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You may put it up on your site, etc. as long as you do not alter it in any way. This FAQ was created and is (c) and owned by me, Kao Megura . All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. The Mortal Kombat series is (c) Midway. Newest revisions of this FAQ can be found at: www.gamefaqs.com www.fortunecity.com/bally/orange/25/ -------- CONTENTS -------- 1. KEY 2. MOVES AND FINISHERS - Classic Sub-Zero - Cyrax - Ermac - Human Smoke - Jade - Jax - Kabal - Kano - Kitana - Kung Lao - Liu Kang - Mileena - Nightwolf - Reptile - Scorpion - Sektor - Shang Tsung - Sheeva - Sindel - Smoke - Sonya - Stryker - Sub-Zero 3. COMBOS 4. GAME STRATEGIES 5. SECRET CODES 6. VS. SCREEN CODES 7. REVISION HISTORY 1. KEY F = Forward UF = Up-Forward HP = High Punch BLOCK = Block button B = Back UB = Up-Back LP = Low Punch RUN = Run button D = Down DF = Down-Forward HK = High Kick F- = Fatality U = Up DB = Down-Back LK = Low Kick A- = Animality * = can/must be done while jumping + = press together at the same time All ranges for fatalities and other "finishing" moves are written in parentheses. The following moves do not have ranges because they share a specific range no matter which character is being used: Friendships, which can be done from far away (in most cases, anywhere), Babalities, which can be performed anywhere, and Pit Fatalities, which must be used when standing close to your opponent. (away) From the opposite end of the screen (close) Within a few steps of your opponent (sweep) Within sweeping range of your opponent (outside of sweep) Just beyond sweeping range (anywhere) Can be performed anywhere on the screen Remember, Friendships and Babalities can only be used if you don't block during the match. Animalities can only be used after a Mercy is performed and your opponent is defeated a second time. Mercies can only be used on the third round of combat, after you are prompted to "Finish Him/Her". You can perform motions for any move, even "finishing" moves, while jumping or blocking. Just be sure to release Block or to have landed on the ground before you press the final button/direction. 2. MOVES AND FINISHERS Classic Sub-Zero ICE BLAST: D,F,LP GROUND FREEZE: D,B,LK SLIDE: B,LP+BLOCK+LK F- MYSTERY SPINE PULL: D,D,D,F,HP (close) PIT FATALITY: F,D,F,F,HP While CSZ is a new character, he is not that strong. Computer opponents can easily dodge or even run through his Ground Freeze. He cannot use the Ice Blast after his pop-up combo, either. Play defensively and look for an opening. Fight Classic Sub-Zero carefully, and watch for the Ground Freeze if you're landing from a jump or are getting up off of the ground. Cyrax CLOSE BOMB: HOLD LK, B,B,HK FAR BOMB: HOLD LK, F,F,HK ENERGY NET: B,B,LK TELEPORT: F,D,BLOCK* AIR THROW: D,F,BLOCK, LP WHEN CLOSE F- HELICOPTER: D,D,U,D,HP (away) F- IMPLODER: D,D,F,U,RUN (close) A- SHARK ATTACK: U,U,D,D (close) BABALITY: F,F,B,HP FRIENDSHIP: RUN,RUN,RUN,U PIT FATALITY: RUN,BLOCK,RUN Cyrax remains unchanged in UMK3. Use combo linkers like the Jump Punch to inflict more damage and go for his 62% combo when you have the chance. When fighting Cyrax, watch for his double Teleport and Net attacks. Ermac GREEN SPARK: D,B,LP FLAMING TRANSFER: D,B,HP* PSYCHO SLAM: B,D,B,HK F- DECAPITATION: RUN,BLOCK,RUN,RUN,HK (close) F- PSYCHO CRASH: D,U,D,D,D,BLOCK (sweep) PIT FATALITY: RUN,RUN,RUN,RUN,LK Ermac's fast Green Spark makes him a powerful contender. Although he cannot stun or dizzy foes with his projectile, the Psycho Slam and his pop-up combo are all he really needs. Juggling is the key to playing and winning with Ermac. Watch for the Flaming Transfer/Psycho Slam combination when battling Ermac. Human Smoke HARPOON: B,B,LP DECOY: D,B,HP* AIR THROW: BLOCK* F- DECAPITATION: RUN,BLOCK,RUN,RUN,HK PIT FATALITY: F,F,U,U,LP Human Smoke is very similar to Scorpion, but possess some of Ermac's combos as well. He can use the Harpoon _twice_ in a combo if you walk forward for a half-second before using the pop-up combo. If you don't, you can't use the Harpoon after the second pop-up. Fight Human Smoke the way you would fight Scorpion. Jade BOOMERANG TOSS: B,F,LP UPWARD BOOMERANG: B,F,HP DOWNWARD BOOMERANG: B,F,LK RETURNING BOOMERANG: B,B,F,LP INVINCIBILITY: B,F,HK SLIDING GLOW KICK: D,F,LK F- POLE IMPALER: RUN,RUN,RUN,BLOCK,RUN (close) F- SKIN SHAKER: U,U,D,F,HP (close) A- CAT ATTACK: F,D,F,F,LK (close) BABALITY: D,D,F,D,HK FRIENDSHIP: B,D,B,B,HK PIT FATALITY: B,F,D,RUN Jade has a variety of moves, but not all of them are useful. The Returning Boomerang only works if your opponent ducks or jumps over the boomerang, and does not affect the cyborg characters (like Cyrax). Use her Invincibility to get in close and then attack with her punishing seven-hit combo. Against Jade, you should use projectiles sparingly and rely on air attacks. Jax ARM MISSILE: B,F,HP DOUBLE MISSILE: F,F,B,B,HP GOTCHA GRAB: F,F,LP REPEATEDLY DASHING PUNCH: F,F,HK BACKBREAKER: BLOCK* EARTHQUAKE SLAM: HOLD LK QUADRUPLE SLAM: HP REPEATEDLY AFTER THROWING F- JAX STOMP: RUN,BLOCK,RUN,RUN,LK (away) F- ARM SLICER: HOLD BLOCK, U,D,F,U (close) A- LION MAUL: HOLD LP, F,F,D,F (close) BABALITY: D,D,D,LK FRIENDSHIP: LK,RUN,RUN,LK PIT FATALITY: D,F,D,LP Jax can juggle foes easier with the Double Missile, but remains weak overall. Fast characters like the ninjas can easily defeat him. When fighting against Jax, watch for the Dash Punch and Earthquake Slam, and try not to get cornered by his combos. Kabal EYE SPARK: B,B,HP* TORNADO DASH: B,F,LK SAWBLADE SPIN: B,B,B,RUN F- PUMP BURST: D,D,B,F,BLOCK (outside of sweep) F- SCREAMING FACE: RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK,BLOCK,HK (close) A- SKELETAL RHINO: HOLD HP, F,F,D,F (close) BABALITY: RUN,RUN+LK FRIENDSHIP: RUN,LK,RUN,RUN,U PIT FATALITY: BLOCK,BLOCK,HK Kabal has been massively weakened in UMK3 and is no longer a contender. For starters, he cannot snag opponents with the Sawblade Spin after his pop-up combo. The pop-up itself does less damage, and computer foes will now jump over the Sawblade Spin instead of hopping up and leaving themselves open to the Tornado Dash. If Kabal is your opponent, keep an eye out for the Dash. Be prepared to get hit by the Eye Spark if you jump too often. Kano BLADE TOSS: D,B,HP BLADE UPPERCUT: D,F,HP GRAB AND CHOKE: D,F,LP CANNONBALL: HOLD LK AIR CANNONBALL: F,D,F,HK AIR THROW: BLOCK* F- LASER EYE: LP,BLOCK,BLOCK,HK (sweep) F- SKELETON PULL: HOLD LP, F,D,D,F (close) A- SPIDER SQUEEZE: HOLD HP, BLOCK,BLOCK,BLOCK (close) BABALITY: F,F,D,D,LK FRIENDSHIP: LK,RUN,RUN,HK PIT FATALITY: U,U,B,LK Kano is just as deadly as ever in UMK3. His new move, the Air Cannonball, is not very useful, but can be used in combos or as a slow anti-air attack. Use the ability to link punches into combos to make his attacks deadlier. Against Kano, you should be be on guard and keep an eye out for his cheap throws and run/combo attacks. Kitana FAN TOSS: F,F,HP+LP* FAN LIFT: B,B,B,HP SQUARE WAVE FLIGHT: D,B,HP F- GROWTH KISS: RUN,RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK,LK (close) F- FAN DECAPITATION: B,D,F,F,HK (close) A- RABBIT KICK: D,D,D,D,RUN (close) BABALITY: F,F,D,F,HP FRIENDSHIP: D,B,F,F,LP PIT FATALITY: F,D,D,LK Kitana is hardly the killing machine she was in MK2. Although she can now add more attacks, like the uppercut, to her Fan Lift combos, they do less damage overall. Her auto combos are also very weak. Try to play aggressively and trick your opponent into getting hit by the Fan Wave. Be wary of the Fan Wave when fighting Kitana, and time your jumps, or else you'll get pegged by a deadly Fan Toss. Kung Lao HAT TOSS: B,F,LP TELEPORT: D,U,PUNCH OR KICK AURA SHIELD: F,D,F, RUN REPEATEDLY BULLET KICK: D+HK* F- AURA SHREDDER: RUN,BLOCK,RUN,BLOCK,D (away) F- HAT CHOP: F,F,B,D,HP (close) A- PANTHER RAGE: RUN,RUN,RUN,RUN,BLOCK (close) BABALITY: D,F,F,HP FRIENDSHIP: RUN,LP,RUN,LK PIT FATALITY: D,D,F,F,LK One of the stronger warriors in MK2, Kung Lao has lost much of his prowess and skill since MK3. You'll have to play defensively to make up for his losses, like his inability to control the direction of the Hat Toss. He can now start an auto combo off of the Teleport Punch, and computerized foes can be easily tagged with the Aura Shield, so work those two moves into your strategy when playing with him. Against Kung Lao, defend against sudden Teleports and his run/throw attacks. Liu Kang HIGH FIREBALL: F,F,HP* LOW FIREBALL: F,F,LP FLYING KICK: F,F,HK BICYCLE KICK: HOLD LK F- PSYCHO BURN: F,F,D,D,LK (sweep) F- ARCADE DROP: HOLD BLOCK+RUN, U,D,U,U (sweep) A- DRAGON BITE: HOLD BLOCK, D,D,U (close) BABALITY: D,D,D,HK FRIENDSHIP: RUN,RUN,RUN,D+RUN PIT FATALITY: RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK,LK Liu Kang now has a pop-up combo, making him deadlier than ever. Be hyper aggressive with Kang and keep tapping forward so you can respond to any attack with a move of your own. He can no longer combo after a Bicycle Kick, though. If Liu Kang is your opponent, play defensively and use teleports to get the upper hand. The computer can Bicycle Kick twice in a row, though, so be prepared to block! Mileena SAI THROW: HOLD HP* DROP KICK: F,F,LK ROLL ATTACK: B,B,D,HK F- TACK SPIT: B,B,B,F,LK (away) F- BODY SUCKER: D,F,D,F,LP (close) A- SKUNK SPRAY: F,D,D,F,HK (close) BABALITY: D,D,F,F,HP FRIENDSHIP: D,D,B,F,HP PIT FATALITY: D,D,D,LK Like Kitana, Mileena is not as strong as she was in MK2. Her Sai Throw is slower, and computer opponents will block the Roll Attack all the time. She has a pop-up combo, but it's worthless aside from tagging on a Sai Throw. Against Mileena, block often and try to work her into a corner. Nightwolf HATCHET UPPERCUT: D,F,HP BOW AND ARROW: D,B,LP SHADOW SHOULDER RAM: F,F,LK PROJECTILE REFLECT: B,B,B,HK F- HOLY PRAYER: U,U,B,F,BLOCK (close) F- LIGHTNING AXE: B,B,D,HP (sweep) A- WOLF MANGLE: F,F,D,D (close) BABALITY: F,B,F,B,LP FRIENDSHIP: RUN,RUN,RUN,D PIT FATALITY: RUN,RUN,BLOCK Nightwolf can two-in-one the Bow and Arrow after a deep Flying Kick, but it's not that great an addition to his already-powerful arsenal of attacks. Rely on the Shoulder Ram and his Hatchet combos in battle. When Nightwolf is your opponent, don't use air attacks and only fire projectiles if you have to. Reptile ACID SPIT: F,F,HP SLOW FORCE BALL: B,B,HP+LP FAST FORCE BALL: F,F,HP+LP INVISIBILITY: U,D,HK ELBOW DASH: B,F,LK SLIDE: B,LP+BLOCK+LK F- REPTILE BITE: B,F,D,BLOCK (outside of sweep) F- ACID SPEW: F,F,U,U,HK (close) A- MONKEY CHASE: D,D,D,U,HK (close) BABALITY: F,F,B,D,LK FRIENDSHIP: D,F,F,B,HK (close) PIT FATALITY: BLOCK,RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK Reptile remains weak in UMK3, even with the addition of new moves. He can't reappear after using the Invisibility, but you can use the explosion to tell where you are. The Elbow Dash is useless against the computer, but works well against human foes if used sparingly. His auto combos are also ineffective. Use multiple projectiles to pin your foes back and always do the pop-up if you have to combo. When fighting against Reptile, avoid the Force Balls at all cost; otherwise, it's an easy win. Scorpion HARPOON: B,B,LP DECOY: D,B,HP* AIR THROW: BLOCK* F- FLAMING BREATH: D,D,U,HK (outside of sweep) F- SCORPION ASSAULT: F,F,D,U,RUN (close) A- PENGUIN BOMB: F,U,U,HK (close) BABALITY: D,B,B,F,HP FRIENDSHIP: B,F,F,B,LK (close) PIT FATALITY: F,U,U,LP Scorpion is one of the strongest ninjas, although he'd be better if he had a pop-up. He has some good juggles and his combos are okay, but not great. Air Throw when possible, and don't overuse the Decoy. When fighting against Scorpion, block constantly so you can avoid his Decoy/Harpoon setup. Close combos are the key here. Sektor STRAIGHT MISSILE: F,F,LP HOMING MISSILE: DF,D,DB,HP TELEPORT PUNCH: F,F,LK* F- SEKTOR COMPACTOR: LP,RUN,RUN,BLOCK (sweep) F- FLAMETHROWER: F,F,F,B,BLOCK (far) A- BAT DECAPITATOR: F,F,D,U (close) BABALITY: B,D,D,D,HK FRIENDSHIP: RUN,RUN,RUN,D PIT FATALITY: RUN,D,RUN,RUN,RUN,D Sektor remains virtually unchanged from MK3. He gains no new moves, but can now have two Homing Missiles on the screen at one time. Against Sektor, watch out for his combos more than the Teleport Punch. Remember that the Homing Missile can't hit you during an Air Throw or in the later stages of an auto combo, and that it will explode if you avoid it for long enough. Shang Tsung FIREBALL: B,B,HP DOUBLE FIREBALL: B,B,F,HP TRIPLE FIREBALL: B,B,F,F,HP FIRE ERUPTION: F,B,B,LK F- SOUL STEALER: HOLD LP, RUN,BLOCK,RUN,BLOCK (close) F- BED OF SPIKES: HOLD LP, D,F,F,D (close) A- COBRA SWALLOW: HOLD HP, RUN,RUN,RUN (sweep) BABALITY: RUN,RUN,RUN,LK FRIENDSHIP: LK,RUN,RUN,D PIT FATALITY: U,U,B,LP Shang Tsung seems to have a harder time chaining the Fire Eruption when fighting computerized opponents, but otherwise, he's okay. Use the morphs for a sure victory, and stay offensive by using repeated fireballs. If Tsung is your opponent, block or dodge his fireballs and attack him when he initiates or ends a morph. Sheeva FIREBALL: D,F,HP TELEPORT STOMP: D,U EARTHQUAKE STOMP: B,D,B,HK F- SKIN RIPPER: HOLD HP, B,F,F (close) F- HEAD POUNDER: F,D,D,F,LP (close) A- SCORPION STING: RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK,BLOCK,BLOCK (sweep) BABALITY: D,D,D,B,HP FRIENDSHIP: F,F,D,F,HP PIT FATALITY: D,F,D,F,LP Now that punches and kicks can be linked to combos, Sheeva becomes even cheaper than she was in MK3. Use her Teleport Stomp carefully and always go for her deadly auto combos. If Sheeva is your opponent, keep moving to avoid her attacks and don't jump, or she'll peg you with a jump kick. Don't forget to enter F,F,D, and pause for a second before hitting F,HP for her Friendship, or you'll do the Fireball! Sindel BLUE FIREBALL: F,F,LP AIR FIREBALL: D,F,LK* SONIC SCREAM: F,F,F,HP LEVITATE: B,B,F,HK PRESS RUN TO FALL F- SKIN FLAYER: RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK,RUN+BLOCK (close) F- HAIR WHIP: RUN,RUN,BLOCK,RUN,BLOCK (sweep) A- WASP BARRAGE: F,F,U,HP (close) BABALITY: RUN,RUN,RUN,U FRIENDSHIP: RUN,RUN,RUN,RUN,RUN,U (sweep) PIT FATALITY: D,D,D,D,LP Sindel hasn't gained any new attacks, but she's still a good fighter in the hands of a skilled player. Use jump punches to increase the damage of her combos, and set up foes using the Sonic Scream. Against Sindel, stay away so you'll have time to avoid her Fireballs and go for air attacks if she Levitates. Smoke HARPOON: B,B,LP TELEPORT PUNCH: F,F,LK* INVISIBILITY: U,U,RUN AIR THROW: BLOCK* F- EARTH BOMB: U,U,F,D (away) F- BOMB DROP: HOLD RUN+BLOCK, D,D,F,U (sweep) A- BULL CHARGE: D,F,F,BLOCK (away) BABALITY: D,D,B,B,HK FRIENDSHIP: RUN,RUN,RUN,HK PIT FATALITY: F,F,D,LK Cyborg Smoke takes practice to use effectively. He's also lost his infinity combo, (Harpoon, LP, Harpoon, LP...) so he's not as cheap as he was. Play defensively and counter your opponent's attacks with the Teleport Punch or Harpoon. Smoke's Invisibility isn't that useful, but he can reappear once becoming invisible. If your opponent is Smoke, use low attacks and flying kicks to beat him. Sonya ENERGY RINGS: D,F,LP SQUARE WAVE FLIGHT: F,B,HP BICYCLE KICK: B,B,D,HK LEG GRAB: D,LP+BLOCK F- BURNING KISS: B,F,D,D,RUN (anywhere) F- PURPLE CAGE: HOLD RUN+BLOCK, U,U,B,D (away) A- EAGLE'S TALON: HOLD LP, B,F,D,F (close) BABALITY: D,D,F,LK FRIENDSHIP: B,F,B,D,RUN PIT FATALITY: F,F,D,HP Even with her pop-up combo, Sonya still lacks the power of other warriors. Use Energy Rings and the Square Wave Flight to play evasively, and then get in close for a combo. Remember that her pop-up combo is stronger than her normal combos, but only if you time the following juggles correctly. When fighting Sonya, avoid her Leg Grab and constant sweeps. Stryker GUN FIRE: B,F,HP HIGH GRENADE: D,B,HP LOW GRENADE: D,B,LP BATON THROW: F,F,HK BATON SWEEP: F,B,LP F- TASER SHOCK: F,F,F,LK (away) F- DYNAMITE BLAST: D,F,D,F,BLOCK (close) A- TYRANOSAUR CHOMP: RUN,RUN,RUN,BLOCK (sweep) BABALITY: D,F,F,B,HP FRIENDSHIP: LP,RUN,RUN,LP PIT FATALITY: F,U,U,HK Stryker's new Gun Fire move gives him the power he lacked in MK3. Use the Baton Sweep to trip far away opponents and mix up your Grenade attacks to foil jumpers. Once you connect with a jumping punch, go into his massive combo to end the match. When fighting Stryker, watch for the gun as well as the Baton Throw. Sub-Zero ICE BLAST: D,F,LP ICE CLONE: D,B,LP* ICE SHOWER: D,F,HP FRONT ICE SHOWER: D,F,B,HP BACK ICE SHOWER: D,B,F,HP SLIDE: B,LP+BLOCK+LK F- FROST BREAKER: BLOCK,BLOCK,RUN,BLOCK,RUN (close) F- MIST BREATH: B,B,D,B,RUN (sweep) A- POLAR BEAR ATTACK: F,U,U (close) BABALITY: D,B,B,HK FRIENDSHIP: LP,RUN,RUN,U PIT FATALITY: F,D,F,F,HP Like Kabal, Sub-Zero has lost much of his former power. He can't freeze blocking opponents with the Ice Clone, and his air juggles are harder to pull off. The new limitations on his Ice Clone force you to use it more as a defensive move, which really weakens him. If you're fighting Sub-Zero, be wary of his Ice Shower when you jump back and go for the Flying Kick trick where he tries to throw an Ice Shower at you, misses, and you end up kicking his head. It can be done repeatedly if you time it right. Shang Tsung Morphs CLASSIC SUB-ZERO: BLOCK,BLOCK,RUN,RUN CYRAX: BLOCK,BLOCK,BLOCK ERMAC: D,D,U JADE: F,F,D,D,BLOCK JAX: F,F,D,LP KABAL: LP,BLOCK,HK KANO: B,F,BLOCK* KITANA: F,D,F,RUN KUNG LAO: RUN,RUN,BLOCK,RUN LIU KANG: F,D,B,U,F MILEENA: RUN,BLOCK,HK NIGHTWOLF: U,U REPTILE: RUN,BLOCK,BLOCK,HK SCORPION: D,D,F,LP SEKTOR: D,F,B,RUN SHEEVA: F,D,F,LK SINDEL: B,D,B,LK SMOKE: B,B,D,LK SONYA: D,RUN+BLOCK+LP STRYKER: F,F,F,HK SUB-ZERO: F,D,F,HP Shang Tsung cannot morph into Shao Kahn, Motaro, or Human Smoke. Remember to set his morph abilities to read 'ALL' in the Game Konfigure mode if you want to be able to morph into any character. Also, you cannot morph into Ermac, Mileena, or Classic Sub-Zero unless they are already playable (via code or UKK). Once you morph into a character, you'll morph back after a few seconds. However, if you're crouching or doing Kung Lao's Aura Shield, you won't morph back until you stand or stop doing the move. * The easiest way to do this move is to rapidly hit Back and Forward while tapping Block. You'll morph into Kano on the second or third try. Any Character REPEATED PUNCHES: Tap HP or LP repeatedly UPPERCUT: D+HP CROUCHING PUNCH: D+LP CROUCHING KICK: D+HK or LK ROUNDHOUSE KICK: B+HK SWEEP: B+LK THROW: F+LP JUMP PUNCH: UB/U/UF,HP/LP (link to a combo) JUMP KICK: U,HK/LK (link to a combo) FLYING KICK: UB/UF,HK/LK HOP KICK: UB/UF+HK/LK TURNAROUND PUNCH: UF,HP/LP ONCE SWITCHING SIDES (link to a combo) TURNAROUND KICK: UF,HK/LK ONCE SWITCHING SIDES (link to a combo) MERCY: HOLD RUN, D,D,D (anywhere) 3. COMBOS Classic Sub-Zero HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP,JUMP KICK,SWEEP (7 HIT, 45%) HP,HP,LK,B+HK,F+LK HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP LK,B+HK,F+LK HP,HP,F+LK Cyrax FAR BOMB,CLOSE BOMB,ENERGY NET,JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,HK,HP,HK,B+HK (9 HIT, 62%) HP,HP,HK,HP,HK,B+HK HK,HK,B+HK HP,HP,LP Ermac JUMP PUNCH,HK,LP,JUMP KICK,PSYCHO SLAM,HP,HP,GREEN SPARK (7 HIT, 45%) HP,HP,B+LP,HK,LK HK,HK,LK,B+HK HK,LP Human Smoke JUMP PUNCH,HK,LP,JK,HARPOON,HK,LP,HK,B+LK (9 HIT, 50%) JUMP PUNCH,HK,LP,LP,HARPOON,HP,HP,HK,B+HK (9 HIT, 40%) HK,HK,LK,B+HK HP,HP,HK,B+HK HP,HP,U+LP HK,LP Jade JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,D+LP,D+LK,HK,B+LK,B+HK (8 HIT, 34%) HP,HP,D+LP,D+LK,HK,B+LK,B+HK HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP HK,HK,LK,B+HK Jax JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,BLOCK,B+LP,B+HP (6 HIT, 33%) HP,HP,BLOCK,B+LP,B+HP HK,HK,B+HK Kabal SAWBLADE SPIN,LK,LK,HP,HP,D+HP,JUMP PUNCH,EYE SPARK (8 HIT, 40%) LK,LK,HP,HP,D+LP,B+HP LK,LK,HP,HP,HK,B+HK LK,LK,HP,HP,D+HP LK,LK,HK,B+HK HP,HP,D+HP HK,LK,B+HK Kano JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP,LP,BLADE UPPERCUT (7 HIT, 42%) HP,HP,HK,LK,B+HK HP,HP,D+LP,D+HP HK,HK,LK,B+HK HP,HP,LP Kitana JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,B+LP,F+HP (5 HIT, 35%) HP,HP,B+LP,F+HP HK,HK,LK,B+HK Kung Lao TELEPORT PUNCH OR JUMP PUNCH,HP,LP,HP,LP,LK,LK,B+HK (8 HIT, 44%) HP,LP,HP,LP,LK,LK,B+HK LK,LK,B+HK Liu Kang HP,HP,B+LP,JUMP PUNCH,HIGH FIREBALL,LOW FIREBALL (7 HIT, 43%) HP,HP,BLOCK,LK,LK,HK,LK HK,LK,HK,LK HP,HP,B+LP Mileena HP,HP,HK,D+HK,F+LK,JUMP KICK (6 HIT, 31%) JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,HK,HK,U+LK,U+HK HP,HP,HK,HK,U+LK,U+HK HP,HP,HK,B+HK,D,F+LK LK,U+HK,U+LK Nightwolf JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LP,HATCHET UPPERCUT x2,SHADOW SHOULDER RAM (7 HIT, 45%) LK,HP,HP,LP,HK LK,HP,HP,LP HK,HK,B+HK HP,HP,LP Reptile JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,D+LP,JUMP KICK,SLIDE (6 HIT, 39%) HP,HP,HK,B+HK HK,HK,B+HK HP,HP,D+LP Scorpion JUMP KICK,DECOY,HARPOON,HK,HK,LK,LK (7 HIT, 33%) HP,HP,HK,B+HK HK,HK,LK,LK HP,HP,U+LP Sektor HOMING MISSILE,JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,HK,HK,B+HK (7 HIT, 48%) HP,HP,HK,HK,B+HK HP,HP,D+LP HK,HK Shang Tsung FIRE ERUPTION,THREE FIREBALLS (6 HIT, 37%) LK,HP,HP,LP,B+HK HK,HK,B+HK Sheeva JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LP,F+HP,F+HP,LP,LP,FIREBALL (8 HIT, 49%) JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LP,HK,HK,LK,B+HK (8 HIT, 51%) HP,HP,LP,HK,HK,LK,B+HK HP,HP,LP,F+HP HK,HK,LK,B+HK Sindel JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,D+HP,JUMP KICK,AIR FIREBALL (6 HIT, 43%) LK,HP,HP,LP,HK LK,HP,HP,D+HP HP,HP,D+HP HK,HK,B+HK Smoke JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LK,HK,LP (6 HIT, 36%) HP,HP,LK,HK,LP HK,HK,LP HP,HP,LP HP,HP,HK Sonya JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,U+LP,JUMP KICK,SWEEP (6 HIT, 41%) HP,HP,LP,B+HP HP,HP,U+LP LK,HK,B+HK Stryker JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LP,GUN,RUN,LP,LP,LOW GRENADE (8 HIT, 45%) LK,HP,HP,LP HK,LK,B+HK HP,HP,LP Sub-Zero (ICE BLAST,LP) x5,JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LP,LK,HK,B+HK (8 HIT, 64%) JUMP PUNCH,HP,HP,LP,LK,HK,B+HK (7 HIT, 40%) HP,HP,LP,LK,HK,B+HK HP,HP,LP,B+HK HP,HP,B+HK HK,HK,B+HK 4. GAME STRATEGIES BEATING MOTARO: STRENGTHS - Motaro is invincible to most projectiles; they are reflected right back and end up hitting you. So far, the only two attacks that I know that affect Motaro are Sindel's Air Fireball and Kitana's Fan Lift. - Many of your attacks will not work against Motaro. For example, Sindel can't use her Sonic Scream, Sub-Zero can't use the Ice Clone, etc. - Finally, Motaro takes less damage from attacks, so that means that your combos won't be half as deadly as you would think. It usually takes longer to beat Motaro than it would with other warriors. - All of Motaro's attacks cause considerable damage, and he can hit multiple times with his Tail Bullet or if he uses his standing punch in the corner of the screen. Learn to back away if you think he'll hit you before you can get to him. BEATING MOTARO: WEAKNESSES & TIPS - Don't look for an opening when fighting this guy; instead, try to wear him down with long combos. The jump punch works great when trying to initiate a combo, and is less risky than running up and comboing. - Motaro has two main weakness; his jumps and his constant teleporting. When Motaro jumps over you, the best thing is to do is uppercut him and then run up and combo, since he won't be able to block or retaliate for a moment. When Motaro starts to teleport without stopping, back away from him and then jump over him when he teleports near you. You'll be able to do a turnaround punch into a combo that he usually won't block. - Despite what many people say, jump kicks are not as effective against Motaro as you might think. He tends to punch early to deter jumpers, and even if you nail him with a kick, Motaro's recovery time is so good that he'll get you with his grab and punch attack before you can get away. - Unlike other battles, let Motaro come to you. If you start going wild, chances are you'll be the one getting hit. If Motaro jumps forward, you can use the tactic described above, and if he walks towards you, you can walk forward and combo with little fear of getting smacked. If he teleports, go for a turnaround punch or simply back off. - Although his last bit of advice doesn't apply to every warrior, learn how to use your moves in new ways when fighting Motaro. Sub-Zero can't use his Ice Clone to freeze Motaro, but he can use it to move further away while jumping. And since Sheeva doesn't knock Motaro down when using her Teleport Stomp, you can use it to cause damage and then go into a combo, since you'll be right next to him. Stryker and Kabal can use the Baton Toss and Tornado Dash, respectively, to pass right through Motaro for an easy escape. Experiment to find out which moves are the most useful when fighting Motaro, and which ones aren't. BEATING SHAO KAHN: STRENGTHS - Shao Kahn, like Motaro, is not affected by some attacks, and others can't even be used against him. Sindel's Sonic Scream and Kano's Grab and Choke are good examples of these. - Some combos don't work against Kahn. This applies mostly to pop-up combos; Shao Kahn falls a little faster than other warriors and so cannot usually be juggled in mid-air, even though he is vulnerable to most projectiles. For instance, Human's Smoke's air juggle can't be used on Kahn, as well as Stryker's long Gun combo. - Shao Kahn also takes less damage from attacks, and he inflicts some heavy damage as well. He can chain together his Sledgehammer attacks and can pull off any of the Shadow Ram moves in the blink of an eye. Watch for his attacks so that you can avoid them better. BEATING SHAO KAHN: WEAKNESSES AND TIPS - The most important rule to remember when fighting this final boss is that you should NEVER BLOCK. Every one of Kahn's attacks either stuns you or sends you reeling back, meaning that if you block, you're really just leaving yourself open. This is especially important in the corners; if you block one of his attacks, he'll tick off damage so fast that you would have been better off not blocking. His projectile can also be ducked, but if you block, you'll be stunned for a second. - Don't go on the defensive; wait for a chance to attack. You can run up and combo if Shao Kahn taunts you, for example, but watch out because he has better reaction time than in MK3. If he goes for a Knee Ram, then uppercut him (Some warriors, like Ermac, can peg him with a projectile after he gets knocked over and be able to hit him before he can fire back). If you're reasonably close to Kahn and he starts using the Sledgehammer, uppercut him. If you were blocking, you'd be knocked back, but if you're ducking, he can't hit you. - Another one of Shao Kahn's openings is when he starts firing repeated Green Spark projectiles. Don't jump immediately to hit him, or else he'll use a Knee Ram; jump after he starts the Spark animation, and you'll be able to get in close and avoid the projectile. - Shao Kahn is easy prey in the corners; use combos that don't knock you back or else ones that let you get right back in again, and you can tick him to death. - Find out which warriors have the best cheap moves and use them against Kahn, who is usually more susceptible than you'd imagine. Sub-Zero's ability to freeze Kahn repeatedly and Scorpion's LP, LP, Spear, Uppercut, LP, LP, Spear, Uppercut combo are two of the most useful cheap attacks. 5. SECRET CODES HIDDEN OPTIONS Enter the code CRAZY CYRAX (use the R button instead of Right) at the Skeleton Screen. Then, press up when KOMBAT is highlighted on the MK cube. A new option called '?' will appear. When you use it, you can choose whether or not Mileena, Ermac, or Classic Sub-Zero are playable, choose to have unlimited fatality time, or even one-round matches. ULTIMATE KOMBAT KODES Mileena: 700-723 Ermac: 964-240 Classic Sub-Zero: 760-520 TO PLAY WITH HUMAN SMOKE Choose Smoke, and then press and hold Back, High Punch, High Kick, Run, and Block either after choosing your destiny or between rounds. Once you change to Human Smoke, you cannot turn back, and you will always fight non-boss battles at Ermac's Portal. FREE PLAY MODE Simply press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down at either the Information Screen or the Skeleton Screen. If done correctly, you will hear Shao Kahn say "Excellent!" SECRET ENDURANCE TOWER Win the eight-player tournament and choose the Mega Endurance option. Let Noob Saibot beat you, and then start a new game. You'll automatically start on the Novice Tower, but every other opponent will be one of the special Endurance Matches (first Mega Endurance, then the Classic Match, then battle Ermac and Noob, and so on). Between matches, you'll fight Kano. When you actually reach the first Endurance Match, you'll fight Nightwolf. After rising three spaces above the tower (and fighting Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, and Sindel), the game will reset. EXTRA TREASURE Beat UMK3 on the last tower setting. You can press right once reaching the end of the Shao Kahn Treasure list to access another option. However, all it does is crash the game. Below is a list of all of Shao Kahn's treasures: 1. Tournament Outcome 2. Play Galaga 3. Battle With Ermac 4. Battle With Noob Saibot 5. Random 6. Fatality Demo 1 7. Fatality Demo 2 8. Fatality Demo 3 9. Battle With Noob and Ermac 10. Classic Endurance 11. Mega Endurance 12. Supreme Demo RANDOM SELECT Hold Up and hit Start while on your initial position. It will select the hidden warriors (like Ermac), if they are playable. ALTERNATE METHOD OF PERFORMING MOVES This is a trick that's worked in all the previous MK games as well. Any move that is D,F or D,B can be entered as DF+ or DB+ instead. This means that you'll have to press the buttons and the direction at the same time. This may not be very useful, but it can be done. SCORPION'S LAIR PIT TRICK While playing on this stage, perform the Pit Fatality. Now, hold down either Down + HP or Block + HP on both controllers and the Toasty Man will say 'Crispy!' in Shao Kahn's voice. SUB-ZERO ICE BLAST TRICK Pick either Sub-Zero or Classic Sub-Zero and play normally. Attack your opponent until the 'Danger' message appears, then try to freeze them with the Ice Blast. If it hits, the Toasty Man will say 'Frosty!' 6. VS. SCREEN CODES 033-564 WINNER FIGHTS SHAO KAHN 969-141 WINNER FIGHTS MOTARO 769-342 WINNER FIGHTS NOOB SAIBOT 205-205 WINNER FIGHTS HUMAN SMOKE 933-933 ERMAC'S PORTAL 050-050 NOOB'S DORFEN 666-444 SCORPION'S LAIR 004-700 KAHN'S CAVE 330-033 JADE'S DESERT 002-003 THE RIVER 820-028 PIT III 091-190 BELL TOWER 880-088 THE SUBWAY 077-022 THE BRIDGE 343-343 THE BALCONY 079-035 THE STREET 666-333 GRAVEYARD 600-040 KOMBAT TEMPLE 880-220 KAHN'S TOWER 123-901 SOUL CHAMBER 100-100 THROWING DISABLED 020-020 BLOCKING DISABLED 010-010 THROWING ENCOURAGED 300-300 SILENT KOMBAT 985-125 PSYCHO KOMBAT 444-444 RANDPER KOMBAT 460-460 RANDPER KOMBAT 044-440 SANS POWER 688-422 DARK FIGHTING 897-123 NO METERS SHOWN 033-000 HALF ENERGY FOR PLAYER ONE 000-033 HALF ENERGY FOR PLAYER TWO 707-000 QUARTER ENERGY FOR PLAYER ONE 000-707 QUARTER ENERGY FOR PLAYER TWO 788-322 QUICK UPPERCUT RECOVERY 466-466 UNLIMITED RUN METERS 642-468 PLAY THE GALAGA GAME 999-999 SHOWS YOUR REVISION 004-400 WHATCHA GUN DO? 448-844 DON'T JUMP AT ME 123-926 THERE IS NO KNOWLEDGE THAT IS NOT POWER 987-666 HOLD FLIPPERS DURING CASINO RUN 122-221 SKUNKY!! 282-282 NO FEAR 550-550 GO SEE MORTAL KOMBAT THE LIVE TOUR! 7. REVISION HISTORY 1.0 - First version. Most all special moves added, along with combos and hints for beating the game. Also added Vs. Codes. 1.1 - Added more secrets to the Secret Codes section. 1.2 - Added and corrected some Finishers. The Moves List is now complete (Ermac, Classic Sub-Zero, and Human Smoke don't have all the Finishers that other characters do). Probably the last revision of this FAQ. 1.3 - Now found at a new location. (www.gamefaqs.com) 1.4 - Added the Scorpion's Lair Pit trick and Sub-Zero trick. Various corrections. 1.5 - Fixed URL location. Any comments, questions, or corrections should be directed to: cgfm2@hooked.net. You can get new revisions of this FAQ and various other FAQs at the following URL: www.fortunecity.com/bally/orange/25/ Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 FAQ v1.5 (c) K. Megura 1997