Super Metroid

Published by Nintendo
Genre: Action Players: 1

Game Genie Codes
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MASTER CODE   FA68-4760 + DD6A-C7D
Hyper Gun     62C5-14A6

Quick Way to Defeat Draygon
from Jeremy Dovel (
First destroy the shooting guns located on the side of the wall. After you destroy the shooting guns there is electricity left behind. When Draygon shoots out that white, gooy, gunk, stand next to the electricity on the side wall. Then let that white, gooy, gunk, touch you. Draygon will pick you up and when he does, use the Grappling Hook on the electicity. He'll be fried to a crisp but you'll suffer some damage to.

Note: You'll suffer a lot of damage so carry a sufficient amount of energy units and plenty of energy tanks.

Refill Life
from Scott Barrett (
If you're very low on life, hold L + R and fire a powerbomb by holding the FIRE button. You'll know when to let go.