Mortal Kombat
****************** CHARACTERS ****************** --Kano-- Roll Spin: Full circle toward foe starting from back arrow position and moving clockwise. Then press "R pad" to hoover. Knife: B-F-R-pad Finishing Move: B-D-F, "A" button --Johnny Cage-- Green Flame: B-F-B button Shadow Kick: B-F-A button Split Punch: B button and R pad Finishing Move: F-F-F-Y button -Liu Kang- Fireball: F-F-X button Flying Kick: F-F-B button Finishing Move: Full circle toward foe, starting from down arrow position and moving clockwise --Rayden-- Lightening Throw: D-F-B button Teleport: D-U Superman: B-B-F Finishing Move: (Close) F-B-B-B-Y button --Sub-Zero-- Freeze: D-F-B Slide: B+B button+A button+R pad at the same time Finishing Move: F-D-F-Y button --Scorpion-- Spear: B-B-B button Teleport: D-B-Y button Finishing Move: Hold R pad+U-U --Sonya-- Ring Toss: B button-B-B button Scissor Grab: D-B-A+R pad together Square Wave Flight: F-B-Y button Finishing Move: F-F-B-B-R pad