Final Fantasy VI
*Contents* Part One - Intro Introduction Revision History Part Two - The Basics The Basic Story The Characters Basic Gameplay Part Three - The Dirt The Walkthrough The Cheapo Secrets Boss Guide Part Four - Lists and Other Stuff Rage List Lore List Coloseum List Rumours in the Game Shadow's Dreams Armor List Weapons List Relic List Spell/Magicite List Song List (from the soundtrack) Game Genie Codes Part 5 - Conclusion Disclaimer Contact Web Pages Special Thanks Author's Note *************************************** PART 1 - INTRO *************************************** ********** Introduction ********** Hello, and welcome to Allen's FF6 FAQ. I know, you are probably used to the name FF3, but it will be called FF6 from here on out. The purpose of this guide isn't for cheating and looking at all of the time, but for a reference guide. It will be just like a strategy guide, but it is free, and you can actually find one! The game has gotten so old, it would be pretty hard. Why am I writing this FAQ when Mynock has a perfectly good guide? Two reasons. A. I am bored, and I would like to write a FAQ for my favorite game to kill time. B. Mynock needs some dang competition! I will not steal ANYTHING from his guide, nor do I want to. I want a challenge, and I have accepted this one. I will be writing the walkthrough by previous knowlege, another playthough of the game, and a little help from my strategy guide. I will either make the lists myself, or not put them in the FAQ. FF6 is my favorite game on Earth, and I will love writing this FAQ. If anyone wants to help me, let me know. Thanks. ************* Revision History ************* 1.0 - This is the first version. I finished the Intro section, the conclusion, and some of the basic stuff. This is really just a release to get things started. 1.5 - I finished the song list, and the Esper/Spell list. It has some good stuff, and it worth checking out. **************************************** PART 2 - THE BASICS **************************************** ************ The Basic Story ************ There are MANY characters in FF6, so don't try and keep track of them all just yet. The main story is about a mysterious young girl named Terra. She has the gift of magic. No HUMANS have that gift. There was a war in this world 1000 years ago, and it left the world in ruin. Humans fought against the Espers: mythical creatures that could use magic. No one knows why Terra can use magic, because she looks human... all except for her green hair! It turns out, this evil empire that is trying to get her (to get her magical abilities under their control, and so that they can use her to talk to the Esper, which have gone to their own world). It also turns out that they have a bad apple in the Empire: Kefka. He is an insane war leader, that doesn't just want to get magic back, he wants to use magic to destroy the world! Terra makes many friends along the way. Some die, some fall in love, and some go insane. That's for you to figure out in the game! ************ The Characters ************ I will have the main characters (that are playable and are in your party for a large portion of the game) in this first section, with a list of their abilities and stuff, and then the bad guys and good guys with small roles in the next section. Terra - A young girl controlled by the empire, born with the gift of magic... Ability - Morph Note - Terra also gains magic by leveling up, which is only possible with her and one other character. Locke - Treasure hunter and trail worn traveler, searching the world over for relics of the past... Ability - Steal Note - Steal can change to Capture. Stealing steals an item from the enemy, and Capture does the same, but also attacks the enemy. Edgar - The young king of Firgaro Castle, ally of the Empire, and master designer of machinery... Ability - Tools Note - Hear is a list of the Tools he can use, and where to get them Auto Crossbow - Hits All Enemies - Shop in Figaro (World of Balance) Noiseblaster - Confuses All Enemies - Same Bioblaster - Poisons Multiple Enemies - Same Chainsaw - Hits or Kills Enemy - Clock Tower Puzzle at Zozo Flash - Blinds All Enemies - Shop in Figaro (World of Ruin) Dehabilitater - Casts Weak Point Randomly - Same Drill - Penetrates Enemies Defenses - Same Air Anchor - Makes All Enemies Self Desctuctive - Coloseum Sabin - Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom... Ability - Blitz Note - Here is a list of his Blitz moves. How to do them can be found in the Skills section of the main menu in the game Pummel (attack) Aurabolt (attack) Suplex (attack) Fire Dance (attack) Mantra (heals some HPs) Air Blade (attack) Spiraler (recovers the party, although kills Sabin) Bum Rush Shadow - He owes alegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind... Ability - Throw (weapons) Celes - Product of generic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek warrior, with a spirit as pure as snow... Ability - Rune Note - Celes absorbs spells and turns them into MP with her Rune ability Cyan - Faithful retainer of his family's liege, with the courage and strength of 100 men... Ability - Swordtech Note - Here is a list of his Swordtech moves 1 = Dispatch - One Attack 2 = Retort - Automatically Counter Attacks When Cyan is Hit 3 = Slash - Gains HP From the Enemy 4 = Quadra Slam - 4 Hit Attack 5 = Empowerer - Takes HP and MP From Enemy 6 = Stunner - Hits Enemies, Then Stuns Them 7 = Quadra Slice - More Powerful 4 Hit Attack 8 = Cleave - Dices Up Enemy Gau - Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intellegence. A youth surviving against all odds... Ability - Rage/Leap Note - At the Veldt, Gau can Leap into your enemies and learn their attacks. He can then imitate them in battle. You can find a Rage list later in the FAQ. Setzer - A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling, free spirit... Ability - Slot/GP Rain Note - When equipped with Coin Toss, Slot turns to GP Rain. 1 GP = 1 HP Mog - Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing Moogle! Ability - Dance Note - Here is a list of his Dances The Dance is Learned at Attacks are Wind Song Grass fields Wind Slash, Sun Bath, Plasma, Cockatrice Forest Suite Woods Rage, Wild Bear, Elf Fire, Wombat Desert Aria Desert Places Sand Storm, Wind Slash, Antlion, Kitty Love Sonata Towns Elf Fire, Snare, Specter, Tapir Earth Blues Mountains Land Slide, Sun Bath, Sonic Boom, Whump Water Rondo Underwater El Nino, Specter, Plasma, Wild Bear Dusk Requiem Caves Cave In, Elf Fire, Snare, Pois. Frog Snowman Jazz Snowy Places Snowball, Snare, Surge, Ice Rabbit Strago - An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters... Ability - Lore Note - Strago can learn the attacks of monsters when he experiences them, kinda like Gau's Rage. You will find a Lore list later in the FAQ. Relm - In her pictures she captures everything: forests, water, light... the very essence of life... Ability - Sketch/Control Note - Relm can draw an enemy, and have the drawing attack for your side. Wearing the Fake Mustache, she can use the Control ability, which lets her control the enemy for your side. Umaro - Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a sasquatch pal with muscle! Ability - None Note - Umaro fights on your side, but you can't control what he does. However, with the Blizzard Orb or Rage Ring relics, he can do two special attacks: Ice Storm and Rage. Gogo - Shrouded in odd clothing,... is this a man...?...a woman...?...or should we ask...? Ability - Mimic Note - Gogo can Mimic any person that comes before him, doing anything they just did. He can also use anyone elses abilities on his own. Go to Status, and you can put whatever you want for his other slots! Other Characters: Kefka - main bad guy of FF6. This guy is really crazy! Emperor Gestahl - leader of the Empire General Leo - Lead general of the Empire, but he has a good heart Banon - Leader of the Returners, a rebel group against the Empire Arvis - member of the Returners Vicks and Wedge - two guys with you at the beginning of the game Duncan - Sabin's trainer Vargas - Duncan's son Maria - an opera singer That's all I can think of. If you think of some more good ones, let me know. ************ Basic Gameplay ************ The gameplay of Final Fantasy 6, for me, is perfect. It combines pre-set abilities, like in FF4 (for better character development) and customization, like in FF5 (for more replay). The pre-set abilities have already been talked about in the "The Basic Characters" section. Each character has one pre-set ability that only they can use. That also gives the game strategy. You must plan what characters you want in your party. The customization comes in the form of Magicite, the ruins of dead Espers. You can equip them to different people. When you do this, 2 things happen. You can summon that Esper, to attack, or heal, or do something ^_^. Also, by keeping the Espers equipped for a certain amount of time, you can learn the spells that that Esper can give you. You can see a list of the Espers and their spells later in the FAQ. You must give each person good spells, or else they will be fairly useless in battle. Use good judgment, and keep your characters up to date with spells, and you'll be OK in the world of Final Fantasy 6! ************************************************** PART THREE - THE DIRT ************************************************** ************** The Walkthrough ************** UNDER CONSTRUCTION **************** The Cheapo Secrets **************** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ********* Boss Guide ********* UNDER CONSTRUCTION ************************************************* PART FOUR - LISTS AND OTHER STUFF ************************************************* ******** Rage List ******** UNDER CONTRUCTION ******* Lore List ******* UNDER CONSTRUCTION *********** Coleseum List *********** UNDER CONSTRUCTION **************** Rumours in the Game **************** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ************** Shadow's Dreams ************** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ********* Armor List ********* UNDER CONSTRUCTION ********** Weapon List ********** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ******* Relic List ******* UNDER CONSTRUCTION *************** Spell/Magicite List *************** First, I will write the Espers, the spells they give you, what their summon does in combat, their location, and what they give you for each time you level up. Alexander - Pearl, Shell, Safe, Dispell, Remedy - Mystic Purity Attack - King's room in Doma Castle (after Cyan's dream) - None Bahamut - Flare - Cuts through magic defenses - After defeat of Doom Gaze - HP +50% Bismark - Fire, Ice, Bolt, Life - Water elemental attack - Magitek Research Center - Strenth +2 Carbunkl - Reflect, Haste, Shell, Safe, Warp - Casts Reflect on party - Magitek Research Center - None Crusader - Merton, Meteor - Attack harms party and enemy - After defeat of 5 Dragons - MP +50% Fenrir - Warp, X-Zone, Stop - Makes multiple images of party - Mobliz (from kid after you beat Phunbaba) - MP +30% Golem - Safe, Stop, Cure2 - Protects party - Jidoor, at the Auction House - Stamina +2 Ifrit - Fire, Fire2, Drain - Fire elemental attack - Magitek Factory (Trash Bin) - Strength +1 Kirin - Cure, Cure2, Regen, Antidote, Scan - Recovers HP - Zozo (with Terra) - None Maduin - Fire2, Ice2, Bolt2 - Non elemental attack - Magitek Research Center - Magic Power +1 Odin (turns into Raiden) - Meteor - Slices through enemies - Odin in the hidden underground castle - None Palidor - Haste, Haste2, Slow, Slow2, Float - Jump attack - Beach on Celes' Island - None Phantom - Beserk, Vanish, Demi - Makes party invisible - Magitek Research Center - MP +10% Phoenix - Life, Life2, Life3, Cure3, Fire3 - Recovers battle status - Star shaped mountain - None Ragnarok - Ultima - Turns enemy into item - Narshe weapon shop - None Raiden (advanced version of Odin) - Quick - Slices through enemies - Stone queen from hidden castle - Strength +2 Ramuh - Bolt, Bolt2, Poison - Lightening elemental attack - Zozo (with Terra) - Stamina +1 Shiva - Ice, Ice2, Rasp, Osmose, Cure - Ice elemental attack - Magitek Factor (Trash Bin) - None Shoat - Bio, Break, Doom - Petrifies enemies - Magitek Research Center - HP +10% Siren - Sleep, Mute, Slow, Fire - Silences enemies - Zozo (with Terra) - HP +10% Sraphim - Life, Cure, Cure2, Regen, Remedy - Recovers HP - Tzen (in woods) - None Starlet - Cure, Cure2, Cure3, Regen, Remedy - Recovers HP - Owzer's house (after death of Chadarnook) - Stamina +2 Stray - Muddle, Imp, Float - Confuses enemies - Zozo (with Terra) - Magic Power +1 Terrato - Quake, Quarter, W. Wind - Earth elemental attack - Narshe mine (section open Tritoch) - HP +30% Tritoch - Fire3, Ice3, Bolt3 - Ice/Fire/Bolt 3 way attack - North of Narshe (through mines) - Magic Power +2 Unicorn - Cure2, Remedy, Dispell, Safe, Shell - Cast Remendy on party - Magitek Research Center - None Zoneseek - Rasp, Osmose, Shell - Casts Shell on party - Jidoor Auction House - Magic Power +2 The Spells: Spell - MP - Effect Antidote - 3 - Cures Poison Bio - 3 - Poisons an enemy Bolt - 26 - Lightening elemental attack Bolt2 - 6 - Ditto (more powerful) Bolt3 - 22 - Ditto (more powerful) Break - 25 - Stones enemy Berserk - 16 - Berserks an enemy Cure - 5 - Recoveres HP Cure2 - 25 - Ditto (more powerful) Cure3 - 40 - Ditto (more powerful) Demi - 33 - Cuts enemy's HP in half Dispel - 25 - Poors an enemy Doom - 35 - Kills enemy Drain - 15 - Drains HP from enemy Fire - 4 - Fire elemental attack Fire2 - 20 - Ditto (more powerful) Fire3 - 51 - Ditto (more powerful) Flare - 45 - Barrier piecing attack Float - 17 - Floats a party member Haste - 10 - Speeds up party members attacks Haste2 - 38 - Speeds up the whole party Ice - 5 - Ice elemental attack Ice2 - 21 - Ditto (more powerful) Ice3 - 52 - Ditto (more powerful) Imp - 10 - Turns someone into an imp or back to a human Life - 30 - Restores life Life2 - 60 - Restores life and HP Life3 - 50 - Protects from mortal wound Merton - 85 - Fire attack (hurts enemies and party) Meteor - 62 - Damages all enemies Muddle - 8 - Confuses target Mute - 8 - Mutes target Osmose - 1 - Absorbs MP from an enemy Pearl - 40 - Pearl elemental attack Poison - 3 - Poisons target Quake - 50 - Earth elemental attack (harms party and enemies) Quarter - 48 - Cuts enemies HP by 3/4 Quick - 99 - Allows double commands Rasp - 12 - Damages MP Reflect - 22 - Casts magic barrier on target Regen - 10 - Gradually heals party member Remedy - 15 - Cures all status ailments Safe - 12 - Raises defense Scan - 3 - Shows enemies stats Shell - 15 - Raises magic defense Sleep - 5 - Puts target to sleep Slow - 5 - Slows enemies actions Slow2 - 26 - Slows all enemies Stop - 10 - Stops enemy Ultima - 80 - Damages all enemies Vanish - 18 - Makes party member disapear (until hit with a physical attack) Warp - 20 - Allows escape from battles W Wind - 75 - Unfocused attack (near fatal) X-Zone - 53 - Kills target ******** Song List ******** Disk One 1. Opening Theme 2. Colliery Naish (Narshe in the US) 3. Awakening 4. Lock (Locke in the US) 5. Battle Theme 6. Fanfare 7. Edgar and Mash (Sabin the the US. It's the song that plays in Figaro) 8. Cefca (Kefka in the US) 9. Mt. Colts (Mt. Kolts in the US) 10. Returners 11. Shadow 12. Troops March On 13. Cayenne (Cyan in the US) 14. The Unforgiven 15. The Mystic Forest 16. Mistery Train (It is supposed to be Mystery Train) 17. Wild West (The Veldt in the US) 18. Gau 19. The Snake Path 20. Kids Run Through The City Corner (Supposed to be Kids Run Through the City Streets) 21. Under Martial Law 22. Celes 23. Save Them 24. The Decisive Battle 25. Metamorphosis Disk 2 1. Tina (Terra in the US) 2. Coin Song 3. Techno de Chocobo 4. Forever Rachel 5. Slam Shuffle 6. Spinach Rag [START OF OPERA] 7. Overture 8. Aria Di Mezzo Carattere 9. The Wedding Waltz ~ Duel 10. Grand Finale? 11. Setzer 12. Johnny C Bad (Should be Johnny C. Bad) 13. The Empire "Ghastra" (Should be The Emperor Gestahl) 14. Devil's Lab 15. Blackjack 16. ?? (That's the real title!) 18. Stragus (Strago in the US) 19. Relm (Realm in the US) 20. Another World Of Beasts (Should be Another World of Beasts) Disk 3 1. New Continent 2. Catastrophe 3. The Fierce Battle 4. Rest in Peace 5. Dark World 6. The Day After 7. Searching Friends (I think this should be Searching for Friends) 8. Gogo 9. Epitaph 10. The Magic House 11. Umaro 12. Fanatics 13. Last Dungeon 14. Dancing Mad 15. Ending Theme 16. Prelude Note - I added all of those error things so that you could see how bad these people are at English. Also, they forgot a LOT of "the"s! ************** Game Genie Codes ************** UNDER CONSTRUCTION ************************************************ PART 5 - CONCLUSION ************************************************ ******** Disclaimer ******** Don't edit this FAQ in ANY way when you put it on your page. Don't steal any info from this FAQ for your own page or FAQ. However, if you give me credit (and leave in the disclaimer) I won't mind. If you want to help me or give me any info, show me mistakes, typos, etc. please e-mail me at or catch me on AIM. Thanks. ****** Contact ****** E-mail me with your opinions of the game, if you want to help me, if you have advice, etc. Thanks. ********* Web Pages ********* That is my homepage. I will be putting the newest version up on the page. I will also be sending the newest version of the FAQ to GameFAQs. If you want to be on a mailing list to receive the FAQ when I mail it to GameFAQs, then e-mail me. ************ Special Thanks ************ No one has helped me, so... *********** Author's Note *********** Thanks for reading my FAQ. Please check with me for new versions. I have some more stuff that you will hopefully find useful now. Next version I will probably have the secrets part started, the walkthrough started, and the Game Genie codes up. Thanks!