Mr Bones
Level 1: Grave Escape Keep mr. Bones from harm by luring members of the Army of Darkness into attacking at convenient moments by maneuvering mr. Bones to the left side of the screen and then jumping diagonally up and to the right as they begin to dive towards you. Be cautious not to let the skeletons behind you accumulate. Use the "tease" technique above to get them off your back. Be prepared to duck from flying skulls or lose your life. Catch the Blue Butterfly power-ups to restore mr. Bones Skeletism. Level 2: Mausoleum During the Hanging Skeleton sequence, try to time your jumps for health power-ups at moments when you need to avoid the "wave." This will help you keep from landing on attacks in progress. When the Zombies line up to attack, stand near the edge of the Mausoleum, wait for a Zombie to step backwards, and jump. If timed correctly, the Zombie will charge underneath mr. Bones and fall off the edge to its doom. In the first phase on the level, be careful not to jump too high over the Hanging Skeletons because when you come back down there's a chance you could land on one and lose your life. Capture Blue Butterfly power-ups to replenish mr. Bones good-natured soul. Level 3: The Valley Take advantage of the empty grave pit just to the left of the level start position which contains unlimited health and replacement bones. Zap every enemy you encounter. They'll make you sorry if you don't, and besides, it's a fun way to restore your health. Jump on the skeleton-key switches to open the Tombstone barriers. mr. Bones must jump on all three skeleton-key switches to complete the level. Jump on the blue gravestones to regain up to 50 percent of your health. Use the "Long-legs" configuration to exit the Bellowing Ghost Pit. Level 4: Guitar Solo The A, B, C, X, Y, & Z buttons activate an assortment of guitar "riffs" and tasty "licks." Tap the "riff" buttons on the down-beats to "wow" the crowd. Search for hidden "riff" patterns and playing styles that "rock the house." The quicker you play the guitar on the right beat, the faster the skeletons' eyes turn from red to blue. Levels 5, 6, 7: Night/Dawn/Day of the Bats Beware of the Black Bats! They will steal the bones right off your spine. To defeat the Frankensteins on this level, stand just outside their reach and zap them with blue plasma beam. To extend the range of the blue plasma beam, push the "B" button and then repeatedly press the "A" button. Zap enemies with caution. Zapping will attract Black Bats to attack mr. Bones. Increase your health by reaching for the Blue Birds of Happiness. Level 8: Rolling Logs To keep mr. Bones' body intact, jump back to the left over the rolling logs as opposed to jumping straight up over them. Try to keep mr. Bones in the center of the screen to avoid logs coming rapidly at you from behind-this will give you more time to react to the bouncing logs. Level 9: Drum Solo Watch and react to the increasing speed of the red skeletism as you play the drums. If your reflexes are slow, good luck passing this level the first time round. If the drums turn blue as you play them, then mr. Bones is on the right drum beat needed to proceed to the next level. Level 10: Glass Shards Bounce on the blue shards to gain health. Spinning glass shards will give you extra spring as you ascend to the top. If you happen to fall in the cloud bank down below, quickly jump out to minimize your skeletism damage. To finish this level, swiftly jump and keep to the right side. Level 11: Big Bones Press the D-pad left or right to control the direction of the skull. When it's helpful to clear obstacles or to collect body parts, press the C button for a higher bounce. Collect the Blue Skull power-up to completely replenish mr. Bones' skeletism. Level 12: Vortex Dodge glass shards by jumping into the middle of the vortex. Make sure to collect your bone parts in the proper order. Level 13: Underwater Ride Concentrate on keeping mr. Bones in the middle of the screen to avoid the nasty currents that suck him into the side walls. To better sense the direction and force of the currents, and to minimize skeletal damage, tap the d-pad to guide mr. Bones through the level. If you hold D-pad too long, mr. Bones is sure to crash into the side walls. Collect as many skull power-ups as you can. Level 14: Little People's Village Watch the Guiding Hand and follow it to win. To reach the blue skull power-up, mr. Bones will need to be in the "Slim Jim" configuration. Be considerate of the Little People's Village by not stepping on their homes. Once all the Little People are rescued (indicated by the meter at the bottom of the screen), mr. Bones successfully advances to the next level. Level 15: Icy Lake Jumping in the frozen ice blocks will set them in motion for you to safely ride. At the twin moving ice blocks towards the end of the level, mr. Bones must jump back and forth between the two blocks to advance. Make sure to collect the Star Sphere power-ups to regain health. Level 16: From beneath the Ice Run as fast as you can to avoid the cracking ice. Walk in the middle of the path and stay away from the dark snow banks or you're as good as gone. Build and maintain your speed to get through the level. Level 17: Shadow Monster Avoid mr. Bones' shadow from being attacked by the Shadow Demons (the further you stand from the flames the smaller mr. Bones becomes, which brings out the Shadow Demons). It's safe to stand on either side on the Tiki statues, but once you come between them, mr. Bones is fair game. Catch the blue butterflies' shadow to restore health. Level 18: Dry Moat mr. Bones must weaken the wing-nuts in order to free Sparky and complete the level. To reach and loosen the wing-nuts that hold Sparky, stand near a wing-nut, wait for Sparky to begin his snap attack towards mr. Bones, then immediately jump, and land on Sparky's head. Finally, jump on the wing-nut and it will start to slowly loosen. Watch out for the tiny rocks that fall from the sides of the screen. The rocks are triggered by the first time a wing-nut is loosened, and will repeatedly alternate, falling from the left and right sides of the screen. Try to loosen a wing-nut between each Sparky roar or the roar will last twice as long on the next pass. Level 19: Hall of Pain Avoid the spiked tree trunks as they will diminish your skeletism. Collect the Blue Star Sphere power-ups to increase your power. Obtain extra power-ups by breaking through on the sides of the stained glass windows. Level 20: Skeletism Generator Keep mr. Bones in the middle of the screen when not attempting to catch the blue plasma. Make quick dashes to catch the blue plasma and quickly return to the center before something evil happens. Avoid the fiery-red circles while collecting the blue plasma. Level 21: Funny Bones The minimum number of parts to a joke is three and the maximum is five. As long as you tell the joke in the right order, the crowd will love you. Junior, an evil red skeleton in the crowd, marches toward mr. Bones as he tells a joke. Your goal is to tell the joke correctly before Junior reaches mr. Bones and begins zapping your Skeletism. If you tell the joke out of order, you must start over from the beginning. Level 22: Los Endos mr. Bones can only block one red plasma bolt at a time and you have to shoot the blue plasma into the force field before you can block another red bolt. If you take a red plasma bolt while already charged, mr. Bones will lose Skeletism. If you end up with expendable health, and one section of the force field is remaining, it is better to take a hit from the red plasma and make your shot count than to fire collected red plasma in a random direction. By random firing you will only dig yourself into an early grave. I tried to post this on the tips message board but my mail priogram screwed up so I sent it directly to you so you can post it. THANX -- Colin Ayin