gives general advice
Explorer  Goes on adventures and gets rare items
Antiques  Buys rare objects for great prices
Music  Plays game music
Casino  Play various games here for items
Copy  Can copy any item... sometimes

Mt. Zublo
You will be best equipped if you come into this area with 99 healing herbs and a shot of flameblock from Rhapala. Also, if you have option items that resist flame, equip those as they will probably save your butt more than once.

1) Avoid the steam vents and lava when you can since they will drop your HP. You can only be dropped to one HP, but if you get in a battle, you will be in trouble.

2) Most of the areas that are blocked by lava and steam vents hold treasure chests on the other side. If you have the herbs, it is worth it to walk across the lava and get the chests.

3) The final boss is a pain. He will heal his creatures and does some big damage. Equip your characters with flame-resistant equipment and use your Ice spells a lot. Kill the creatures before the old man to ease the battle.

Duana Mine Part 2
Making your way through this mine is not that hard at all.

The mine cart puzzle is the only puzzle of the place.

Use the switchboxes to alter the path of the cart. You can then use Garr to push the cart to its destination.

When you are nearing the exit you'll encounter a spirit of the dragons. This boss hits strong and can poison the party. Sometimes it's better to leave them poisoned and keep fighting.

Head to Sin City to stock up on some new weapons and items. There you will start hearing rumors about a man-eating tiger on Ogre Road.

1) After defeating him head back to Cedar Woods and to the hut that was your first home. If any of your guys are apprenticed to Bunyan you should visit him now.

2) From there head to McNeil village and go through some story bits. You will also meet up with Nina, and she will join your party and suggest you head back to Sin City.

3) When you get to Sin City you will notice the whole place is trashed. Make your way to the end and be sure to talk to the guy hidden on the right by the mountain.

4) After learning that the boss went to the checkpoint, you should follow. This boss is a tough one but can be beat easier if you revive Rei. Be aware that he will go crazy as the battle ensues, so be prepared to resurrect some party members.

Ogre Road
This area is little more than a level-raising area, until you get to the end. There are a couple of chests scattered around with items that will help you at the end of the road. There you will need to face a boss. He is not too tough, and normal attacks will kill him.

Plant, Part 2
In order to get a passport to the eastern lands you must first investigate the plant you were at before.

1) Here you will reunite with Momo, and she will tell you that they are missing the director of the plant, Palet. She will also tell you that Peco is still in the area.

2) Head to Yggdrasil east of the plant and reunite with Peco, then head back to the plant.

3) Upon returning to the plant you will notice the green gas in all the greenhouses. Use Peco to push the rocks to the spots marked with X's and then have him run from a distance into the rocks to send them flying into the house.

4) Once in the secret laboratory, you will face two major bosses. The first can be beaten if you cast Fire spells on him quickly.

5) The second is the opposite as he will be casting a lot of spells on your party. Have one healer and two fighters.

Tidal Caves and Gaist
1) In order to find some direction you must first go to Angel Tower again. Be sure to have Garr in the party when you enter the tower.

2) When Garr prays to his god, he finds out that you must find another guardian. Head to Urkan to find out that this guardian is southeast by the tidal caves.

3) To get through the caves you have to be very quick, or the tide will come up and block the caves you need to go to. If you are willing to spend some time in the caves you can find a total of two chests inside and one outside. Also be sure to get the dragon gene that is at the end of the caves.

4) Once you get through the caves, head to the village that is down there. Be sure to rest and save in the inn at the top of the town. Once you are ready, go visit Gaist. He will give you more information about the Brood and the war. He will then challenge you. In order to beat him, you must first take out the two torches next to you. Once that's done, take the form of a frost dragon and attack.

Parch and Outer Ocean
After fixing the boat, you find out that you can't make the trip with it. It is too weak. But you find out about someone who might be able to. The only problem is that the mayor is not being cooperative. The only way to raise his spirits is to make him some food from his hometown.

1) The recipe and some of the ingredients can be found here. It is the house in the Maekyss Gorge.

2) Getting the mixture right is the trick. The ingredients are also spread out all over the place. You can find the shaly seeds at the house, the horseradish on the Ogre road, the vinegar at the coffee house, and the mackerel at the fishing spot close to the house. To make some good shisu put in one piece of mackerel and put in enough shaly seeds so the ball it makes is the size of the mackerel. For every four seeds you use, use one vinegar. For every vinegar use one or two horseradish.

3) Take your time here and collect all of the chests. You will need to use the boost in order to get them in time.

4) Once you are done with that, talk to the mariner.

5) He will tell you that you need to get on the black ship. That is the only way to get across the outer ocean.

Steel Beach
When you reach Junk Town you will find out that the ship is there and it is still broken.

1) Momo will ask you to gather up some parts for her to make repairs. Word is, the best place to start is at Steel Beach.

2) When you get there you will have to have Garr in the party and have him help pull up some salvage with the foreman. The trick is to pull as much as you can when it is your turn.

3) Unfortunately the salvage you pull up is a boss. He is a strong one and will take some serious damage to kill. Be sure to have Nina cast her Lightning spells and have at least one person attack each round.

4) When you can finally get into the freighter you will find pieces lying everywhere. They will be in just about every spot that is hard to see normally. You will have to use the camera shift a lot in this area. There are several pieces of every item you will need to find. At least two of every part that is on the list will need to be found, for some of them three must be found. Once you get all of the pieces, head back to Momo and give them to her to get the ship running again.

Black Ship
After a failed attempt to board the ship you determine that you must ram it.

1) To do this you must use the boost when right behind the ship.

2) Once in the ship, be sure to explore as much as possible. There are many treasures to be had in this ship.

3) Once the crane is reactivated, you will want to go back there and use it to grab all of the smaller boxes. These boxes will make a bridge that will allow you to get to some important areas in the ship, like a resting point and the bridge.

4) This switch can be a godsend if you are low on health or magic. Once this is flipped, the bridge will always stay up, and it leads right to your other ship. From there you can save and rest. One puzzle that will be a problem is the booster puzzle. For this one you will need to listen to the pings in the background. After Momo activates it, run down and watch the counter on it. Once it reaches 70 or 80, head back up to the bridge. Be sure to continue to count the pings so you can get the count just right. When the counter reaches 100, talk to Momo and have her flip the switch.

5) After a short time you will be attacked by a pair of sea creatures. They will give you an opportunity to pull a little back on the ship and gain better ground. When you get attacked try to use any lightning attacks you can. This is one battle where the thunder dragon is very well-suited to fight in.

1) When you first get to this area you may not have what you need in order to operate the machine. If you got the key from the portal drive you can use the laser and mirrors to power up the portal drive.

2) This is how the mirrors should be set up to get the drive powered up.

3) This puzzle can give you many headaches if you let it. You have to flip the switches in the right order to get the bridges to be in the right place so you can get to the northern door. Flip the switches in this order to get it to work: red switch, blue switch, cyan switch, brown switch. This will set the bridges up in the right way to continue in the level.

4) This is an easy puzzle. Operate the dish and swing it around until you find the direction with the least amount of line noise. Activate the dish and then make your way back down to the portal room and teleport to Dragnier.

This boss you will have to fight is pretty tough. You can't use any dragon forms to protect yourself; however, you can use any other magic that you want to use. This is one of the toughest battles that you will have to go through. Dragnier has no particular weakness but will occasionally waste a round with his bad-back move. Once you defeat him you receive the strongest dragon gene in the game... the infinity gene.

Desert of Death
The desert is the most tedious puzzle of the game.

1) The trick to finding the oasis is to follow the false North Star. Eventually an oasis will appear and then disappear. When it disappears, follow the normal North Star and go a little to the left of it.

2) Eventually you will run into this bad boy. After plodding through the desert all this time, this guy should be no challenge. Ice attacks do very good damage against him, but pretty much any combination of attacks will take him down. Be sure to have one person healing the party.

Caer Xhan
1) The first part of these ruins used to be a town. There are a couple of places with robots in them. The weapon shop and the item shop are two places that should definitely be checked. There is also a place to rest. Once you are ready to go up to the station you should head to the north building with a little robot in it that looks like Honey. Follow that out to activate the lift.

2) Teepo is a tough dragon to beat. If you use the warrior dragon form it will be a little easier.

3) With the final boss, equip your party with every status protector that you can and use the hourglasses as much as you can.

The End
If you're feeling adventurous, you can always go back in and try to find all the dragon genes and apprentice to all the masters. Check out the listings in the section titled
The Basics for more information on these areas.