Sonic R
F A Q 1.00 By Jxt (E-Mail Please note that this is my 1st attempt at an FAQ, so if it sucks or you don't like the ASCII 'R' or something then I'm sorry, but it's the best I can do. Extra Characters ================ Here are the extra characters and how you get them exactly. Super Sonic ----------- Simply Get all seven emeralds Metal Sonic ----------- Collect all coins to Resort Beach, and beat him. Puppet Tails ------------ Same, but the Radical City coins. Egg-Robo -------- Regal Ruin coins. Cyber Knuckles -------------- Reactive Factory coins. Emeralds ======== To get the best of them all, super sonic, you need to collect all of the seven emeralds. To earn an emerald you do not have to JUST collect it, but you have to finish 1st as well! It is recommended that you get them ONE AT A TIME, each on the second lap. This gives you the 1st lap to collect the rings needed and the 3rd to get 1st Resort Beach ------------ 1; In the 50 ring tunnel after the hairpin turn, left of the speed up. This is the blue emerald. Radical City ------------ 1; At the first bit with water in the track, instead of carrying on with the track, journey left through the water and you'll see a 20 ring tunnel. Inside it is the green emerald. 2; Just before the huge slot machine, the violet emerald is in a fairly obvious 50 ring tunnel. Regal Ruin ---------- 1; Before reaching the built up area of this track, there is a slope with 2 springs to the left. Jump on the 1st of these and onto the platform and turn back. Leap across all the platforms to a 50 ring entry, containing the yellow emerald. 2; Straight after the aforementioned slope, there is a 20 ring tunnel, with the orange emerald behind. This may require some time to get as there is an annoying staircase to contend with. Reactive Factory ---------------- 1; STRAIGHT after the loop, there is a 50 ring entry on the right of the track, hiding the red emerald. 2; After the red emerald, continue with the track, but when you get to the area of track with the speed up, go LEFT to a bit off-track and jump the water for another 50 ring entry hiding the grey emerald. The Coins! ========== Even harder to find than the emeralds, these. To race against a track's hidden character, you must collect all the coins on its track and finish 3rd-1st. Proceed to beat the character, and it appears on your character select screen, and is at your disposal. Resort Beach ------------ 1; On the 1st bit of track you usually pass under a rock formation. Look on the top of it. 2; Behind the waterfall after the rock formation. 3; In a 20 ring tunnel at the right of the entrance to the ruins bit. 4; On a solitary island right of the hairpin turn. 5; Just before the loop there is a split in the track. Take the left (longest) route here. Radical City ------------ 1; After the 1st dip in the track (with the water) keep left and drop down the hole. 2; Same as above, but do NOT drop down the hole, jump on to the track. Continue forward and smacsh the barrier. 3; After getting the above coin, Get back on the main track, and you'll see another route behind you. Back-track down this route. 4; Continue forward from the last coin, and smash through a barrier seen at the right of the track. The coin is in the middle of the huge pinball table. 5; Just before the speed up, there is a 20 ring passage to the right. As well as hiding a coin, this is an excellent shortcut. Regal Ruin ---------- 1; After the 1st turn right, there is a hump and a left turn. Go over the hump. 2; Coming up to the built-up area there is a slope with two springs to the left. Jump on the second one you see. 3; Just follow the track as the CPU racers do... It's pretty high up. 4; Finishing the lap (almost), stick to the left on higher ground. You should see it. 5; At the right of the slope mentioned for the 2nd coin. Go up some stairs and follow the path around. Reactive Factory ---------------- 1; Continue forward from the start line, and it's behind a grey submarine. 2; Now turn right around and head for the right of the track. Jump a small pool and get the coin. Head to the tower, and behind it is an entry. Hit the spring to get out quickly 3; Hit the track's speed up when you see it, and when your burst of speed ends, take the right hand route and backtrack to find a coin in the track centre. 4; ... And follow the route around to find another coin! That's why you should have back-tracked! 5; Near the end of the track (If you stick to the track proper - the topmost routes) There is a 20 ring entry to the right of the track. It's here. Okay, so you know where the coins are - you have to BEAT the characters! Egg-Robo and Puppet Tails are not too hard, but with the metal Sonic and Knuckles you're bound to have problems. The only advice I can give to you is master the track shortcuts, and use Sonic! His double-jump is an invaluble aid that essentially allows you to make your OWN shortcuts across water, etc.