Final Fantasy II

Published by SquareSoft
Genre: RPG Players: 1

Duplicate 255 Weapons
from Rob Parton
Equip Cecil with arrows in his good hand and a bow in his bad. Get in a fight, and go to item. Select the arrows he has and put them in an empty space. Without leaving the window, choose the Avenger sword and move up and trade it for the bow you had equipped. Leave the item window, and his commands will disappear. Do NOT have anyone else do anything!

Once Cecil has cleaned up all the enemies, go to the EQUIP screen and you should see the Avenger in his bad hand and a number in his good hand. Unequip the Avenger, and equip whatever weapon you want duplicated in his good hand (where the number is). De-equip, then re-equip. Voila! The weapon in the item screen will have a black box and a number beside it. 255 of them!

Duplicate Items
During a battle, go to your item list and select an empty space. Next select one of the items you are holding (sword, shield, etc.) Run away, then re-equip the item and you will have two of them!

Game Genie Codes
from Shadow (
82A3-6F63    Infinite hit points
8267-0D62    Infinite magic points
3335-0D6E    Earn 65,536 gp after each battle

C262-DF03    Money doesn't decrease
C262-D763    when you run
C2AD-AD69    Money doesn't decrease in shops 

EF30-076E    Earn tons of items and 
             experience in each fight. Also 
             get 8 items from enemy.

00CE-6D69    This code allows you to scroll  
             through the items in the game at
             any time you wish. Put some item
             you don't want in the TOP LEFT 
             column of your inventory. Right
             under it, put an item that you 
             can use on a character at any 
             time, like a cure or a heal. If
             you use the item on your center 
             character, the top left item 
             will change to the next item in
             the list.

Kill Undead Monsters Easily
from Les Dixon (
To kill undead monsters (ie. spirits, skeletons, etc.) Use cure on them. Fire works just as well. If your character can't use magic, equip him with a holy weapon (i.e. Light Sword, Crystal Sword, etc.)

Kill Zeromous Easily
from Les Dixon (
First of all, equip Cecil with The Crystal Sword, Helmet, and shield. Equip him with the Adamant Armor, And the Zeus Gauntlet (glove). Make Cecil use the CRYSTAL to transform Zemus to Zeromous. Use Edge's Spoon dart and regular attacks. use Kain's jump attack or White spear. Make Rydia cast METEO, NUKE, and BAHAMUT. Make Rosa cure the party and use the WHITE spell to hurt Zeromous bad. Repeat this about 4 times and Zeromous will crumble up and DIE!!!!

The Spoon
If you talk to Yang's wife as soon as you get out of the Underground, she gives you a Frying pan. Use the frying pan on Yang in the cave with the Sylphs, it will knock Yang conscious, but he will nhot join you. Then give the frying pan back to the Wife, and she will give you a Spoon. The Spoon is the most powerful throwing weapon for the Ninja.

Final Fantasy III

Published by SquareSoft
Genre: RPG Players: 1

Easy Kills
To instantly destroy almost any monster (including most bosses), simply cast Vanish on them, then use X-Zone. It will instantly destroy all invisible enemies. Use Doom if there is only 1 enemy.

Economizer Relic
from Alphonso ( and
This relic is very useful as it reduces your magic cost to 1 point per spell! Here are three ways to get it:

1. Go to the Phoenix Cave with Locke in one of your parties. Steal from the Apuila (A bird creature) and you will get an Economizer. Try several times because sometimes you'll just get Fenix Downs.

2. Go to the forest east of Gau's father's house. Sometimes a Brachiosaur appears. Fight it (VERY HARD) and sometimes it drops an Economizer.

3. Go to the Coliseum and bet a Gem Box. If you win the battle you'll receive an Economizer.

Gain Levels Overnight
from Jason Reed
You need a turbo controller for this trick. On the Lete River, when you go in circles select fight, fight, health, and auto crossbow using memory (config menu) if you do this correctly you can leave it sitting overnight and be at level 50 - 65 the next day.

Kill an Undead Enemy Easily
from RBI (
When in a battle against a ghost or undead enemy you can use a Revivify or Fenix Down from the items menu, and any life magic. This will kill undead enemies in one shot.

Moogle Charm
Here's how to get the Moogle charm, possibly the best relic in the game.

When you first find mog, talk to him. he will join your group. after this happens, walk to the wall that was behind him, and press search. (a) You will receive the charm. With this Item equipped, you cannot be attacked by invisible monsters!!!!

Paladin Shield
To earn the Paladin Shield, you must get the Cursed shield from an old man in Narsh after you get the Falcon Airship. Equip the shield, and win 255 battles with it. That will break the curse...and thus, you will now have the Paladin Shield.

Second Memento Ring
Make your way to the second floor of Strago and Relm's house. In the left hand corner (the one with the tables and chairs) face south and press A to gain another Memento ring.

Secret Characters
GOGO - in the world of ruins go to the triangle island and fight a zone eater let it suck your party up and you can find Gogo.

UMARO - Go to Narshe in the world of ruins then go up to where the esper Tritoch is. Fight the esper and he will give you his powers then a chunk of the mountain will fall down. If you enter the hole you will find a maze that leads to the Terrato esper, some magicite, and Umaro. If you have Mog in your team he will join you.