Breath of Fire

Published by SquareSoft
Genre: RPG Players: 1

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Agni Dragon
Go to the well that is surrounded by mountains and use Rod 4 to fish there. Your character will discover a tablet that reads "In the mystical waters, the great power sleeps." This message refers to the water that was used in the town with all the dead people. Return to the cave where you got that water and decend to the bottom of the cave. There you'll find a dead end filled with water. With the tablet in your inventory, walk out into the water and you'll discover a hidden cave. Therein lies the Agni Dragon.

Chun Li Cameo
from Derek (
When you visit Bleak, go to the kid who thinks he's a magician. He'll say "Put a hundred coins on the table and I will make them disappear." Agree to his request and wait for him to say "Look behind you." Say "No" twice, then say "Yes." You should see Chun Li practicing her lightning kick.

Game Genie Codes
from Mike (
999 HPMAX:  35BF-CFD9
       + D7BF-CF09 By
300 HP:       EEBF-CFA9 By 
255 HP:     EEBF-CFD9 By
255 HPMAX   EEBF-CF69 By
280 AP:     EEBF-C4A9 By
280 APMAX:  EEBF-C469 By
9mil EXP:   66BF-C769 By
255 STR.:   EEBF-C7A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB4-CDD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB4-CD69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB4-CD09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB4-CFD9 By

999 HP:     EEB5-CF69
          + EEB5-CFA9 By        Nina
999 HPMAX:  35B5-CFD9                             Str.      
          + D7B5-CF09 By        Vigor
316 HP:     EEB5-CFA9 By        Luck
316 HPMAX:  EEB5-CF09 By
255 HP:     EEB5-CFD9 By
255 HPMAX:  EEB5-CF69 By
999 AP:     EEB5-C469
          + EEB5-C4A9 By
999 APMAX:  EEB5-C4D9
          + EEB5-C409 By
325 AP:     EEB5-C4A9 By
325 APMAX:  EEB5-C409 By
255 AP:     EEB5-C4D9 By
255 APMAX:  EEB5-C469 By
9mil EXP:   66B5-C769 By Unknown author
LEVEL to 1: DFB5-CD69 By
(This code starts character at level 1, for greater final stats)
255 STR.:   EEB5-C7A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB6-CDD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB6-CD69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB6-CD09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB6-CFD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35BB-3FD9
          + D7BB-3F09 By
9mil EXP:   66BB-3769 By
Level to 1: DFBB-3D69 By
255 STR.:   EEBB-37A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEBC-3DD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEBC-3D69 By
255 LUCK:   EEBC-3FD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35BA-3FD9
          + D7BA-3F09 By
9mil EXP:   66BA-3769 By
Level to 1: DFBA-3D69 By
255 STR.:   EEBA-37A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB2-3DD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB2-3D69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB2-3D09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB2-3FD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35B0-CFD9
          + D7B0-CF09 By     Bo        
255 HP:     EEB0-CFD9 By           Wisdom    
255 HPMAX:  EEB0-CF69 By           Luck
255 AP:     EEB0-C4D9 By           
255 APMAX:  EEB0-C469 By
9mil EXP:   66B0-C769 By Unknown
LEVEL to 1: DFB0-CD69 By
255 STR.    EEB0-C7A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB9-CDD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB9-CD69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB9-CD09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB9-CFD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35BD-3FD9
          + D7BD-3F09 By     Karn
255 HP:     EEBD-3FD9 By           Str.
255 HPMAX:  EEBD-3F69 By           Vigor
255 AP:     EEBD-34D9 By           
255 APMAX:  EEBD-3469 By
9mil EXP:   66BD-3769 By
LEVEL to 1: DFBD-3D69 By
255 STR.:   EEBD-37A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEBF-3DD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEBF-3D69 By
255 WISDOM: EEBF-3D09 By
255 LUCK:   EEBF-3FD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35B2-CFD9
          + D7B2-CF09 By     Gobi
255 HP:     EEB2-CFD9 By           Str.
255 HPMAX:  EEB2-CF69 By           Agil.
255 AP:     EEB2-C4D9 By      
255 APMAX:  EEB2-C469 By
9mil EXP:   66B2-C769 By
LEVEL to 1: DFB2-CD69 By
255 STR.    EEB2-C7A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB3-CDD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB3-CD69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB3-CD09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB3-CFD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35BC-CFD9
          + D7BC-CF09 By     Ox
255 HP:     EEBC-CFD9 By           Agil.
255 HPMAX:  EEBC-CF69 By           Wisdom
255 AP:     EEBC-C4D9 By           Luck
255 APMAX:  EEBC-C469 By
9mil EXP:   66BC-C769 By
LEVEL to 1: DFBC-CD69 By
255 STR.    EEBC-C7A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB8-CDD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB8-CD69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB8-CD09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB8-CFD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35B1-3FD9
          + D7B1-3F09 By     Bleu
255 HP:     EEB1-3FD9 By           Str.
255 HPMAX:  EEB1-3F69 By           Vigor
255 AP:     EEB1-34D9 By           Luck
255 APMAX:  EEB1-3469 By
9mil EXP:   66B1-3769 By
LEVEL to 1: DFB1-3D69 By
255 STR.    EEB1-37A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB5-3DD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB5-3D69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB5-3D09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB5-3FD9 By

999 HPMAX:  35B7-3FD9
          + D7B7-3F09 By     Mogu
255 HP:     EEB7-3FD9 By           Vigor
255 HPMAX:  EEB7-3F69 By           Wisdom
255 AP:     EEB7-34D9 By           Luck
255 APMAX:  EEB7-3469 By
9mil EXP:   66B7-3769 By
LEVEL to 1: DFB7-3D69 By
255 STR.    EEB7-37A9 By
255 VIGOR:  EEB0-3DD9 By
255 AGIL.:  EEB0-3D69 By
255 WISDOM: EEB0-3D09 By
255 LUCK:   EEB0-3FD9 By

          Now, for the start-with-item codes.  
But first, let me explain something.  If the character 
does not start with a shield, you cannot start that 
character out with a shield.  So basically, if a character 
doesn't start out with something already in that particullar
slot, then you can't put a different item in that slot with 
these codes.  Don't ask me why, it just seems do be true.  So 
I won't include certain slot codes for characters that don't
already have something in that slot.  I'm sorry if that's 
a bit confusing.  There is a list of what you can fill the
** with after these codes.     


Change item in Hero's weapon slot

Change item in Hero's shield slot

Change item in Hero's armor slot

Change item in Hero's helm slot


Change item in Nina's Weapon slot

Change item in Nina's Armor slot

(Nina can't start out with Shield, and Helmet)


Change item in Sr-1's Weapon slot

Change item in Sr-1's Shield slot

Change item in Sr-1's Armor slot

Change item in Sr-1's Helm slot


Change item in Sr-2's Weapon slot

Change item in Sr-2's Shield slot

Change item in Sr-2's Armor slot

Change item in Sr-2's Helm slot
(Note:  You have to put in codes for Sr-1 and Sr-2 at the 
same time because they both join simultaneously)

Change item in Bo's Weapon slot

Change item in Bo's Armor slot

Change item in Bo's Helm slot

(Bo can't have a Shield)


Change item in Karn's Weapon slot

Change item in Karn's Armor slot

Change item in Karn's Helm slot

(Karn can't have a shield either)


Change item in Gobi's Weapon slot

Change item in Gobi's Armor slot

Change item in Gobi's Helm slot

(That's right.  Gobi can't have a shield either)


Change item in Ox's Weapon slot

Change item in Ox's Shield slot

Change item in Ox's Armor slot

(Ox can't have a helmet)


Change item in Bleu's Weapon slot

Change item in Bleu's Shield slot

Change item in Bleu's Armor slot

(Bleu can't have a helmet either)


Change item in Mogu's Weapon slot

Change item in Mogu's Armor slot

(Mogu can't have a shield or helmet)

          There are two lists.  List 1 is for the 
Weapon slot only.  List 2 is for the Armor, Shield, and 
Helm slots.  The two digit combos that I have not listed 
were ones that either didn't do anything, or produced 
Japanese mumbo-jumbo that I couldn't understand.  Fill ** in
with these two digit combos.  If the item is surrounded by
** that means that that item is best for a particullar 

               List 1 (Weapon slot only)

00=Tri-DR  01=FlameDR  03=BronzBW  04=Dagger  05=SilverDR

07=Dart  09=PowerDR  0A=**DarkDR(Karn)**  0E=ShortBW

0F=ThrowDR  10=SilkGN  11=LightCL  13=FlameAR  1F=SuedeCP

20=HornHT  21=Turban  2F=SkullHT  30=StarSH(Best Shield for
all males)  

40=RageHR  41=**Mallet(Ox)**  42=IcyCN  44=FlameHR

45=StarHR (GOOD, casts "Comet")  46=Stick  48=EvilCN  

4B=Cane  4C=BoneCN  4D=Club  4E=**GlowCN(Bleu)**  4F=GiantHR

50=SpineCL  5F=IcyAR  61=SageML  70=OldSP  71=Trident

72=IcyCW  74=Pike  76=**Sleeper(Gobi)**  77=Javelin  

78=RustCW  79=HeroSP  7A=IronCW  7C=DigCW  

7E=**MystCW(Mogu)**  7F=Pole  90=MoonBW  91=Tri-BW 

92=B.Rang  93=Rang  94=PoisonBW  97=SharpBW  

98=**HeroBW(Bo)**  9E=Tri-Rang(Good, best boomerang)

D0=LongSD  D1=PowerSD  D2=BroadSD  D3=MystSD  D4=Sabre

D5=WingSD  D6=**EmporSD(Hero)**  D7=Scythe  DB=BrokenSd

DD=Dirk  DE=Dummy  DF=BronzSd  F2=**PowerRP(Nina)**

          List 2  ** means that that item is the best
for some of your characters.  (???) means that I have 
absolutely no idea what that item is, or what it does.  This
is a list for Armor, Shield, and Helm slots.

02=Bandage  04=WindBR  05=MystSH  06=Glove  07=RubyBR

08=LightSH  09=DarkBR  0A=MagicRG  0C=TrapGrd  0D=ProSH

0E=SilverBR  0F=LoveBR  10=FaceMask  11=NiceHT  12=StrawHT

13=IronHT  14=StoneHT(Good for Mogu)  15=MystSF  16=DivingHT

17=GoldHT  18=**CursedHT** (Best for everyone except the 
Hero, and Nina)

1A=ShellHT  1B=GaiaMask  1C=HeadGear  26=Oath(???, it seems
to be a VERY good weapon, but it lowers MGC by about 100, 
and ACT by 200)

2E= Mackrl  2F=Remedy  31=Rod2  32=OldEgg  39=Rod1 41=SageML

42=HuntCL  43=**ClearCL(Best for Nina and Bleu)**  44=GuruCT

46=MystRB  48=AgileAR  49=WorldAR  4B=**EarthRB(Best for Ox,
Mogu, and Bo)  

4D=AngleAR  50=HornHT  51=Turban  53=SunHT  56=**LoveHT(Best
for Nina)**

57=Domino 59=Bandana  5A=BronzHT  5D=TideHT  5E=WolfHT

5F=SkullHT  60=**StarSH(Best for all Males)  61=SkullRG

62=DreamRG  65=SkySH  68=DragonAR(Good, but not best for the

69=HeroRG(???, never gotten)  6A=SmartRG  6C=**DragonHT(Best
for the Hero)**

6D=IcyHT  70=Bracelet  71=BronzSH  73=Wrist  74=SuedeSH

75=MetalSH  76=FlameSH  77=GuardSH  78=IronSL  79=IronSH

7A=MetalSL 7D=WoodSH  7E=IcySH  7F=Gauntlet  80=Urchin  

88=Meat  89=Shell  8A=B.Stn  90=DragonSH  91=FlameSH  

92=G.Tiara  93=EchoHT  94=HuntGL  96=SuedeHT  97=**MaskSH
(Best for Nina and Bleu)**

98=Tiara  9A=ChainHT  9B=Visor  9C=Hairband  9E=IronMask

9F=ColdSH  A4=Sash  A7=W.Pnt  AC=Coach(???, I looked at the
discription on the item menu, and it says "Only a strong 
person can carry the Coach" Maybe Ox, or Karn in "Doof" 

C1=3000GP  C2=Life2  C3=Mrbl1  C5=Herb  C9=2000  CD=70GP

D0=SilkGN  D1=LightCL  D3=FlameAR  D4=Dress  D5=Gown

D6=ArmPad  D7=MetalAR  D8=BronzAR  D9=Cloth  DA=PlateAR

DB=WolfSkin  DC=RangerVT  DD=Robe  DE=PrisnCL  DF=SuedeCP

E0=Pass  E7=Fife  E8=Note2  EC=Note1  F0=SpineCL  F1=EvilRB

F2=**LifeAR(Best for Hero!!)** F3= PowerAR 

F4=WorldML  F5=SuedeGN  F6=SuedeAR  F8=WoolRB  F9=ThiefCL

FA=SuedeRB  FB=ChainML  FC=IronML  FE=QuartzAR 

Playing Tip
from Cykronis (
When you get to Jade tell him that you want to join him and then just sit there. After a while he will say you're boring and have you fight a monster. The monsters start out weak, but he will send stronger one's the longer you wait. He goes through two lines of enemies and will not stop until you try to do something. Then he'll ask if you changed your mind. If you say "yes" then you will go into battle. This is a very good way to level up right before the big battle.