Super Punch Out
While I explain the walk through, I use the term, "put his guard down." No character will put his guard down unless you are at neutral position on the direction pad, or d-pad. Also, I tell you to dodge and punch. While fighting, I dodge to the left, always. That is unless I need to dodge a counter-attack the other way. I am not sure that all of these really matter if you dodge this way or that, but if things aren't happening the way I say it will and you are doing what I say, try doing things, like dodging left, my way. The punches, left and right, are important for speed and strength both. All characters to get in there fazed state, need to have there power down to a certain point at a certain time and that is why it is important you don't do these different unless you figure out a better pattern than these, and if you can do that, more than likely you'll know this already. Now for the walkthrough for FAST times!! First Circuit: Strategy for Gabby Jay: After he puts his guard down, throw 5 left punches, then 2 right followed by a super punch(All at his head). He should go into a dazed faze and head right. The second he leaves to go back left, throw a super punch in his face and he should fall down and you will get a KO. If he doesn't, the timing for your second super punch is off. As long as you get him down before 10 sec. with a super punch knock down he will stay down for the count. Strategy for Bear Hugger: Quickly throw up a left punch towards his face to get him to block, then he should throw down both of his fists. Duck under it then alternately throw a right, left, right, left punches to his head. Repeat this whole process, starting from the left punch to block. Then, for the third time, still throw your left to get him to block, but then throw a right, left, right punches to his face then super punch him in the face. This should force him to go back, and his coach will say, "Go! Attack him Now!" When he comes back, hit him with a right punch in the face just before he throws a punch. If you don't get him stunned, your threw your punch too early. When he is stunned, throw a super punch towards his face followed by another one, then he will go back in a dazed faze and hit him with a super punch in the face when he comes back. If you followed all of this, you should have KOed him in 17 sec. This is probably the hardest to do out of the whole circuit, and even the next one, too. Alternate for Bear Hugger: Follow previous up to the coach saying, "Go! Attack Him Now!" When he comes back, in place of punching him in the face, super punch him in the face the second that he throws his punch, then throw a second one like before. Then he will start throwing a third punch you will cut off with another super punch. This is an easier way of beating him, but it's also the hardest because of timing. Piston Hurricane: The easiest guy I ever faced. When he puts his guard down, consecutively throw left punches in his face until he goes into a dazed faze. When he starts coming back, throw a super punch in his gut. He should go down, then get back up. The second you get up to fight him again, throw another super punch in his gut and he'll stay down this time. Bald Bull: He has got a pattern to follow. When his guard goes down, without any breaks in between punches, throw 2 in face, 1 gut, 8 face, 2 gut, 1 face, all right punches. Then he will do a circle dazed faze. When he gets 3/4 the way around, you will notice a SLIGHT pause. This is when you throw a super punch in his gut. If you did this right, he will go down the first time. Directly when he gets up, just like Piston Hurricane, throw a super punch in his gut, then dodge his next punch, punch him in the face with a left then when stunned throw a super punch in his face. He will go down the second time. Now, for the bull charge. Go for the first one. He only has 3 bounces to this one, so throw a right punch in his gut right after his first bounce. You have now TKOed him and should have finished the first circuit. There's the first circuit walkthrough for the best times. Be prepared for the rest, because it's all uphill from here. Second Circuit: Bob Charlie: A punk if there ever was one. He must have at least 16 random ways he fights each time he is up fighting you. If he is nice enough, you will get the right ones. Like Piston Hurricane, wait until his guard is down and repeatedly throw left punches in his face. If he dodges, 14/15 times he does, keep punching without any breaks. He should eventually go into a dazed faze, and if he doesn't and uppercuts you, that is probably because he was dodging too many times. In his dazed faze, he goes back, then retailiates and hops forward twice. You need to throw a super punch towards his gut right before he starts hopping. Your key is when he retailiates. If you timed it right he should be lying on the mat. When he gets up, he will throw a punch, sometimes, depending on those random ways Bob has. Assuming he does, dodge and hit him in the face, followed by a super punch. If he does one of his fake dodges, you probably, doing the smart thing, have already dodged. Without punching, be ready to dodge again for a second punch, this should be an actual punch. Just do the same thing, dodge, punch, super punch. You'll get a worse time it will still be good enough, you can always go to time mode for a better chance. Dragon Chan: This guy is equal in toughness as Bob Charlie, but not because he is random, you just have to be timed right, a lot. When he puts his guard down, smack him in the face with two right punches. Then he will get ready to punch you. Here's where it gets hard. You have to time it right to punch him with another right in the face to get him stunned, then hit him until you can't. Doing this takes practice. Then repeat the process. Now punch him three times in the face in a row with a SLIGHT delay before you start punching. Then punch him once in the face with your right, with another slight delay before you do. This should bring him to his dazed faze. His dazed faze is as follows: He makes a U-Shape starting from the center-bottom going to the top-left corner then back down and up towards the top-right corner then back to bottom-center, which is in front of you. To knock him down from his fazed state, throw a super punch to his gut when he comes back from either of the top corners of the 'U'. For the best time, knock him down when he comes back the first time. He should get back up at 8 sec. of the count, then you need to knock him down as quick as possible using a super punch. He does one of two things when he gets back up. He will either turn transparent and start giving himself power or throw three kicks at you. If he starts the power thing, just super punch him in the gut when he starts doing it. If he throws the kicks, dodge at the appropriate side and on the third one, punch him in the gut, and depending on which side he is on you'll have to use either your right or left. This should stun him, then super punch him in the face. May be long, but good! Masked Muscle: All right, you've made it this far. You've still got a long ways to go though. This guy has a couple variations to him. When he puts his guard down, throw 2 right punches at his head. If he blocks one or both of these, you should be able to get him in a dazed faze by punching him in the gut with your right punch. If you get him with both 2 punches in the face, punch him three times in the gut with your right followed by one to his face, then 2 more to his gut. Now you should have him at a dazed faze and you need to throw a super punch at his gut as soon as he hits the floor in his faze. If you timed this right he should be down, you might have to practice on him for a while to knock him down. When he gets up he should be throwing a move at you. I don't know the name of the move, but what he does is throw a jab then a hook at you. He lets you know when he is going to do this by twitching. To dodge it, you will need to dodge hard right when he throws the jab at you. To get a perfect dodge every time, right when he twitches, throw a punch in his face, then immediately dodge. You have to hold your dodge as long as possible to get out of his way. After you dodge it, hit him in the face, followed by a super punch. Next he'll do a spit move at you. Dodge hard right or left, then immediately throw a super punch in his gut. He should be down for the count. Mr. Sandman: Bring me a dream, a dream that this guy is easier. Maybe that dream will become reality. OK, when he puts his guard down, throw one right punch in his face. Then wait for him to about throw a punch. Throw a right in his face to stop him and he will be stunned. Hit him until you can't, then he will try to punch you again, do the same thing. Now he will try to punch you in the gut, so you have to throw a left in his gut to get him stunned, now throw right punches at his face until you can't. Now he'll try and uppercut you. Throw a right in his gut (you have to wait a little) to get him stunned for the fourth time, now punch him until he gets in his dazed faze. If you missed getting him stunned while he was uppercutting but you still hit him, throw 2 left punches in his face and he should do his dazed faze. First he'll go up and right, then up and left, then back at you. When he starts coming back at you, throw a super punch in his gut and he should go down once. When he gets back up, dodge his punch then hit him in the face to get him stunned. Then throw a super punch in his gut. He is now down twice. When he gets back up, do the same as last time, except he won't fall down, he will do his 3 uppercut move. Dodge these then hit him stun him, Then super punch him in the face. Then dodge the next punch, stun him and super punch him in the gut. When you punch him to stun him, punch with your right in his face, always. Now you should be through the Second Circuit. Now your halfway there. Third Circuit: Aran Ryan: All these methods I figured out myself, not because I am a game junky, but I found someones page on the internet with his best times and I made a mission to beat them all. Dan