Alex Kidd and the Lost Stars

Genre: Platform
Players: 1

Misc. Tips
from Clint Dyer
While the graphics are identical in the repeated rounds, the game play is not. The special Stars and special items found in the first seven rounds may show up in different places-or not at all the second time around.

Also, there will be more enemies that you will need to get by. Therefore, you will need to be more cautious in rounds eight through fourteen and conserve your life meter.

The game has a continue feature that can be used throughout the entire game. Those of you looking for a little more challenge might try limiting yourselves to three continues!

Playing Tips
from Clint Dyer
You'll be a rising star with these playing tips.

Alex Kidd in High-Tech World

Genre: Platform
Players: 1

Extra Gold
from Sega Power
Keep a lookout for yellow clouds in the Ninja section. Shoot these little babies 5 times to reveal a box worth 200 gold!

Leaving the Castle
from Clint Dyer
Once you have all eight pieces of the map, proceed to the FOURTH FLOOR to the tower on the right. Take the ladder up to a room to find a key. Once you have the key, proceed to the FIFTH FLOOR, across the bridge, to the ATTIC. Take the ladder up to a room with a safe and you will find a Hang Glider. Go to the bridge and jump off.

Map Locations
from Clint Dyer
These are in no order, and can be found in any random order (I.E. piece #1 is not the first piece you need to get.)

  1. Visit Alex's parents on the FIFTH FLOOR. The first piece they give you is fake, so go in again until they give you the real piece.
  2. See James on the FOURTH FLOOR, then proceed to the THIRD FLOOR to take the test with Mary.
  3. Return to James upon completing the test. He will give you a burnt piece of the map: Don't touch this piece. Get Rockwell's number out of the phone book (123-4321), call him an proceed to the FIRST FLOOR. Enter the empty room to the right of the clock five or six times. When Rockwell appears, he will give you a potion to fix the burnt piece of the map. Return to James, use the potion and take the piece.
  4. Go to the kitchen on the FIRST FLOOR. You will find a piece of the map and a piece of cloth (in a blue vase).
  5. Go to the servants room on the FIRST FLOOR. Complete the test and receive another price of the map.
  6. On the THIRD FLOOR take the stairs to the far left, to the attic. There is a tiny ladder hidden in a blue vase. Get the ladder and return to the clock on the THIRD FLOOR. Change the time (push forward on the Directional Pad) and you will receive another piece of the map.
  7. Go to the library on the FOURTH FLOOR and talk to John. Then, proceed to visit Barbara on the second floor. After talking to her, go back and see John, he will give you another piece of the map.
  8. See Tom and Mark on the SECOND FLOOR. If you go in and out of the room approximately 15 times, they will appear and give you a piece of the map.

Ninja Forest
from Clint Dyer
The forest takes a lot of timing. When you get to the water, shoot before you jump and that will take care of most of the Ninjas.

Note: Walk back and forth in the forest to make the Wizard appear and give you a special message.

Test Answers
from Clint Dyer
Here are the answers to all the tests.


A) Capital of Japan         Tokyo
B) Space Harrier's Scene    Vicel
C) Grams in a pound         450
D) First Olympics           Athens
E) 1+2+3+4. . .etc.         5050
F) Number of bones          206
G) Stars on flag            50
H) Italian money            Lira
I) Amadeus composer         Mozart
J) Light from the sun       5


1) Linda
2) Betty
3) Janet
4) Cindy
5) Susie
6) Kate

The Village
from Clint Dyer
When you get to the Village go the the Fortune Teller. If you have seen the Wizard, he will give you a message. Go in the shops and buy the Back Scratcher. Later, you will be able to sell it for 1000 GP.

To leave the city, you must obtain a Travel Pass. There are at least three ways to get one:

  1. Go to the church and pray one hundred times. After that, go to the burger shop at two o'clock for a nice surprise. Note: Do not pick up the gun. If you do, you will be put in jail and the game will be over.
  2. Go see the guard by the temple on the hour. Another man comes out and lets you borrow his pass.
  3. Obtain over $2,000 and you can bribe the check point guard.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Genre: Platform
Players: 1

Bonus Round
When you get to the first Octopus, punch out the tentacles or buy the TALCUM POWDER and become invincible then punch him in the face twice. Next put Alex's stomach on the chest and move left and right while holding Down on the d-pad until you go underground to a BONUS ROUND.

When the words "Game Over" appear on the screen, hold Up and press Button 2 eight times. This will enable you to continue, but only if you have $400 or more.