Written by Chris Blaney ( ================ THE SUPER HEROES SPIDER-MAN Web-Ball: QCF+P Web-Swing: QCB+K Web-Throw: HCB+P Web-Uppercut: F,D,DF+P Infinity Combo: Maximum Spider HCF+all P IRON MAN Uni-Beam: HCF+P Repulser Blast: HCB+P Smart Bomb: P+K Fly (special ability): QCB+all P Infinity Combo: Proton Cannon HCF+all P SHUMA-GORATH Mystic Stare: ch B,F+P Mystic Smash: ch B,F+K Devitalization: HCB+K (close) Infinity Combo: Chaos Dimension HCF+all P PSYLOCKE Psi-Blast: QCF+P Psi-Blade Spin: QCF+K Ninjitsu: HCB+P or K Infinity Combo: Psi-Maelstrom QCT+all K Infinity Combo: Psi-Thrust QCF+all P Infinity Combo: Kochou Gakure QCB+all K CAPTAIN AMERICA Shield Slash: QCF+P Stars & Stripes: F,D,DF+P Charging Star: HCF+K Cartwheel: HCB+P Double Jump (special ability): U in air Infinity Combo: Final Justice HCF+all P WOLVERINE Drill Claw: direction+P+K Tornado Claw: F,D,DF+P Berserker Barrage: QCF+P Infinity Combo: Berserker Barrage X QCF+all P Infinity Combo: Weapon X F,D,DF+all P JUGGERNAUT Earthquake Punch: F,DF,D+P Juggernaut Punch: HCF+P Juggernaut Splash: HCF+K Cyttorak Power-Up: F,D,DF+all P Infinity Combo: Juggernaut Headcrush HCF+all P MAGNETO Hyper Graviton: HCB+K Magnetic Blast: U,UF,F+P in air E-M Disrupter: HCF+P Fly (special ability): QCB+all K Infinity Combo: Magnetic Shock Wave HCF+all P Infinity Combo: Magnetic Tempest HCF+all K HULK Gamma Torpedo: HCB+P (close) Gamma Charge: ch B,F+P Gamma Slam: HCF+P Rip Up The Earth (special ability): D,D+all P Infinity Combo: Gamma Crush HCF+all P BLACKHEART Dark Thunder: HCF+P Inferno: HCB+P Infinity Combo: Armageddon HCF+all P Infinity Combo: Heart of Darkness QCF+all P ================ THE INFINITY GEMS If you acquire an Infinity Gem, press QCB+all P to use it All Gems work with every Super Hero Here is a list of each Super Heroes best Gem Spider-Man: Power Iron Man: Soul Shuma-Gorath: Soul Psylocke: Power Captain America: Power Wolverine: Power Juggernaut: Space Magneto: Space Hulk: Time Blackheart: Reality ==== KEY U-Up D-Down F-Forward B-Back P-Punch Button K-Kick Button all-press all three buttons QCF-D,DF,F QCB-D,DB,B HCF-B,DB,D,DF,F HCB-F,DF,D,DB,B Block: B or DB Air Block: B in air Special Ability: Need that Super Heroes best Infinity Gem Infinity Combo: Infinity Bar must be at level 1, 2, or 3 Run: F,F or all P Super Jump: D,U or all K Infinity Counter: B,DB,D+P Taunt: D,D+Start Change Gems: Start Disable Gems: Hold both Start buttons when it says "Round 1" Most projectiles can be done in the air Some moves can be directed with the joystick