Double Dragon

Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-2

Boss Strategies
from Dominick Roman
Mission One: Abobo
Stand still and punch him four times and then throw the oil drum at him. Continue until dead.

Mission Two: Jeff
Use your flying kicks, as well as throw the box at him.

Mission Three: Green Abobo
Use a four punch attack coupled with throwing the boulder at him.

Mission Four: Willy
Follow Willy around the screen, punching him endlessly - don't give him a chance to attack. Be very careful of his machine gun bullets.

Climb the Walls
from Clint Dyer
Use two players, go to the corner of the wall, and press up on the Directional Pad.

Fighting Moves
from Clint Dyer
There are several special moves in this game. Here are a few:

from Clint Dyer
Anyone but Abobo can be put into a headlock. Knock the enemy down three times, when he gets up, run up to him, so that you are touching him. Then run back and forth in front of him, and you will automatically put him in a headlock.

Unlimited Men
from Clint Dyer
On the first screen of round 4, do 20-30 Leaping Reverse kicks. There is nothing to indicate that you have unlimited men.