Mega Man 7

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

Final Stage
To skip to the final stage of Dr. Wily's castle, enter the password:

and press Start.

How to Beat the Bosses
from Josh Carrasco (
Cloud Man- use powered up M.Buster shots, slide when he tries to blow you off the edge, and slide under him when he charges.

Junk Man- just wait till he jumps over you then zap him with Thunder Strike.

Freeze Man- When he comes near you, use Junk shield.

Turbo Man- shoot him with ice at the start, then dodge and blast his bubble with M.Buster, and blast him with ice whenever you have the chance.

Clown (at the museum)- shoot his head with M.Buster or shoot your fist at his head if you have R.Adaptor.

Slash Man- blast him with ice then dodge the paint he drops.

Spring Man- use Slash claw and jump right when he fires his fist at you.

Shade Man- use wild coil or Rocket Punch and dodge when he swoops down by sliding.

Turbo Man- Use Crush Noise and jump over him when he charges at you.

Bass- use Rocket Punch and dodge his shots, you should have an energy tank to be safe.

Guts Man (rebuilt)- use slash claw to swipe the blocks at him, and you should have at least one energy tank.

Bass with T. Adaptor- this time, Bass uses his Treble Apadtor. mimic him by using Rush Adaptor, and watch out, he can fire his fist too!

Turtle- Fire at his head with M.Buster, and use Junk Shield to kill the little turtles. (Note: I didn't include anymore of the bosses, but please E-Mail me if you want to know how to beat the others)

Rising Slash Move
from Awilda Ortiz-Ramos
To execute a Rising Slash, press DOWN + FORWARD + Y.

Versus Mode
For Versus mode, enter the password above, but hold L + R while pressing Start.

Mega Man X

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

Early Blaster Powerup
from Shawn McCool (
I've discovered a way to, instead of waiting for Zero to die in the Sigma stages, get the powered up blaster early in the game. This requires you to:
  1. Get the Dash boots from Chill Penguin's Stage.
  2. Get the Helmet PowerUp from Storm Eagle's stage.
  3. Finally, you must go to Flame Mammoth's stage. Continue to the right until you fall down a corridor and notice the part of the ceiling made out of blocks. With a well executed dash jump and the helmet you should be up to the top to get the powerup in no time.

Extended Ending
After you beat the game, at the screen where you're thanked for playing, wait for approximately forty seconds to see an extended ending.

Extra Lives
from Zero X-treme (
To get extra lives, go to Armored Amadillo's stage and when you're about to jump off the first cart, wait and jump off when you see a brown bat different from all the others. Shoot it. This bat gives an extra life.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Game Genie Codes
from Thomas Catena, and
DBBE-446F  Start with 10 lives
DDBE-446F  Start with 1 lifes
D0BE-446F  Start with 5 lives
D1BE-446F  Start with 7 live
C2B9-3404  Infinite lives
D6BE-47AF  Start with less energy
4DBE-47AF  Start with more energy
C2B9-1FF7  Infinity energy
6DB5-CD97  Most enemies defeated with one shot
23BD-3F07  Start with all enemies and
           weapons defeated except Sigma
C9B3-4769  Infinite weapons once you have them
D08A-1FBC  Bogus jump
D58A-1FBC  Super jump
DB8A-1FBC  Mega jump (highest)
DDB0-4FA1  Disable weapon charging
DDB1-4F61  Weapon charges to 1st level quicker

Helmet Capsule
from the codemaster (
You need the acceleration system (foot capsule) to get the helmet capsule. Once you have it, enter Storm Eagle's level. Play until you get to the steel tower rising out of the ground. You will now be able to use the foot capsule to get the ledge on the other side of the tower. Blow up the gas tanks there, and go through the resulting hole. You'll find the helmet capsule there.

from Carlos Lopez Damm and GameGod2
Unscramble Mega Man's circuits with this set of passwords.

Password         Description
0131-6712-1221   Sting Chameleon defeated
5447-4177-4536   Extra life tank
1556-6642-7448   Launch octopus defeated
8441-2136-4421   All bad guys dead, super x-buster, 9 powers,
                 9 sub-hearts, and 4 sub-tanks
3676-4627-5142   All sub tanks, all heart tanks,
                 and all bosses defeated 
7437-6412-1255   Start with everything

Throw Fireballs
Toast the final boss with this trick. Here's the breakdown. To perform the trick, you must have all eight boss weapons, all nine heart tanks, and all four subtanks.

When you begin the game, don't go to the Sigma Stage. Instead, enter the Armored Armadillo stage.

Play to the end of the stage four times, keeping your Energy and Weapon meters at maximum. It's okay if you take a hit or use a weapon during the stage just be sure to recharge both meters by the time you get to the end of the stage.

Each time you reach the end of the stage, you must use the Escape Velocity to restart at the beginning of the stage. Remember, you must play though four times and always have full Weapon and Energy at the end of the stage.

After the fourth play-through, escape and restart one more time for a fifth try. This time, however, don't use the Escape Velocity. Instead, ride the third wheeled platform across the canyon and climb up the cliff before the entrance to Armored Armadillo's lair. On the top of the cliff, you will find a power-up capsule containing Dr. Light in a Ryu costume. He will give you the "Hadoken" Fireball technique!

You can throw Fireballs using the same motion used in SF II: Sweep the controller in a quarter-circle motion from Down to Forward and hit the Attack button. You can use the Fireball to kill all the final Sigma bosses with only one hit, but you must have full Weapon power to use the move. Remember, though, you cannot save the Fireball item using a password if you turn off the power, you will lose the weapon.

Mega Man X2

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

Don't Fight Zero
from Benboy (jen&ben@brightok)
Here's a little tip: If you can find all of Zero's parts,you won't have to fight him before Sigma.A silver Zero aill appear with Sigma,but will soon be destroyed by the real Zero.

Dragon Punch
from Tienchii and
To reach the Dragon Punch, you must have all Heart Tanks, power ups, and Sub-Tanks. When you reach the two ladders, one unreachable. Lead the bats to the ladder and crystalize them to reach the top ladder. Then use Speed Burner on the first set of spikes and air-dash between the next spikes.

Go to another set of spikes. Charge up Speed Burner again and air-dash the first set and drop to second set and Speed Burner to the left to reach the 1-Up. It may take several tries, but you'll make it. Slide down the left wall and you'll find the Dragon Punch capsule. You MUST have a full energy meter to get this capsule.

To execute the Dragon Punch, press Forward, Down, and Down-Forward and the fire button.

from Angel Cortorreal
To start on the third X-hunter stage, enter the password:


Start with all Bosses Defeated
from The Game Master (
If you enter this code you will start with all bosses defeated, 2 sub tanks, 1 of Zero's parts, and all the upgrades.


Mega Man X3

Published by Capcom
Genre: Action Players: 1

Golden Armor and More
from Henger Cortorreal
After killing the mid-boss in the first Dr. Doppler stage, go to the first pit you see. Now slide along the left wall until you go throuhh it.

If you have all of thee-tanks, weapons, hearts, and full energy you'll find a capsule that will grant you the four Super Adaptions.

Level               Passwords
Introduction        3721, 1281, 3751, 4456
Gravity Beetle      5623, 4888, 5851, 4221
Blast Hornet        1745, 5231, 5441, 2486
Neon Tiger          3621, 4867, 5851, 2227
Tunnel Rhino        5728, 1263, 5754, 2458
Blizzard Buffalo    7671, 2857, 2144, 1247
Volt Catfish        1778, 5253, 2444, 3488
Crush Crawfish      5718, 1266, 2727, 7458
Dr. Doppler's Lab   5718, 1263, 2627, 7458

Super Password
from Henger Cortorreal
To have everything except the super adaptions, enter the password "6414 4155 6872 3356".

The Benefits of Gold Armor
from Brian Munce (
When you have obtained the gold armor, you can recharge your hit meter and your sub-tanks by simply standing still.

The Three Paths to Dr. Vile
from Henger Cortorreal
To reach Vile you must kill at least two bosses, then find one of these entrances.

The first entrance is at the beginning of the Volt Catfish stage. A platform will take you to Vile.

The second entrance is in the Frozen Buffalo stage. It is located in the first pit after you enter the small room with two doors. You will see the entrance on the left side.

The third entrance is in the crab's stage (I forget his name.) The entrance is located next to an energy capsule after you leave the small room where you fought a mid-boss. Before you reach the energy capsule you will fall right through the floor. Here you'll find the capsule that takes you to Vile's secret stage.

Note: These entrances are only there after you kill at least two bosses and BEFORE you kill Bit and Byte (the two mid-bosses who talk to you.)

Zero's Saber
from Devon Aviles
There are two ways to get Zero's Saber. If you're in a hurry you can get it with the password "1454 3535 6162 7162".

If you'd rather earn it yourself, do this. On the second stage of Doppler's lab play through the whole level with MegaMan only. When you get to the mini-boss's layer, switch to Zero. Play through the entire level and defeat Vile. Zero will be damaged beyond repair and give Megaman his saber.